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Smuggling - THURSDAY, MAY 18. 1905. 106* Frp EuStlc. ill...
THURSDAY, MAY 18. 1905. 106* Frp EuStlc. ill 95; Bl While. 100, Co.'s entry). 100; Uncle Regent; Lad. 107; Willow 100; Belle ordinary Park today Joe Time :B4 1-5 s Sandhurst, '06 Rostand. straight, Don Diego' 110; Gold 107- j and a half H7; Bar- Guard, 112; Film «6; KBDHBAL JUDGE T H I N K S HE HAS HIT UPON THB PHO1-KK COVH8K AT BROWNSVILLE. BREAK UP SMUGGLING MK\ AND WOMEN GIVEN J A I I , S13.N- TBJiCES IN UALVESTON AND CORPUS CHRIST1. IMICHNS'.TRUE 10 A HOST mlie and a 126' selling, main los" - OT; After StmtenelnK Them He \IIima Them Liberties to n Certain Time. Fcimlntton Wrought Up. Doyle, Time Ney, 91; Plume, Sarajiola Enchanter, Queen CarV selllnK-- Sliss Rlllle 100; Hiawatha, B., 106- Ridge results. Harpoon. Timo Brownsville, Tex., May 17.-The Mexicans on both tho American and Mexican sides ot the Rio Grande, are in mourning and they grieve and lament as though some terrible calamity and affliction had befallen the community. As Is well known, the nio Grande River is the dividing: lino between the two Republics, and while the customs to a certain extent are somewhat different, tho great mass are as one family. Donna Maria may livo on the Brownsville Bide, while her Bister, Donna Cuca, holds forth in Matamoros, and they exchange visits daily. And though Uncle Samuel has enacted laws that to the American Government may seem just and necessary, this great family of Mexicans have not in the past, do not now, and never will consent to be interrupted in tllelr supposed lawful rights. After Gen. Taylor planted his flag at Fort Brown, and ever since, we have had customs officers stationed along tho river front to prevent it, smuggling has been a profitable traffic with many, in the olden da« certain men being known by such appellations as "Don Juan, the smuggler," "Bl Coyote Contrabando" (the smuggling wolf), etc. Often tho District Judges who have at times presided over the court here have imposed heavy sentences on those caught in the act, and more than one of these disciples of Blackstone has laid awake at vainly endeavoring to solve the dif- prptlem as io how he should punish The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous, i Phono tel, Jnmos A. Hayes. 2025 Strand Slroot, Gnivcston. Ask for a Q U A L I T Y IS OUR MOTTO MERCANTILE loted smuggler. Judge Waller T. Burns, who has dav S'lH C0 ^ r ,l for ^ he P" 3 ' flve sessions,Today decided that he had about solved Iho problem, and it is but a question of time to demonstrate whether ho ha." or noTM- your correspondent believes that he has and that, to a great extent petty smuggling by ' Truo Tone. for track bc- of "the down and was Riiinock run .n^t it-mi u L Liie couri, Liecember, ty odd were sent to Galveston to ·fences of thirly, sixty or ninetv of lino with the n t i c IcatMng A t l a n t i c the English into tho and a wind r t e r of a mile ihe 00-foot American havincr a hot JlamL-unr sUnvly I l i i d e - of c h t i n g record. Almost i c and more than were tho h.-- ihe five American Hringlng Vjilh.illa bad s t a r t leaden were tho of thn Inst to fifirve sen- - ,,, ...... ,j, EHA.LJ ui iiijjui,y days. \Vith tho women, as a rule, he had displayed tho fTM"**?,' leniency, under various honest pretexts dismissing them with a good lecture On May 11, realizing that what had been considered as a serious infraction of the law had grown mto a Healthy do, °"caro Indifference, he took decisive, measures to put Jnn =,",. A L tl « and "L h(m slx Mexican women appeared hefore the court and pleaded f h i m t .W! se !i n he """"IP":' sentenced i? in ,1 y days ln thc Galveston jail. C i t h e r - t h e sentenced nor their friends took the mailer seriously at nrst, hut after those citizens supposed lo havn "a pull" had exhausted their efforts to h a v e h l m suspend the sentence, and thc JudRe remained inex- orabe, Iho fever of excitement and pity rapidly spread, and when, yesterday morn- ns. true to his word, the Judge stood at Via -elfl h " an saw lh! Elx women illation of theVty, as f"hilTO^d^'becaine di?coura B ed, h u m i l i a t e d and Indignant Ami thin especially, as of tlie six who were sentenced, three were of lii f f iii y respectable fnmillcs and four of them had never smug gled beforo-as they say-and were "made the victims of chance by being made examples for the wrongdoings of Hie profes- vicJed 6 " n ° n0 " ! w h