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 - Minne-s-o'i. in . - W and " , wturn-ir.jr,...
Minne-s-o'i. in . - W and " , wturn-ir.jr, ul-init in city led Cod and it, Of ab- will be the the remaining of le a it of en-l.vcui: in of to iu ,lry,trt-mt auttior- if oc-ottpicd ap- con-!,.-ttr. manage- Sajwr-i-.' riam-luatiLB Tho taapensloB, r wire bridge. a near aa pgwible for your eommittee to aeertalo, aeematobefa eomparatiTeiy ood condl-tkn. The wooden, or tro bridge leading from the Island to the St. Anthony ahore, waa carefully examined, iu whole ' length, both above and beacavth; and while your committee weald condemn said bridge a badly ont ot repair, thejr would give it a their opinion, that a comparatively atnall outlay of money would place ald brldga la a ohaUstlal and aafe condition for a number of year to come, while in their opinion as entire new bridge, which haa bees In contemplation by our county eontmiasioneTa, la entirely ancallej for, and would prove a natleaa burden of taxation upon the people of thia county at tha present time. A to thi management of said bridge, your committee would report that aa far aa could ba ascertained, it aeema to be in good hand. CHAS. 11- CLAKKE, B. BKfXKH. J. W. BAiKl, Committes;. St. A5THO-T Attraction tiiim. To-Dav. Ballard's celebrated pano-' rama of New York city exhibits at Stanchfield-. Hall St. Anthony to-day and Monday ajternoon d ere- 9 ' fneh lrty at i ami o'clock. The admission is only 25 cents. Tnia very low price enables parents to take their whole families. Yesterday in this city the Lall was crowded both after noon and evening, and we have no doubt the hall will be crowded each exhibition ia St. Anthoay. About 3,50 persons have attended its five exhibitions here the past two days. Ho and take family, sister, cousin, or some one t-LVs cousin, to help you enjoy your excursion to New York. TIIK CEMENT PIPE. WHY IT WIS pi sirif Asro. I retailed Statement by Hm. II. lee. IearSir. Accepting - a"1! kith your desire foe details of the cement pip matter, I address myself to the tank. I do this for the reason: 1st a desire that my colleague, Mr. II. (1. Har-rifion, and myself may be judged only for those things which we have done or left undone; that the whole matter, our authority, our sources of information, the task gtven to us to do, the time in which to do it, the resources at command, our final action and our reasons for that action may be laid before our fellow cittizens. 2nd A wish that every tax payer and resident of the city may hear the history of the matter from begining to end and exercise his judgment, based upon a knowledge of JurU, rather than the xtories which, circulated in the street may not always be accurately rtilicd upon. Briefly then, we allude to the fact that the subject of a 1'ublic water supply, was urged upon the notice of prominent citizens distinguished for their public spirit, enterprise and generosity in all matters tending towards the welfare of Minneapolis; their friendship for a thing so conspicuously needful, their distrust and doubt in regard to plans suggested for the undertaking; the hostility manifested toward the enterprise by those who always go in a solid column against any and every measure which is for the general welfare, but not for theirs as individuals or cliques; the unanimous expression of a meeting ot citizens (conveyed through Judge Jones, at that time one of our supervisors i asking that a clause bo inserted in our city charter, (then being presented to the legislature), allowing the city to obligate itself in the sum of $.'1,inh to secure a public water supply, as a protection from fire and for domestic use ; the cutting alown of the sum to an amount notoriously inadequate, viz: o(),)N) the visit of Mr. Holly, by request, toex-amine our city with rcferenco to this matter; his tUvorablo report to flm council before a meeting of citizens, in- viteu to near mo same as ol public interest ; the pledge of SH.ttOo, from citizens, in addition to the $L'i,ikni to rcurr thr iJtjert Urforr thr winter tf 1 Sr7, and the various obstacles which arose in council by which the very first steps towards accomplishing the end sought, were not and could not be taken till