Hershey's Tenth Anniversary Celebration

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Hershey's Tenth Anniversary Celebration - jir'ijfc i itnrtr ,'V" t.\', ' ! , t tl 1 '...
jir'ijfc i itnrtr ,'V" t.\', ' ! , t tl 1 ' »itfr>ii ,m «t ,,, f; , fi.' .•, . 4 «,,,i *r»< '# orcfratt Will '.or- "nc by the , school 9 o -all Bttort* on thrt i r-md 10:86 ttntll 11.80 i;, riornlng, An,, ad •u - Herstoey, ot Balti it ,ie chief feature ot , • program. He Will , • W. TJ. HeniMl, ol r Philadelphia unit •MI! team will »§*t the ,. 3:30 o'eUMtlti -, i ond flfljf Mhool t> township Bchools , colored eajpit win rade • on Saturday • .lott pteiureft will bo ntSdrett at they march; n -till Meet at th« [idjing ftt 6 o'clock and, irk|y band, will march whor fl "i'oy w ' n .'.!.- -.... >•'. TOWN -;ir ppem on "Herohoy 1 j i * Paul Wagner, v«le- n.« graduating class of i hii-.'i Mhool. Two drill* 1 -i \'.f the smaller chll- i dob the youngsters • . rd HerBhey and an- Hershey pennants- .-m steel Company's , -•• a contort at this • • Kllzatootli Johnson, V.M' piny several violin j, ogram will conclude .•.litton by John Hayo, i. the tune ,of "Amr :.> f.iry of HerHhey—tho : .>ii and u town; an In- Idca; an nntnrprlao ;• i • mm:—and, iindorly- I ! rut Idea, thn ,. , .urn Dream—a i-In "Once upon a •" iltho It lu foundi'i) ,. j- really reads like n ."•-><•?. IH puradoxidl, pur? •• '; 8 may bo romance t Burns, and many a ; i -dlBgulfled In a bill '^"•d, the story of how jr: oil with acute foro,- ' • d business uoumoiv ii I SCIIBO OfJUStlCfir-t r.OO a. fti.—BonibiroMftg, Mfcwiftg flf wWstIli» ate. - s.oo a. Ju.-^-AtMhip flight fey/'filrdmah MctJaMey, tiling «fi fcc-torae ' fcr.Cttftlss Blpll«fe (Athletic Field). 10.30 a. m.—-tleftshey's Big .PWade, 4fi floats; 1600 participants, 1.00 fa loo p, m.—Concert* by Bethlehem Steel Co. flafld (East Park) 2.0fMo 2.48 p. tn,-—Outdoof Address by Thos. fiatrlft, Ph^U., of PhlladeU phla. Pa. Stibjnot: "Opponunity of Man" (East na i«ik 2.30. in 4.00 p. m.—"The High Fliers," a Musteal Cdtnedy (ifl Theatfef S.lfi fo fi.OO p. m.-—Baseball, Hershey vs. Lebanon, at Athletic Field (with Hershey Band. 40 mpn) ' 4.30 to 5.30 p. tn.'^-Cohcert by Bethlehem Steel Co. Sand (Bast Park) 5.00 to 6.00 p. m.»—Airship flight by "Blrdmnn" MeCailey '(Athletic Field) fi.30 to 8.00 p. m.—Concert by Bethlehem Steel Co. Band (East Park) 8.15 to 10.00 p. m.-—"The High Fliers," a Musical Comedy (In Theatre) n.00 to 11.00 p. hi.—Concert by Hershey Band (High School : Lawn) HATCItDAV, MAY 31ST 7.00 a. m..—Bombarding, blowing of whistles, otc. 9.00 a. m.—Airship flight-by "Blrdman" McCalley (Athletic Field) fl.30 to 10.30 a. m.^-Entert4lnmeiit by School Children (In.Theatre) with Bethlehem Steel Co. Band. .,.'... 10.30 to 11.30 a. m.—Freesfor-all Sports at Athletic Field (with tterahey ' .Band) 10.30 to 11.30 a. m.—Concert .by Bethlehem Steel Co. fiahd (East Park) 1.00 to 2.00 p. m.—Concert,by Bethlehem Steel Co. Band (Bast Park) 2,00 to 2.45 p. m,—Outdoor Address by Omar F.-Herahey, of {Baltimore, Md, Siipje'ct: "The Hershey Idea," alab'a short address by'the Hon. W. U, 'Hensel, of Lancaster (East P.ark) •?•' .. ':.» .'"'•' ' •:-..-•• '.2.30 to 4.00 p. m.—"The tflgh Jjniera," a Musical Comftdy (In Theatre) 3.30 to 5.01) p. ra.—-Baseball,^ Her?hey vs., P. & R., of.JJarrlsburg, at : "• - '•••.' Athletic: Field (-with HersheV^aniaV •; :; '7 • 4.00 to 5.60' p.' 'in'.—£once.rt*'b;^n$thleh^ '•'. 