o m were cau Sht or CODAS a malter of fact, there has been a. great deal of ill feeling in the rommunhy for the pnst several years, and more especially since The News published an article f? m . e .f lve monlhs since in which it stated was u n t r u e It had its elfecT As is well known throughout the United m r £?;,!., H K S r °1"'?, v " l0 v"eople, and more particularly the ladies, have been cngascd in what is known as the "Mex'car 'l^i^-n wnrk" business ever since tho ·»}-'fcil inTo tne sloiigli of despond just after the rail- has n family across the river whom he wishes to bid farewell before undertaking 'no Journey to Galveston, or if ho has any unflnlBhed. buslnelm that might suffer without his attention." Sir, nenor," the mar. replied. "I have a mother and two sisters who will miss mo greatly, especially were J not to bid them g TMn!"S y , c ' as ! ilm t h e l r only support." ,.JJ eI TM'" Eald t n e · J ' Jd « e through his In- terprotar, that he may now go home to sec M V, , U I 1 sna11 ex P«' him to report to Marshal Hanson promptly at 10 o'clock tomorrow. f^T' 1 !* 1 """ bond? Does 'he Judge mean inat j may absent myself without giving bond for my rtturn?" asked the prisoner l.ertamly, responded Judge Burns, have great faith In you and finow you will not disappoint me." And, sure enough, like t he Choctaw condemned to be shot, promptly at 30 o'clock on the following morning the prisoner-jiot one, hut three or (our who ?L eI ' e ., thu l p , crml " ed to E° tiome-reportcd to the ^larshal ready for his Incarceration. One Mexican woman, Virginia Guana, accompanied by her 4-year-old boy, pleaded KUllty to bringing ovi-r twenty-one pint* nr arawnwork concealed, beneath her underclothes so that it might not be found and ( H I , m her ' She cl »lmed that she had with her own hands drawn the threads and stitched the delicate patterns and had brought it to this side to sell. "I sentence her fo thirty days In the Galveston jail," said the Judge as he turned his th2M r °?if"! e audle » c « and gased out over the beautiful green fields, "but tell her that she may return to her home in Mexico and remain wiih her. babe" (she had Mid t h a t nn= had a 5-months-old babe down with the measles In the care of a friend) "until it Is ?t ? , l ,° acc °mpany her." And we all felt thai, the women understood, as we did. that the United States Government's representative had done hla duty, and that good behavior in thc Interim would effectually suspend the sentence. One woman, one of those who was sent to Corpus, is C8 years old. She hud brought a paper hag full of "pulonclllos" (Mexl=«a cone-shaped sugar loafs), five In number, from the. Mexican side. The customs offi- 0^ h a i? k l d he f, ? ha . t aia the ba £ contain and she had replied, "Nothing but sugar." He was about to let her pass, but ?s a precaution looked into the bag. She had the five pelonclllos." but stowed awav beneath them, carefully wrapped, were fifteen P ,f? f n dl ?wnwork. If she had spoken truthfully at the outset, in all probability she would have been permitted to pass as the officers are allowed dlscretlo-ian" Powers under certain circumstances; but the desire to outwit, to conceal, proved her uoom. Judge Burns has thoroughly familiarized himself with the Mexican character, as is ?.i,°" n -?5'. hls "'» regard-for their honor Bells, the Mexican General regarding hia word of honor as highly as MR life. It Is the smuggling of tho mlud-wrecklnB mescal, the Mexican alchohol, that Is indulged in by the men, and the efforts on the part of Uncle Bam to keep this liquor out of America will always be applauded. ·i- * + City Marshal George Connor, his assistant, Justo Herrera, United States Marshal Hanson and his assistant, Walter Bates, have been instrumental in unearthing a gigantic counterfeiting gang, whoso Imitations are almost perfect. More of thl» later on. BANK HEADING ROOM. New Departure Mnde by n Golind Man, Mr. Campbell. SPECIAL TO Tnn Njws. Goliad, Tex., May 17.--Mr. W. B. Campbell, president of the First National Bank of Gollad, Is not only a man of large corpora! Dimensions, but io also a .man, of broad views, and full of business energy and progressive enterprise. He is now having improvements made on (lie bank building, and is adding a, reading department for the convenience of his friends and patrons, the tables of which will be supplied with the aaily newspapers, magazines, etc. He will also keep a large register in which stockmen can enter all the cattle, horses, mules and other live stock which they wish to sell. This seems to be a new departure in the banking business, at least In this sec- -Isn, and such enterprise on the part of Mr. Campbell Is not only to be commended/ but s worthy of emulation by other banks and arge business houses. Put to test. H would be d i f f i c u l t to estimate the monev vaiue of the drawnwork or "nerfilado" t r n f fie out of nrowns,.