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"IT'S YOUR MOVE" The Morning Call's Chew Column Chess Queries. Problems, Games and Newt Items Solicited. By W. H. STECKEL - The following three games were Played In the Mercantile Library championship tournament. William A. Buth a former state champion, produced produced another of his famous games and has submitted same for the brilliancy brilliancy prize. c?laJn!'aU Ruth Chambeau Ruth P-J5 P-J5 P-J5 KtxP B-R3ch B-R3ch B-R3ch R-Bch R-Bch R-Bch P-Q6 P-Q6 P-Q6 R-B7ch R-B7ch R-B7ch 0-Q2 0-Q2 0-Q2 BxP 1 P.Kd T3tf1 12 P-Kt4 P-Kt4 P-Kt4 3 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 ' .3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 13 Kt-Q Kt-Q Kt-Q 14 KKt 15 K-B2 K-B2 K-B2 16 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 17 B-Q2 B-Q2 B-Q2 18 K-Kt K-Kt K-Kt 19 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 3 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 6 PxP 7 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 8 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 9 B-Q3 B-Q3 B-Q3 10 PxKt 11 K-K2 K-K2 K-K2 P.OHi Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 P-KKt5 P-KKt5 P-KKt5 Kt-Kt5 Kt-Kt5 Kt-Kt5 KtxBch KtxBP P-Kt3 P-Kt3 P-Kt3 21 KxP Mate in 3 Queen's Pawn Ooeninc (CoUe System) Drjver Hesse 1 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 iver Hesse 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 P-KKt3 P-KKt3 P-KKt3 B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 BxKt R-B R-B R-B P-Kt3 P-Kt3 P-Kt3 KR-B2 KR-B2 KR-B2 RxR Kt-B4 Kt-B4 Kt-B4 Q-B Q-B Q-B Kt-Q2 Kt-Q2 Kt-Q2 R-B7 R-B7 R-B7 Q-B4ch Q-B4ch Q-B4ch Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B Q-B Q-B Q-B Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Q-R3 Q-R3 Q-R3 ClxP Kt-K4 Kt-K4 Kt-K4 QxB B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 OR-B OR-B OR-B RxR R-Q R-Q R-Q Q-B3 Q-B3 Q-B3 P-KK14 P-KK14 P-KK14 B-Q4 B-Q4 B-Q4 B-B3 B-B3 B-B3 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 3 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 4 B-Q3 B-Q3 B-Q3 5 P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 6 Castles 7 QKt-Q2 QKt-Q2 QKt-Q2 8 R-K R-K R-K 9 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 10 KtxP P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Q-B2 Q-B2 Q-B2 B-K2 B-K2 B-K2 Castles BPxP Kt-K4 Kt-K4 Kt-K4 Jl h-dz h-dz h-dz Ulit.-K.l5 Ulit.-K.l5 Ulit.-K.l5 12 QKt-B3 QKt-B3 QKt-B3 PxP R-Q4 R-Q4 R-Q4 Q-Q5 Q-Q5 Q-Q5 P-KR3 P-KR3 P-KR3 1J BXr 14 RxKt 15 Q-K Q-K Q-K 16 R-K2 R-K2 R-K2 17 Kt-QKW Kt-QKW Kt-QKW 18 Kt-R3 Kt-R3 Kt-R3 i9 Kt-Qi Kt-Qi Kt-Qi 0 PxB KtxB P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 B-B3 B-B3 B-B3 Q-B3 Q-B3 Q-B3 P-K5 P-K5 P-K5 BxKt Q-Q3 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 R-B4 R-B4 R-B4 P-B5 P-B5 P-B5 K-R2 K-R2 K-R2 R-B R-B R-B 7c h K-Kt3 K-Kt3 K-Kt3 Kt-B4 Kt-B4 Kt-B4 Mate in 4 Queen's Gam iblt Declined teekel Levin Stecicel Levin U-B3 U-B3 U-B3 QR-Q QR-Q QR-Q 1 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 2 P-QB4 P-QB4 P-QB4 3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 4 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 5 B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 