tho first days in July. Uy a resolution of the council, one of its members. Alder-man II. (. Harrison, and myself were authorized to visit Jthe cities of Lock port and Auburn, N. Y. for tho purpose of examining, in practical operation, tho Holly pu tiping system, also their mode of pipe distribution, and to visit such other points as might be necessary, also to negotiate t-t'. of tho city water liomls, and to make such contracts .for pumping machinery and pipes as we might deem best for the interest of the citv. We resolved at the outset to spare no effort to obtain nil the information which could aid us in our endeavors, and to be guided in our actions as if expending our own means to protect our own property. Wo saw at Iiekrort and Auburn most satisfactory evidences of the excellence of their fire protection. Numerous streams were thrown, (from hydrants quite remote from each other) an I easily projected over any of the buildings adjacent. At lockport we saw five, and at Auburn seven streams playing at once. The testimony ofciti zens of all class and callings was as one voice, and overwhelmingly favorable e raised objections, real and sutpos(J, to Jhe cement pip- system at Auburn, (of which they have soma I I miles, and us, no other). All these were prompt ly ana sati-l etoriIv met. I he officers of the water supply company placed us at our ease, ami invited the fullest in vestigation. Many citizens admitted that their prejudices against the ecn.rnt pie had only yield ed when fje's enforced it. I ne gentleman confessed that he had )njnd most where he A-seic (nut. rur- sning our way eastward we arrived in Harticrd. where we Ju r .f. at rwjr r. thrr of. insttrtnrr rom; im.. thr Etna, lltirtf -ril and Plumtj. And here let me state a faotof interest in this connection. We said to thce insurance gentlemen (who are, as is generally conceded, wed up in their in formation as to insurance, fire protection, various water systems, ,Vc-. Ac.) that when we realued upon onr bond we expected to contract for cement pipe and our putsping machinery. As thev have eisrht ni!i or more of ce ment pipe in Hartford some of it -JO inehes in diameter, and some P miles of cx-t iron pipe, why did none of them caution u-. u cement rope is not relia- f.Ie? We a!o i-ite l New I.ntain. II miles from Hartford, where none but cement rtpe s ned, and had a very thorough in?ervhan?e ot views with Mr. F. T. Stanley, who had charge of the enterprise there from its cotntuence-mort in !".'rV He gave us the most unqujUSe 1 recommendation ol the cement pipe and the company with whom we af.erwjrds contracted. baod upon his own rervnsl knowledee and cxpe- nenee. -ew Haven was ai-o visifcj. where over 2 miles of cement pipe a'e laid Having r?sMied upon our bonds we were in a position to tale definite acion, a 1 as the season before us as short at I niUeh ranst te done at Minneapolis, as well as at Ivkport. we at clo-e l a contract with the H.!y eomrany tor ttie puraptng machinery. There ren'ained for us but to dido upon the pipe. Our citizens had pledged $1 ff it ten in m.iny ini:incr c-si.fose, tint thry wt to Arpe fAe ;;"fv ItiJ iai hyilmnfx iwe, thft tksr r,ix -t 7 kntl,l hat e tv-H'r the prijrr'mn tki! com in .7 tci's-fee. " To protect the whole territorv from the pump-house to the Cataract House (with diverging pipe to th elevator), thence to the Nicollet, thence to Stat Bank, with cast-iron mains, was simply tmpoariZsV to accvmiHuh tc'th the re- vxtTcet tee coM eommand. To lay part and stop, was toemharrass the Lection ot the $ls.(XX home gabtscription. Moreover, shoold a fire occur just beyond reach of ft main so abridged, it might be very disastrous and no doubt we should be blamed for our action. Iron pipe was oat of reach. Now, said we, what can we do with eeiuent pipe? Iu friends claim for it that it will sos-tain ail thft pretoxe we require ; it coata sixty per cent, only of what ca.t iron does of tame capacity ; can be freight ?d leu to our distant city ; can be laid fast er ; does not grow smaller from rust, as does cast iron ; is preferred and used in many cities which already have cast iron pipes , is prelerred by many cities (com-merwinir their rvsteml entirely to iron; is rrcwiinneti mott