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 - Sunday Morning, Augmt 27, 'USD LAS CROCKS (N....
Sunday Morning, Augmt 27, 'USD LAS CROCKS (N. M.) SUN-NEWS F" PAGE .NINE No More Polio Panics HERE IS AN ARTICLE GIVING DONA ANA COUNTY TRUE FACTS (Editor's 'note: This is the first In a -series of articles sponsored by the Las Cruces 20-30 club to give the public detailed Information Information on infantile.-paralysis.. The program is calculated * to prevent needless worry and let Dona Ana county parents know,tho Interacts of polio. . The. following article is reprinted from' This .Week magazine, magazine, nationally^ circulated newspaper newspaper supplement. Copyright for 'republication' .in/.The 5 iJSuintfews was paid for'and obtained by the Las Cruces 20-30- club.)j , : - . By ALJCK IJVKJO Did you worry itWo'ugH a polio epidemic last summtjr? Chances are you did, since 32 states reported reported outbreaks of epWeniic intensity, and the national total- was the highest jn'history. ' My neighborhood had ah epidemic epidemic too, and .as .the mother of a five-year-old, I spent the summer summer in a panic. · Should we keep going to the beach? Ought we to -visit friends in Connecticut? What about restaurants ?-" Birthday parties? parties? Movies .Where", was the dread virus lurking,? ".-We didn't know, so we stuck to .a .do-nothing policy. "Why taking a! chance?" was our constant'refrain. i\ Other Other parents ^vcre* confused. confused. One Wisconsin tovwt ordered ordered all children to stay .home. Munice, Ind., closed churches; movies, movies, bars. Communities had 'contradictory 'contradictory regulations .ibout r.wim- ming pools, schools, quarantines. To save myself another "RUm- before the chilling occurs. Should Should other activities be avoided? avoided? Throat operations, especially .onsillectomies, should be avoided during the summer months. If your youngster, fresh from hav- 1 ng his tonsils and adenoids re-, noved, is. expjsed to polio, he more . likely to contract the severe bulbar form of the disease. Although the indictment is not SO clear, it's wise to avoid teeth extractions too. during a polio epidemic. Why Is polio a summer disease? This Is still an unsolved mystery. As Dr. John R. Paul of the Yale University Medical School says, 'Something happens with the advent advent of wanrfer weather which either enormously enhances or facilitates facilitates the spread o f ' t h e virus or enormously reduces the resistance resistance of the -host." Sporadic Sporadic cases cio occur during winter months, and occasionally a real epidemic. During the win- of 1948-49, at temperatures averaging- 27 degrees below scro, an epidemic struck the eastern Arctic of Canada, killing and crippling crippling Eskimos of all ages with one hundred- times its average virulence. virulence. Apparently the population's complete lack of immunity outweighed outweighed other factors. How About Files? Because polio virus has been found on fJics and In fly droppings and because flies arc present in the summer, scientists have thoroughly thoroughly investigated their role in city limits, but mostly at beaches vith high sanitary standards. Less ban one. per cent of the'' polio ·ictniis had batned_. in polluted vEitcrs. * ' i Although Although swimming, oi; the wa- ,er a child may swallow while swimming, will not. give him polio, over exertion or chilling from too ong an immersion is dangerous during epidemic periods Lei your youngster swim, if you: can restrain restrain him from exhausting or chilling himself. . Are Crowds Dimgnrous?