Charles Gangwolf, Lillian's death

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Charles Gangwolf, Lillian's death - ' -',3JK03,. LIL-LIE OANWOU? '.;;'- - TAKES...
' -',3JK03,. LIL-LIE OANWOU? '.;;'- - TAKES B£R: OWN LITE *Wns it i,uicidp?1s tlia'qucstib'n rn- crudmg a e r f e (hat occurred at . t h e . idmg ho'iisc fo i m ejly known as the Highland House in Henry street near Fifth and now co'iduUed by.Mrf. Geo, F T,jnn v m ftjiiqji a woman, Mrs.-Li lie Ganguoir; giit hor throat with ivoi belonging to another boarflei Revering -her wind pipe n n d - j u g n l a OH the light side of her.neck. The general circunisfa'iiccs niako i n.pp a iii that it ins a suicide but som of (he ciicijiijbtace )ia soinewbs't sns 1HC101 6 ' The-'story cliciled from I h e - L y n fumly b a icpiesentativc of-i;th Dcmocnt Sun, was given jW.itJ^U''-,,--. itancy and is as horrible as ever ox peiienced in the lustoiy of file city. Catarrh . Mn, J i l l i o Giii£ttolf.'was-btwug!] lieio'li) her husband, 'Chtu-leslGatij? itolf last* Satmclay to bbard at th Iijnn uoiulmg hou=e Her lnisbain lias been employed here' at difforen limes at tl'O slices of the ··Wirfz Transfer -Co. and the Hamilton 'Trans £ei Co ind -it the Hosier Safe Work Co 's plant as i painter. Last Tuesday lie left Hamilton and went to Dayton 0, lo MSI| his lv.o children/ one iml the ot)iei ( 5 } ear* old, .-who were w i t h his wife's pucnts; ; tlic iftotlier o the oluldien being illcgedly.ati initia of i diMCputable house in jiiamis bmg, Immg illegcdly deserted hci chifdie i Hei husband during his Vis' it was induced lo lesene his.wjfc froii a life of bhirac bj hei parents and her liu Inud bioiighl liei here. Her par- en's lie well to do ind were willing io pay. for her board until ber liiisbam could pioMde foy her anil " t h e chili chili dun W h e n GniistHolf arrived here he hid but lo cents aiin intended, to go to noik at the Mosl»r shop ilondaj iftainoon Mis Ljnn knew (iie.fin- meiil stints in \\hich the couple were ind allotted Mi G-mgwolf to assist in the kitchen and (lining room to bclj. pi) foi hci bond Thcv had room No'. 0 issued lo them uluVas the worn \\-\s occupied b\ i da\ sleeper Gangwolf Gangwolf -went to 100 n No 3 to change his clothes to go to work at ten minutes before 12 o 'clock. His wife neconi- pinied him to this loom which 'contained 'contained l\io beds, one being occupied by )\1 Liitrcnbnrg in employe of the C., II D iiilftiy and in which lie had a 1 ./oi of keen edge which played a piimiuieiil pait in the bloody affair. Shoitlj hefoie the dinner ' hour Gaiigwolf eanic down stairs and walked walked into the diniiij; 100111. He was alone in«l nppiicn'h e\eitcd. A few minutes minutes later his wife came down -the stiij u a j \ Inch runs fioin a 'small lisfll- wij -ind en'oied bj T door in the west Odd ot the diiiny loom ~ She cjime. in 7 to the dining room leaving a trail of Wood -in her tracks. She had a fearful fearful gash iii (lie right side of her throat anil blood wasi- flowing . dgwii- her shouhlcr in a stream. She walked a few slops and made a grasp for support support when slie reached, a woman with a child in her arms and at this moment her husband observed hci' and · keeled over in a dead faint. .The woman was placed on a couple of chairs-after which Dr.- Will CV/Hiiston -and -the police 'ambulance were summoned. - The doctor arrived promptly but unfortunately the" po- ; lice ambulance was out on a rim and ·/did not arrive for some time to take '."the woman to the hospital While vrgiliiig the ambulance everything possible possible was done to stop the flow of blood which run onto the floor in several several pools but all help was of no avail mill .the woman dic] on the way, to the .hospital. . . . ' . ' ·' ' . :In i-opin No. 3 where Mrs. Gangwolf cut her throat with n razor, ·there is a large pool of blood and evidences of a struggle. The.-room was :iu a lit- ile disorder and one of the woman's side-combs was found under one of the beds and the other was atjhe foot of the.same bed. The razor was found on the other bed at the side of Gangwolf's Gangwolf's overcoat and sack coat which he had lakfn off a short time before. There were a. few long hairs in one of the combs and it is believed at the boardinig house .that the husband and wife had a scrap before she cut her throat. After the husband fainted away ho was carried to a room on the first floor and in a . .scnii r can.s.(!ions stale would _ . -- ,,..,.... t . nt this timo o year. Begin treatment at once wit Jiooa'R Sareaparilla, which effects rad leal nnd permanent cures; This grea medicine lias received 40,366 Testimonials, In two years, which prove its wonderlu efficacy m purifying and enriching th blood. Beet for oil blood diseases, · l"TM"t'.ol!'