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.?'.f V .,'', '.*•>,»'• s/.' .:'.*.".<..'tjk.i .-.*- *'.'.'.. allson, «n- King dinner decorated white followed hnld No. Prof. Catherine followed. to S. performed wna E. Wul- Residents of the Annexed District Are in Terror of Burglars, WATCHDOGS HAVE BEEN POISONED. Vigi'ance Committee Is on Guard, and Many Policemen Are Cut in Citizens' Clothes. von KIs certainly the actress. the a her or in WOMEN ARE AFRAID TO BE LEFT ALONE. People of High Bridge, Mount Hope, Ire- mont and Fordtnra Are Looking for a Wholesale Attack. the the ;. 71 of past at Residents of High Bridge, Mount Hope, Tremont and Fordham are arming themselves for an expected attack from a gang of burglars. Women are afraid to remain alone, and in many families a male member has left his work and is on guard all day. A Vigilance committee of twelve have been formed, and every night the members tramo through the section looking for suspicious characters. This fright has been occasioned by the wholesale poisoning of watchdogs. Many residents of this territory live in large houses surrounded by extensive grounds, the houses being quite a distance from the road and from each other. It has been the custom- to keen watchdogs, and the do£s have been blooded amimals. A year .ago over sixty watchdogs were poisoned in a single week, and during the week following almost as many burglaries were committed. Not until too late did the people learn what. the wholesale poisoning meant. Forty dogs have been poisoned during the past three weeks, and a dozen houses have been brokn into and robbed. Police Capt. Ryan, of the High Bridge Police Station, is receiving complaints of this character every day. He has trade a personal tour, telling people not to be alarmed should they flnd strange men loitering about their grounds. VDon|t shoot them," was his direction, "for you might kill some of my policemen. I have fourteen men in citizens' clothes, who are on duty day and night, with instruction to arrest suspicious persons. These men will go into private grounds at all hours. They will show you their shields." .....-.''. Tbe upper part of New York is a splendid field for burglars. Some of the patrol posts are as large as a cowntown precinct. Last summer a mounted policeman .was sent before the Police Commissioners because the roundsman could not flnd him on duty. The policeman sjiid .his. soat. WMMR.large Jhat Jf. would- take "twenty-four hours to cover *'it"6'h horseback. He had sixty-one miles of streets to look after. The complaint was dismissed! but action was, not taken to remedy .the. evil. The value 'of the 'con-, tents of these country houses is equal, if not greater, than in thickly populated sections." > ' .' :. ' The High Bridge Vigilance Committee has worked with untiring zeal. During the recent snow storms they traversed- the district on snoWshoes, following all footprints. , Many private watchmen have been employed. 1 - . One recent burglary has had the cifect of badly frightening the women. A masked burglar visited Mrs. Klioades's house. Her watchdog had been poisoned a ' few days before. He asked for her husband, and when told he was not in, handed her a note, which read: "If you dare to scream, I'll kill you." As she crumpled the paper In her hand he pointed a revolver at her and made -her go Into her room. Her little boy. In an adjoining room, saw the act and ran from the house. As he hurried along he screamed for help. The burglar made his escape. Mas. Rhoades fired, a couple is . of shots aft Mas. er nl , lm as he ran away. . Several committees have been before the Police Board and have presented petitions for an Increase of the force, but only that from Morrlsania succeeded. They got twenty additional men, and even now the force Is Insufficient. In Ogden avenue, Wolf street and Bremen avenue many dogs have been pblsoned. Two thoroughbred mastiffs, Captain and Nell, belonging to M. liyons, of. Ogden avenue, were killed; The.stable- nuui found them rolling and howling pitifully. Sweet oil and salt water were glverTthem, but this did not save tTiem. A terrier and a Newfoundland, belong* Ing to Mr. Noll, who lives In the next toouse, met the same fate. J. McCormack,' who lives two houses north, lost -two terriers In the same way. L. Bussey, chef at the Hoffman House, who lives on Llnd avenue, had a valuable spaniel and a St. Bernard pup poisoned, What poison is used is not .Jlnown. The stomachs of several of the dogs have been saved and will be analyzed, The burglars are supposed to have their 'headquarters In Westohester County. The vigilance Committee is about to prepare another petition to demand better police protection, CHINA DEALERS IN TROUBLE.

Clipped from
  1. The World,
  2. 13 Feb 1895, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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