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Bonne Joseph Quapaw - THE DATLY ARKANSAS DlCMOOBAT. hand. dirt. '...
THE DATLY ARKANSAS DlCMOOBAT. hand. dirt. ' week. now those to the dab are prooa- all go pro Rockers before. are re wheat. were in Little two boll of association aw new t. tbe are encouraging Exchange bi new to Mr. to-morrow. Conference material at the erecting a on west at your five Hancock last night are g!atT law more up all he was witb in fact, bis Leadville G.-D. obligations "k box by him.' Arkansas the product barba-coe given fcr rep-sentative of several Mutual held at stock H xk open at We stock at letter at Thursday Tbe from the race, and a happy a long the general Rock and has a There residence corner of after inat, conference convene Rev. E. the district, will be including C. God- R. With their Messrs P. I. Jeff from and C. 8. to-day for l ia at to 'Arm Alexander, . family depart Wis. to St recreation. Katzenstein, Springs. Conrad, at the cam from Stewart, of Graad arm of aorta , - THE QUAPAWI MANS. The Sort of Red Men Who Trod the Ground, Where Sew Stands the KetropolU of the Southwest. A Search Among tbe Archive and the Indian History it Divulged. There are but few, indeed, of the Citiaen of Little Rock, and tbe state generally, who are well up in tbe history of tbe Qaapaw Indiaus. Mora's tbe pity, for a better,nobler band, of ted men never trod tbo soil of tbe 'New World. Men speak of tbe Quapaw line daily, but we'll venture to say not one in ten knows its meaning. It is the southern boundary line of tbe territory ceded in the treaty of 1S18 between tbe y us paws and the United States government, and the northern line in the territory described in tie treaty ratified on tbe 19ib of l-Vbruary, 1825. The Qaapaw Indians, while brave and ftarlees, were ever regarded as peaceable and friendly to tbe whites. - Many of the early settlers of the southwest claimed that , this tribe is related to the Mexican and originally came from tbat country. Marquette, in his works-, gives them an excellent character for bravery, upright newt and honesty. Below wil; be found a copy o( the first treaty witb these Indians, which was ratified Jannary 5, 119: Of a t'taity tf friendtip, cession ami Km ti, made and entered into, this S4th dav of Auuut, 181f, by and between William Clark and A:igu4 Chouteau, commiak-nen uti-lht part and behalf I tbe United State, of the one art; and tbe undersigned chiefs ai d warriors of the tjuapaw tribe or nation, oil the part and behalf of their -aid tribe or nation, of the other part .Artci-e 1. The undersigned, ch ie "b ant! w ai r i o rs, for t h e niseives and their said tribe or nation, do hereby acknowledge themselves to be under the protection of tbe United ."States, ami of no other stale, power, or sovereignty, whatsoever. Art. 2. The undersigned, chiefs and warriors, for themselves and their said ttibe or nation, do hereby, for, and in consideration of, tbe promisee" antf stipulations hereinafter named, cede and relinquish to tbe United States, forever, all the lauds within tbe following boundaries, viz: Beginning at tbe month of tbe Atkansaw river; thence; extending up the Arkaosaw, to the Canadian fork, aud up tbe Canadian fork to its ourct; thence south to Big Red riveiv and down tbe middle of tbat river to tbe Big Raft; thence, a direct line, so as to stiike the Mississippi river, thirty leagues in a straight line, below tbe mouth of the Arkansas; together with all their claims to lands east of tbe Mississippi, and north of the Arkansaw river (included itbm certain lines snown 00 a map), wi:b the exception and res ervation following: tbat is to nay, tbe tract of country bounded as follows; Beginning at a point on tbe Arkansaw river, opposite tbe present. Post of Arkansaw,and tun ning thence a due sOuthwist curse, to the Washita river thence, np tbat river to tbe Saline fork ; a .d, np the Saline fork, to a point from whence a due north course would strike the Arkansaw river at tbe Little Rock, and thence down the right bank of the Arkansaw, to the place of beginning, etc . Aet. 5. In consideration of tbe cession and stipulations aforesaid, tbe United State do hereby prom ise and bind themselves to pay and. deliver to the said tuapaw tribe or Nation, immediately upon tbe execution of this