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 - 'all-night-party,' m Bob's First Profit Bring...
'all-night-party,' m Bob's First Profit Bring Great Happiness. By MARGARET DAVIES (Age 12) 212 Lockwood avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. The twins' birthday was approaching fast. As money was scarce in the Gordon family, the twins expected nothing but a few greetings. One evening after the children were in bed, Bob drew bis chair up near to his mother's chair and said: "Mother, as my chicken farm is bringing In a little money, I think It would please the twins to give them a surprise party on their birthday. "Just the thing," exclaimed Mrs. Gordon. "We have never had a surprise party and It will make them very happy." So it was decided to keep it a secret from all except Helen, who would be needed in making the necessary preparations. This was Wednesday and the birth day fell on the following Tuesday. Time flew by and soon Monday eve ning came. Curious smiles and odd looks were constantly exchanged be tween Mrs. Gordon, Helen and Bob. Early the next morning brooms were flying and the patter of busy feet be trayed tne fact tnat sometning usual was about to occur. About half-past 1 Helen, on the p pre- tense of taking tbe children visiting. dressed them in their Sunday, best wniie tbey were watting for Helen the door bell rang. Mildred and Thelma," asked Mrs. Gordon, "will you two go to the door?" So the inseparable two went to the door and were startled by a variety of voices, crying: ' , ' "Surprise," "Happy, Birthday, "Sur prise Greetings!" The owners of the voices proved to be many of tbe twins little friends. They were ushered Into the parlor and gifts were presented which turned out to be ribbons, handkerchiefs, perfume, stockings and other things which the twins could enjoy. At 4 o'clock Bob walked In and proudly laid a bundle in each of the twin's laps. Four shaking hands quickly unwrapped the bundles and out rolled a pretty white dress, a sash and hair ribbon for each. After a few hours of happy play they all marched Into the dining room and a dainty lunch consisting of ice cream and pretty pink cakes was served. In the center of the table stood the birthday cake with eleven candles shining brightly. As the clock, was striking eight, a car stopped In front of tbe house and the door bell hushed the ring of merry voices. Aunt Josephine Was. ushered in and after a merry exchange of greetings Aunt Josephine gave each of the twins a small box daintily wrapped in tissue. With trembling fingers and faces smiling they untied the boxes. Too surprised to utter a sound, the twins held up the boxes and brought to view two tiny diamond rings! After many thanks and a few more games the twins said good night and two happy little girla closed tired eyes and went to sleep. And so Bob's first profits brought great happiness. If tt hadn't been for your paper. The Buffalo EVENING NEWS, that I would have had It. I can hardly wait till I get back to school In September for that J2.00 will buy a great many Thrift stamps. And every evening 1 await The

Clipped from
  1. Buffalo Evening News,
  2. 23 Aug 1919, Sat,
  3. Page 12

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