|lle but it il consiSerable. Jingnced in Its m a n u f a c t u r e ore hundreds of Doling Mexican women on both sides of the river from ts m o u t h to Bl Pasn. and while t has tho wolf from m a n y doors, it has likewise augmented the numbc-r of deaths for the work Is most trying both to the hmra and eyes, rccn.-irins a stooped position the d°-os a " cx "' raordlnar l' straining of Of course, as there Is no import d u t y or any tax on the goods made at home- on the American side of the river-nnd as the women on 111;- Mexican side would have IK, market for their supply unless hroucht to t h i s side, by rTM K on,nf the f a r t t h a t there Is an Import d u t y of m per cent, which would m:ii%c it almost prohibitory, t h e temptation to smuKKlo is very pent, w h i l e the a t t e m p t by those on t h i s side clandestinely to hrli K "TM' 'h" · TMl'" work from ihe Mexican side IK ai Hi sroiitcr. For this reason our . son our guards a most o f i l e l r n t body. !»,ve been In- dieted IOIIK IIRO by t,n ;; .,nrt people of t h i s ,,!,!,, ,,,,,,, . ,, ,, , . ,, . . , . . " ' , A * , i~ - -^-nd the old saving. A faithful friend and a terrible cuerm"' .can be exemplified in no better wav 'The average Mexican, with all his chai-aofris- tics so diffetent to ours and which we are wont to criticise, is loyal and true A wealthv American residing in the vicinity M ^urango was called away In such haste that he could not arrange his home affairs. He left his f a i t h f u l "moso" (servant) in charge of the premises, and more especially entrusted to him some ten or twelve thousand silver dollars which it was impossible to remove. Upon his return the faithful servant handed him the mocsv. dollar for dollar. He had been f a i t h f u l to his trust. Would that it had ended thus Two nights later the American and a Mexican companion were awakened by an intruder. A desperate encounter took place' nnd when tho smoke had cleared, to their surprise they found on the floor before them the same trusted "moso." He had been true to his trust as long an it was imposed; but did not feel obligated to lose a chance to get-rich-quick in a legitimate robber way. When Maximilian at Queretsro was condemned to be shot, two noted Mexican Generals who had been his companions, Mexia and Mlramon, were sentenced to the same fate. Gen. Miramon knew that ho must meet his death: he was a soldier and nre- pared for it-and besides, the history of Mexico s noted and brave commanders had been the same, death by shooting: He did not mourn over his impending fate, but grieved for his family, longing to give them a last embrace before he should fall. Gen Iiscobeda, one of his captors, had known him as a boy and knew his make-up. ^ "What say ^ou.'^Escobeda is reported to ,,«ye ?s;a ir, mtrairiOn, "if I remain in custody m your stead, rrsdy to suffer vour fate u n t i l you return home and bid your loved ones adieu?" Miramon. with the tears glistening in Ms eyes, expressed hii sdmiration of his tried friend and accepted his offer. It is reported that when thc clock's hands pointed to 5 m i n u t e s bofnre the hour set for execution, Esrobedas friends began to feel alarmed, for Miramon had not returned. "Never fear," Escobcda is said to have remarked, Mlramon Ir, a man and if I must suffer his fate, I shall die with the knowledge that some uncontrollable obstacle prevented his return--but see, yonder he comes. And promptly as the clock sounded the hour, Maximilian. Alexla and Miramon fell on thc historical "Hill of tho TEXAS COLONIAL DAMES. Ther Met at AiiKtlit and Cuose Officers for the Year. SPECIAL TO THK Nrws. Austin, Tex.. May 17.--At the annual meeting of the National Society of the Co- onlal Dames of America of Texas here today the following officers were elected: Mrs. Thomas Lee, Austin, president; Mrs. Bailie Robertson, Dallas, first vice president; Mrs. Olive G. Woodhull, San Antonln, second vice president; Mrs. R. W. Knox of Houston, third vice president. The following ladies were elected to serve on the board of directors: Mrs. Lewis M. Dahney, Dallas; Mrs. J. M. Wendelken, D?Jln«; Mrs. C. B. Stone. Galveston; Mrs. Edward C. Thornton, Austin; Mrs. C. C. Serrell, Anson. ' Wig Mexico Land Scheme. BPECIAI, TO Tns NEWS. Ban Antonio, Tex., May 17.