S P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 7 Q-B2 Q-B2 Q-B2 8 R-Q R-Q R-Q B-Q3 B-Q3 B-Q3 10 BxP 11 B-Q3 B-Q3 B-Q3 12 KtxKt 13 Castles 14 R-B R-B R-B 15 PxB 16 B-KKtS B-KKtS B-KKtS 17 B-R4 B-R4 B-R4 18 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 19 B-K13 B-K13 B-K13 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 B-K2 B-K2 B-K2 QKUQ2 Castles R-K R-K R-K PxP Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 QKt-Q4 QKt-Q4 QKt-Q4 KPxKt B-Kt5 B-Kt5 B-Kt5 BxKt B-Q3 B-Q3 B-Q3 P-KR3 P-KR3 P-KR3 B-K2 B-K2 B-K2 Kt-R4 Kt-R4 Kt-R4 B-Q3 B-Q3 B-Q3 20 KR-K KR-K KR-K 21 QR-Q QR-Q QR-Q 22 Q-Q2 Q-Q2 Q-Q2 23 P-QR3 P-QR3 P-QR3 24 B-Kt B-Kt B-Kt 25 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 26 R-Kt R-Kt R-Kt 27 QR-K QR-K QR-K 28 RPxB 29 B-B2 B-B2 B-B2 30 QxR 31 RxR 32 K-B K-B K-B 33 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 34 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 35 B-Kt B-Kt B-Kt 36 KR-K KR-K KR-K 37 R-K5 R-K5 R-K5 38 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 P-QKJ P-QKJ P-QKJ R-K2 R-K2 R-K2 QR-K QR-K QR-K P-Kt3 P-Kt3 P-Kt3 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 BxB K-Kt2 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 RxP RxQ Kt-B5ch Kt-B5ch Kt-B5ch Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Q-B3 Q-B3 Q-B3 KtxP P-KR4 P-KR4 P-KR4 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Kt-B4 Kt-B4 Kt-B4 Kt-Kt6 Kt-Kt6 Kt-Kt6 39 (at an adjournment was resigned before re- re- ' fa) At this point asked for but White suming. The followinir game was played In the Marshall, Mercantile team match: Indian Defense Wlnkelman Winkelman Simonson Simonson White Black Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 P-KKt3 P-KKt3 P-KKt3 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 KtxP KtxKt P-QB4 P-QB4 P-QB4 B-Kt2 B-Kt2 B-Kt2 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Q-R4 Q-R4 Q-R4 Castles QxBP Q-R6 Q-R6 Q-R6 Kt-R4 Kt-R4 Kt-R4 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 KtxB P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 P-Kt3 P-Kt3 P-Kt3 B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 KR-B KR-B KR-B Q-Kt5 Q-Kt5 Q-Kt5 R-B2 R-B2 R-B2 QR-QB QR-QB QR-QB Q-K2 Q-K2 Q-K2 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 White Black 1 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 2 P-CB4 P-CB4 P-CB4 3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 4 PxP 5 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 6 PxKt 7 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 8 B-QB4 B-QB4 B-QB4 9 B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 ' 10 Castles 11 P-KR3 P-KR3 P-KR3 12 R-B R-B R-B 13 PxP 14 B-Q5 B-Q5 B-Q5 15 B-Kt3 B-Kt3 B-Kt3 16 PxKt 17 P-B6 P-B6 P-B6 18 Q-B2 Q-B2 Q-B2 19 Kt-Q2 Kt-Q2 Kt-Q2 20 R-R R-R R-R 21 KR-B KR-B KR-B 22 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 23 R-R4 R-R4 R-R4 24 KR-R KR-R KR-R 25 P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 26 B-B2 B-B2 B-B2 27 Q-Kt5 Q-Kt5 Q-Kt5 28 K-R2 K-R2 K-R2 29 RxP 30 BxB 31 Q-B Q-B Q-B 32 K-R K-R K-R P-B5 P-B5 P-B5 B-B B-B B-B Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 RxP B-QB4 B-QB4 B-QB4 RxB Q-Kt6ch Q-Kt6ch Q-Kt6ch R-B7 