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 - at Dem Leaders Blast Letter Bearing Bogus...
at Dem Leaders Blast Letter Bearing Bogus Signatures T o u r prominent Democratsjard H L*fltn«, editor ctt tht nouncemcnt that ht would last nlgftt repudiated B poIfticallDenmcratic party "r official news- support htm ror reelection letter bearing their names and directed to the county's 704 Democratic commilleemen *nd women The letter contained a vicious attack on Democratic County Chairmen Chsiles H. Kcene also referred in tt ward cliainnen-- Mcs Helen £ Martin E W. Hoot Ban* Jay and Tlie letter, submitted to this newspaper for publication, bore th* siEJiaiurs eapUon,_"Commit- tei Fcr Election of Cannon." It e5jo bora tha najnei o-f Ke-al McCuni, Neal Brewster, George M nifiht and Arith-any Beltor Th* names were affrxei 1o the letter i". ^ mar.nt-r they tigned it and subscribed to its contents All four, when contacted by The PMl-Slantei-d last the letter. Thcj any htiowltdge ol it or its contents. tut T^ie f*ur 'nen said they were not consulted about preparation oi suth a letter, had no knowledge knowledge of i Is contents until JB- 1 turned by this newspaper and tad not given their consent lor VSe ol their names irj connection watt it Thf IstlftT made paSKArtg reference reference IQ * plea ior support of thc insurftnt candidacies ofatlotney Howard H. Cannon and T. Frank will on 7th as OiWndaKi County deJe- gales tn the tl^mo^r^tic n^t'onsl convention. But TnOif o( Lhe letter was devoted devoted to a tirade against K«ne deniuici4tlin. of Mrs. Norem, ·nd HooL other things thc letter ilrcsdy d«- ; three claimed K«ene cided to Appoint lo top City Hall jobs if the Democrats win the mayoralty mayoralty election next yaar, II said £ journalism irttructor, js lo Se city engineer Baris Baris a trained tnguiecr Th* four men w h o s e name3 w « r B used w e r e flabbergasted last night vhtti they I c a i r e d such * leiler, bearing iheir lyped signature?, WK In clrcu]ition, All iowr of thcai painted out they are supporting Dolan and Carm«n tor election as national convention ^elegato, Dolan gnd Cannon are nui- lnat Ktene and former AUj. Anthony F. Catfrer paper, "The Democratic He- porter." that Keene 'censored" th* cjr«nt Isjue ol the publication. publication. Lentner, th^Lgti editor of the Democratic oigamzaiion's offi- Cidj Dtik^ltCfltjDn ftjitiuLU'eefi Vie WAS backmf Van Leni^n p^a of the insurant c^indi dates, for county chiiiman Lentner said he had plajinea to include m !hc current is?ue statement* of «juil leugtti from each of thc three earidldfitw for county chairmen, but that Kaene and his representatives "censored" the paper. Al result, result, he said, there would be nothing about the three-way county chairmanship scrap. Keere declared bet nigt. ft "I didn't censor any ol his ilurf la fact, Keene said, he didn't even see the paper until after it was published Keene declared, "I never told hjm noi to vrr.te anything " Th» only ins! met ions h« gavs Lentaer Keene raid, wgs' It chech his materisl with Jelf Filey, puWie felatjon? rnan lor the party, "fa maK* sure it was correct' Will Kclaln Edlta* D«EpiU Lentnefj aitnounccv ment he Is backing Van Ltneen ui opposition to him, Kesne sajd. he will "no£ lire" Lentner, Lentner, E.S editor of the party newspaper newspaper Keens pgirit-^d out L*nt- ner riaclnt bcjthsrid to tel] him m advance of his public an- county chaimian Van Lenten issued i slate- ment lui night to be mailed a l l county committee members He pledged that It eleclcd chairman he will Jiot appoml £HY iViri'imbti f\f KI-B lajviilv ~ta anil Alljf III V 1 1 t^J IP 1 U 1 . t i-lf lAJlllIJi LU tUIJ appointive position He promised to give all committeemen committeemen and women a "larger voice" in Lhe conduct ol parly affairs, and said more county TrnruttK T'eelinjs will be held He also armcEinced he plans tc divide the city and county Jn+a dislnpts for political purposes and to have one person -tn of each £?