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h( ttai lira ImJdod J & lo m stair larvae d . it1 rr r e. 74r for rrcyjaJinZ irrfc and rvolknj ;OOM A tdwsrds iffirot to r : la hi i ktp Aroott JDbaa wV Its Bat horn stoat hit of dirty and rollower Was It m Jrt wtta tlJdlsaitY of Beat of India to raotik f or (och 4 xx Una Danlfr allowed to MeoaU7'A70obr Soatsdorxs at Win Mm InU is I001S7 ewtatr for frostier def eat nod FMotnie refi jrinpelj itipraJ allowed U Aroob And Lbo nalateuBtW fbitBvber aad hnrigrry; retinae a,' Beear what utcroMi&cuaeru tmroetf or a erocri drfrrwiatod rur ad the taeideac cf an Incooi - Ui in India J Ara ther no better abjecU for tiba iEtsa - ruut7 of Lb Indian Ootcrnncntf llaa i Ayoob'i . rwiiaTiooj - tal roetuon. ao chanced, new Uu( U lt ISe tratd aa an 'boooarcd tacit, anj himarlf ami hi inicvm ikivw in aw Oi UN1 msi ot oar idqiw in IodboiU dJ tuattoriara in the: hill where tto lire of ocx ! soUien and isabjerts: (7 stcatteoa ana aiscaso, due to ibev biwj habits f With a political office in chart. : rooM sanitary aapcprioon car ran. ali irttrta cf Mcrccatlon carried out? Ssiclj Ayoob Klikn ' poaition aM our fct - llo, Lira mail bare cnanfrd, icrin i not trooUect that atjtow tint, lofjthe! Malw and the) minlrf oil a RriLAa fleer a. crii camp he vai looktd un ai in enemy for whom !d rc&ithmcst waa toOetiictit. 1 . j It cannot tut 1 hoped tift thi UtteH In, the Vxwrr AoJ, a wdil a tie reported incrcaa if cholera ad MTU lIDdl, nJ low w a sraraunx toquirrj 1 Ug to aatacHU njaelt f , September.. J I JlNOLO - IXpiK. ATOOB KlUN's rXlXfTJL AT MCRRtX.i Jtfoch Khan at MUrrce a Cnt fannonnccd, Jrcnbojjj rotil an octbrrak cholera, lanti inJ'rtrxlJ creryj artanceoonVwai rp& lo ariirV'it. The tbolcira hat - V.n.) Kvn ' .n th (lOTtrtiEK - nt hla done nothmj". IVhat Ay oeb Khan J and hi Uil tare done will be gathi - rcd .from tiiajinthe Lahore japrr : 1 1 I ( . Sir, I arat arrrincJ nono it. the lcffcrri by the utftcV cf cholera at Marrce jT' addre.Al yooto abow up the Cannes which 1it$ occasioned I o J ranch aorto and cotntcrLatton. The Wail of the wtdolw the Mb cf the rj hanl and the 'mohrnin; of paJreriU 1 are heard In conjunction with the ahfry thrrats W atcrn word of ftrorg rocs, whose feelings of indinationjat ' the apathy "of Goccrtunefit arecBjy too well f amfe. In apite of the rcmOMtrabcea of the Coniniiatiner and of the mUitaryjanthoriticajthb Indian Ferelra Office' determined to carry oat Gcceral Maclean' rfidiralom cocditiotu with tEf Sirdar Ayoob Khan. CWrcrnnicnt wa warsed ariicit allowing ; him and hif l.tOO fon lower to re domiciled other inl the Mifhboferbood of lUw.U llndi or at I the faaitariim (uro the.toark't) of ilurreo. Dot, with the rarreiliottincs thit dirtin - coishe that recodi - dij'lomaUc Wdy, the Sirdlr.aDd hii lollbwcrs were qiartered cpon the: inhabitahUjof. the! cantonment of Kawul l'indi, and liter on a whoja cluster, cf hoasce at the Cashmere cod bt Morrce waj! taken tpby the Sirdar,, hit women, and followers. :; of modooa; or weno they at abs the lodi&a Unsiulcans, porhaips hare oaenrreJ. Bdt it axeneafr; of the habit and c&stoms of Afghan on' the foreicn Ofiee, anil of its represebtatiTM, to hire enter tained the lira of Iputting them Jin jaxtapositicq With, tropca&s or lnnabee nan res, rxinout re - uitting now ret tuuUry risk hey were ineorrinst. In all Asia there is no race that can atoll himself th the extent 1 n Afghan ran see Lin at his. pilao. Holdoei not rat daintily, like a Turk, a Torsi an, or Ka Indian, lutl with oaUtretchcd finders he will clntfeh as ranch a 1 he can, and rtaTbis mouth fall fruits, Wrtls, oil, nvjit.i milk, nee, all u acceptable. Tno oniy iimii to n . Jxwcrs is tit pocket. Agtn, Lbe ablatio: wncn once monini uey to 10 1 sj (trarann, cally ail. As to: potion tl ectserraacy, riously do not exist. ', J j In snite ofi theso drawback', ocr rale mirht hare been effectird in neatral: irrcfulantica. Bat ocr conserrincy, offlccrs oar mcilieal abusers are twwcricas. me are walled round! with mattimr the ri shut in from rrrinff ere bV rmnru htmu any amount of enormity and ini jolty on the pretext of So I erf cct were the Forelin Office that in the little Icottace of Ekhbcll. at II leu than S3 case of cholcraicctirrod" amass the tasate denizens pt the harcm If so many occurred how many enfortunate! female must lieen 1 aekeJ in to! rot of diseake and dirt n Were plentiful supply of pure' water, bbtainable at Iforrcej and these unforbmkte women allowed a daily bk thai well a air and icxercise, percara the fel disease; would not hare foond so