ttron'ly to Ly j thoi Kfio tare hud mtjttto do vcithit ; is witl ; mrh mth rauinrcea. to tro - au the territory enntcmpbttrd. Upon thia canvaasicr of the matter, we de cided and acted. We contracted for the ; J? cement j.ipe Company, the city paying freight on the material, digging the trenches, and to keep them clear of water hile the pipe is being laid, and to fill the trenches again after the pipe is laid. I subjoin a list of cities and towns in practical New Kngland, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which have hail pipe from the company who supplied us. Several other places occur to me beside those enumerated, for which I have not the lengths used, or Jiea'ls, but those given are sufficient to tshow that in arriving at the decision we did, we cannot be charged with ven turing upon untried ground. J n addition to what is here enumerated. the company laid last year between CO and 70 miles of pipe, under heads varying from feet down. It may be proper to state here that each 4 4 pounds pressure to the square inch (without fractions eiiunls lis) feet head: or. Meh Us) feet head, as iriven in b list, will indicate the premmre to the square inch on that pipe 01 -l l pounds, xc 3 w V. O S 3 r- 5 3 c 5" - s'o Plu.e - S. r- i X Haratoi;, N. V., IS'. 1SI; .' ', ! Colioea, " 1H47 lt;7 14 11 I'M C. Park N., ltV ls;", .", pj 8ynicue, N. V., l"iUi 1HC.7 l. 11 :ni Auhtirn, " sv lsj; ft - Kocklaud, Ma., ls.rl IStlT '.i lo . Plymouth, " IsM lst". 14 It 'jo Charleato'n, " lsV! 1-T ''4 US 14H Worcester, " lsC.7 -JO -Jo ISO ispriugtleld, " 1A is;7 lo li loo Kli.ntK:tli. N.J., IVrfi 1:7 1.". li M Pateraou, 1-S.V. lsl,7 I', p 1 ) Wllkenbarre, Pa. ls.:i ls;7 1" lo 1 New Itritain f'onii.lS.? ls57 li IO --J0 Ilartrord, " ls;i lsc.7 sj -jo yim New Haven, " l"x HV, -JO n; iSi iiiuitoiry, " IHcm 1st;.-, i id Middlelown, " Wi p li ji Hirmingliaai, " 1S.V. 1SU7 .' IJ 2-i'. Tho objections to cement pipe, in answer to our inquiries for that side of the question, were that if the cement was not of good quality, or if the workmen were unskillful, either would involve the operation in setious difficulty. To guard against such result, we made our contract with the pipe company for both the material and labor, and believed we had done all that could be done to secure the very best results for our city. Some cast iron pipe for crossing the canal was then purchased by 111 e in Cincinnatti. Mr. Harrison was not well, and did nut accompany me to that city. I 'pon my return home our report was made and our contracts submitted to the council. After duo examination by tho proper authorities city attorney an l engineer (as reported to nie by Mr. Harrison subsequently) and being duly read to the council, theso contracts were accepted and we discharged as a committee appointed and empowered for a specific purpose. Here my connection with the water works ceased. Having been, however, intimately associated with bon Is, pumps, pipes, hydrants, Ac., and some correspondence on the subjtcts being addressed to me by parties cast, I have been in frequent communication with the committee ot the common council, to whom was cn-t'tisfed by their colleagues the charge of the work now begun. Hut, officially, I was dismissed. My fellow citizens, however, are "not disposed to let me off so." Such being- the case, I, perhaps, may as will proceed, chiefly, however, in my own defence, for I am and have been charged with any and all the misfortunes of the water works from the bulk Head wall to the last inch ot the last pipe that has ever leaked. I have no desire, in getting myself out of hot water, to get anybody else in, but I do not desired to be damned with such an overflowing generosity by spotless and infallible neighbors and let a!! they sav pass lor lact and sound argument. aon 1 uacK nown irom my snare ot any blame which I deserve, neither do I vol unteer to carry what 1 do not. 1 he fire committee with the mayor requested of tne council permission to expend a small amount iu the employment ot a consult ing engineer, who, with tho citv enci nccr, should investigate the whole water supply plan of operations, examine the ground thoroughly in regard to all the starting jHiints and tneir sequences, con sider the whole thing not only with reference to what was to lie immediately done, but also as to the future of the system then being inaugurated. This plan is almost universally adopted at the east and in cities about to encage in an extended distribution service it has been regarded and proved good econ omy to a-sociate with their own engineers, familiar with the locality to be dealt with, others whose long experience and vivid information, might guide and guard the enterprise, even it some expense was incurred. It such a plau had been pursued in our own ea.