"Who Wrote 'Casey at the Bat'" from Galveston Daily News 21 April 1895

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"Who Wrote 'Casey at the Bat'" from Galveston Daily News 21 April 1895 - .ijer- Her to this sh'e^re- She wen't teeas and...
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As he donned his street attire in his dressing room last evening, he presented a picture of New York fashfon, though he had a diamond stud in -his scarf pronounced'by the Calumet club as not just the thing:. "Who wrote 'Casey at the Bat?'" he r said, in answer to an Inquirer who suggested that the identity ot the 'Writer seemed to be a mydtery. "I'll clear up that -mystery for you, my boy," said Mr. Hopper. "Shall I tell you- the story? ; .. "Well, eight or nine years ago Hc-Caull gave me 'Casey.' It -was the very thing for me. It might have 'been written for my big voice. McCaull olipped 'Casey' from the San Francisco .Examiner. "I did not know who wrote it. -Nor did anyone else. Alost people erect idols, you know. I do. I was so in love -with 'Casey* that I built up an Idol from my fancy of what -the author was like. "Imagine -what a flutter I was thrown into three years ago at Worcester, when I .heard that the author of "Casey" would toe present at a performance at which I was to appear. J'felt as nervous as an amateur before his first audience. "The author ; had a box the nigftt'oC th« performance, according to announcement. So I pulled myself together and made a little speech 'expressing my superlative delight at the charming opportunity of reciting 'Casey' 'before .the man who wrote it. -1 then threw my -whole soul into 'Casey.' Think of the accumulative power, the climax sequence of: .The-sneer Is*gone from Casey's lips, his teeth are .clenched in hate, .He pounds with cruel violence tola bat upon the plate; And riow the pitcfter fcolds the ball and ·now (he lets It go, And now the -air is shattered by -the force of Casey's -blow." . It pleased, Mr. Hopper to recite this with vigor, and his big voice made the walls -and fixtures of the room rattle. When he concluded Mr. Hopper laughed merrily. "Then the exquisite 'humor, the uproariously touching, iconoclastic finale, of," and fhe speaker seemed amused with (his own extravagance of speech: Oh, somewhere In this favored land the sun is shining bright, The band 1s playing somewhere, and some- ·WlrtJ-re hearts'are- light; And somewhere men are laughing; and somewhere children sfoout. But there is no joy in Boston--TOIffhty Ca- eey has struck out. "I mot the author afterward .at the Worcester club," .he continued. "Hia name is Earnest Ern-est L. Thayer. A noble fellow, I like him. He has written some choice things. Curious fellow, too. Young? Yes--33 or thereabouts--not exactly effeminate for he's a big, manly looking- fellow, but he has the. most curiously effeminate- hang it! that is not the word--manners and speech. But I was charmed with him. "He will never do anything In particular. He does not need to. He Is r-l-c-h! Governor is a big mill owner, you know. If he should ever follow- his talents that charming chap will do something wonderfully brilliant. He has power, brilliancy, expression, fluency--but, he Is too rich. "You'd never believe baseball can lose one Lota of popularity If you could observe the popular passion for 'Casey.' Why, sometlmos I get twenty letters a day about 'Casey. 1 I used to play baseball, I know the game--it's the delight of my heart, " 'Casey* ia a myth. It is a good name. Just the thing. You can bite It off. Terrible grand, that 'Cas-ey.' " Mr. Hopper bit It off to exemplify. He lias splendid teeth. "But there have been many 'Caseys.' "Upon my word, In Buffalo once, when the Bostons--they were in their top notch uf fame and King Kelly with them--played there, was an Instance of it. Two men had been struck out and King Kel took the bat --the wonderful, the mighty Kel--and SOD men thought at the same moment: " 'There is "Casey!' " "And 'Casey' it was. King Kel felt it. The Irony of fate robbed his arm o f - i t s cunning and he utruck out. How they howled! 'Casey' rent the air." MISS NETH-ERSOLE LIKES A-MERICA. old the churches Rome "The and the nice as love ; "I success expect ay 'as secure strong though Paris, him. that of the held represented years, on his 18C4, annulled which cuise and theater perfectly signed cgain stage he times open receiving Bernhard judgment will liable Francaise. damages theater, share pension. Mr. raconteur ·justic a story a city to a profoundly Warde came gcsted which distressed Warde, costume tights),and curtain. play and ster, with rubicund energetically and is ·tatus dead," out: son A latest and he much Is effective limitations, the deliberately adorned who

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 21 Apr 1895, Sun,
  3. Page 10

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  • "Who Wrote 'Casey at the Bat'" from Galveston Daily News 21 April 1895

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