Place Kick by Evans in Fourth Quarter Wins for Wesleyan Over U. of D., 3-0

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Place Kick by Evans in Fourth Quarter Wins for Wesleyan Over U. of D., 3-0 - TITANS LOSE TO RED BLACK IN LAST PERIOD...
TITANS LOSE TO RED BLACK IN LAST PERIOD Detroitert Held (or Down on Ohio Fiv-Yvd Line in Second Quarter. GOOD OPENING LOST Buckeye Checked in Third After They Recover Blocked Coal Try. BY STANLEY L. BRINK. RIOHT Trkl Mll F,Tn an Ms ability to count points l the (ol from tho Held, place-kkk style, plus set of forwards metenr-llk In (heir qulikneaa n defense, combined aufflriently on tunnn field itvirdr afternoon to make the vrirebjrd read, Ohio Vtrteyan S. I nlverelty ot I'etiott 0, when the rooihut endt 'Vrsleyan celehreted Ite first appearance, en a !etro!t gridiron in a manlier rommeaaurate with its dtance advertlalnc The 'Ited and Ulerk hrouht In a good football team. It wa far from espert in Its workmanship and, offi nelvely, ee 'for a moment or two In the eerond perl .d. did not astonish the 7.o(i p'Ctator. Hut lha fturkey rel. lr(Una played better than lha Ti-! i.u.s nd thereby gained the de-I oielnn. (vans ecorrd his plaee-klek In the fourth period after the balance of power swung to Weeleyan In lha thiol when the aggreealveneee of her linemen resulted In the blocking of Howard f'htlllpart'e punt on hn lien and White It-yard line. Thereafter, Wesleyan connn4 th In th erhine of kli ke that fol lowed eased hr way Into a cor log position with th results previously narrated Detroit avert, worse h'attng by atand under Its goal pneta (n brawny trontirmen had broken through and throttled Kvanea first li y fuf a field goal. Wesleyan Mt blocked I'ltUlipart'a punt and re-i4ivered It on the Hen and White l..-ard tine Uunnlng plava were fruitless, Ohio followed the bait well and wln Kvans'e try w spoiled recovered on ftetrolfa 19-yard Una. Thrke Wesleyn rapped I 'droits front wall for a total el si yards. On the fourth attempt. Th Titans rallied like th Third IHvislon at the Marne and took po-eesslon on downs. I'liilllpart then kicked out of danger, r'eewarde A re Kaat. Hut the plaudits of (he day were due Wesleyan line It would taka an arruiate serrttnry to lell Just how many timet the llurkeys for-wards drilled (hroueh (heir Iwtrolt opponent and spilled (he backe s.tmef inie Vre tney wre In full eirirfv. on endftins, Kdwln Knaebel and (toige r.esley aiy.f ntnvoet evert thing toe Titans launched Several aalna were registered but never when they would have plunged Hleyn Into direct sirs us. Had Stanley I'ratt, the Ohio' punter, bn more chary with n s boiats, , Knaehel and Ketley wour.l have had a murk easier day, Tho i w lnaers were outklch'd mast of 'be time, t'hllliparra H'l-yard run, In tb.. aei'und quarter the spin tactile-stunt of Ibe afternoon, was mad posalbln .becaiiae I'ratt kicked low and far. I'hillipart wu u yards upfleld before the f!uckyee roubl make a protest. Once started, fl travelled another Si yarii without i atop. Drlrvtt l.twi ( kanee. What the ends Inat out because f their team-males' ovrr-botln. the five center men. larklea. urd, U I ' .i ......... K.l. rr. - u-k... their pieton-like chanting If th linemen did not do their stuff. th ends and bat ks were auch rilnforcnncnts the total damaf was aliajhl. Ohio rooters sinf of Teekiee Kvans. Jordan end Nelson. Cuards Atttrbeiri and Krump. Cen-lera Maei'rai ken and Illalr and well Ihey mitM, These fellow wera no', an whalish offensively, but how they functioned when ftetrolt had the ball' And what might have been a Ie-troli toitehdown tn Uie eeeond chapter w, iumd Into a defensive feat, to the ,-retlit of lbs desperat Ohloan who emed to aln Inspiration from the Infinite as th" were foree t,)Wrd their roat line. In mldf.'ld (he Red and filack was ordinary Inside the JJ-yrt mark. Condi 'laulhiefa puplla went yieptred barriers. . .. I.eec It an I'asee Way, PhtlllptirCs tlash of 0 ards. behind Interference whlrh formed rapidly and fun'-tlonee) aecordinalr. led In l'ctrwts .iMn opportunity. Like art outfielder, l'hiltiparf. nailed an Ohio punt on the dead run while on his 11-yard Hn. dashed dotyn tli sideline, kept tnir by the aid of his tralh'. ernt titittl his ioterfeencf picked blm up In "m.d -court." 'hen rs-verse-t bis field and &!toe! for the south east of ihs irridiron. At th" hlo flve-yer.1 line, the one Interfere r loft sTt in . is wsy momentarily and th- nVUv ws lonar enotturh f ir Winters to eome from lb rear and throw the iiinner Jus' ahtirt of a toueh-lown. With four don n in whleh to ne-Kotiate five yards. e '! look."! bright and nay for the Titans, but they did not rerkon with 'fie em-hatt!ol ohionns First one Weeley. an lineman and Ihen aeother toott turns In repelling the Itetroit a-fatiits. Io thrt rusbs. tao yarifs rsi(ip.l. Ctn he fourth. Thorr'-vi tri'd to send lirvti outsois cf riff''tt tneki When the plav st.ppsl. the I.ettoit back had l't a vard end Ii. was firs' dow ti for Ohio TCVs- levao, l'ra" kitked from behin-l hi (foal stripe to his JJ-yard line. I . of II. la Pescr. Wesley-ins !inmen ajrain sha'-tsre.1 two f'etroit plays and on th third attsrtipt on of them irrshbed a furv-ard -Lot whi.-h was tnien11 for a Titan. Immediately Weatevan punteit. .--aid (.tint sitnost caused a Jo? '.f 'rt.'ihie f..r I-etroit and pr.i-fiii-e.) svsrai inx....ii moments in the Titan rooting se'-rion A Tie-tnnt ba. k fumb.ed kick, which rolled to Ihe Ud and ".hits !0-ard tnark t.ef .re ft as ra-ovred Onlv tli n't v rftitH t.t,s position ...f ev-sral I ' r.'."-r. who checked tha hotiv porsiiitii? Wsievans. helped t.. p'e rr.e r-Mj-e t- a s--ore I'r" hat It,, icl f-orn ths ?-ytr-1 line H s !". ooss.l throua1-vecuiwets i lst fieai - i itm

Clipped from
  1. Detroit Free Press,
  2. 05 Oct 1924, Sun,
  3. Page 18

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  • Place Kick by Evans in Fourth Quarter Wins for Wesleyan Over U. of D., 3-0

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