-'\ , Real crowding, as -typified by a subway rush_hbur, may.facilitate. :he spread of 'm's'cHse,.. A.V jam- ,lly should bo L .avoided. "If you can swing your''arm in an arc around you and not', hit anyone," says Dr. Alex Steigman of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, "you're not crowded." Should any- foods be avoided during an epidemic? Raw milk may have been involved in three minor polio epidemics, but apart from this, no food or drink has even been implicated in the spread of polio. What about quarantines clurin; polio epidemics? No quarantine of any- kind is advised by polio experts. Since the virus is so widely distributed during epidemics, epidemics, quarantine cannot possibly be effective. Even if It Were com- plelely successful, says Dr. Howard Howard A. Howe, of John Hopkins University, "it would 'only delay to a less favorable age the natural immunization process which fjoes on a rate of one cnsuulily in one hundred infections." Should Schools Close? Should the opening of schools be iemics camp directors are better able to cut down.activities and enforce rest periods than you vould be at home. If your child s exposed at camp, leave him here, say the experts. The long iring trip home, the possibility of spreading t!;e virus to other children in your community, out- veigh any advantages. How about taking trips during a polio epidemic? Check yourself w,Uh these questions: ^vill tho trip be tiring? Am I taking the child into an epidemic area? If you're sensible about traveling, f. you check, in advance, find there's no polio in your vacation area, take the kids. If fiiends or 1 relatives are planning planning to visit you during the summer, summer, it's wise tc investigate the jolio situation in their cominun- ity? Limit Playmates Should I limit my child's play-; males during- Ihe summer ? To isolate your children from polio, you would all -- parents, too -- liave to lock yourselves in your nome, not venturing out for groceries, groceries, bo rring the door Ln the m i l k m a n . Such procedure is obviously obviously impossible. Let the youngster youngster play normally with his usual circle of friends. The Journal of the American Medical Association Association advises against upsetting "the usual routine of children or of idults in their habits." Whal aboul special treats, like parties, movies, circuses, picnics? Try to consider each case from these angles; Is is exhausting xor the child? Is he brought into :-ntl- mate · contact with strangers? Birtiitlay parlies of neighborhood children arc likely to do no harm, but large parlies, bringing together together great numbers of children 'rom widely separated areas, are less advisable. Lei your child attend attend the movies occasionally, but avoid special children's hours. Suppose a playmate of my child gets polio? If your child played in close contact with the youngster youngster w i t h i n 11 week before ho was stricken, he may well have picked up the polio virus. Do not let this panic you. Remember that 39 people carry the virus nnd yam immunity for every person seriously seriously ill. Take the advice of Dr. Alex Steigmun: hide the heavy- muscle toys, such as bikes; use your Ingenuity to devise quiet games; and pray for rain which will automatically limit your child's physical activity. Hmv LM\K I* I n r i i l m l i o n ? Usually between seven and 1-1 days, although it can be as long as si? weeks and as short as four days. "What arc the symptoms of the disease? At first the child may feel listless, have a sore throat. hcadnche. v o m i t i n g or diarrhea, accompanied by slight fever, or even no fever at all. Most children children with such summer symptoms recover in a day or two, and :nay not have had an abortive of polio, A few develop more typical pre-paralytic £igns, stiff hack :ind neck, muscle tenderness, irrilabil- ity, pains in thighs or lower ohest. W i t h those symptoms, and a spinal tap .showing 1 a multiplication in th'c number of cells, the diagnosis is usually polio. The acute stage, if paralysis does not follow, lasts about a weelt. One third or more of polio cases show a two-phase development; a moderate fever, followed by spontaneous spontaneous recovery for several days days; then a recurrence, with the stiff back nnd muscle tenderness. tenderness. How can you tell, if your child mildly ill, whether lie hns polio" You can't, and neither tun your doctor, because no simple diagnostic diagnostic test has been found. The wisest (Course is' to chip your youngster into bed and call the doctor at the first signs of ]ist- lessncss or fever. Keep the child quiet 1'or a few days after Cover has disappeared, How About Ilcrtivpry? If my child gets polio; what are his chances for recovery? Excellent. Excellent. Roughly one-hidf if all diagnosed diagnosed polio cases suffer no paralysis paralysis at all. Another 25 per oent recover with only mild physical limitations. Fifteen per cent are severely paralyzed, and about eight per cent die. Who is most susceptible to polio? The child under -15, and particularly the child between :"ivc and 10. Statistics from New York City's 10-1!) epidemic are typical. Twenty-nine per cent of the .