-c, the credit, of success must be perhaps shared, but so on the other hand would be the odium of disaster. The council rejected this suggestion as a asoiessi expenditure, a waste ot the public funds, and it was moreover condemned by one member as a "copperhead plot," and when one of the committee endeavored to assure the excited alderman who led the opposition, to the request, that civil engineering, and not political engineering, was sought for. that gentleman rejected the idea and refused to be eonitorted. He claimed that we had a city engineer, we paid him a good price and it was a straight job. he would have time enough, when not busy with other duties of his office. to look after it, no mistakes need be or would be made, and it was distrusting his ability. Ace. 1 he committje dis claimed any wish to undervalue the ability or merit of the engineer. while they insisted, respectfully, that it was not uerosratory to the engineer s reputation, to hear the sacsestions of an other in Lis profession, any more than tJ hear the ad vioe which the alderman or his associates might see fit to offer. The measure wa. however, lost, and the work was ua lertaken and pressed with the hepe of completing it. in spite ot the elements, be lore cold weather. The water was drawn out of the canal daring part or tne summer lor emargmg the same, and a portion ot the cast-iron pipe arrived in sea0!i to lay it while this advantage could be available Subse-queutly we could only have the water out upon cumiays, wcea, py warning on Saturday nights, Sundays and Sunday nights, the remainder of the cast iron pe was got in place, and joints made. Tliis part ot tne work, owing to the lateness of the season, was attended with much discomfort to the men from the wet ard aimojt inaccessible nature of some places in hwh we were obliged to make connections of pipe- a be bulkhead waO, s hail and tunnel were being made and trenches were not being relieved of their surplus water. Sub-rriberj to the f I H.uoo were clamorous to have the thing "Pot .through." If work was "harried," it was to gratify citizens demanding of the fire committee that they mast hurry, finally the men laid the last pipe for the seasen. "Why were they not tested ! ' ' Simply because the pump-house was not done and the pumps, in consequence, cot ready to attach. When the pumps were ready the bolkbr ai wall yielded to the first press-ore of water against it and bat for Srompt measures,, most have gone own. It is amusing to me to know that I have been charged with that blander, indirectly, it may be, bat I was not insetsible to theimplied insult-The wall has been braced, and upon its upper side theathed with plank, and is now serviceable. Soon after this was dose and the pumps started, a large : leak was revealed by ithe gauge, which, j taken ii connection with the speed of me pomps, inoicatea a toss 01 wme- pumps, indicated a thing like COM to WiOrallona per minute. It was now all important to reach the leak, which proved to te beyond the canal wall, under the L'akota Mill of O. B. King & Co. Work was at once commenced to reach this point, which was accompuswed only alter several days' severe labor in the water, and by drawing the water from the canaL The mercury for three consecutive days stood 4J3, 40 and 46. The men working in the water were le- Iieved at snort intervals, and the ta.sK was finally accomplished in spite of these obstacles. Quite a number of trials were had with the various hydrants. and streams thrown upon the court house clock dial, over the observatory of the Nicollet and other' elevated points; still these gratifying achieve ments were otten cut short by serious