treaty, .good and merchandise to tbe value of 14,000, and to deliver, or cause to be delivered to them, yearly, and every year, good and merchandise to tbe value ot 11,000, to be estimated is tbe city or place in the United States, where tbe same are procured or purchased, Anr. 6 provide for punishing offender, etc., and tbe treaty i signed a follow, tbe Indian witb marks: - - ' .... Wm. Clark. ,A agnate Cbouteaa. Krakelon, or tbe dry man. liradrapaa, or tbe eaglo's bill. Mabraka, or bec k wheat. " Honkadogni. Wagonkedatton. H rati aakaroon mini, or lb pipe-bird. '' ; . v ' ? : '. Petongdi, or tbe approaching summer. - Tehonka, or tbe tame buffalo. Hamonmiot, or tbe night walker. Wasbingtetetoa, or mocking bird bill. flontikanl. TaLaousa, or tbe whistling wind, ' MozaLeU. " ". . . ; Done at Si. Loo in the pres ence of : it Wash, secretary to the commission. ' a R. Paul, col. M.M. C. J no, Rutland, sub-agent, etc, R. Graham, Indian agent. M. Lewis Clark. , J. T. Honore, Indian interpreter. Joseph Bonne, interpreter. Julius Pesoay. Stephen Julian, TJ. S. Indian interpreter. James Loaper. ' Wm. P. Clark. . In the office ot the secretary of state, yellow witb age, and well nigh worn out, can be found the 6co td treaty, endorsed on tbe back: "Treaty between United States aud Qaapaw Nation, made Kith November, 1824, Harrington." It was ratified February 19 Lb, 1325. The following ei tracts will be found of interest to every Ar kansian. Article 1. Tbe Quapaw Nation of Indians cede to the United States of America, in consideration of the promises and stipulations hereinafter made, all claim or title which they may have to lands in tbe territory of Arkansas, com prised in tbe following boundaries, to-wit: Beginning al a point on the Arkansas river epposite to the Post 'of Arkansas, and running thence a due southwest course to the Ouachita river; and thence, up the same, to tbe Saline fork; and up tbe Saline fork to a point from whence a due northeast course will strike the Arkansas river at Little Rock; and thence down the ri"hl (or south ba. k) of the Arkansas river to the place of beginning. Art. 2. Agrees iq pay the four head chiefs "00 'each and the nation S10OU annually for eleven years. Art. 4. The Qaapaw tribe of Indians will hereafter be concen t rated and confined to the district of country inhabited by the Caddo Indians, and forma part- of said tribe. "Art. 0. " Grants to James Scull, in consideration of a debt of $75lX), two sections ot land commencing on the Arkansas river, opposite to Mrs. Embroe's, and running op and back lrom said river for quantity. Art. 7. There shall be granted by the United States, to tbe follow ing persons, being Indian by descent, tbe following tracts of land: To Francois Iuibeau, oue quarter section of land, commencing at a point on the Arkansas river, oppo site tbe upper end of Wright Dan iel's farm, and thence, up and back fiom said river for quantity. To Joseph ucLaaHtu, one quarte resec tion of land, commencing at tbe lower corner of tbe quarter section granted to Francois lmbeau, ami running down and back from said river tor quantity.- To Saracen, a half breed Quapaw, eighty acres of land, to be laid off so a to include bis improvement, where be now resides, opposite Vaugine's. Parcels are also grantedf to Batiste hocie, Joseph tkmue, ifaptisle Bonne, Lewia Bartelini, Antnine Ducbassin, Baptists linbeau, Fran cois Coupot and Joseph Valliere. The treaty is sighed as follow : Robert Crittenden, commissioner on the part of the United States, Hackebtou; Tononseka, Kiabbacketady, -Sarazen, ' Kakapab," Hunkabkee, Wabtonheb, Hunkabtngonee, Hepahdagooneb, Wahebsonjekab, -firatonjekab, Watnhtczka, Donkabnonjesbp, Kahubkonkr, , - Hahcrontenab. Signed, sealed and witnessed In presence of Thomas W. Newton, secretary to the comntiasioa. : Robert C. Otlen, lieutr-nant colo-nel Second regiment Arkansas militia. :u.- ' . T. Farrelly, adtatMt-seoeral of Arkansas militia. " -, B. Harrington. D, Barber," Bb-ageat to tbe Osage. Gordon Neill, , - .r (- r -Edmund Hogan. a V, Thomas W. JobnatOs. Antoioe Barraque. Etienne Vaugine, Interpreter. Joseph Dncbasia, iHttrpreter. Tbe name of Heckatoa aad Sarraasa, in tbe above list of signers, are those of wsrriors who bad a national repatatioa as brave men and victorious fighters. Gordon Nill, on of tbe witneotee, was, w believe, an ancle of tbe late lamented Hon. Gordon X. Peer, and after wkota be waa aaaaed. 