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Lew Wallace biography pg 1 - mmWlTWO SCEKT8. ZERELDA WALLACE u - Death To -...
mmWlTWO SCEKT8. ZERELDA WALLACE u - Death To - day of a Notable Indiana Woman. " WIDOW OP GOV. WALLACE DXZTJ AT AGE OP ZIGHTT - FOTJB A FOUNDER 0FTHE W. C. T. U. SHE WAS WIDELY KNOWN TOR HER ELOQUENCE." A Tribute by Her Stepson, Gen. Lei Wallace The Story ot n .Her Life, : ' Mrs. Zerelda Wallsco, widow ef Got ernor David WaUace, died at ;10 a. m, to - day st the home of her daughter. Mrs. Upbn IL Stelner, .at Cataract. Putnam county, where she had. been living "for som time. She hsd been in failing health - for three years and passed away be for any o ber relatives' In Indianapolis could get to her bedside. She" waa one of the notabl women of Indians. . Throughout the United States ah was knowq' as sa ad voca te of " temperance and wonu a uffrag. ' ; jr.. . ti ' ; Mrs. WsSsce's 111 nee begsh last Wednesday, when ab was setse with a cold. Hrv daughter, Mrs, Stlnr. tia graphed te th son. Da rid Wallace, that the mother was seriously ilLf Mr. Wallace, taking with him Dr. Preaton, of Greencastle, arrived st the farm st I JO a. m - Saturdar. Ha ki. ..w. - bright and cheerful, evidently greauly lra mna declaring mat a!) required no physician, her own pnysUlana, "Dr. Diet "Dr. Quiet" and "Dr. Natur" being in charg of her case.' Dr Preston fcund no Inflammation ot the lungs, and went horn after leaving - om medicine for her.. On Sunday morning she aro from hr bed and seemed quit refreshed. She talked about th death ef General Harrison, and in 'hr forceful way ex - pressed herself In regard to President Mc - Kinley's - administration of affairs. She said that If he had been allowed, to take hi own war. and had not K - n driven Into - war with Sfiala ;by popular clamor. : th difference berveen - th! - country and Spain regarding Cuba would V. . t ..1 I t ... - u.iwwn vuvu vj .runrftuou. on tt - pressed herself in favor off - sustaining President McKloley; held - that Cub should be annexed, snd it vW th mission of this country to eduqajl snd care for th beonla of Cuba and sf thii ippinea jj - . ; The Last daesg. la the afternoon of Sunday ah com plained of feeling tired and said ah believed she was going io hav the grip; Sh waa again put to bed and showed by her breathing that her bronchial tubes were affected, a trouM that - she - had frequently had on former occasion. Her son sat up with bar on Sunday . night and on Monday morning, as h appeared to o agun better, ho left her snd returned to Indiana poll. From that time sh became weaker and passed away without pain and without a truggle. Hr daughter and her son - in - law. Mr. and Mrs. Stelner, wer at her bedald. She w conscious to th last. , Th body will probably be brought to thi cUy at 1:M p. ,'m, to - morrow. Tho time for the funeral has not yat bean determined. Th service will be held st th Central Christian church, of whir hi sh was a charter meaner, probably on Thursday, and th funeral eermon. wiii be preached by ber lifelong friend. Dr. A. K. Benton, of Irving - ton. Th burial will be, at Crown Hill, whr hr body Will be' placed beside that of her husband. Governor David Wallace., Gen. Lew Wallace, her ateoson. Who waa at Xankake ahooting docks, was Informed by telegraph ef her death. Hep . eon, David Wallace, want to Cataract a noon to - day. . i I - Her other nearest surviving relatives are Judge James Leather. Mrs. Arthur B. Grover snd Mra William B. Clevlnger, of thts city, grandchildren' Mrs. Jemima Oatllnaj, a sister, wlf of Dr. Richard Gatllng. Inventor of the gatllag gun. who . home Is in New Tortcibut who U now la 8C Louis, where ahefhae been notified of th daath. - - ;. L - - .The Cataract Home.: " Cataract, the place wherMrs. Wallace spent h last day of her life, takes Its name from two Cataracts in the broad river which dashes' ever a rocky bed through th Stelner farm. Both fail ar within th boundaries of thi 'farm; snd the scenery Is beautiful and romantic; Overlooking the upper falls,, where the , water plunge over a hanging rock, forty - eight eet high, is the knoll upon which, stand th bandaome three - story bona In which ah mad her borne, th top ef which affords a wld survey of the country. ; ! - The third floor of the house is st time turned into a. great dancing hall. Cat - , v . m .v. ,t ..V. w U F 1 i a a' fnm it m r 4 n , Ii mi. la, a m t.. m & lyi a month passe in pleasant weathei that Mr. and Mrs. Stelner do not entertain parties of yourrg - persons from Chi - I cago, tndlanapoll or from the East, en joying a generous invitation to spend i week hunting, fishing, $111 climbing; an Zerelda G. ! Wallace; ;th youngest oC five daughter of Dr. ? John H. - Sanders, of MlUersburg. Ky., Was - bora st thai place eighty - four yeargfago. The family' soon afterward removed to IndlaaapoUs. where ; th daughters ail married men who were long promlnett la the bualness' life, of this city. Of these four sisters of Mrs, Wsllscs but one '. bow urvtv Mrs. Richard J. Gatllng. wlf ef the Inventor - of th Gatllng gun. Th ethers were Mrs. John H. Mcitae, Mrs. Pavldl Beatty and Mrs. Robert B. Duncatu Dr. Sanders was a : wll - rsd eraaa atd at . skillful physician. He taught his daugh ters and talked with them or all great questions, religious. 1 political and . sclentifle. In li3i'whs only nineteen years old, Zerelda Sanders was married to David Wallace! then Lieutenant Gov ernor of Indiana, nrho .the following! rear was elected Goyernor, 1 He later rjepre sented th Indlanapoti district tn ; Congress, and for several years saf.ss Judg of th Court of Common Pleas in Marlon county. ,11 dfd.Jit before the breaking out of. th w4 tearlnsr Mrs. Wallace with six young children. The family, home was for many years at th northeast corner of Massachusetts avenue! and New Jersey street, and. her the rVUow lived until along tn th eighties. - when th corner - was taken for a business block, and th house was removed farther to th north. . Pf lat years sh made 'her home with her dsughter, Agnes (Mrs. John H.'Steior). st Cat., aract farm. ear Cloverdala. ta Putnam . county. During hr entir Jlf She bad been. Interested .a: church and tetnieranc work, but was more than fifty years old before sM took her place upon the platform to become en of th besvknowu - nd moj forceful speakers la the caus of temperance - and woman sufrage. For twnty years; beginning iajlTI. she was a note t figur tn th work sh had chosen to dJ. She could rise bfot - aa audnoe, without not or pr;a.aif.. n, ai hcM f - .t th attention of all, whether t?r believed or dlshelleved her icK - tr1 - '. - F - had been a gr?Rt i - a Vr; , nr. 1 - v u t,h leetura jilatform fapM'.lnr not n - .:y with the spe - iil th - ir' - .i "Cpo 1 tvh; h talked.' but with..ai'r 't every yil"vt i lmportanr. Hi w.lit t - th wis remarkably brlg'it aui clei... ' ;t Continued oa Par t 2, t.

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