leaks in the low eround. and these mor tified the friends of the, while it occasioned blasphemous remarks anion the enemy, and derision from va' nous migratory scoffers. The frost be ing out of the ground and the spring rains not likely to interrupt, work will be at once commenced to make all solid and good, if possible ; and if this can not be, the committee will decide upon laying the pipe through more favorable ground, or substituting cast iron mains through the present route I learn that a man sent hither by the pipe company, started the first of the week for the Kxcept for the already great length of this communica tion, I chould like to sum up but will close by saying that I believe every one has desired to do what was best for the success of this work and the welfare of the city, that unforeseen obstacles have been encountered in its prosecution and our citizens will, upon a thorough knowledge of all facts, be less severe in their judgment than when partially, or misinformed. Respectfully yours, VM. If. l.EK. .finut-apolis. May 7th, lst. " I5f.ow voi r own Trumpet." Most of our readers have probably seen the above "motto " placarded about our streets, and have had their curiosity ex cited to see "small lulls. e are happy to be able to present them wilh f . V 11 a copies oi tne program mo with this issue, and hope that they will read, con sider and be wise. " Take time by the forelock," and secure a good scat before they are all taken. We can recommend this "show," and hope that all will at tend, and bring their wives and children with them. This is a rare opportunity to see one of the finest displays of the season. No rjrcluxire seats. Admission free to all parts of the house. Fans. The largest variety and pret tiest patterns in the city, just received at Kliotta Spacldino s. Parasols clo sing out at reduced Allen's. pricos at Notice is hereby given to all persons who are in any manner obstructing streets or alleys in the city of Minne apolis, that said obstructions must be removed at once, or the law in reference to the same will be promptly enforced. DANIEL. A. DAY, Chief of I'olice. Notice i.i hereby given to owners of dog, that unless they immediately comply with the provisions of the Dog Law, said law will be fully enforced, to the detriment of said dogs. DANIEL A. DA V, Chief of Police. New Novelty Fancy French Jewelry at El-IOTT X St'Al LKI.No'jI. Si'RiNd Ci.OAKiMi.s-A beautiful assortment just received at the People's Store. El En a nt Steel Setts and Urooches at Ei.iOTT Si Sl-AI LDIMS'.S. A new lot Elegant and an experienced cutter. WAKEFIELD A PLANT. Larue variety of lioop Skirts- latest styles cheap at Allen's, Opposite tho Postoffice. Di rino this week wc wiil have cheap table from which we will sell damaged hats and caps, remnants of calico and delaines and odds and ends of every kind, at Allen's, opposite the Post office. We, the undersigned, have examined and tested the Patent Metallic Chim ney, manufactured by E. II. Davie & Co., and we recommend it to the public as the safest and roost reliable chimney that can be used. We hope to see them ud in every building erected hereafter. Seventy-fiTe per cent, of the fires which occur are caused by defective chimnics and we have no doubt that by usimr Davie & Co.'s Metallic Chimney that danger will be entirely obviated. McFARLANE. BVRD & CO., Insurance Amenta. !. S. EATON, Sec. St. Paul F. and M. Ins. Co. iALE k CO.. Inanrance Acmta. E. R. PIERCE. Iosaraoc A?nt. New Goods at A. T. Hale Jt Co's.: Cloths, Clothinir, Hat, Caps and Far nishin? Goods. A full assortment at very low prices. Clotdimj, Clothwij, Clothiso. Great bargains in clothing at the People's Store, Pence Opera Ilouie. Paka&ou. New parar-ois just re ceived at the People' store, Pence Opera House. Those New Latest Spring Styles of Dress Goods ; the only nice assortment in the city, at the People's Store, Pence Opera House. That Patent Hoop Skirt at the Peo ple's Store. Another large lot received. Ladies, you can be supplied now, and we hope to keep enough hereafter for alL Alexatdb.1 Kid Gloves The largest and best assortment in the city, at the People's Store, Pence Opera House. i

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