10 command, will power, ss benefits 30 children polygamists GOOD PERSONAL ONE

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10 command, will power, ss benefits 30 children polygamists GOOD PERSONAL ONE - Erich Brandei* Looking At Life They are doing a...
Erich Brandei* Looking At Life They are doing a lot of blasting on the road iii front of my house., So it Is quite impassible for me to do any thinking. Would .you mind doing your own thinking today? . I'll give you a few detached items, on which to chew. « » « , In Eastport, Maine, a little old lady went to (he postoffice with a package. It contained a Bible which she Extends Sympathy o "Pretty Boy" roubles Of Star By ALINE MOSBY a was sending to a nephew in Korea. The clerk asked her whether the package contained anything breakable . "Only the Ten Commandments," snapped the lady. A famous opera star, for a handsome amount of money, gave a testimonial to a cigarette manufacturer. to the. effect that their cigarettes never hurt his throat. "But- how can you do that?" asked his wife, "when you know very well that you-don't smoke cigarettes." "Well, then," replied the singer, "how can they hurt my throat?" By the way, I just read of a new invention. • A cigarette case with a time lock. It's for peopl'e who want to break themselves of the cigarette United Press Hollywood Writer habit or cut down on their smok- HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Robert aylor extended sympathy today o John Derek — "because he's oing through the same 'pretty oy' trouble I had." Young Derek aylor who is is so a latter-day handsome it urts— especially Derek. He has urly black hair, long eyelashes ml the profile of a young Greek od. Taylor figures he himself has inally lived down the curse of ood lonks with rugged costume movirs like "Jvanhoe" and "All 'he Brothers Were Valiant." But \vhcn his widow's peak and erfcct profile became matinee- dolized hack in the late 'SO's.'cri- ics made life miserable for the actor. Derek's gelling the same treatment I did," he chuckled. "No mater what his studio tries to do, he's till a good-looking boy.' I laugh at all the magazine stories that how him lifting weights and clean- ng the stables. They're trying to make him tough-looking. "But the only thing that xvill help s a few good parts." The decline of the Taylor empire, he went on, began while he vas working in "A Yank At Ox- brd," In 1938. "Somebody sent me « clipping rom a gossip column that said, Robert Taylor will try for a come- >ack when he returns from Eng- and.' Comeback!" he snorted. "I lldn't know I'd been gone and lere I was coming back already." Taylor admitted he floundered in a scries of "romantic type movies n which I never got out of a dinner jacket." 'It didn't matter whether I gave a good performance, or a bad one," le said. "Tho critics just decided he guy's good-looking, and he can't do anything else. The fact ing. You set it for 15 minutes, an lour, two hours or whatever interval you decide on for your smokes. At the appointed time a tiny bell rings, the lock snaps open and one cigarette becomes available. Of course, there is another very useful device, which has been invented many, many years ago; Will power! v * * * Here is another new invention. A triple coating for pills. ' Supposing you have to take cer tain pills three times a day. So you have to carry three pills with you, or remember to take them In case you don't go out. This new coating saves you the trouble. It's three pills in one. The first coating dissolves righ away when you swallow the pill The second; much harder doesn't dissolve until four hours later. Th'e third, one, stili harder waits another four hours to dis solve. Incidentally, do you know when medicine has taken effect and when you are either completely cured or, at least, much better? When you first see your doctor you take his prescription wit] great promptness. Then, after a while, your wife has to remind you. Finally you say, "Oh, the heck with it," or forget about it entirely. And here is another sign of having gotten well again: When you forget to pay your doctor bills. * * * In French Equatorial Africa the authorities refuse to pay social security benefits to polygamists any longer. Some families have collected for as many as 30 children. There's a limit to everything— even to this column of piffle.

Clipped from
  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 02 Dec 1952, Tue,
  3. Page 8

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  • 10 command, will power, ss benefits 30 children polygamists GOOD PERSONAL ONE

    wilderxoxo – 19 Mar 2013

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