R-B7 R-B7 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 RxR BxKtP RxKt Q-B7 Q-B7 Q-B7 Q-B4 Q-B4 Q-B4 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 P-Kt5 P-Kt5 P-Kt5 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 K-R3 K-R3 K-R3 33 QR-R2 QR-R2 QR-R2 34 RxR 35 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 36 QxB 37 R-KKt R-KKt R-KKt 38 Q-K6 Q-K6 Q-K6 39 K-R2 K-R2 K-R2 40 P-R4 P-R4 P-R4 41 R-QB R-QB R-QB 42 Q-B8 Q-B8 Q-B8 43 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 44 Q-Kt5ch Q-Kt5ch Q-Kt5ch 45 P-R5 P-R5 P-R5 46 P-R6ch P-R6ch P-R6ch P-Kt6 P-Kt6 P-Kt6 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 K-Kt2 P-Kt7 P-Kt7 P-Kt7 K-B2 K-B2 K-B2 47 R-B8 R-B8 R-B8 P-Kt8(Q) P-Kt8(Q) P-Kt8(Q) Resigns. B. Canal, the talented Peruvian expert. Won the brilliancy prize in the 1933 Maeh- Maeh- EXD GAME NO. 223 Bt dr. lasker Black 3 Pieces t&M 'tm few 4yj 'tm m wte msm m m m w, m m m iSM itk& i'M J im m w w '4;'J ! U iS mm vt ss$ mm ri wm mm mm White 3 Pieces White to play and draw. Solution to end fame No. 222: KT-K6ch, KT-K6ch, KT-K6ch, PXKT, P-Q7, P-Q7, P-Q7, P-R7; P-R7; P-R7; P-Q. P-Q. P-Q. QXPch, K-R; K-R; K-R; Q-BSch, Q-BSch, Q-BSch, K-R2; K-R2; K-R2; Q-B7ch, Q-B7ch, Q-B7ch, R-KT2; R-KT2; R-KT2; Q-B Q-B Q-B draws. black! rlsch Ostraa tourney. Yet in the tame event he rjracticall aualined for the my thical "booby prize" with the following game: . Queen', Gambit Declined zinner canal Zinner Canal White Black White BlacJC 1 P-4 P-4 P-4 P-4 P-4 P-4 2 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 8 PxP 9 Q-R4! Q-R4! Q-R4! 10 P-KR3 P-KR3 P-KR3 11 P-K6! P-K6! P-K6! Kt-Kt5 Kt-Kt5 Kt-Kt5 P-KR4 P-KR4 P-KR4 Kt-R3 Kt-R3 Kt-R3 3 P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 4 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 5 B-Q3 B-Q3 B-Q3 6 QKt-Q2 QKt-Q2 QKt-Q2 1 BPxP I OKt-Q2 OKt-Q2 OKt-Q2 P-QR3 P-QR3 P-QR3 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 BPxP? PxP 12 B-Kt6ch B-Kt6ch B-Kt6ch K-K2 K-K2 K-K2 13 Q-Kt4ch Q-Kt4ch Q-Kt4ch Resigns The following Is a specimen game from a new book that will shortly be off the press called "Chess Strategy and Tactics" by F. Reinfeld and I. Chernev, both of New York city. The book contains fifty of the finest master games played from 1895 to 1933. I. Kashdan says. "The editors have chosen games which are not only of the highest quality, but have taken care to avoid well-known well-known well-known games. Less than ten per cent oi the games have hitherto appeared in book form in English. The annotations are lucid and thorough and each game is pre faced by an entertaining introduction. The book sells at $1.50 and can be ordered from Fred Reinfeld, 2265 New- New- bold avenue, New York City. It is well known that an attack undertaken without adequate means must result in the loss of the initia tive, if parried properly. This Is demonstrated most convincingly in the present game the chief Interest of which, however, lies in the harmonious harmonious simplicity of Reti's beautifully timed play. The unusual movements of the Knight add a certain piquancy to Black's artistic conduct of the game. Malnlich-Ostraa Malnlich-Ostraa Malnlich-Ostraa 19IS French Defense Bogoljubow Rett 1 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 P-K3 P-K3 P-K3 2 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 4 P-K5 P-K5 P-K5 It is surprising that Bogoljubow does not adopt Alekhine's attack 14 B-Kt5. B-Kt5. B-Kt5. B-K2; B-K2; B-K2; 5 P-K5. P-K5. P-K5. KKt-Q2; KKt-Q2; KKt-Q2; 6 P-KR4). P-KR4). P-KR4). with which he has won some pretty games. 