--The excursion which arrived this morning from the North in charge of the Pan-American Land and Color.lzatiou Company represents one of the biggest land schemes ever financed'in the United Stales. Over 500 men and "women are on the train and occupy five Pullman cars and two baggage cars. These people are the personal representatives of over 10,0(10 others. Tne land is to be disposed of in Jalisco, State of Chiapas, Mexico. Pleasure Lannvh for Part LnT-aca. SPECIAL TO THE NEWS Port Lavaca, Tex., May 17.--The large new pleasure launch being made for this point at Janesville, Wis., is nearly ready and will be shipped from 'there May 25 and will reach here about the first of June, ready for the active opening of the summer season. An engine and propeller have arrived here, for thc State q u a r a n t i n e sloop and will installed, it will greatly add to the efficiency of the service. CHOVK'S TASTELESS CHILL TONIC Has stood the test twenty-five years. First and original tasteless chill tonic. Wta. If the blood is impure JTJU can rest assured that s a m K t h i n wrong with the sto m a r . h and liver. For correcting t h e s e organs the Blt- !·? Icrs is especially adapted. Try a bottle and see for yourself. It cures Torpid Liver, Inactive Kidneys, Indigestion, Costlveneas and Dyspepsia. Ton IKS m IW t i t Mfi T o f I 1181 Ton no IB I n l 22II isi an col :oo ·!? ii'ii »0 **'H*-M' *H^^ A Mighty Good Thing I to Know About-- Is Texas TVxnn. dMlve profit hr cnlnrRlnr their knonle^Kc ot their oivn Stntf. Ther an nlao benefited by Bettlnsr more knowledge, oj thc State hcfore -"-" »TM» ie - _ _ The Texas , , - - , was imllHod nol mcrelv for hr llBlllB Ihe Konils over from the S l p x l r a n .Mi.c bin fnr I r y l n g to evade the Inw bv concealing them. The six women who are now in tlie Corpus l u l l , us 1 luivn sulil nlonrtr,,! g u i l t y . Hut Ihe Mr,sl.'.in women',in,I the Mexican pnoplo n \ nnK , h o ,,,,,,,,,,. do n i Vi' n TM no\v bellove Hint thov h n v o been i r u l l l v of miy Ki-piil wrung. They claim n m t f, H honorable jind no| dlshonornhlo to work anil ciiu nol sec why they should be pun- Ishod for following the honorable course As one w o m a n said. "\\'o niuM live nnd ir.nM. linvn some way of milking a. living: If we did not work wo would h a v e to H t e i l or w r h n m woiw, nnd how rim i-lvillzod people I · · h i i i n l l l n l n w o i n n n k l n d by p u n c h i n g them for I · · IIIMIIS h n n r n t i virtuous." Of course Hun 1.1 nue view only. ' "'" I I In HIP isP-miil o p i n i o n In Urownsvlllo nnw t l u i l then- w i l l be no necessity for searching wnninn from the. other sldo'hero- i i f t o r ; Hint Judge Hums' llrm slund w i l l jirovo nn e f f e c t u a l stop to smuggling. The I r l n i f t during ihe work were exceed- Initly Inlcrcitliig. And tho hrond-gnngoil .liulgo proved lo be llu- most Inlprcstlng fVic- lor. A mini whose ri'Kldonro Is In M n l n - niorf,?. Mcxjco, u f l o r nlendlng K i i l l t y of smuggling, was nsl'.pd If ho nny prop- n r n l l o n s to tmikr before lioing I n k o n ' t o flnl- vwilon. UP i]|i| not understand. Afford, opportunity for wourla e ,,,,-j, k now ie(j Be . A V6ry vnlunblo publlcatlon.-TTAX/VHACHlE ENTERPRISE. Contatm- n worlfl of Information.-MEMPHIS COMMERCIAL, APPEAL. TMTMTM4 1*,°,TM'TM '° """ 1 '° a Irlend or h l n r ' m n n i" 'ho older States.- CUMBX RUSTLiKR. A fine plcco of work, ajifl no doubt will do much to Induce Immigration to Texan.--BALLINOBR BANNBR-mADBR. Tho host ever brought boforo tho public.--CASS COUNTY SUN Tho beat wny to advertlna th« State.--CASS COUNTY SUN. WorHi double the prlc*.--CASS COUNTY SUN The hook «m ». KM| wo of wh , ch nr . m , c P«rrd urtlele. oo«c.r,l., T«T«.. It. rrwreree,, iBflu. Tlierr I. . «k*trh of .-k »f «he M« mantle, tn the S.nte, nna ·«T full ,l.(e ,lrturTM rel-Ons «,, be {c . if ' Tin prl* »t the kMk I. 10 -%«!., »t rant, fcr k«ok« mulled to Buy adilmfie* jr« n wiA. i with cnrefallr pre- ·nd condition*. n«r« tkmi THE NEWS GAI.VKSTON AND DALLAS. ' · * ·

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  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 18 May 1905, Thu,
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