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SAY VAII VLISSIIIGEII HID AWAY PLUHDER Auditors f Convicted I Embeazler's . . Accounts Learn Tbat $10,000, Re--- cendy-ReceivedrTHaft-lfat Been Accounted For.' ' :X "''','?'.'' ' '' - '. V- ? - v s ; u FORGERIES NOW TOTAL 420 MORTGAGES, SAYS RECEIVER Convict's ; Property Found to Be Heavily :Tncumbered -Has Few Assets Wife Remains Loyal to Prisoner in Joliet, - s Conclusive proof that Peter Van Vllssin-gen, archforger and embeszler, now convict No. IMS In the Joliet penitentiary, secreted large amount ef his stealings and had planned for several weeks, bis remarkable confession , and! conviction was unearthed yesterday when Receives W.C Niblaek discovered, shat -the former realty dealer had collected 910.000 only a few days before his arrest - which is'aot checked up on his books snd -cannot be located. .... .. Thefact became known when several per-eoas. to; whom, he. had given receipts for money paid went to the offices of the former real estate man Id tbe'Tentonfc building and Investigated their dealings. . The money was paid ;on - mortgages and no accounting was made on. the book of the office force or on Van Vllsslngen's private index, - All efforts made by the receiver and state's attorney's office to locate the "plant" of the .swindler have been unavailing. Find 420 V-ara-orle. ' ' An investigation of the private index kept by Van Vllsslngen of his frsudoleat transactions yesterday brought to light the fact that 480 bogus mortgages are In existence, on which the swindler realised I1.&39.423.69. This Is double the amount fixed by Van Vllsslngen In his confession, and half a million more than had been estimated by those in authority. On this bssis. It Is declared, in the eighteen years Van Vlissingen says he forged instruments, the amount would total nearlyJl.OOO.OSO. Had aot the financial panic came when Vaa Vlissingen was heavily loaded with the bad documents it is said he could have continued his nefarious operations for years without being detected. About tG0,000 worth of property owned by Van Vlissingen has been unearthed by the receiver and his force of assistants. Much of the forger's real estate Is hearlly burdened with mortgages, however. On much of it nothing can be realised. .Receiver Nlblsck has taken possession of sll of the property so far located with the exception of tbe household effects. Lms lroirtr fulst. The Hat of property so far discovered is as follows: Equities la notes and personal property, 130,000. Second mortgages. 16.000. Cash found in vault. $ 600. Two story brick house. 3233 GroTeland avenue, heavily mortgaged; value. 35.0CO. Two story brick house. 3231 Groveland avenue, clear; $5,000. Two story frame house. S44 West Forty-Seventh street, clear; $2,000. Two story-and basement brick flat buildings. 16. 18. 29, 24. 26. and 28 East Forty-Sixth street, all heavily mortgaged; each worth S4.S0O.-' ' Vacant lot. Hamlin avedne' and Thomas street, clear, 1500. " Two story aad basement frame residence, two story brick' barn and shop, 2735 Indiana avenue, clear. $7,000. Vacant lot. Lowe avenue, near Thirty-First street," clear. 1500. Three vacant lots, Parnell avenue, near Thirty-Fifth street, clear, each worth $400. . Two three story brick flats. 1243r46 Rhodes avenue, both mortgaged for $5,500; worth $7,000 each. Two automobiles, one touring car. and runabout, worth $U200. Household furniture, not appraised. Does Set Ons Farm. An investigation of the report that Van Vlissingen owned a forty acre farm in Palestine township. Lake county, valued at $1,500 an acre, shows that the property Is now In tbe name of a man named Shaffner. Whether the transfer was made recently has not been determined by the authorities. Ten bogus mortgages aggregating $10,000 . were brought to' the receiver yesterday. Over sixty persons holding Van Vllsslngen paper were taken care of during the day. Many of the bad documents have not yet been brought to light. Mrs. Jessie Van Vlissingen, wife of tbe "forger king," will appear as a witness against her husband in the bankruptcy pro ceedings. Victims of the swindler yesterday demanded that she be summoned when tbe case comes up before the referee in bankruptcy. Yesterday Mrs. Van Vlissingen was prostrated at her home, 5406 South Park avenue. She was unable to leave her bed and a physician waa In attendance. She had expected to see her husband before he was taken to prison, but was unable to. She expressed ber love for him yesterday and declared che would stand by him. Wife Has So Money. Mrs. Van Vllsslngen denied that her hus band had given her a large sum of money to keep tor him until he waa releaaed. She declared that $200 was all she bad. with the exception of a farm of 160 acres on the James river in Virginia, worth about $3,000. which she and her mother bought before her marriage to Van Vllsslngen, two years ago. A pitiful sight was witnessed at the Teu tonic building offices of the forger yesterday afternoon when Conrad Halxlegel, T8 years old. 532 West Chicago avenue, broke down and wept when told that his life's savings bad been swept away. Halxlegel had bought a good mortgage from Van Vlissingen several years a so. Last July it came dae. Van Vlissingen collected the money, but sever turned it over to the aged man. Halxlegel had also gives Van Vlissingen 9600 to keep for blm. fill of which he had drew out. The rest was swept awav in me crasa. -

Clipped from
  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 21 Nov 1908, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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