4 KKt-Q2 KKt-Q2 KKt-Q2 5 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 Q-Kt4 The Gledhill variation, which leads to a lively game by no means to White's advantage, however! 5 P-QB4 P-QB4 P-QB4 6 Kt-Kt5 Kt-Kt5 Kt-Kt5 PxP The simplest Black's attack on the hostile hostile center outweighs White's would-be would-be would-be attack. Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 Not 7 Kt-Q6ch, Kt-Q6ch, Kt-Q6ch, BxKt: 8 QxP? BxP 7 KX-QB3 KX-QB3 KX-QB3 8 Kt-Q6ch Kt-Q6ch Kt-Q6ch BxKt 9 QxP BxPi In conjunction with the next move, this is the most effective way oi ending White s demonstration 10 KtxB Q-B3 Q-B3 Q-B3 Once the Queen's are off, Black's advantage advantage soon becomes quite marked. 11 QXQ KtxQ 12 B-QKt5 B-QKt5 B-QKt5 Fortunately Bogoljubow can still manage manage to resain his pawn. 12 B-Q2 B-Q2 B-Q2 13 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Kt-K5! Kt-K5! Kt-K5! Well played Rett is now able to build up a formidable center 14 Castles P-B3 P-B3 P-B3 Compelling White to carry out the following following exchange, else . . . P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 would retain the QP permanently. 15 BxKt PxB 16 KixP P-QB4 P-QB4 P-QB4 The four Black Pawns now constitute a compact and powerful center, the Rooks have open files on which to operate, and the King is well posted for the ending all a consequence of White's faulty strategy strategy in embarking on an attack without sufficient means. Reti's play from this Soint on Is as delightful as it is convinc-ig. convinc-ig. convinc-ig. 17 Kt-K2 Kt-K2 Kt-K2 K-B2 K-B2 K-B2 18 P-KB3 P-KB3 P-KB3 Kt-Q3 Kt-Q3 Kt-Q3 19 P-QKt3 P-QKt3 P-QKt3 B-Q2 B-Q2 B-Q2 would be useless because of Kt-Bd Kt-Bd Kt-Bd and the Bishop must return home. 19 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 20 B-R3 B-R3 B-R3 This exerts a certain amount of pressure pressure on Black's center, but Rett soon finds a way to break through. 20 QR-QB QR-QB QR-QB 21 QR-Q QR-Q QR-Q P-Q5 P-Q5 P-Q5 22 Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B During the last few moves White's prospects prospects seem to have improved somewhat, and the threat of Kt-Q3 Kt-Q3 Kt-Q3 seems very troublesome. 22. . . , Kt-B4 Kt-B4 Kt-B4 This gains the necessary time tor P-B5 P-B5 P-B5 23 R-B2 R-B2 R-B2 Kt-K6 Kt-K6 Kt-K6 "To have a Knight planted in your game at K6 is worse than a rusty nail in your knee!" 24 R-K R-K R-K P-B5! P-B5! P-B5! A tremendous move. If now 25. PxP. RxP; 26 RiKl-K2 RiKl-K2 RiKl-K2 and Black has so many good moves that he would be embarrased for a continuation! for example 26 KR-QB KR-QB KR-QB winning a Pawn or else 26 B-B4; B-B4; B-B4; 27 Kt-Q3: Kt-Q3: Kt-Q3: BxKt: 28 PxB.R-QKt: PxB.R-QKt: PxB.R-QKt: 29 B-Kt2 B-Kt2 B-Kt2 (29 RxKt-PxR), RxKt-PxR), RxKt-PxR), RxB! 30 RxKt. PxR or . . R-Bach, R-Bach, R-Bach, and wins. 25 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 Not very pleasing aesthetically, but White fnust keep the B file closed at all costa. 