Lincoln's Assassination

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Lincoln's Assassination - NEW ORLEANS, THURSDA DOMING, - APRIL 20, 18p5....
NEW ORLEANS, THURSDA DOMING, - APRIL 20, 18p5. . TEIiEGRAPHIQ. THE NATIONAL CALAMITY. KTEEESTLNG PAfiTICULAES OF THE AWrUL TRAGEDY. THE PRESIDENT'S MURDERER. JOHN WILKES BOOTH. SECRETARY SEWARD LIVING LAST ACCOUNTS. AT HIS SON'S CASE CRITICAL. ONE OF HIS ATTENDANTS DEAD. THE PLOT PARTIALLY FOILED. THE VICE PRESIDENT AND SECRETARY ft WAR ESCAPED. JOHNSON INAUGURATED. ORGANIZES HIS CABINET. IMPORTANT OFFICIAL DISPATCHES. GEN. BANKS SPEAKS AT CAIRO. War News from North Carolina. MOB SACKS AND BURNS RALEIGH. JEFFERSON DAVIS ISSUES MATION. A PROCLA- North Carolina to Repeal Secession. The steamer Fauline Carroll, arriving yesterday noon at Baton Ronge, the following dispatches were telegraphed to us from that place. They contain later and deeply interesting details of the mournful news already received by telegraph, and published in our columns : ' Wasiiisuton, April 15. At an early hour this forenoon lion. E. M. Stanton sent an official communication to Hon. A. John-pon. Vice President of the United States, stating that in consequence of the sudden and unexpected death Kf the Chief Magistrate, his inauguration should take place m soon as possible, and requesting him to state the place and hoar at which the ceremonies should be performed. Mr. Johnson at once replied that it would be agreeable to him to have the proceedings take place at his rooms in Kirkwood House, as soon as arrangements could be . perfected. Chief Justice Chase was informed of the fact, and no indication of pain, and it was km. : that he was unconscious until the gradi JtiAly ' decreasing respiration had ceased alto gether. The Rej. Dr. Gurley, of the New York Avenue Psbyterian Church, immediately on its being ascertained that life was extinct, knelt at the bedside and offered an impressive Jprayer, which was responded to by all present Dr. Gurley then proceeded to the front parlor, where Mrs. Lincoln, Capt. Robt. Lincoln, Mr. J. Hay, private secretary, and others were waiting, when he again offered a prayer for the consolaf tion of tbpanr. immediately after, President S7leacn, a cabinet meeting held in the room in which the corpse my. Secretary Stanton, Welles, and Aaher, Postmaster General Dennison and Attorney General Speed were present Circular. War Department, Provost Marshal General's Bureau, Washington, April 15, 9:40 A. M. It is believed that the assassins of the President and Secretary Seward are attempting to cross from the United States into Canada. You will make a thorough and careful examination of all persons attempting to cross into Canada, and will arrest all suspicious persons. The most vigilant scrutiny on your part and the force at your disposal is demanded. A description of the parties supposed to be ini pli cated in the murder will be telegraphed to you to-day ; but in the meantime be active jn preventing the crossing of any suspicious person. By order of the Secretary of War : N. L. JfffeR, Brevet Brig. Gen. Acting Pruv't Marshal General. Government offices are closexl by order and will Le draped with emblems of mourning. The roads leading to and from the city are guarded by the military, and the utmost I'ircunisiiection is observed as to attempting to enter or leave the city. Buffalo, April 15. The Governor of New York has issued a proclamation revoking the proposed thanksgiving for recent victories on April 20th, and changing it to one of prayer and humiliation for our great affliction. New York, April 15. The Test's Washington special says Mr. Han sail, messenger of the State Department, who was in attendance upon Mr. Seward, is dead. Secretary Seward is in a very precarious condition. It is reported that Booth was captured 'this morning, The story 15 Qiat his horse threw him and injured him so that he was obliged to seek relief in a house on the Seventh atreet road. The Post also publishes a dispatch to Clarence A. Seward, which says Mr. Seward's wounds are bad but not mortal. - He is composed. He has lost much blood, but no arteries are cut Fred Seward's skull is fractured. badlyST two places above the temple. He is insensible, and, I fear, will die. His brother's wound is slight. The Governor's throat would have been cut if he bad not rolled out of Led. The doctor says that Frederick's condition is highly critical, but not hopeless. Washington, April 15. There is no confirmation of the report that the murderer of the President has begp arrested. Among circumstances tending to participation in the crime on Booth, were letters found in his trunk, one of which, apparently from a lady, supplicated him to desist from the perilous undertaking in which he was about to embark, as the time was inauspicious, and the mine not yet being ready to ' be sprung. The extra Intelligencer says : From the evidence obtained it is rendered highly probable that the man who stabbed Mr. Seward and his sons, is John Survatt, of Prince George's county, Maryland. The horse he rode was hired at Taylor's stable on 14th street Survatt is a young man with His father is said several Secretaries as far as relats respective Departments. Second. Wm. Hunter, Esq., was appointed Acting Secretary of State disability of Mr. Seward and his Frederick Seward, the Assistant Third.' The President formally that he desired to retain the Secretaries of the Departments of his 'and they would go onward in manner as before the deplorable had changed the head of the All business in the Departments suspended during the day. The port thak.the condition of Mr. Tirrthanged. He is doing rovemerajAla Mr. Frederick The murderers have not yet bended. E. M. The Herald's Goldsboro has a report from Raleigh, saying Vance will call the North Carolina ture together to repeal the ordinance. The World's Goldsboro of the 10th, says the Raleigh of the 9th, says the city was fired by a mob of the lower 16th Virginia reserve were left the people, but were unable to do mob took possession of some of warehouses and stores, and robbed Washington, April 15. The of President Lincoln left behind hat and a spur. The hat was the President's box, and has be-n by parties to whom it has been the one belonging to the and accurately descriled by other those who are not allowed to see describing it. The spur was the stage, and that-also has been as the one procured at a stable, same man hired a horse for the gentlemen, w ho went to the Secretary to apprise him of the attack on Mr. met at the residence of the former muffled in a cloak, vs ho, when them, hastened away. It had Mr-Stanton's intention to accompany Lincoln to the theatre, and occupy box, but the press of business going. It therefore seems evident aim of the plotter was to paralyze country by at once striking down the heart, and arm of the country. the dreadful events were announced streets, Superintendent Richards assistants were at work to discover assassin. In a few moments the aroused the whole police force Mayor Wallach and several eity government were soon on the every precaution was taken to and quiet in the city. Every city was patrolled at the request rKkhardi Geja-JLugur sent horses thjpoEdf; J&ery road leading city was strongly picketed, avenue of escape strongly guarded. boats about to depart down the were stopped. The Daily it is suspected that this originated in Maryland. The Hashed the mournful news to and all the cavalry was upon active duty. Every road was A preliminary examination was Mr. Richards and his assistants. persons were called to testify, and evidence as elicited before an informal and not under oath was conclusive the point The murderer of Lincoln was John Wilkes Booth. found in the private box, and several persons who had seen the last two days, and the spur dropped by accident after he stage was identified as one of he had obtained from the stable hired his horse. This man played more than once at Ford's

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 20 Apr 1865, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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