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Frank Ballew Arrested 20 Jul 1923 pg 1 - SHERIFFS RESCUE 13 YEAR OLD CHILD SHACKLED IN...
SHERIFFS RESCUE 13 YEAR OLD CHILD SHACKLED IN HONE OF FRANK BALLEW a a M, to MIKE LEVY DIES THURSDAY; RITES SUNDAY Brother of Well Known Attorneys Expires At 8:40 P. M. In St. Andrew's Hospital Following- Busy Life—Quit School And Made Own Way. Officers Jail Father, 48, Car Repairer, and Refuses To Believe His Story That Ex-Sheriff A. G, Davis Gave Him Ankle Cuffs and Chain and Advised Him To Use Them on Girl—Victim's Sister Perhaps On Death Bed. Mike Levy, brother of the prominent Murphysboro attorneys ot the name and'son of the pioneer Murphysboro merchant, Abraham Levy and Pauline Levy, deceased, died of n. lingering illness at St. Andrew's hospital at 8:40 o'clock Thursday night. Deceased was born iu Indianapolis, Ind., November 12, 1S72. Abraham Levy lirst stopped in Murphysboro in 1SG!) and later located hero, Lhu family joining him in 1877. The mother died in 1907 and the father in liUfi. Deceased entered in holy wedlock with Mrs. .Ktta Crammer, nee Holder, September 30, 1911, The union begot one child, Mike Jr., who will be ten years old next month! ,,, r -v..,.-.; Mrs. Levy died in January some time Following her injury by an uuto- mobile at the intersection of: Walnut and 18th .streets. Her death was attributed to illness nnd the shock sustained in Lilt; accident. Mr. Lovy is survived by the son and the brothers, Simon and Harris and Attorneys Isaac K. -and David B. Levy,'and the slater, Mrs. L. Fein- or, formerly Miss Radio Levy, of El Paso, 'Pox. Mrs. Foincr bad been here for somu Lime. Mr. Fniner join- nd her horo. Wednesday. Review of Life Mike Levy quit school when he was 13 years old and became a messenger boy. As such he learned telegraphy and later became rated as one oC the most competent keymen in this section of the country. Hardly more than a lad he became telegrapher Cor the old St. Louis and Cairo Short Line, as it was called It is recalled that he occupied thn dual position as telegrapher and chief clerk to P. H, Batcher, at the time superintendent oil the line, sometime? called the Grand 'Power and Texas. with depot on Sixth street, near where the Big Muddy Coal & Iron Company store still stands, now the property of the Consolidated Coal Co. He and Rnpt, Batcher ran the road Ho was one of the very first telegraphers in America to receive key messages on a typewriter. Later this custom became general. When the Short Line was absorbed by the Illinois Central Mike Levy was made agent here. He.remained such until IflO'l. Later he became secro* Lary and mine superintendent Cor tha Carterville & Big Muddy Coal Co., a property in which Tom John, deceas.; ed, was one of the principal investors, at Cambria. The investment was terminated, as it happened, shortly prior to the world war when prices mounted. Early in the war he engaged briefly in the express business and later ay auditor for the Murphysboro Telephone Co. Still later Mr. Levy became agent in Murphysboro for the •Missouri-Pacific, happily back in hia favorite calling within / sound of the telegraph key. In this position he gave the M, P. competent service until a year prior to his death when his health became too precarious for him to remain on duty. The Way He Wanted It Mr. Levy had been ill tor several years, seriously so for the last year, As long as his strength would permit .him. to do so, the subject made his way down town for a chat in the Ell? parlors'with his friends. He was (Continued oh -pace two) Child Claims Parent Not Long Since Had Kept Heavy Prison Irons on Her Limbs For Two Weeks; Says He Made Her Sleep In Them; Step-Mother Carried Key, Unlocks Them. Thirteen-year-old Florence Ballew cried a little Thursday afternoon when her step-mother, Mrs. Frank Ballew, unlocked and removed heavy jail shackles from her right ankle. ^ The girl, the two heavy prison sh.ackles clamped to her slim ankle, her face a little hard for her years and bespeaking her travail, called to the minds of deputy sheriffs stories of another age. \ ' ', The girlsaid her father shackled her; that he had done so repeatedly. • Ballew, a car repairer at the M. & 0. shops, 48 years old, was arrested on the strength of the girlV.story and complaints of neighbors of the Ballews, McCord street residents, who had charged the father was insanely cruel to his daughter. Ballew is charged with contributing to the dependency of his daughter. She is allegedly dependent in that she has lacked proper parental care.. His alleged guilt lies in that he may have been a cruel and unnatural parent, Father's Story Not Believed ellege, who served notice that if ice Ballew appeared furious when ar- water or delicacies were needed there W not; .dependent on his neigh ten with sternness towards those un- cler his root 1 , a man who hates and one aloof from the tender things it, should be made up of. Ballew said among other thingf that he got the prison shackles found on his daughter from 'Sheriff A. 0 Davis at Uu'. Jackson county jail, But when lin declared . that Ex Sheriff Davis had given him the 1 heavy irons and advised him to shackle her," officers >could not brinp themselves l.o believe, thn man lole 1 the truth. "Bnllew insisted that Ex-Sheriff. Davis, to whom he went with his complaint that he could not control his daughter and keep her at home, he said, "advised me to get a switch and wear it out on her. When I. told him that switching did no, good he gave me the shackles and told me to shackle her and thus keep her at home.", Thus Ballew is quoted as having told officers yesterday. Officers feel .sure that Ex-Sheriff Davis will deny that he gave Ballew the "leg-irons", as they are called, for any such purpose, or, for that matter, for any purpose at all, it may be. The girl declared that not long since her father had shackled her an kles together and left the irons (.hero 'for two weeks time, making her sleep in them. Stories Neighbors Tell in the Ballew home is Ballew's older daughter, a girl