6.00 to 6,00 p. rruHr-A! bib Ip ; flight' by "Birdm'a'n'^'ilcOalleyiXAthfeUc Field) 0,30 to 8;bV.-nV,m.-7-iC^ncert^by^-Beth-te^ Park) . 8.30 p.m.—Big dlsniay of Fireworks (Athletlc^Field) /i!v - •' . ,. 8.15 to I'O.OO p. m.— "The High Fllnrs," a Ntiiflical Coniedy (In Theatre) 9,00 to 11.00 p. m.—Concert-'by Hershey, Band (High School Lawn) lii new, • MartimotJi' pdvilllon, afternoon and evening, both days i. M.bnu.mont, ti Um condition '.off' i« M, 9. Herahoy> anjl 'j?. thh town, .which li|i .-. • loh bourn his namj •inly u town of aoinj >u now, but .doHtlnej ui will make It< vsutry's Industrial. cut{- nh, .Hertmey IB uuldiu) :«• and I".Its. potential!- This morning at 8.30 o'clock, a largo concourse of citizens, accompanied, by tho Horsbey. IJftijd, wont, to tho Mansion grounds of M, H. Horshoy, is rather larger ,-thnn 'the '•" 'cTassic form, and its recurving, - pondiint- adorned handles, are extended above tho-cup's top which was no'ver tho .t'iKuion, ."!!,! ,<:'}• V';.< !••> tlilr'toon vallav which botween S Whore, \V. H. Lobkichor, v?ho far thw , case with these Grpek. vaaoa. pftSt 8.0 yourshas 4 been 'actively Ideri-1 . fPhle. dlBc,;b.a«e,JH surrou.nt1ed..wlUi (filed with tlie Fouunr- of Horshey, a cliaplut of, onK loaves with ucorn on boltalf of his 1700 umployooB, j mid cup visible In between,, while the shoulders of thn bowl tiro orna- uionttul with soniotlil.ng resembling, n (•onvcntloniilliiod Inuro) loaf with ber- flhall wo not say that-both, tho oak and Hie Inurol are. appropriate (.o tho rftruor of the mnn-tho oak that composed tho Roman civic crown bestow- ocl for saving Hie life of a citizen, :ind -the Iniirel given by'tho old fireeks at their Pythian games to those who \vtrn and also as a mark of him u Loving Oup. It la a handsome work of art, toon Inji.heHj hl^h, nmdn of silver, lliiod with gold, and 110 ouncos, It-Is a graceful, pointed oyul, In general shape not unlike tho. decorated nmphorno slvon ns to tho victorious (Ireok ath- ln their ancient Pannthenalc fe^tlvalB, and like.those Is mounted nu oak-loaf ornamontiHl, llllet.- niouth for wtain olTlces. and at* PerlifipB HOtue may suy i that sjlnce; the oak,.was sacred Lo Jupl- tpr, tlf 1^ Is u,clitp.lAlj.ot honor,to Her-, .Upon liH^-s/dt»bf)'l)Hi,cup IH the fol-1 lowing , fiijBcrJptjQh, elegantly en-' graved In ornamentiil lettering:! "Presimted io.-MUton S. Hershey as I a toktiii of affection and esteem by 'his' employees on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary Cnlebratlon of the Founding of^Horshey, Pn., May 30th-:tlst, 1913; I base the whole being enclosed In a rich, satin lined mahogany case. | This line piece of artistic work i Was done by the Bailey, Banks and Bidtllo Co., of••:Philadelphia, Pa. i ml lea of of biillillngs, two l,i MV, i'ciied..'In" bricks of n ^ ,»; tho wprd : "IIKII- .'4ld to yourself "On itl«'« town," and then t»: l on, dismissed the your mind. Next tliuii vvi^y, stop off. It will uai :., •( course, HarBliey It .Hr*^s' eUocolnto manufaetory i'u'!ill HtiHea, mul ono of tlie '. i mi'.»*.<»• l« -'\ at the kind In the i-iu H la niuoh inorq than 'Hi' 1 v rat> and woof of tho .- (h.. .'uialuows, but behind ihi> uutsHduftUity of th» man. • i ; "•• .U'uts, aud his ttwbl- .M,;I at) ho has done, lie >.«n !,,; n<i has only begun. i •••:•<••<. rue town of Horahoy u i. iu of .mutual Interests. i : :-i'-.. Its heart-beat IB ! in f\. - -'-. •!»!« factory, and all i, t:•.-!•« «re more,or l«s» i ;!i.;fn.