1887 wedding

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1887 wedding - m church! IaKd at home JfJSDDINOB OF 1 FORMAL...
m church! IaKd at home JfJSDDINOB OF 1 FORMAL ASD S ! BIMPJtE CEREM0ST. WHAT THE BRI fS AND BRIDESMAIDS WORK AND 1 BE GUESTS WHO WIRE ! PRX8IST Mt 81C ASD FLOWERS. Mis Nina La I :j, daughter of Mr. and U rs. Edward La Boj ..was married at 4 o'clock yesterday afternooi i In L Thomas's Church, llfth-avenne llfth-avenne llfth-avenne aad h ifty-tblrd-street, ifty-tblrd-street, ifty-tblrd-street, ifty-tblrd-street, ifty-tblrd-street, to Andrew Miller, of Life, i Th ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. W Ibam F. Morgan. Rector of tha church, and in the chancel were the Rev. Mrr. Robert' Lo rfy. Alexander B. Carver, Jacob La Roy. s c aln of lbs bride; Charles Treat, and Arcb. eacott C Mackay-Smlth. Mackay-Smlth. Mackay-Smlth. George W. Warren, i ha organist, played arpro-priate arpro-priate arpro-priate wedding; mu no as the wedding party entered and left the shurch. Miss Le Boy wore a gown of heavy r bite satin, with old lace trimming. The co -sage -sage wss cut to a point, and the sleeves were : slashed. Tho band-popie band-popie band-popie string ! of ',; peer's worn at the neck once belong sd tD her grandmother. Mrs. Archibald Pell, and the diamond pendant was the gif ; of the bridegroom. Miss Helen R. Miller, si or of the brldeirmom ; Mis A'ls Bate. Mis Le! IS C Pell, nnd MU Victoria Whitney, the bridi-si bridi-si bridi-si islds, were all dressed alike In sown of plak h ilk and maze, cut walking length. The coraai- coraai- were cut to a )Htnt back and front, and lirm.l pink moire sasbea were worn. The bonqnet i were of La France roses. Prank W. Miller, hit tber of the bridegroom, was best man. and the ushers ware Charles M. Pollock, Pollock, E. L. Pollock. S'ewbold Le Roy. Archibald LeRor, George F, l iistb-tb iistb-tb iistb-tb watte. John L. Lam-son. Lam-son. Lam-son. W. O. Kernocba iii and William Hooper. At the reception which followed Mt the residence of tbe brlde'e parents 60 East Fortv-ninth-street. Fortv-ninth-street. Fortv-ninth-street. Fortv-ninth-street. Fortv-ninth-street. the collation waa sei ved by Hherry. Among the tnanv invited sues s-were s-were s-were Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Hermann 8. Le Roy, Mr and Mrs. James M. Brown. Gen. aud Mrs. Aleianacr 8. Webb, the Mlses Webb, Mr. nt llr. Horace Wslden. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph t 8hack. Mr. and Mrs George Hamilton P it-, it-, it-, Mr. and Mr. John Jay. Mr. and Mr. P. W. Rhlnelacder. Mr. and Mr. John Glover, Mt a id Mrs. Richard Delarleld. Mr. and Mrs. Kuril el afield. Mr. and Mrs. John Draper, Mr. Lxmis C. J one. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Frederick Gnodrldite, Mr an I Mrs. William .-chermcr. .-chermcr. .-chermcr. Mrs. Augustus Kleld , Miss Field. Mr. snd Mr. George Beekman. M . Snd Mrs. Mortimer Fowler. Egerton Wlntlirtin. i Its Wtnthrop. Dr. snd Mrs. Le Roy SatterieA Mr ai d Mrs Auitiistus Muntant, tbe Rev. Dr. and Mr . Morgan Dix. Mr. and Mrs. ". O. Rutgers. Mr. a id Mr. GeorKe F. Bells, and Mr. and Mrs. C. lJick i-V. i-V. i-V. A pretty hou s wei kllng yetTdy was thst of Miss Adelaide Down cy to Henry De Groot Unst-ings Unst-ings Unst-ings whiob took pi :e at tbe home of the bridn's parents. Mr. snd Mra , John Downey. 28 East Flf-ty-Mxtb Flf-ty-Mxtb Flf-ty-Mxtb Flf-ty-Mxtb Flf-ty-Mxtb street. I Tb house wan tastefully decorated decorated for the oceanic ii. The bridegniou's father, the Rev. Thomas 8. Hastings, a retired Presbyterian Presbyterian clera-yman, clera-yman, clera-yman, reformed the ceremony nn-der nn-der nn-der a canopy of rensssnd lilies of the valley. Mls Downey wnrc in lraporttxl gown of white me' re antique Silk. The front and sides of the skirt were covered with flounces of silver and lare, and tbe (iodic v cut low back and front, was tilled In with p .lntlsc. A lsrge dtsmood star fastened the cell of tulle. Miss Clara Agnes Downey, I be bride's sister, and Miss iKshell n istingi, the bridegroom's sister. were ; the bridesmaid. They were, respective! r,: white ottoman silk snd white mntre gnwns, cnt walking length. Tbelr bouquets wr6 of roses. Mr. Thomas Hastings, tbe lirldt groom's brother, was best man, snd tbe ushers were Georire E. Wood. J. Dunbar Wright, E( ward Btirrill. and Hartin Reome, Borne of tl e Invited guests were Dr. snd Mr. Cboste. lr. snd Mrs. Wllllnua De Groot. Mr. and Mrs Krank 8. Hsslings. the Rev. and Mrs. Thomas 8. Hastings, Onirics B. Foote. i be Rev. and -Mrs -Mrs William Tnylor. Mr. ai.d Mrs. Henry Flagler, Mr.and Mr. b.O.IJvingRton, jur. ana air, nuiiam Kocseteiier. Mr. and Mrs. and Mr. James E. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Waltfer Watrous, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Iotiard Hazle- Hazle- top. Mr. Richard AtA Qony, Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Freeman. Mr. aud Louis Ie Bntitnn. Mrs. John R. Rockefeller. Mr. aud Mrs. Coruellu N. Bliss, Mr. and Mrs. M. Bates. Mr. and Mra. Henry Robinson, Borden. - Miss Julia Ely. And Mr. and Mrs. M. C D. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ely an El)-, El)-, El)-, was married lu niece of ex-Mayor ex-Mayor ex-Mayor 6tuith t evening at 8 o'clock In tbe Madlson-Kqiiars Madlson-Kqiiars Madlson-Kqiiars Prisbytensn Church to C. A. Smylle, of Brook lyri Dr. Parkhurst. Pastor of the church, olUctatcd Misa Ely wore a gown of white satin, the Irak cut very lone. The drap ing of the petticoat with lilies of the va were silk tulle, caua-ht caua-ht caua-ht ud i ley ana maiaennair ferns. Tbe corsage was cut decoiletee, and the lace sleeves reached t the elbow. A diamond star, the gift; of tbe bridegroom, fastened tbe veil of tiillei tid the boiiauet waa of lilies of tbe vallefr and orchids. The maid of honor was Mist Allde Eiy, the bride's sister. She wore a gown of palp blue satin, out walkinir length and draped w: 1th silver thlle, Tbe bodice was cut to a point. iter bouquet was of Le France roses. Dr. Arthur E. Smylle, a brother of the bridegroom, 4 as his best man. snd the uabere were Arthdr G. Weber. O. Carrolton fanners, w. waanai ian Koirers, Frederick W Wenxel, Reginald s, Barclay, aud Nelann G. ayres. ine revcrir the bride's psren Twenty-tblnl-htreet Twenty-tblnl-htreet Twenty-tblnl-htreet Twenty-tblnl-htreet Twenty-tblnl-htreet in was at the residence of Lexington-avenue Lexington-avenue Lexington-avenue and A very quiet horrid wed linir wn celehratad yesteruar srternooh ut the residence of the bride's sister. Mrs. Thomas C 8Uan, 17 West rtfiy-nrst-sirset. rtfiy-nrst-sirset. rtfiy-nrst-sirset. rtfiy-nrst-sirset. rtfiy-nrst-sirset. wnn Mlas Lena Dixon, dangh- dangh- xon. waa married to Loula Stanton, a brother of Edmund c. Ht anion, of tbe Metropolitan opera : uoiibc There were no or best man. Tbe Rev. Dr. John Hall performed tbe cereinnnr. Mlas nivnn wore a gown oi ceavy wnite satin, made in tbe style of the First Kri ntre. As tbe bride's familr is in mourning, oniyi relatives and very intimate friends were lhvileU, Among them were Ed-nd Ed-nd Ed-nd Mrs. Ciriielliin Tin. mund C. Stanton, M dsrbllt, Mr. and Mfs. George Henry Warren, iiuis rieoo, ir. ana jars, joso r. iMsvsrro. Alfonso De NaT anal ur. sna Mrs, oewara W ebb. and Mr. and Mrs. W a. Btreet. Miss Katie Maria) Byrnes, sister of the Rev. latent Rector of the Phuroh Jstnee M. Byrnes.A of the Blessed sacrament, lu Seventy-firs Seventy-firs Seventy-firs t-etreet.' t-etreet.' t-etreet.' aa marrieu yesieruny morninit in et. Paul's Church. East One Hundred and Seveuteenth- Seveuteenth- street, to Arthur M. LMciuctillii. son of John M MoLnughlin, General Secretary of 8t, Vincent de Paul's Conference n America. Mlas Brrnea wore a quiet, slate-cvi slate-cvi slate-cvi lored gown and bonnet nf tne same color. ller bridesmaid. Mis Eltxu Byrnes, also wore tu modest-hued modest-hued modest-hued frock. The irldeffronfn'a hmthar JT,,n test man was tbe McLoughlln. The ushers were Joaenh nnnin. and C. and P. Cid-rolL Cid-rolL Cid-rolL The bride's brother. Father Byrnes, performed the ceremonv. assist. ed by Father Otirdo. of St. Paul s. Miss Marie Van Sobten, daughter of A. V. W. Van Vechten, waa ui arrled at noon yesterday at Stber. 757 Maitlsnn-avanna Maitlsnn-avanna Maitlsnn-avanna the residence of her to Samuel V. V. Huntington. The Rev. Dr! i Huntington, of An btlrn Seminary, performed S. Vsu Vecbten's maid of the ceremony. MIS. honor was Miss Btl rnett, and her bridesmaids were Miss Fisher, off Ithaca, and Mis Hunting ton, of Auburn. Th best man was Mr. Moult and tbe ushers Were Ir. Delavaa lha Kit T.k..r Knox, Mr. liakrr. auld Mr. Jeremiah. Tbe bouse was prettily decorated, sod Miss Vsn Vechten and ber tuslil of honor and brideamaiia an wuiuaome gowna

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