11$ Caddq trite, to nhoae WHOLE1ALK 170LF & WHOLESALE 8T. MiUIS, 1A1'I8VIIXK, CINCINNATI, Etc., PRICES DUPLICATED, OS ALL BILLS PURCHASED OR ORDERED. Noa. 210 and 212 Main St., country tbe Quapaws were removed, was situated in the southwestern part of what is. now the stato of Arkansas. There tbe Quapaws were evidently forgotten by tbe government, for during the ensuing winter ftertbeir removal hundreds of them died from starva tioa and perished from exposure Those of tbe tribe now living, probably numbering from one bun-! dred and fifty to two hundred, occupy a smtll reservation about forty by twenty miles in size in the extreme northeastern part of the Indian nation, bordering on Missouri and Kansas. There tbey are living iiuieth', peacably en-1 gagod in agricultural pursuits, and : no doubt contented; being pos-: sesaed with a chunk of the garden ! spot land of the world. SEARCY COUNTY. - ' j (rep aad Fruit Sotps lrw.ecrats (OBudeut or Victory at f xt KlecUon. St. Joe, July 19; i Kdilor Arkansas DetiUK Tat: j Crops moderately promising, but 1 needing rain. r ruit splendid and riponing last, but the most gratifying of ail is,- that when standing around '.he crowd ot canaiuaies, our . inenu occasionally plucks us a-tide and invites us to partake of a fine melon Were it not for the unaccommodating disposition of our express agent 2) we would send one to the kmocrat,. which we' are sure a patriotic appetite would compel you to accept. Candidates, as before mentioned, are numerous and quite friendly. The "rads" hold their primary to-morrow, at Marshall. We expect to bear of a bolt, though by no means are we discouraged by that. The democrats anticipate a full victory this year. Our aspirant lor clerk is a young man of acknowledged ability and I unquestionable deportment. We were visitetl, on last Saturday, by a little circus; some of our "boys," however, seemed to be far too much attached to the "bully for me" to enjoy the show; but we are glad to say that this disposition is gradually disappearing before tbe ponderous machinery of intellectual improvement, and the old traces and outliues ot former barbarism and superstition are fast dissolving into tbe brigulitnd siiiuiiy shudH of sparkling intelligence. With om- best wiabes and heartiest support for tbe crat, We are, moat respeclliilly, For Hancock. PUBLIC SPEAKING 1 Gen. T. J. Churchill, democratic nominee for governor, and Col. B. D. Williams will adJress the poo pie al the following times and places : Fort Soiith, Tuesday, August Van Buren, Wedo-day, Augut 4. lly-ark, Thtuday, AtigiHt6. ("Urkville, Friday, Atigostt;. Kajetteille, Monday. Attf;iillt. BenumvilleTuMday, AuRustltl, Kureka HprittgJ, Thursday, Auut 12. Uerryvilla, Friday, August IS. Harrison, Saturday, August M. Vellvnle, Monday, Auifi at l'l. Marshall, Tuesday, August 17. Clinton, Wednesday, August IS. Other appointments wilj be made and published in due time. CONSISTENCY, why Split the DraoeraUc Tarty. Two Bides to the Question. It is claimed by tbe opponents of the Fishback amendment tbat they stand upon the broad platform , 01 ngbj. and justice between man and man. If such is the case,we would reanectlully ask upon what ' platform did the state democratic conventions or IS74 and 78 and the legislature of 1879 stand? In these respective bodies this subject was made a matter of discussion, and eventually considered of sufficient importance to tbe welfare of the people at large, as to be referred to them for final action, la the plat form of tbe state convention of 1880, section 0, the action of tbeea bodies are commended, and it is rpecifically stated that the question ie not a party one, but is to be submitted to the people, '( irrespective of party. If this is the condition of things,' what is the use in constantly dinning in tbe public ear the learaed opinions of the legal minds? Why not let tbe matter go be ore tbe people for their free and antrammelod action, without all this fui. this blow about the matter? Yet it really seem strange tbat tbe party giving b rtb to tbe auhject in 1874, cradling it through iu Infancy to 1878, and who took it into full communion and placed it before the people a it offspring from tb.; legislative ball of 1879, should now be the only power arrayed against tbe amendment, aeemiagly engaged in tbe laudable effort of trying to strangle it owa offeprisg. Would it aot have been belter to bave let the matter rest and tavsd all thie DRY OODS. x t,-imaaawaaa BROTHER, DRY GOODS. Little Rock- Arkansas, 1 .1.:.. .1: . . : c. .1 uaputioo mm uiBi-uaaiuii, ivr lucre are two sides" to this question. And, when an issue is made within a parly on a question of this gua-ture, it generally proves disastrous to the party, on the principle that a "house divided against itself cannot stand." Let the matter "t1.