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Bail- as. in be of to be for to our felt to of a call S. to Indian Council on the Smoky Hill J Col.E. W. Wynkoop, special Commissioner Commissioner to the Cheyennes and Ar-rapahoes, Ar-rapahoes, Ar-rapahoes, arrived inthejeity-yesterday inthejeity-yesterday inthejeity-yesterday trom rort Ellsworth dn thes6raftky Hill, where he has had a Council Trith the above Indians.. H : - 'Mi t i Col. WvnkoOD PaSSedi thrnmrK Komi on the 2d of this motlidirecf'-firem motlidirecf'-firem motlidirecf'-firem fT oouiivuuuuuci opwiui ijQiruciions, ana nas aireaay met the Indians, and is this far on his return with his re porfcr :: - - . J ie met the i Vbiefs . Black Kettle, LittlQ Woir 1314 aieaiLRoman .Xsc. White Bear, Setting Bear, Little Black Kettle and The-Man-That-Shot.Th. The-Man-That-Shot.Th. The-Man-That-Shot.Th. The-Man-That-Shot.Th. The-Man-That-Shot.Th. The-Man-That-Shot.Th. The-Man-That-Shot.Th. Ree, at Fort Ellsworth, and had a lonr ... ' . Lhe Indian had bejran io think inn Government had forgotten them, and iuai. nicir prumiser ffOouS WOUia'TlOt be given ' was explained by Col. Wynkoopy-from Wynkoopy-from Wynkoopy-from the admission of the Governmeut in writing -to -to them to bel in consequence of the late day at which the. Indian( appropriations were made . by.. CongressTthat.Uho; money was now. in hand, And as soon as they kuowu-what.they kuowu-what.they kuowu-what.they pant ed the goods would be sent. , This ex planation was entirely satisfactory. They also complained that the eniidren captured at theSahd -Creekr -Creekr massacre, had not been returned.; ' . In regard to. the railroad I up the Smoky Hill, they expressed themselves as sorry to give up. .. their hunting grounds that they had always looked upon this ground- ground- as their permanent possession,; but that they.;jknew it was no use to contend; that the whites were nniherous as the grass, and they but a handful, and that it was no use to resist. -They -They did not hesitate to say that it they were able they would not permit - it,'- it,'- but- but- that they knew they were-not. were-not. were-not. and .would; otter: no resis tanee, but looked to. the Great Father to take care of them and furnish them food when their hunting grounds were gone. Thev ; were; content to abide their fate. Roman Nose is head. Chief of the Northern ban of Cheyennes, who have heretofore been most troublesome..; The ' Indians did not profess to be glad to see their White Brothel's and take them ,, bv .'the h!JW"rmade no .-di .-di .-di plomatic protcstatiopsbut frankly and sorrowfully admitted the useiessness of resistance and their decision to resist resist no longer. They promised to da all in", theif 'power to control their youngi men, ; and. attributed the iate acts of violence to their restlessness at the "tardiness of the Government, in. ulfilling promisos. The non-return non-return non-return of the Sand Creek children-was children-was children-was dwelt upon with much -feeling. -feeling. und Cql. Wyn- Wyn- koop promised to do all in Ins power to" induce the-' the-' the-' Government to: hunt them up and return them. ' ' Several officers ot ; tive army were present at the council among them Gen. I: N. Palmer, commanding' dis trict, and Col. Green, 2d j cavalry. These officers unite with Col. Wj'nkoop in the opinion that -the -the Indians not only are, out want' qniet, andi peace, ind that: iio trouble need he appre- appre- ended oft' the Smoky Mill.- Mill.- Kansas City Journal. 1 --' --' --' - f Hr. r. ' . A ri, Af havo yjoupg Till with and The to and efithe ran ed 1 iana, wiiu the hunt the trained the; trip having unconditional they Mr. " war,-. his of for he by in indignation, lim a ing tell this

Clipped from
  1. The Junction City Weekly Union,
  2. 25 Aug 1866, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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