-d Wlth.1t. l^Ut Its .. -M. t--. ao inountt uxcluvlve. >! • i>'iplo suacog, wide <,' ,.» i'i'fUla isrouod, excellent ,»i!'j room for all who may i - •»-!;><!, Herajioy InvltoB ':><•: 5u;v» an earnest purpose al-)i"ty to carry it out; but or u speculator h ai', fl, and a klniler- founded an o\ci.'l|i>nt pu'bllo school, uu Is now () roctluK ut a coat of )f 100,Odd, ono of tho lurKimt. und bttHt appointed niodorn school I hulldlngH In the state; planned n uloaauro Park BOOOIU! to noun outsldn 'Pl'ijlttrtelphla or PlttsburK, wiulppotl wlth*"an nloctrlo r.itlwuy. CHIOS, aiul all klndH of uiiiuscincntK Hitrli iu, an amphlUioatro st-athiK I'ldo, oni* , dance pavilion largo enough for ififl oouplos, ailoHipr for Mid, 1( $ui,ood oarouBRl; and finally, a mllo from , town, lu\s laid tho fouuiluUnn* for an Industrial School for orphan buys which will somo day booonir a philanthropy rivalling In nl^o It' not lu wealth Indeed, Olrui'd ColU<KO It- Ht'lfl •This Is hut a burn outllno of what his work moiuiH, On tlmro m H striingor. oxumlnn Into tho opura- <lon O4id philosophy of tin* pln<-i<, Olid HftVoral thlngx will Impress you btrlklnKly. First, you will i'm-1 that horn Is n cuniniunllv Him SCOIHK to uolely on I'M own rcsonrct^, In Ittoir, und without ai>< peal to .tVi wiUlilH world. Tht-n you may be surprised lo (llscov..:- that an onormous busluou.H, KU>>|I UK this, can bo prosperously conduct- workor feelti himself to bo a of one family, whom all aro atrtv- Ing togothor for Iho conuiion good which, of course, iiiPtinsthe Individual food.. N»Kt—and norha<p8 this u the moat i\u)arkable fouture |n thasu mVbeliavluBxUmeii when men of large wealth aud Interests are looked up- un OB little loV than monitors—' you wlll.tUul the moving spirit of tu 9 ' plojBtt—tho man who^ m«dp It and who cowtJnuoB to pervade it with h|B per»QW»lll;y^-to bu » »««n who !tttkea H k;oeiv enjoyment in. boneilt^ lu| others, ospoclally thqsu whu toil fpr him Strangest of all, there Is no jnook nenttoieut In his attitude. 4 word it-bout tho uniMCiidtniU ot the w^n who hag dona tlila remark fta4 UeCore whom Us* family U from a family whose oommon ancea tor wt\8 a Swiss, ,nc(iulrO(l n consld- tr»\)lo 'luniitlty of land near where the town of llorphoy now stands, and built a. homestead there, hi Hint old homestead MIHon S. llprshoy was born Ilfty. years ago. Looking-llmrk over the t record of what ho has done-slnc e then. It may ho truly said he la a, solf,-mado. man which may explain wh.y. he takes such a keen delight. In. helping, oth- tirti to iiiako themselves. He had no ousy tlma of U In his youth. The stock of which ho camp did not In- elude Idlors. Klrnf he wont .to work an a morp lad In a, country printing- shop, but tho business was dlstaBte- ful to him... Watching his opportunity, he apprenticed JUmswlf to Jostiph Royer who t cond,H ( 't«d a con- I'lH-tloiuM-y tuisiuciss In Lancaster, Pa in AK lime rolled on, ho ernqtod t\ factory in un!<cafiiei for the manu- l'uct\u i i> of ciu'iuueU. luul after he had don, so, and wlilliv his. success , was stl'l c.r.Mii. ho received,n flftUerlng ullor for tho business. He HCQ.flp.tod iho uffur. hut I'OMted from the pur- t'hasirs Hluiut oiui-half of the space In Hi,, fnc-lory which ho ,h»d built. I TluMi ho-iiitgagml in tU(J . chocolate t'usliuss. tiifii lu its infancy,' and invontml, u priicesi g(-uv,aHlng milk rhur-oiutt*. tin 1 !uivantat-,e« ,of which nifiil lay flreat sretches of arable and productive fajm land, and he lost no timo In ImproAfing on that knowledge. ' . Half a mile from Dorry Church h ( .