-HSPS occurred in children under ;~\\T; ;!5 per cent at ages f i v e to nine; 17 per cent nl ages 10 lo H ; :imt 19 per cent at ages 1T to -10. Cases in persons over -10 t u r n up rarely. The p dcath rate from the dlspase, however, advances w i t h age.' Onlv Tour per cent of children under in stricken with polio are likely to .lie. Highest Toil comes in the young-adolescent and adult age groups. Like most diseases polio hits more boys than girls. Fifty- eight per cent of New York's oases last summer were males.. Docs poliu recur in an area at periodic intervals? No, there seems to be no pattern to polio epidemics. Minnesota, for example, example, was hit in IfMfi, 19IS nnd 1940. Epidemic years in New York City have been 1916, Jl».11, 19-14 ami 10-1!). How ninny rases m a k e n polio epidemic? When there are *?0 cases in your community for -2very 100,000 p o p u l a t i o n , a u t h o r i t i e s cunsUlur it n polio epidemic Poliu is not a leading killer of ijliildren, r a n k i n g far boKuv rboumntii: fever fever which kills and cripples .nore school-age children than any other disease. Isn't polio getting worse ovory yeiir? The number of coses lias been on the rise since 1SM-1. Although Although part of the increase is due to tho enormous growth of our child population, and purl to better better diagnosis and better reporting of non-paralytic eases, experts be- lievo the disease itself is wore widespread. Why Uus 1'idlti Itisoii? Dr. Many Weaver, research li- ivrlor f u r t h e N a t i o n a l Foundation uir I n f a n t i l e 1'aivilysis. describes the rise us "tho p e n a l t y of improved improved sjitiiliilion." Win 1 rr .health standards are low, children nre probably exposed to the polio virus in snmll doses from infancy, .*ind g r a d u a l l y b u i l d up i m m u n i t y . LJul today's babies, w i t h t h e i r sterilised hollies - and germ-f ret? foods, protected from exposure. How (mini ean wo eitpocl to In inoculated against polio? Search for a vaccine is complicated hy the uxisloncc of three or more types f . f of polio virus, »nd .researchers- ^ cannot predict "when success "will be achieved. "Scientists are . also-·"% hunting a illrfgnoalie ttfsffor"tKc; .^ disease, and a drug to combat it. Miraculous' cures Tor' p'bllo shotild' bo discounted. No drug to, combat combat polio has yet-been found;--' What What advice would you cmpha- .;· ;ize for parents worried a b o u t polio? 1. Keep calm;"continue normal activity. 2. Try not to widen intimate contacts between your family and .. outsiders during epidemic periods. . Avoid exhausting activity and '. sudden chilling during an epidemic. epidemic. f 4. Emphasize cleanliness. See that your children wash their hand;; after toileting and before' meals. . . ... .,. Watch your child carefully' for pie first signs of lisllessncss or fever. ii. If polio comes, consult your chapli'i- of the National Founds- ; tion for I n f a n t i l e Paralysis for f i n a n c i a l aid. (Reprinted from .This Week ..Magazine. ..Magazine. Copy write by the Unit- d Newspapers Magazine Corporation.) Corporation.) Cause Of Cancer LOS ANGELES I/Pi -- Hot nnd spicy foods probably are one. cause 1 of rancor of the stomach, snys Dr. (.'biude tf. Welch Of Harvard Harvard University. He is here teach-' ing in the University of California California s u m m e r session. ' He i?ayn slmiuich cnncur is common common in Mexico when; spiced food.l ·· are the rule. · '"First of the Fine CariJ!n_ Kt

Clipped from Las Cruces Sun-News27 Aug 1950, SunPage 9

Las Cruces Sun-News (Las Cruces, New Mexico)27 Aug 1950, SunPage 9
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