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 - 0 0-0 0-0 0 i considered incurable, but that...
0 0-0 0-0 0 i considered incurable, but that does not make them so. W hat we tnougnt to oe a fact, but which modern investigation has exploded. Many diseases may be impossible ten years ago, is esiy complished to-day. to-day. to-day. "lnis is not-an not-an not-an ass Of impossibilities. During the past ten years scientists nave aiscoverc.; tnh.H.nln.1. Eml. -the -the CSUSO Of COS- COS- sumption. Their InvesUgaUons and ex periments have rouna a cure ni.ii. in Osone and GualaeOL These agents destroy the germs which produce the diiwaae. tjompounaeu wiui pw Norwegian Cod Liver Oil. they form a preparation call-sd call-sd call-sd Osomulsion. j which cures : consumption and aUi lung troubles. The reason it does this is plain. It Is both a medicine and a food. It first destroys the cause of the diseasethe diseasethe poisonous germs "hlch produce produce it and then restores the patient to perfect health. TheOsone and Guaiacol kill the germs. The Cod Liver Oil provides the nesh and strength. That is the principle on which the med-i med-i med-i i- i- hoth raUonal and reasonable. This modern wmedyls do ing more for tne cure ot and aU lung troubJesthan any other , . .t .r nirered to the public. t .icfc Vourself. or have dear w . t tha clutches of this ter rible disease, you an learn all about the wonderful power of Oaornulf.lon and the good it is doing by calling upon youdrugglst. .who .P give you any uuormauwu j"- j"- T The death of that poor, misguided man to Ue Brooklyn lodging houso, will v..- v..- without its lesson. If it teaheV yo tha"t this terrible disease is curabte. and that the med wMc will care it can be found within your own city. - , .'-.' .'-.' .'-.' i -:' -:' Pertinent ParajTaphs. T have tested Osomulsion. an d can vouch for -ts -ts wonderful 1 healing quaU-ties.- quaU-ties.- quaU-ties.- quaU-ties.- Dr. Black. Colorado Springs, Col "I Indorse Ozomulslon as acarefully and scientifically compounded tmeuy for lune troubles." Dr. Corwln, Glen- Glen- wood Springs, CoL r r , "I regard Guaiacol as a very valuable remedy in the treatment of consump. Uon."-J. Uon."-J. Uon."-J. W. Marley. M. D, Chicago. XU. "There la no question in my mind as to the value of Guaiacol in the treatment treatment of disease, of the throat and lungs." W. S. Rowley, M. D-, D-, D-, Chicago, Hi. ; I" , "There can be no doubt In th4 minds of Intelligent physicians but tBatJ.he Ingredients of Osomulsion are highly prized in themselves as remedial ancles ancles in the treatment of aU forms jf lung troubles." J. Wallace r bite, it. V.. Chicago, 111. A . "I am a great believer In the- the- use of Guaiacol In the treatment of diseases or the lungs, chest and throaL" Fanlt . Montgomery, M. D.. Chicago, III-, III-, III-, of sorrow and grief had settled like a pall upon It. -1 -1 V - Such. Is a brief outline of the sad picture that will come rushing noon the memories of the majority of the tatbf" and mothers whose eyes tail upon this little illustration.! Death- Death- from consumption, with its at tendant horrors. Is not a pleasant subject subject for contemplation. It Is only made use -of -of here as a warningto the living. Look carefully after the health of your dear ones, 'do not let mis Krnuw ease get a foothoio. waxen ior mv-pearance mv-pearance mv-pearance of the first symptoms, as you r .... . .w as aia aistss siHl n. would tne approa " -r -r Uke him. It.steals upon his victim na- na- . xKAU..n , mtninar. If DOSSlDie, by fortifying thej system against it- it- ix It has ireiT to""' u " struggUng with the disease. TWn bm cured. That which was impossible ten vears ago Is easily accomplished to-day. to-day. to-day. Scientists have discovered the cause of consumption., and how it can be prevented, prevented, and cured. Their Investigations have proven It is a germ disease, and that Jt Is contagious. Their experiments experiments have demonstrated that Osone and Guaiacol will destroy these germs, and thus cure the disease. In Osomulsion Osomulsion these two life-giving life-giving life-giving and germ-destroying germ-destroying germ-destroying germ-destroying agents have been combined with Cod Liver 1 Oil. so aa to form a highly scientific preparation 'Which will cure Consumption. We make this i assertion assertion boldly, because we believe It to be true, and because our friends tell us it has cured them. This is the best possible reason, j - Why then wilt you trifle with this terrible disease?! Why will you hesitate, hesitate, and treat symptoms with remedies which, perhaps. Snay llevta riUv not cure? Thousands are dying djlW whose lives might have been saved had this remedy beenj used. The annual death rate from consumpr tl-m tl-m tl-m is simply astounding, it has been ,-stlroated ,-stlroated ,-stlroated that it mows down more than 3.000.0UU Of the earth s inhabitants inhabitants every yeari . Stop a minute and try and grasp the awful- awful- significance of them Jures-oti Jures-oti Jures-oti niuiniu .1 human beinxs every year! Over eight thousand every day three hundred en xoriy-iuu xoriy-iuu xoriy-iuu hour. No wonder people are spellbound at this unnecessary tribute to death. Why let the awful work go ,,.eIP5 . Mmiir which will cure. u..irefl have testified to its