- '. n?' klng subject. ; UOB 1 olow ont lLne creait 01 tbe 1 8tatf- hhe . hd to .ttcb "edit, that is what has, crippled ! hf- rl'"ow ?Jde i Plau- business for cash, look 10 your own ffare. 8ee y"r i 8011 . nd clothing are in good poiidition, and if not, go there and ge .V"r supplies. WANTED. A ;eiitli'tnan and wife want board in a private lainily in the western part of the city, convenient to Markham street. Address Hoarder, care of this office. Notice to Scavengers. City Ci.i:rk' Okhi y, I.irri.n Kirk, Akk., .I-ily 20, 8S0. All M averiBpra within thin city are here by untitled and ordered to dump all night soil, tilth anil other tefuse matter. hauUd by them. nit- the schutc iirepared '"or that.' purpose, at the point of rocks, foot off K.iek street. All persons vmlatii g this order will be subject t th- penalties pre-icrtbed and provided for in ordinance No. 4. Ilvordt-rnf the council. D. O'SULXIVAN, City Clerk. FOR RENT. Store iOxltOj on Main street be. twei n Xarkhani aud Kecoud streets. Varaitt rtmms ou Main street be, tweeu Markliuin and (Second atreets. tight Roomed house, Kiee house and 1 0 acres one mile from city limits. JAS. H. BARTON. 2. WALLACZ, MILL WEIGHT, LITTLE ROCI, ARK. lfILL PROMPTLY ATTEND TO V V all applications and execute all jobs entrusted to him on the shortest notice and most reasonable terms, - . KEFEKENCK3 MY WOKK. can tie tound at mv reatdene. No, 410 Sherman street, Little Rock, Ar- aansas, or auaress urougn postomce. UNIVERSITT-TEHHESSEE KNOXVII.LE, TESK. I71'l.lj ('OUKSES IN SCIBNCK AND X in Arts. Special courses in Auricul-ture. Mechanics, Kniueorinn, Applied ( ht ini-trv. Commercial Business, and Normal Course for Teaehera. Military Kril'. ' Expenses, including TuitioN, $27.60 toy nnii year, 111 advance. Hoard $8.00 to 1 1 0.00 a month. Mate and Normal Bta dents ejempl Iron, tuition. Reduced w free transportation on application. - Hessian opens Beptetnfeer i. - Address -RKV. THOS. W. H0M1SS, President. THE MEDICAL liKrARTUE.VT OF THS University of Lottisiana, AT KW OKLHHB, Possesses unrivalled advantages for Clinical Teaching. The Charity Hospital has an annual admission of more than six thousand patients, and is visited daily by the professor n accompanied by tbe stu-dents. The annual circular will be sent to all who may aoply. T. O. K1CHAKDSON. at. D,, Dean, a. I. UNIVERSITY FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. rflUK NEXT SESSION OP THIS A. institution will begin September 6th, 1880, And end June 9th, 1881. Tuition ia free to all who' re qualified to enter the college classes, and to all Normals and Bene- nctene ia tbe Preparatory Department. Normal appointment are restricted to young ladies over 14 years of aye, and to young gentlemen over 16 years. The recent eiecuona give a full f aculty of sixteen nmiuuen, who uenerai v. a. niti President. -aawsawawaasieewBBMBBMaaaaaenBK CIGAR MANUFACTORY NO. 24. I would call the auentioa ef dealen aad Blanker, to my popular braad of eiaara 1TOBLE CaAlffi They are awirafaetured of the rery SiMat Havana, aad tbe tt workmanship. Partiea oe. ..,... a am; riav to aeu or aiaek riwuM try Uiem. B. I.EVINSOh!: . UsMaiaStnet, Little UtA. T, E. MURRELL, M, D. Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose Oftce: MO West Markham atreet, f LITTLE" BOCK, AHKAKSAA Dr. Murrell will h at rajettayill. aad Kureka -Springs July and Aogiut, end will ettirs to this city ia September. WANTED. WANTED ! CA CANVASSERS TO SELL TH ")J New No. 8 Wheeler ana Wikwe Sewing Machine. A aretit ! i. eounty la the State ; also tea lady ran- atr. Amdyat - :. i whkki.Lk wiLfioN M-ro.oo . VIU Wtet Markheia Bt. Little lUek 3. -

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