• houjjlit ilfteen hundred acres of land, on olther !; side of the tracks "f th.. i fdiuiion Vajley Division ol' tho Rending Rflilrood, No better Berry station was torn, down and. a neat stone structure .erected by the. Reading Company .at. iHershey, a» the new station'was called, in his honor, That Company" has. also. recently 'built' 1 a trim little station on the opposite .bide".of the tracks for Dip west-bound'-traffic. •• Thai thn railroad made no mis-' take Is (shown by the fact that in d few years i Hip old Derry' freight and passenger business had • increased . ovor on e hundred and ilfty per cent!. At this writing (1013) Hershey returns a greater total • annual ;pas- pfinger and .freight business, than either of Its neighboring towns, Palmyra or Hummelstown, both four times as large! It was very handy to have the freight system, with th e sidings and all the rest of it, right at the doors of the factory, but the facilities of the postal service were quite as necessary, so Mr, Hershey promptly made application to the department omcia.ls in Washington, through the Congressional representative- of tho district. As toon as the facts were rnndp known, the application"" was granted- President Roosevelt made th fi appointment, and Hershny ofll- clally won a. nine.* «n t.hd'.tnap. Looking about him for. more official worlds to conquer, as it were, this man who was rearing a community on a cake of...chocolate., a? one might soy. decided that!he.heed- ed a trolley system to connect Her- the basis of iil^chdracter, set about the taiikV of carrying hl,l,plan to. the mor e >eia/bor'atet^extent-.he had al- w.ay&i,; jn.r ;i; piln.d S 5 ^^yv; ; .,th p factory and 'ihfe/! ria.ilroa'di.statlo'h' and tho post -.office,; pne. might, have thought h e ' wb'uid >i; be.,conteiit, v -but his ambi- tionjwns^.tp;biilid'X;town, perhaps a has progresse'dl'ihjlhe- way. The best way to find out about that, however, is to go there. . As y(\u step 6l£ the train the first ohject thut arrests the attention is a handsome •.striio.ture ;-6f white j I marb! 0 crowninjx the height towards 'the south like .another .Parthenon ! glistening on its Acropolis top. That {is the Hershey Trust Company 1 building. Take a few steps toward it and I the eye will sweep >on the left a I view of a< line of grey, limestone buildings extending from- those' of the Chocolat e Company's office up to the circular Cafe,. the Y. M. C. A. and gymnasium •bullcjln.gs, Looking;to the north,.- just across, the way from; thv track, .stands .a. 'fine limestone edifice with red rbofn, on whose front appears tli e . legend "Young W.omen'js •Qh'rlstlan ; .Associa> t tlon, 1 ' while - a' Uttle further to,.tha tho old kliuU,, baUi. us, u (pod and an a uweot mout^sU'eltQP Ohvlou 8 lo ri-nulri, t'ini>ha8(B. -lils. success w«» so Immediate, n,m\ «p'r^Pl*!,t&»,t It was not IOUR Uutora tfte business had outgrown- the rqs.tr.i?j#<\ facilities pf UiiiK-uster. The supply of pure mllK was ouo of thYmPst Important r.uiislduruildn-8, and Sir. Horsliey rio-j pltU'd that he-'Would have to remove hi.s plttnl or establish a uow one t^ spurn rK'h' m'grlcuUura'l district where, thu supnly would b«\ abundant. - I N«t«rally, his thoughts rftvprted to hU UQUJO district, the advantages qf wU,ic}v ho knew ot' old, «»d U«* vw the h^luril»» of the tow|» ot'Hw- eJjWi Tl»,erB 'wasn't '»uy