. ! ?- f ? r ? or chocolated tablet and his wife would semi to her pai cuts for aid to pay for their board. GaugwoH worked all last fall fo t t.n.Wirtx Transfer Co. who rcmembe liirii; 'but fow. persons knew that h jv,-is mai-i-ieil.aiul the .story above ex . . plains the. reason in soinc' measure. ',,-,'Affcr pr:; Will. 'C!' Hiistoii / pT-o iioiin'cecl' Mrs. Oangwolf 'dead the" re main were 'tu ken to Griesnici-Qriini Co.'s establislirnciit. Coroner Schimwker will hold aii in i|iiest, , (JANGWOM'"S STOKV. Charles William Ga»gvvolf said tha his father's name is C'li'iirles Gniigvrol and that !» lives at '330 Spragiie strec Day'toii. _That his daughter, Helen, · and son George, 2 years, are wiih lii parents. His father is a cnpolo tcnde .it the Ohio ·Foundry. His wife'sname was Lillie A., and wa'^ilhU dni^htcr. of :a:tai!ov, Louis A Hainpljjnv of the. Wash'.vell Tailo Co.,;'aii(nivdS n'l 50 Mary'-fl^'cnnc, Day t . o n , . ; 4 H i 5 l v i f , c V w a S ' t - l i " " Krnc , nei-'s- sporting house anil ho peisuadci ! ier to come to Hamilton with him irdajviift'er a^six mo^ithj' separation Tlifs morning' Mrs: 1 irfgvvolf wiuitci to go^to Ciuciuiiali, -\yhile he wa Iressih'g/and lie told lief 'lo wait uiiti 10 got money sufficient to take hei here. He then won't into room N lo tie his neck-lie and coming hack lit net her coming out of room No. i with her throat cut. He is almos jroslratcd by grief and wept like i ·hild at the mayor's office. William Biirk, a C., H. D. ern- )loye, was called to the police stalioi is a friend of Gangwolf to give hi 'orsion of the suicide, which docs nol change the above materially. TVE GCltS DSOIDEB ' - : TO'DIE TOGETHER Brislol, Va., Dec. 2.-- As the resnli of a suicide pac,t, by the terms ol vhich all of them are to die togelhei ind by the, same means, five young vomen-- Misses Carrie J?els,on, Minnie !ai-r611, :Olgfl':'Carothers, Jane Doug- ass and Luey Jackson-- all rcsidoiils jf the same bdwding- house, made nh- iiccL'ssfn! attempts to commit suicide ate 'by taking bichloride of mercury. One of the girls, Miss Nelson, is still n a precarious condition, and i[ i: lelicvcd that she will'die. The othei-s vere snved by the heroic measure dopted by the physicians who were ailed in. . · ' From the evidence now in the of (he police, it seems evident Ihe -ouug women, all of whom are work- iig girls, were members of some sort of a suicide club. .Certain documents omul in their rooms" by the' police lave made these conclusions almost ertain. All of the girls appeared together together at the supper table early in he night, and seemed at that time ta a in (lie best of 'spirits. · After the ical they chatted with the other oardcre for an hour or morfij reliriiig 0 their. rooms 'at different hours.? .· Others in the 'house wcre-attracled rst by groans coining from tliO'i-ooiA f Jliss Nelson. An' investigation re- Ciiled-the girl rolling aboiit'thcifloor 1 agony. The discovery of -similar dndifions in the ojlier' roonls- w : as lade immediately. . · · ' " ' . - -·, There 'sbsms to be a suicide mania mong the women 'of -Bristol, as' a ozcn unsuccessful attempts to kill icmsclvcs iiave been made by yountr -omen and girls within the past week. die attempt of the five together jasl ight was the first intimation t h a t Here was .-ill understanding among the -omen in (he neighborhood. The po- ce. believe that there was a regular rgnnizaliou, the atlcrapis at suicide cing according to a well-arranged Ian. . BIBW,.KBAD OPT. . - \v.ts. railed, j.-jter, and. .the police finally were rallc'iKriid' rentove'd him : to (he police station where the husband bad recovered sufficiently from his shock to iinrtergo^a swcatiiig-process Vsfore Chief of' Polic-cSyramcs. It is said that Gangwolf told that he ShaSe off th'e grip of your old -- -- .. grow- some manner-about 10 o'clock Saturday Saturday night al his home in Tenth street by blowing [be entire lop of his head Olt with a single-barrel shot gun. He was in tJic kitchen of his home at the time and: used a piece of. fishing rod (o pull the trigger of the gun, Swigcrt was married and committed he tho The NO the pal no lie any to the p i come road Hid lie year Wf. also icr. were ^ assoc i Mary ind hat ?ro r - ) 4V.e he he h ime ha nd - ng

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  1. Butler County Democrat,
  2. 05 Dec 1907, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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