communism, wanting equal distribution

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communism, wanting equal distribution - have institution A.M. your need ST. LOOKING AT...
have institution A.M. your need ST. LOOKING AT LIFE By Erich,Brandeis Mow many people are communists without realizing T think that is the very reason why it is so difficult FIGHT communism, to eradicate it from our political picture I don't like to be an alaimist cuJ to go into social, economic, political problems too deeply 1 am meicly looking at life, and I am doing it by tiymg to find out vhat people thmk, and reporting theii thoughts to you with my com- menU, And thus I have come to the conclusion conclusion that far mote people are communists than the official lists of the paitv may show. Peihaps ou are a without knowing it communist Heie is an excerpt f i o m a long, came to me letter that fiom Hollywood The \ \ u t e r expies^es all soils of thoughts about model n lite m America and ends his letter with the following remarks "My observation is that every pei son likes the same things that Now along come a lot of bums and loafers and tramps and guys that ?ue too lazy to work and tor handouts. So, maybe, youi automobile ia given to one of them, and the coat that you saved for is handed to his \vife ^ Another "bum, who, like my Hollywood coi respondent, also likes nice things moves into your house, helps himself to the contents of your panhy, goes to sleep m beds, * And thus, thinks my COL respondent, respondent, thcie will be no disagreement because of "equal distribution of goods," Oh ves one more thing; Item No, 2 in Maix's "Manifesto," headed "The Method and Call to Artion" is I( A heavy progressive or any other peison likes, 'We all, re^aidless of om tnndi- linn, like gnort thmps and plenty of them Theie is no disRgieement ^So WP may SRN « P h a v e no need T R U C K for disagreement, so lonp: as we all p n j o v t h i n g s cqUAllv. 4 OUR EFFORT, THEN SHOULD BE EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS" I have capitalized the last line, because because it- is pure, unadulterated communism communism In his father of modern Communism, said: 'Manifesto" K a i l Maix, "In this the theotv of communism communism may be summed up in the ^mglo sentence 'Abolition of piivflte 1 p i o p p i tv' " 1 Isn t t h a t ^ h a i the fellow f i o m Hollvw oocl w a n t s 0 Isn't t h a t w h a t t h o u t ^ n d s a n d thousands of people in t h i s r o u n t r y a \vondpiful pic tinP' You and I \ \ o i k oui heads otf to accumulate a little money, to have a little homo, to educate, our chil- riien piopeily, to have a few of the conveniences of life Then a benign communist com- missai sajs to us "What is all this 7 Piivate piop- e i t \ 7 HRnrt it o \ e i . Get out of heie. "You u i l l £0 to B a i i R c k No 1437 Youi ^ \ i f p \\i!l go t o B a u n c k 1896 Y o u i n h i l c h n n vull come alontf I h e state will educate | \ \ i t h me, ! thorn ' is ( o n f l s c r i t e d OUT sRMngs aae put into a common giaduated income tax." Does that sound familiar? BURNS IN WOODBURY WOODBURY, Sept 12 -- CAP) Medfoid Mass, t r u c k diiver a n a r r o w escape fiom death \vhen his t r u c k overturned caught f u e on Sherman hill. Donald Nicholls, 33, told police that vehicle, a new truck which h to deliver to a New Yoik firm, wont out of control on a curve The t r u c k swnved and l a n d i n g on its left Mclc anrl trapping the rimer m the c a b vehicle buist i n t o flames, said ind he \\a.s f o i c e d t cab \ \ i n d o w to escape, dstioyed before f n e m e n Nicholls escaped w i t h a shoulder and cjuts on his hands will appear m -justice court Mon- dav nifiht on a technrcal chaise violating the rules of the road, FIRM BOOSTS PAY NEW BRITAIN Sept. 12--CAP) The Skmnet Chuck companv announced a 2 2 per cent cost of living i n c r e a s e fot its lv 300 pi e d u c t i o n and ers m its New B r i t a i n Nor\ \ a l k plants ,Thp increase will let r o a r live t o Scptembei company Vice President James N, Skinner said.

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  1. The Bridgeport Telegram,
  2. 13 Sep 1951, Thu,
  3. Page 20

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  • communism, wanting equal distribution

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