marvel ous power over this terrible disease, in c .ho three inxredients rvw u'ver OIL Osone and Guaiacol have been separately prescribed by physicians for this disease. Oxomulslon C.l .ith tno-t tno-t tno-t cordial receptim. It has been equally successful to thto country whenever and wherever it has been used. It las tne rvwtrf- rvwtrf- nreacribe ir. ne -ZZ: -ZZ: , ir vou. or any of your friends, are struggling along day after day. passing a miserable existence. yw owe it to yourseiyes w n" mw. xemedy to-day. to-day. to-day. j ; aimir that tho theory or or. Koch and other bacteriologists as to the cause of consumpUon is correct. These learned scientists have taken tne vuuri-cle vuuri-cle vuuri-cle bacilli from the sputa, or expectorations expectorations of consumptive patients, have produced produced cultures in kind, and from these inoculated animals, which have developed developed bacilli and consumption. In Dr. Byron's case we have tho same striking example ot cause and effect, but fortunately fortunately for science and the good of humanity humanity it is in this instance demonstrated demonstrated In the human species. The Doctor's experience leaves no doubt as to the soundness of the germ theory of consumption. This much is settled. Its advantages to Humanity cannot be overestimated. For years the medical profession has, been groping in tho dark, fighting this terrible disease on theories which were false and With remedies which did not cure. Now that the real cause of the disease has been determined, its successful treatment Is simply, the application of the right remedy. remedy. - ' The great value of oxone and guaiacol guaiacol as germ destroyers is admitted by scientists the world over. These agents have been employed In the consumption hospitals of England and- and- Continental Kurop with the most gratifying suc- suc- Coea. - in tnis country gwmuuwa, m sclentiflo preparation of osonixed cod liver oil with guaiacol. has been equally as successful In the cure of throat, chest and lunar troubles. Its use in thou sands of cases, where the most satisf ac- ac- torv results have been obtained, proves tba't these wonderful medicinal agents, as scientifically compounded in this preparation, not only kill the poisonous rerms which produce consumption and other pulmonary troubles, but also destroy destroy all effete matter, increase the ap petite and supply tne nutrition wnicn the system must have to build up the wasted tissues, and make firm, hard. healthy flesh. a "Osomulsion is the modern David that will overcome and defeat the consumpUon Goliath." Or. McDonald. Olorn do Faring". Col. X Physletame . W C0115timpti0tl anrA V f-n f-n f-n te fw! fi a bu tu tii4 li 1 J h wives - . -1 -1 yiyzoiiinlsiOai . ,s .'- .'- Xhwgriste - - jy the use iof Cod Liver Oil and Ouataooly In pulmonary diseases." J. "W. Bow--man. Bow--man. Bow--man. Bow--man. Mj D., Kansas) City. Mo. , "Guaicaol is one of the best germl-cidea germl-cidea germl-cidea In existence." Dr. Castle, Kansas' City. Mo. , "I give Cod XJver Oil and GoalacoLi with good results." T. H. Woodward, M. D., Lincoln. Neh. "Guaiacol is the great anU-tubercular, anU-tubercular, anU-tubercular, remedy." Dr. Senn. Chicago, IlL "Osone Is one ot the most valuable,, remedies that we have for checking the rapid destruction of luug tissue." H. Hanchette. M. D.. Omaha. Neb. . "If Oxone could be brought Into imme-. imme-. imme-. dlate contact with the tubercle badlll I have no doubt but many a case of con-sumption, con-sumption, con-sumption, might be cured." Charles Rosewater. M D.. Professor of Obstetrics Obstetrics in- in- C reign ton Medical College. Omaha,! Neb. . ' . . ' "The effect of Guaiacol is- is- to Improve the digestive power, and consequently th nutrition of the consumptive pa tient." B. F. Crammer, M. D.. Professor of Physical Diagnosis ana utmnmmvm the Chest In Crelgbton Medical College. Omaha,! Neb. - " . "Osomulsion reacnex tne root to nw- nw- disesse.i It kills tne oacmi. anrauus- anrauus- cay and promotes nutrition," Dr. Vaa Ness. Denver, wv - "Osomulsion is tno oniy- oniy- mneur , would ears to Indorse as a cure ior consumption." Dr. Smith. Glenwood Springs cou vi consider Gutlacol one of the best remedies for the treatment of consump tion." . 8. An gun, u voaiH, Neb. I- I- ... . J ' . : "If It IS possiDie to prepare av oobdi. nation of GuaiacoL osone ana. -o -o Liver OiL we not only have the most: theoretical, the most practical, but tha most natural remeay ior me m' 'ur-mon 'ur-mon 'ur-mon malady in existence." E. W. Lee. M. D Omaha. Neo. - 1 .. Scientific Ccspcsatf, -t -t of Ozone, GtiAiaccU and Cod mer on. l'.;. ': v""' ': .; .-.v. .-.v. .-.v. Cares 1 Colds. Couzfas. Coo-: Coo-: Coo-: sumption. Aathma.-; Aathma.-; Aathma.-; Bronchitis and alt ; Pulmonary Cotn-: Cotn-: Cotn-: plaints ; Scrofula, : General Debility, I Loss of Flesh, ; Anaemia, and all'. Wasting Discosca. Because Kills Germs : i Gives Appetlto f Stops Waste ! Makes Fleslu' I -I -I Ozone and Gxulacol J kin germs and pre 1 : f appetite. . Cod Liver OH - j .- .- puts on the fal,:;: Physiclaas AU Drags ists San. TTni1irs CTiisliatirl PouUaj. ; mm x. tusuxxm cow i laj Peart M.. faw Tart! i

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 27 Mar 1895, Wed,
  3. Page 35

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