25 B-R5 B-R5 B-R5 26 R(K)-K2 R(K)-K2 R(K)-K2 After 38 F-B3. F-B3. F-B3. Kt-B7 Kt-B7 Kt-B7 would likewise be decisive. 26 Kt-Q8 Kt-Q8 Kt-Q8 27 R-B R-B R-B Kt-B6 Kt-B6 Kt-B6 28 R(K2)-B2 R(K2)-B2 R(K2)-B2 Kt-Kt8! Kt-Kt8! Kt-Kt8! It does one's heart good to watch the peculiar wanderings of this Kt. 29 B-Kt2 B-Kt2 B-Kt2 P-B8 P-B8 P-B8 30 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 There is nothing else left. 30 B-R(!) B-R(!) B-R(!) Kt-Q7; Kt-Q7; Kt-Q7; 31 R-K. R-K. R-K. BxP would be quite hopeless. hopeless. 30 BxKt 31 RPxB Again forced for if 31 BPxB. P-B7 P-B7 P-B7 followed followed by P-Q6. P-Q6. P-Q6. or else 31 RxKt: BxRP. 32 R-R, R-R, R-R, PxB, etc. 31 Kt-Q7 Kt-Q7 Kt-Q7 32 R-K R-K R-K KR-Q KR-Q KR-Q 33 B-B B-B B-B ' P-Q61 P-Q61 P-Q61 A fUnsher." 34 PxP Or 34 BxKt. PxB; 35 RxP, PxP, 36 KXK, hxtt, etc. 34 35 BxKt 36 R-R R-R R-R 37 K-B K-B K-B RxP RxB! K-K3 K-K3 K-K3 RxRch Destroying White's last hope 38 RxR, PxR: 39 R-Q. R-Q. R-Q. R-B8: R-B8: R-B8: 40 K-K2. K-K2. K-K2. 38 KxR P-B7 P-B7 P-B7 39 R-QB R-QB R-QB K-Q4 K-Q4 K-Q4 40 K-K3 K-K3 K-K3 R-B6ch R-B6ch R-B6ch Driving back White's King In order to allow the inroad of his own King. 41 K-Q2 K-Q2 K-Q2 K-Q5 K-Q5 K-Q5 42 P-R4 P-R4 P-R4 After 42 PxP, RxRch, 43 KxR, K-K6; K-K6; K-K6; 44 K-B3. K-B3. K-B3. K-B7 K-B7 K-B7 Black would win easily. 42 R-Q6ch R-Q6ch R-Q6ch Putting an end to all resistance if 43 KxP. R-B6ch; R-B6ch; R-B6ch; 44 K-Q2. K-Q2. K-Q2. RxR: 45 KxR, BIG SISTER hAOE AV0 t0S. .tVAfe Hfc GETS TWE, MORH Km "Than i cAvi sa.v. MI 9UT THE OMLV THVrAS 1 KrOOWJ OP TO TJO(HOWE.Y TO THE hAA.M HVAO GrWE. HKA TO VOO . K-BS K-BS K-BS and the QRP will Queen or 43 K-S2. K-S2. K-S2. K-B6 K-B6 K-B6 followed by R-Q R-Q R-Q and K-Kt7. K-Kt7. K-Kt7. etc.. Therefore. Therefor 43 resigns. The eighth and ninth rounds of the special invitation tournament among probably ten of the best players in this section was contested during the past week in the rooms of the Lehigh Valley Chess association.. The results of these rounds are as follows: Buck, 1; Rockel, 0; Goerlich, 1; Martz, 0; Herrmann, 1; Outekunst, 0; Koch, l; Lumsden. 0; Nester, J4: Steckel, Buck, 1: Goerlich, 0; Marts. 1: Lumsden, Lumsden, 0; Nester, 1; Gutekunst, 0; Herrmann, Herrmann, 1; Koch, 0; Steckel, 1; Rockel, 0. The standing follows: i Players W. L. Steckel 8ft ft Rockel 6 3 Buck 5 4 Kosh 5 4 Neiter 4ft 4ft Hetrmann 4ft 4ft Goerlich 4ft 4ft Martz 2ft 6'i Lumsden 2ft fift Gutekunst 2 T After the completion of the third round of the championship tournament tournament of the Mercantile Library Chess club of Philadelphia left three men undefeated with J. Levin and B. Winkelman Winkelman each with 3 victories and H. V. Hesse "with two wins, following VAORE tATS HE ATS . . ft IVVOkTANT thxngs to do. "V "mm KtVO VAOKAP- VAOKAP- l-lKA. l-lKA. l-lKA. HS FOOD PORTVAE VJKJTER . 1 1 l i or VNIVU CCrST ME CAW 10-V 10-V 10-V x nNvh Ne 3E.-El-) 3E.-El-) 3E.-El-) 3E.-El-) 3E.-El-) V TOO THAV LET KAB VOO AT TWO. ' I Ui&jr 1 THONATNAE.S closely on their heels are: D. G. Wel-ner, Wel-ner, Wel-ner, 2iA-Vt 2iA-Vt 2iA-Vt Bailey, 2-1; 2-1; 2-1; Gordon, 2-1; 2-1; 2-1; Regen, -lV4; -lV4; Drasln, l-l; l-l; l-l; Ruth, 1H-1: 1H-1: 1H-1: Ash, 2-1; 2-1; 2-1; Steckel. 