tow»''ftfc »l| • •*•'•---• The^«rMt'ftA : the purpose liv-,ivlew. It is ajmost exactly luklwayj between Harrlsburg. the cnpltnl of /the, state, and non, with half a, dozen smallei within easy distance. • Building operations were, begun In May, inOS.'pa the slt e of a stone •quurry. The .amount of work involved was onorn^dus, especially in fhe mutter of excavation, but thn necofisnry llmostono wa^ oxcavativl from the earth and. the Construction of tht> factory, went, on apace. •In ihu ineuutiipo il>tr t , had been no InturruptlQii o( the business In (Lancaster. J^firytMinfi wpn t O n thorn a.s usua}. aft^.lt was not until Uu now factpry hjiUdingii were ready in evory rfispoc.t Hi^t the busliu'SH was. nxgyed from, thy on« plm-n to -ho otb.er. Thja had consumed time, but Mr, Hershey hud buei.\ ariivp in o.UiW way*. Thn idea of making a new. 'own out of thlai fair land wb,er e ,h&had erected thp uew fai-'iiry ha.4 appealed to him strongly, mid IM fell siirtL he couitl do It. , Ho at once A«ked the Reading 'Railway otlloiaU to give him a station ut hl.i navr towiislte; but they thinking him a dreamer, were with dilltculty persuaded to grant hh True there w*«i a little old rum- shnp>;le situcturtt, onlled by courtesy a station, at Derry Church, but Mr. Herahey didn't care for that. "I want a ^tfttlpn right hero a' the factory," A,» 8»ld- "and you'll And that U w|U W In the matter of increa^eo frej^t. But I'll do more than that, I'.H give you tho Jand, if you'll Nid (he st,»iion. '» about »n »yw». break." So. Mr. HiTgfcey gav'e the company railroad was all very well for the freight traffic and passenger business from distant points, but he had^other in view, notably the Hersjiey he raeant to construct, and wanted to get Into qu\ck with the surrounding 'country. Thin was not such an easy matter, for at that (\tn& the necessity for such u, road was not apparent/- but again the earnestness ot the man prevailed, and on January 30, 1913, the Legislature of the state granted the charter for the HuniQielstown and Campbelltown Strea Railway Company, and U began operations in the following Octdber, , Thero were originally twelve miles of trackage and seven cars. Yhls has been increased to twenty- two and a half miles and fourteen passenger cars, besides a .-sweeper and a repair car. There Is a direct connection between Hershey ant). Lebajioji, Palmyra, CarnpbeJItown and Hunjmeis- town, tqwAs lying on either side of Hershey, and a further connection- th«pugh a branch, with Harrlaburg; so that to reach th e larger world, on P Is not dependent OR, $he railroad only, Mr. Uershey equipped th% sv^em with fourteen large eleptrlo cars o( the most modern pattern, mid/built n spacious car harn, just adlqlnins iho chocolat> factory, (n bJq usual fashion, he did not sfeimpTeyen In doing, this—he is wot a's^njpejv- and the Hershey headquarters ot tho trolley line arp Uuit-> t&\ oojn> Plete and up,to < «d?i0 < '^ t^fb way us are the other 4?WN-WW«9 lo f this enterprise, t^ ?&9« j^^R is now knowu^ as t T^»«.