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COAL FOR GITY NOW TIED UP BY ICE IN HARBOR Returning Cold Spoil New Menace to the Fuel Supply. .. ' . nmtuti to TV CTrilirn! 0 hhlaril4 JU fclliill j j -...t..1..JTJ.Il,1M.JirB, L'spd to Keep Water ways Open. i TO POOL TRANSFER WORK Mayor Orders 1'olicc to Hunt Out. Petty Profiteers Sell- -inff to Poor. New York Temperature Again Below Zero Mark fTlIE temperature table for New York city yesterday and early to-day, as recorded by the Weather Bureau, follows: 8 A. M. (Thursday) ... 4 above 9 A. M 4v " 10 A. M 4 " 11 A..M 5 12 M. 7 '" 1 P. M 9 2 Pe 1M 9 3 P. M 9 " 4 P. M 9 ' 6 P. M 6 T P. M. ............. o R P. M '...4 " 3 P. M. 3 " 10. P. M 2 " 11 P. M 1 " 12 Mid 1 " 1 A. M. (Friday) 2 below 2 A. M 2 " 3 A. M 4 " V J The fight to get coal to this city just fnough coal to supply the bare necessities of Industry and tho homes has be come a fight against Ice. For the next forty-eight hours at least It will be a trim and grinding struggle, with nature Biting up the odds against the coal Samaritans. The situation, is unprecedented. It be-long to north Russia, not these latitudes. The Hudson Illver la solid ice fawn to JOOth street. The Harlem River a a glacier to 140th street The Kill Tta Kull, that Indispensable coal trans-Mr channel , between Jersey tidewater tnd this hsefcor. Is locked fast, holding many laden barges in Its steel grip. The Gowanus Canal. Newtown Creek, Flush-Ins Creek any number of small but cs-Mntlal waterways have gono over to Jack Frost and betrayed the city that harbors them. With loaded barges walled in by Ice throughout these waters, with Icebreaker.; facilities ridiculously limited for a port of this sire and importance. wlth( If" hlg tugs available because Uncle 9am has about gobbled them all, and 1th the mercury sagging back to near ro, conditions are literally about as ominous as they could well be. Men In charge of the coal relief problem went to bed last night praying that the whole harbor would not be frozen solH.y by fie time they got back to work this morning. That is the danger, and a very ral one that the unrelenting cold day after day of near aero weather will olldlfy all of tho waters around New Tork city. Mare than one hundred steamships are tied up in this harbor because of a shortage of bunker coal. Of the freighters that cannot take aboard fuel, even If It mere available, on account of the Ice Jam that prevents coal barges getting alongside more than sixty are In the ''PPT harbor and nineteen In Oravescrrd Ray. Several American fiassenger earners and British liners are In the stalled ''t. a large part of which has been loading or Is scheduled to load cargoes for our allies, many of whose officers rsl men haw been waiting here more than a week to get away. situation Is Desperate. "omlltions were difficult enough before, what with a shortage of labor, Mth, coal frozen In cars at tidewater nd In the barges that crunched through loofe Ice. with congestion at terminals M uncertain train movements. But 'he tee has ma-Jo the situation fairly Asperate. There is no definite relief in 'Ight The Fuel Administrators and the Ueputy Director-General of Railroads, A II. Smith. Issue hopes, not promises, thev are. bucking forces not amenable ' 'Wfrnm.'Mit orders. Tho Deputy Plrertor-General. the "ion Important functionary hereabout l" there day.. since It Is up to him to jet -caI to tidewater quickly and since hs taken It unon himself to hustle ful across the river, nixed up the sltua- "m yesterday and did what he could o xrt action. Mont of the news he got "or bid news. Bulletin after bulletin "f 'lift res. lug Intelligence filtered Into "ffl.v There were thirty barges of foi i',z-n in the IxMII van Hull on their 'rrjn, 9rt Heading to this city, were tlurty.iho boatloads frozen Th, Ol.iwaie River. Ice gripped while pasiagr to this city, noal was frozen no Harlem, In the Hudson, In the 'owinus Canal, in Newtown Creek, in r'U'hlng Creel:, In Staten Island Bay. Thousands of tons had been com-msnd.ertd by the frost giants. f:mlth planned quickly, being that sort "f nan H railed together the heads "t marine departments of all the rail--ola romlns Into this port. It was rr'fl to pool coal transfer rerourres. Is th-it way 3 00v lighter floata and . 00') bipjt- v.'erc put tinder the .iuthor-"S cf a (entral committee of operation, osmmtttcc which will take ordcra from 'h Deputy Dlrcctorlcneral of Rall-11 WSIS il ntMllxlng agreement, "tilth exported to save confusion and JJM motion In getting roal from tlde-Tst'r to Manhattan and the other "roughs it v.-as ono of tho big occur lie "if- i ' lif oiji'l L-"t III h il'dil .....i.i ... i i' 1 1 f e I ire "lit, e 1'oifjhlicc; rf t Vi .I.. .lnAn 'I. mil aha .if C'onfmurd on Third Fag, U. a Fred-I tho the and Brit-ten' .1. list the his the the as the his M. In to to ' . LP.

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