±i!ct Keen n announced last tufhf Hist the Democratic State Com ma tee may hold its annual a plat* upstate fund racing djn- n or here next fall Ti is usually heirf in Albany, but Democratic Slate Chairman Micliacl H to S^racusg ^r Rochester Keetie £3ld If -.M dinner is i.tfid her*. Xeene s^ld, Ihe speaker vill be tile D - s i n o c r a t J tandjdafp, who will by Lhen have cjeen nornjn^lcd K;tn* also distluwd that efforts efforts are being- made to h t 1 either Eobert F. Kennedy or Edward (Ted Kennedy, brothers of U S Sen John P Kennedy Spe*lt at a Democratic county committee furd rajim; duin-r here next month. Sen. IC«nnsdy a candidate for thc Dcmocrabc presidential nomination, can't make it. Kecne s^id Chilean Doctor Here Learns Relatives Safe tarthqiw^" ""d snarled; telephone telephone Jjwa created an anxious week lor a Chilean doctor end his cousin, both working in hospitals hospitals here Dr. Herman Diaz or ]33Y S Salina St, -who js doing research at the Upstate Center, Kud y«L«rday if was finally pah la get through la hii mother and brothers m the Cihlefitl capJ- tgl of Santiago. "Ttiej'r* all right t . their homes WII« not datna«*d," he Hid. The quak« and ·mpting vol- canos ha^e Ten 3.0CO de^d «f mifemg in th* South American country- ETinque Lotoi, thc docl*i'a cousin wlio lives at the same address, was also able ta talk relatives by telephone He is operating room assistant at St. Josfoh's Hospital 'We had been very won-icd Dr Dial said, by report* Of widespread destruction 3n Chile Lobo! lived Uirouich a seveie earthquake in Chile 31 years ago V (Or the posts. The four men, however, eom- dinvowed any n»*p tar tht criticism* levelled ogalnst Keene and the ward i In. the letter, One them Ufd In didn't even know oni ot ih« ward Chairmen he was queued ax criticizing; Thi counterfeit l*tl*r was th* flfht. dercTopnant ytsterdaT in bitter Democratic prJmary On* bmlv Hfht la * two-JUja DiT bit- uniform numbering syfttem for the town, TVw eyslem conforms wiih the plan nigeetled by the Orwndaga County R«gion*l Plan- nuij Board for ute throughout the cwnty. The *yil«m Is planned to provide provide a pair trfnumbtTtoddnum ben on th* left, even numbers on tht right, about merr 35I«t on all rcwW ihroaglwut th* ninl «o th« Mttonal con- vutJon, itata coramiUCBnan women in th* cduntr'i time A«- Mj diitricta, and · number of *ltttton Oirtrict eommMtee poitt in th* ettr »nd concemi Th* Mcond Mace election or · county at a county connililee withift Ulrtfr d«7» atter UIH Prt- m*ty riectlDn. Kcena seeks ra election as county ehairman H« it beinf opposed iby Nlns- t*eniti W*rt1 Chairman Franelt A O 'Conn ell, and attonvey OcDT|a H. Vi.t O^onnaU lamed a ttatenent y«*t«tdJT tai whtch he claimed leaden art Kent «nd tup- him. Reenc. fee diargwl, "tnhif IGfMt, Ottonntil cbarntf, fi ill hli tEl«ntion to it* tiii JtA n wnnly chairman chairman tnd counir elettien com- murfoner and T^il abtndontd his nmpdign to eisrt r;F,« dtl ftltt dfirf alUtnaln to Ui Dtfft«t-*lic: halknisl convention (Wonndl claimed dftltl ft* «afl«CnlWrr HDd ttV4ffl0)Mfl1 knife) try HtfW* Uniform Numbering System Thc D«Wttt Town Board has passed adopting a n.umb«r1nc from to east snj iwitlri to In flu county. 1Tll» AMI rot repUee numben- in axiitniCT where ol hotuenum- b c r l n f exists. HQW«VCT, *uch · r«aa could c o n v e r t to Ihcy choose. numbtnng ll r*ason for th* 35 feet f i g u r e Is the fact tnal some of the ddtr village areas hav« lots which measure 3 The rural numbering plan will be handled by tht fire depart- Jaw Broken In Grin Fight Hell Lefalei*, 17, of 144 W- Schuylw SL, y«sltrdfty suffered bre**n *fwn he *RS m»n Jn a OrUl, I3J CHffcttl WBI. taken lo LeblcTHi WJd he wa* stncfc »v? lo him, ftf no in the A wftn*«£ Kfufltif*! UK mil IB MarviA L. HeHrll, 21, of Police Coorl on » chMfaje cf Sft 11 *l Ik WS merits of Jarnesville. DeWitt ind E«t Syracu*; Fir«meft f r these departments will be seen ivorking on thi* project on rends ihroitehout the town H*nry Snyder, town cleric, ie ca-ordinator of the program J-D Hearing Set On Phone Tax Taxpayer* of tha JuneevHle- DeWItt C«itr»] School attend · public hearini ; proposal to use th* telephone tax for school purposes, 11 Jl become* available, rt » mBrting In the J-D High School wit- teria al 8 p.m. June 3. The present federal telephone tax is slated lo expire In July If it is not conlinu*n\ it could b« mid* availibto to school districts, onrter a bill passed *ti feel session ol Institute Elects Hutteri, K.lley HutlMi, vtre and tontrolter. Carrier Corpors twn. and JUaTcoim E. K^ey, tr**fl,r-r, On«oeg* Pottery Co , both ril Syrarinw. have to membership tn 'he Institute of America. fn 1931 . (he insti- n nofi-ftntfit rfiwuigiMYwrtf cf COTlrolTws and rrnin an rirws rf ttttff TV Irtrt

Clipped from
  1. The Post-Standard,
  2. 29 May 1960, Sun,
  3. Page 65

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