G.I. Joe ad, 1964

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G.I. Joe ad, 1964 - . MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL...
. MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 19 OPEN TOMORROW TILL P.M. iikiki""" aaay 1 G.I. JOE" THE MOVABLE ACTION FIGHTING MAN By Buy Him as a MARINE, SOLDIER or NAVY MAN' and all the Accessories You Want! HASBRO If G. I. Joe Action Soldier 97 1 HERE IS WHAT G.I. JOE CAN DPI fe .' .111! body " V " Pil-normal bum." u" p at G.I. Joe has 21 movable parts and stands almost a loot tall. Authentic equipment available for O.I. Joe from head to toe, including guns. !pp5S)l aeasjaajji IMP' JJj f ; G.I. Joe Action -Pilot 3 97 For Action in, the "' Air ill FIELD PACK SET tloni Mia With' zippered Sleeping bag. Also M-l . rifle, bayonet and cartridge belt. Mess lot canteen and canteen cover. Training manual. . -nit '""" ... 5 ' 1 f If parcel - no S f li ft St f Iff' ;f( c JMSOT Includes perfectly scaled field pac buckles, trenching 3 Has zippered work clothes and black boots and cap. , Also AirF,orce Training Manual, set of insignias and G.I. JoeI)og Tag, . assorted hair and eye colours. , ' , Dress Uniform Set With dress blue jacket and trousers, nerfectlv detailed.- Also" light, shirt, and tie.. M 7"? Garrison cap. Action pilot ft J 3 cts wings and Captain's bars. JL Sleeping Bag Set k with straps and . lirst aid pouch, en- m 2 tOOl. J i 6" x g" Carded Items tor G.I. Joe Commn4 Post Waterproof Poncho 71 Command Post Field Radioahd Telephone.-win rail, map - CC with case. l'V 1SM M.P. Duffle Bag. Grom-meta and - "I'll carrying strap. X M.P. Ike Jacket. Dress fabric with red scarf. M.P. Arm Band. .... M.P. Ike Pants. Official styling. . in s 2.1 M.P. Helmet and Small Arm. Whit helmet, chin strap., 4S pistol with holster, web belt and billy stick. ..4, 1 nf 166 14 It. 99 xi sis nd Small helmet, IS pistol web belt 1.11 U2 -m. .MsssissMsaHaJsaaaissssssaMP-i Action Pilot Survival Set 3 .19 features inflated life raft that; actually floaur. Includes flare gun for making signals, knife with scabbard, air vest and firy, aid kit. r Air Pilot '.I u Scramble Set Action set with zip-peredflight suit and air" vest, also with pistol and belt. 3 71 1 SURVIVAL LIFE RAFT Inflated raft flu Action It lot , Also include anchor -f QQ with ropa nU 1 oar. . Ji7 i SCRAMBLE I- FLIGHT SET Perfectly detailed even to the patch pockets. OJ7 Zippered. ......... " DRESS ' UNIFORM JACKET Perfectly detailed to every , button. 1.79 "Deluxe" Pup Tent Set T413 Potti ami stakra. Nettini and foliage "'Machine fun. tripod, ammunition bn, Enlrenchine tool, cover, training J l manual. 'k jJtOO Tent Set Scaled pup lent, eamoufltf netting, foliage Poita. QQ atakei. Training manual: I Indian mill !.. ! ii 1 r-i H. ','..ki ..;V U ' G.I. Joe Marine 3 inn I Action il l ? I I -:ki!' .99 ' ' afrv'i'f ... w t r r sr. f k. tn Hi fei G. I. Joe Action Sailor '.97 With camouflaged fatigues, jump boots and cap. Dog tag, set of-lpsignlaa, Marine Training -Manual' Assorted hair and feye; colours, G.I. JOE T " . paratrooper Parachute set r 3-33 Includes carbine, hand grenades', knife and 7 scabbard", canteen, first -id pouch and pistol .. ' beiu - r- Communications Poncho Set- Field radio, field telephone, . mm wiro roll, binoculars, map J,j J and map case. Poncho and -IV . carbir. -JYaining manual. -J , . r m l J- t ' e : DRESS PARADE SET Famous dress uniform. Includes dress . Jacket details perfect- in every t ijf respect , ' FIELD PACK SET Set features field pack, en trenching tool, caqteen and training tach : f A r ci (m For the Under-Sea Adventurer i ' . Action sailor has ' ii a v y work shift and work pants. Also black' boots and cap. Navy Training Manual, G.I. Joe Dog Tag and set of insignias. Assorted air and eye colours. .. NAVY FROGMAN SET ft Sea Rescue Set '." Inflatable life raft holds Action Sailor and really keeps him afloat. Includes anchor flare gun, first aid kit. knife that straps to leg and training manual. Rubber suit Hts Action Sailor. 81 Includes flni, cube lank, knlfa ecab-bard tr,il straps to leg. ) dJUk,iiue. il" i 77 s: underwater. .j" dynamite. NAVY ATTACK SET rtta Action Sailor, "Includes a laaeti. blinker, etfnal Dafa, alea ( (JfJ training manual. Navv Attack HELMET SET Helmet Set Includes blink- " ' bTnuUrMl 99 Includes official S3 putot ; g with holiter, whu pletol Shore Patrol Set ' . ,,, bilty " stick. SP. tfl looi, (.a II I ecu nu - inviuae. arm Dano, , tjb ': billy allck. helmet In 110 manual, njj r 1.19-5 S.P. JUMPER ' Navv blue ahlrl fMii neckji-g chief. SP. arm band, ft rpTT" -""'11:' M .. ; FROGMAN. I I cuha tank. Straa te back - , Maa bra connecting ISA I a. ........ to headpteoa. - If

Clipped from
  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 14 Dec 1964, Mon,
  3. Page 19

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