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Smuggling - neighbors and wo sent for chimney and That tho...
neighbors and wo sent for chimney and That tho hospital chests such colas middle or and exposed soldier all old uotivo exposure And la 1 novel- they do. colds. If till severe a cold, be absolutely you are do, and him tu hcnlth. nulls [ouud. 'oovo the souin wove blot. topmost above the roat," now-made tuino. inn! gone. llown. Journey yong. and pn^s. to fair, iilr. his own., tho design. still died. died? eyes, 1EICKB OF EMUGBLEKS. · JHethcdB ol Introducing Pr'oclouB GJ:JIS Into tho United States. It was staled a fow months jjfjo in an American pnper that ariuh man's wife woro upon iev neol: find brcrxtt every evening precious stones of the vttluo of £-10,000, othor Indies clnplnying jewels of a looser amount. Nor are American iidlos free from tlio charge oi Einuggling; many of them, indeed, are adopts at o business, able to impart n secret or two to tho professionals. During tie recent Saratoga season one lady was hoard to bonst that sho had brought over a suit of diamonds In the heels of several pairs of slippers, which shehad mrtde on purpose to contain thoiii. These dainty articles were ootoutatiouoly displayed and taken notice of by tho searchers, but tho liools woro not suspected to be hollow or to .contain dlarctp-jde. Hallow Hallow heeled hoots wore at one time greatly in EEC ns a part of the smuggling vsachlnory. That mode of carrying on the illicit traffic was ultimately discovered by an under steward of an American liner, who for a consideration, communicated liA secret to the custom-honfie authorities. Then, followed series of contrivances la the- shape of double bottomed trunks, valisss with se-: ore* pockets; desks wiih inside di'awroa and r guns nnd pistole, which were GO'.contrlvod' as to contain a fow of the' much coveted, gems. All these contrivances wtfre in t n discovered; they wore just tho kiad of con- cealments -which tho officers -hail- their thoughts fixed upon. Just as tio customs authorities were under tho impression thai, they had suppressed the illicit truffle a now era"in gem smuggling waa inaugurated, and more diamonds reached the United States dnty freo than before. SmuecliUK. it miy bo "said, developed into n rlno urt; at all events, the incidence of the tnulot'or n brfof period became BO simple RS'to seem liko child's play; indeed; children wero mado to play an important part in tho business. A"story which lately became r-n'jllo shows tow well Uio modern diamond smugglers hnd laid to honrt Foe's pri-copts. " I'ieaso to hold my baby wh.Uo my husband holps mo to open rav trunks; ho will b6 quite good if you .will shake bin rattle," Eald a lady passenger to , ti.e officer who was waitteg to look over her traveling gear. And that officer goodrhunjorodly dlu HR he was requested, shaking the rattle M tho great delight of the little oae. The rattle" in ^nestion, which, fastened to ft ribbon, was tied to tho child's wrist, was filled with, gems of great value, a modo c/t smucgiinc thttt at that time wai too simple for detection. A clever -woman, attired In the costume of a Sister of llercy, was passed passed over bv the officers becnusft aJt»i had no luggage worth sxaicining. i3ho iiDOSoased, howiver,-a fine sti-ing of beads which, with downcast eyes.she k opt telling. Safe on land, slio wasafioctiocutely welcomed by two persons persons dressed in costumes straUiir to her own. Need it be toiid that sho wn« a smuj- . f] er, nnd that tor btmds were so can tint each held- a diamond .weighing seven or eight carats! 1 Another ingenious person hit upon the plan ol: placing a feiv precious stones in a toy kaleidoscope, which had been given to a child, who carried it ashore, in ttitety. A number of homing pigeons, kept in cages nnd p-archased at a village in Belgium and brouehtto tbo United States wny of Furls and Hiiivro, also played a proat- able part, each, pigeon being f reigli'.sd with cargo ot exquisite s:oms concealed- in quiUG, and caiefnlly tas'tened to the mossagfl- benring dove. A:n extonsivp system of diunjoud smuggling was at one time car- lied on from Canadian ground by tho aid of homing pigeons. Tho discovery of this illicit trade wna mads accidentally by a fHiuier, whn-fcappBnotVto-shoot oue ot the birds, :ind on examining it found that there wns fattened to ItM leg a quill containing a number of diamonds. A clew being obtained, the local habitation of the pige-jn proprietors proprietors wus discovered and thoir mode of business pntan end to. The-scheme, stated'rty, was to fly every week days a iloct of ft dozen or fifteen pigeons, each ·carrying about half a dozen g«ms. As tb.9- dnty'on'diaraonds amounts to 10 per cent., the trouble taken to smuggle tiiese gams into the United States does ufli uoem so very remarkable. Tho vnluo of the atones bonestlv imported into the States,is between between j'S.OCO.UOO ivad $0,000,000 per annara, flt.o it has been calculated thatgesis to halt tlmt sum escape payment of the daty. LChambere's Journal. . aerjs her Richmond, tlmt Webb, Ur. chief S. Tho A south whom a a It · boon, 4 nro a:e any -make to Sfss on nuts lt«m, only burying other to what hoyp. and numbered was othiT in A Hnd I Worth

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 06 Mar 1887, Sun,
  3. Page 10

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