1-2; 1-2; 1-2; Morris, 1-2; 1-2; 1-2; Goerlich, 1-2; 1-2; 1-2; Wilkinson, 1-2; 1-2; 1-2; Driver, 0-2; 0-2; 0-2; Glover, 0-2, 0-2, 0-2, and Cham-beau, Cham-beau, Cham-beau, 0-2. 0-2. 0-2. A uniquely arranged tourney was played at Ebensee, Austria. Nine contestants contestants took part in a round robin affair. The four leaders were then grouped together and the five trailers trailers also. The final standings were: Leading quartet Hans Mulier, 6; Ebskases Spielman, 8; Kunert, 6; Second group Schenk, 6; Prinz, Demetriescu, ; Ratzinger, 3; Frau-leln Frau-leln Frau-leln Harum, 2. This is probably the second time a woman was allowed to compete when the tournament Included Included a grandmaster. John J. Vesce was the sole winner in a simultaneous exhibition by H. Helms, dean of American .Chess Editors Editors against a team of 17 at nine boards during the first meeting of the Staten Island Chess club. The final standing In the Czech national championship was: Salo Flohr. Pokorny, 7; Richter, e1: Rey-fer, Rey-fer, Rey-fer, Dr. Treybal Opocensky. Zinner, 5; Boleslav, Foltys, Mayb Miss Vera YT KEEPS VAE. BOSV JOST PT3E.PAR.Wi6 HIS FOOO.l NOOWCWT KrUViO VT S I HfXO THE TIKAS.OT X HASfE NVDe 7fl i'ii mm - u .,4j,gvv Iff Copyright. 1933, byCentrai Press Association. Inc. tAO.E; THA.VJ rXFOTiO. coo-o coo-o coo-o keep voo(-sweepiE; voo(-sweepiE; voo(-sweepiE; VrW NMOOV-O NMOOV-O NMOOV-O i-verN i-verN i-verN - y Jt KEEP OM Copyright, 1933, by JVntral Press Association. Inc. ear wAvee mr. maxz.vt voicu COME. TO TWEE. V41YH WOOTH IKM, Ml Jf V 1 Menehik (the lady champion of the world), Rohacels, 4. Pokorny led until the final round but refused to play Flohr naturally, the latter - was then awarded the championship. Twenty-one Twenty-one Twenty-one players opposed United States champion Frank J. Marshall in his exhibition at the Mt. Vernon Chess club, the result being that the individual player won fourteen and drew seven. The following International masters have received invitations to participate participate in an international tourney at Madrid, Spain: Flohr, Stoltz, Tarta-kower, Tarta-kower, Tarta-kower, Snowsko-Borowski, Snowsko-Borowski, Snowsko-Borowski, Karlin. The Spanish contestants will be: Rey, Golmayo, Almirall, and Sams. i Hokendauqua HOKENDAUQUA The senior hop of Whitehall Township High school will be held next Friday evening. Music will be furnished by the Melody Criterions orchestra. Committees In charge are: Refreshments Blodwyn Acker, chairman; Mary Derkits, Helen Hillenbrand, Hillenbrand, Margaret Heimbach. Card committee Michael Bednarick, Robert Steckel, Carl Pennepacker, I OOSf CAti'-r CAti'-r CAti'-r KE.EV VT OP. COST OP HIS FOOOTOO. XT Ar4FOU-V Ar4FOU-V Ar4FOU-V AThD Thc V0tt-l V0tt-l V0tt-l HWE.TO GO. - 1 pi Q&J&QfeF JJF VOHACT TljnV SV-EEPE SV-EEPE vj Mj? J vAOTHKJ'T ng jci-: jci-: jci-: ) gK (I1 CLEARANCE PJ this fine: wmMPL- wmMPL- a Tnn

Clipped from The Morning Call29 Oct 1933, SunPage 14

The Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania)29 Oct 1933, SunPage 14
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