ftToarable a' nidus ; but bow the Foreign Office who are snppesol to hare , familiar knowledge of the customs of Afthans, wheth. r male or female, did not foresee that locating them at a hill station cotorioatlyj deficient in! water - supply ' rat incurr rim creat aanitaryj risk, can only be eoEceiv bV reference reference to that lofty 'neglect of adrice, txt cpt from members of it own body, that ditinruishes its ad mini, atration. Ooj the .house occupied by the Affhians at Atarree being Tacated they wprej' inspected, and their sanitary state is described a simply ; abominai le. Now, Sir, is! it right thatJfor a ahadoi 7 and tremely questionable political advantage, a p ippeti pretender pretender and his followers should be set do rn in: the midst of a cirilised community to Invite disc ue which was known to exist in Cashmere, and to in peril: the lire of orer 1,000 European soldiers and the: r families quartered in the hills as a health! resort, at vs. t expense to the State t Is it considerate Tto ,the f am lies who hare been looking! forward to ajseaido in the hill to tod a whole quarter of a hill station hired b r GjoTera - taent at fancy rents, thus .limiting more than erier the alreadr scanty hotise accommodation lliuiw aSordi I That itself would bare been inconsiderate aril unfair ; but .to locate the! Sirdar and: his wires and ri3 - raff, with a full Ltcw ledge that owifcg to scardtylof hoose 'room, deficiency of water, and j national diegard.of cleanliness tm most ;ineritabrr inrite disease that was lurking in thej Cashmere Titiiges, wis ,nkt merely inconsiderate it, was oownngnti cruelty 1 or wnltn vue Department concerned should be inrpeached; But you must not supnose that, because nursed in this nucleus of dirt, the disease! has been confined to Murree. The Sirdar, whom the Foreign Office do - lighteth to honour, "oh the death of one of his prin - ;enrfently w twnere - boisting of hii flag in a Cantonment pf Kawul . . . .: . ,' : as infected hill as elranrr as thos ious as are ccnerallr o great harm might! t want of Vnowiedrei fled incontmentlr. khout were discovered bf the cocpoend in .the midst of the Pindi. 1 when reliefs return fro: rjuarantine precautions are taken : when a Ibaxaar is infected it is pnt bet of boundsJ: but here we hare an instance of a political refugee posting down! with' an iin - iected following! from an inected. station!, and an nouncing ms arnrai or u aufpiay 01 numeroo pyjamas spread out to dry Ion his compoand - bedre. I j " As OoTernment hare ratified; Ueneral Maclean's eonditMns, and the Sirdar, ul to be treated honoured guest, the expense ahduld be faced. Not only most be receive arum monthlyJ cqniTalent t i - the) cost of a British regintent for the: rame period, bat : they must be prepared to Louse him properly ,: and build him quarters where distance from a, natire! tow 1 r from cantonment will in a manner fceutrahie thi national cnsanitary prodirkies of these State guests, j j 'J - AlraRdy t he Return' of the Sirdar to ltawjul Iindi ue rnra 01 lu - opnen u tignaiiea uj a irtiai outbreak outbreak in the city and a few rises in ibe.rr.ckt ; but landlords in Pindi tro wiser than those of M irree, ami will not rent houses for Aoob'4 occupation r his followers, followers, as they foresee that all the! bouses o cupied by the Afghans at ilcrree will beifor many a long year iroideel as infected not. all the tilphur and hcpjle in the Punjab will rdmore the death - stain. Alt t latlcloster of houses about Cashmere PoinrMwill be very carefully .BToiaeo tor a long time to ccsne ;; no;one iwiil nire, except at Tile prices. l 1 - ' - .Tax rcxMBj " Lahore. AnV. 8. ' The latest news from Hurroe! shows that cholera is much less severe 1 hereV There I has been hi ary rain, which it is hope, will impronsj the" Lealt 1 of the Station. j t ij - . 33m .outbreak of. cholera it Ilawul Pi idij is le - rcmin g - sinocs. Tticre were no!) fewer, than VO scirures In one day among the King's Drsgoon Guanisl as, M. lata Snt T sar from To To A . kara la r - Vi On . rata Of at drUy ' A mad, 1st A. Bt. : Tb let worts b ml in a like AS aarae ce ttf dlro, iT - vorki ua evsd 8d (Ucii. tyca lortJ Vic 1S&4 iv t - Lal. aad abla txairt, ITbon Into utgm waits. m nrs7 auppty aa Mien plrtad tin ottbar ta 1 too ; Tb work jtUraat Oaa Uwl" To the th a.f l - V? ar which auXQce cent, : Tb tract ,v lany of I , 11 121 ' bows hhar. Block xat.r dm

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  1. The Times,
  2. 24 Sep 1888, Mon,
  3. Page 14

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