on what may prove to be her 'death bed. She has been long ill. it was for this girl, neighbors of the Ballews complain, that they had sent ice water and other things, only to have it sent out of the house by the irate father, they Delightful Summer Reading The Daily Independent has purchased the copyrighted series of 23 stories on Married Life, by America's foremost writers. They are dandy summer reading. They are short and snappy. Not a dull moment in any of them, All star program. Irvin Cobb, Booth Tarkington, Zona Gale, Dorothy • Canfield, .Rupert Hughes, Ellis Parker Butler and 17 others. Starts tomorrow with "The Second Coming of Mrs. Bain's First Husband" by Cobb. bors for such things. A story was current in the neighborhood weeks ago . that, _the sister of the distressed invalid had saved pennies and nickels out of'her,,pit tance, gleaned by toil at a local fac tory, and with this had bought the sufferer a bed mat. That her father became enraged when he .learned of the deception the younger girl dared practice in liis household, and that be had made the girl take the mat from the sister's bed and return it to a downtown merchant. Reports were current that the older girl'a .illness, was-contributed to by cruelties of the father which began long ago with severe whippings. Comparatively few persons hearing of alleged carryings, on .of Ballew in his own house could believe these things true. Jailed , in Default Ballew was first jailed late Thursday. He waived preliminary hearing before Magistrate Wm. Jern.i^an Friday morning. .His bond was fixed at $750. In default of the same he was returned to jail today. Magistrate Jernigan and other officials say they have read of such cases as that appears to be in the Ballew home, but that this is the first time they have officiated in one of such a nature. County Nurse Mary Welch had learned some time ago oi! the distress of the Ballew girl who is so ill. She had paid mercy calls at the home again and again. Letter As Evidence Wm.' McClure, South 20th street merchant, turned over a letter to officers yesterday, purporting, to be a letter from Ballew and bearing his name, in which he instructed McClure he would not be responsible for any debts contracted by his daughter Ruby. , Ruby had been buying ice for May Ballew, her consumptive sister, now near death. When her shoe factory pay was repeatedly taken by the father, or so it is* alleged, the girl bought ice for her sister at McClure's- on credit. Ballew, after he had been allowed to return home over night because his daughter May's death is expected any time, is declared to have confronted McClure and threatened him for the letter. A uear fight ensued, McClure and a clerk named laom telling Ballew all they thought of his alleged cruelty to the dying girl. ', The Invalid's Chair Some time ago, stories relate, Bai : (Contlnued on pafi* 8lx ' DAN BLAIR AND BRIDE OF YEAR DUE TOMORROW Son of Mayor and Mrs. Blair of This Cily Wins Heart~a3*d-3aiid of Miss Marjorie Smith, Madison, 111., Who Kept On Being Washington U. Co-ed After Run In With Cupid. Dan Blair, coal broker of St. Louis, son of Mayor and Mrs. Gus Blair of Murphysboro, and Miss Marjorie Smith, esteemed daughter of Dr. and Mrs. D. A. P;nith, Madison, 111., were secretly united in marriage at Edwardsville, 111., July 31st, 1022. So well laid were the plans of the two, she a Washington U. girl and he a man from the universities, that not until a few days ago, when a Madison newspaper reporter got hold of the secre;, did their friends know of the plighting of their" troth. Mrs, Blair is a senior Washington U. girl. She had kept her marriage secret, among other reasons, to avoid the high-handed measures her fellow co-eds would surely have resorted to had they known. As for Mr. Blair, if 'the world hair known he was a married man, it would have expected him to spend too much time with his young wife anil 'too little with his coal business. A Presbyterian 'minister officiated. Presbyterian ministers never tell. At least this one did.not. Came a wooing for Miss Smith's hand a graduate of Christian Bros. 1 later a University of Illinois man, and then a .student one year'at Harvard. Their ideals were akin. There was no real need to wait a dismal yenr more, and Edwardsville was just a step removed as it were, from Madi- 'sori. The minister was handy and had a closed mouth. So Cupid won hands down, and will accompany the couple in person to see them happily settled in their temporary home at 2120 West Pine street, Murphysboro, where lives the bride's grandmother, Mrs. J. G, Harris. The Independent interviewed Mr. Blair by wire in St. Louis Friday. He admitted all and said he and Mrs. Blair would arrive tomorrow. Murphysboro will be delighted to welcome the "newlyweds," so-called, although it has been nearly a year since they took the vow thai, binds. Their coming to Murphysboro is to them just like a honeymoon. Their friends have heartily congratulated them up Madison way since the newspaper exposure of their dual deception. Jt remains for his friends in Southern Illinois to give him the high and happy cry: "Welcome to our city, Dan, old boy." The Independent's congratulations take the tone of the best seller—'and they lived happily ever afterwards.' If Mayor or Mrs. Blair knew of the marriage, and it is highly probable that they as well as the bride's parents did, they kept religiously quiet and made the secret hold good. Bert Terpenitz of C'clale Hurt Bert Terpenitz, 17, Carbondale, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Terpenitz of that city, narrowly escaped death at Makanda late Thursday when he was thrown by an I. C. freight train be'- tween the rails and the edge'of the depot platform at Makanda. The boy's scalp was torn badly, a. leg was broken in two places and injuries were caused by axle boxes on the wheels. He"was rushed to Carbondale for treatment and will recover. • The We a t h e r Forecast Generally fair tonight and Saturday. Little change in temperature.

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