^M|^^P'^' nprtli you seo.the: sipping rpofji pf, the bi§ c-oiiBervatory., . '(Were you"tb walk about tlje town^ th e uniformly large and handsome houses wpuld^Im,press you, and -tha amost.'totara'biiencfe o'f smajl, ordin- tijy bujliMnftB. You w'lli also note the' wide' splices lying .In ''between them', and the'presenca of flne lawnSj often adorned with plants and flowers—In 'a; word, the 'same 'kind of homes that one ''generally;, UndB lu the Hrrt class residence 'suburbs °f our large cities. As you approachI Horshey from the east, on your left wlll'be seen .a dumber of structures still mor e . Imposing, while at a greater distance on the right are seen the redifoofsand turrets^ of the large naaneion house of the Fo'under of' •Hershey." The natural beauty; of the Her* shey lowri site, Is very great; If you, have hit upon a flue'day, the general view of the surrounding country is enough to-move you. Over on one side • rise the nilst-icovered summits of the Qliie' RjdgOj and 1" all directions the oye rests upon a Beritty-noili'n& -down-try, rich wjWh vendure 'and picturesquely' punctuated here and there by brooks and rivulets, with now andithen 8 miniature water-fall- Ta early spring o.r summer, when nature is In full bloom, the spot is <»s delightful a on* as you could nnd-jn^s.n^a.aay's travel. There was no gre«d of space as there is in cities, 1 wJtw>u\W$rih,«y was laid quj, ajjd ufher«iYfe,r yoy turp, you flnd long,{ grwsy sw^pS, groifej| of shade trees and »» tbe sounds, sights odors of>- tb> equ»try, • That flf place plan* grUMHng away in Aroaaiau IS )< 'innu-^u, itiflge*. jlirtes and oftiti f»tt afi IfespiH&f afid fat seven counties! Little Btju&reG c-f cultltated shour Bellow fat away amid ,lanai«j>e of green ahd bfown the. sunlight falls lipdft *•» of dark woods in evtfy i distant hills Sl6pthg fit BV'U towards the v alley ( hefe'ttttiT! away-pff to the ,noHhpast, wbltj* bulldlnfes appear Infough th^ trees and in the opehj in the west an* seen the gleaming waters' of the Swatera an its sllfery threads in 8erp£,ftUfle folds wind 1ft and otit among th e trees In th e .y.alt<ft belo^ . Off to the south, flying along thb lowest levein Vetwrieh tM e hills, one sees, th e railroad engines dragging their long trains, now lost to slgiit. ,npw in, full view with their trailing banners of smok e and steam behind them..,. .•-,.• h Is .Interesting to observe thn different color'value of'th e far-off mountains ranged the one behind the other with softened outlines In ; the r remoter distance or piled seemingly "alp on 'alp." At the spectator's foot just .about a mile'distant as the croW wlnga U, lies Hershey town, It 8 neat tulldlngn ad'dlng, another touch of beauty to toe''scene. : Altogether It Is an inspiring prospect of varied loveliness, one which viewed:'from the vantage bround-of a high tower rising above ther superb; hOfltelry.'that some day wlll.crown th|s nobl e ' hilltop, giving a yet wider ,p.utl6dk.-. will. afford .a f.harmlnK panorama, of- scenic beauty seldom (surpassed. .•.,.> '.. ;The gradlnig for a trolley --line from Herahey"to th fi top of , tMs elevation has been nearly finished!- 'n'nd the ties are now being. lald, : ;The .sUe'Jflj admtrably adapted for a. ujfiR hPtel, for -heslo>H the lovely vlew''lj Is the coolest, breeziest spot, itifp .many a mile around. "The W.l!n<\"'ti rteyer weary" there— sonietiililg much, to b e desired ° n hot sijtnti5,^r days. When wo. nrst visited.tH^lpiil. while in the stlfUng lWian*&a'.:Hffe smoke was lazily curling away from _the talJ chimneys of the Chocolate plant, up there a tmart breeze .wi 1 * going, and while on a second^ there was some air stirring up ther e it was ''blowing j?nns," as the sailoH say. Ail ..._. things, its fresh air, perfect drnjri- age, and cool breezes, 1 joined t Jovely outlook, should "highly,, e'h'^it as a bealtb>and Plc*aRjUr rt% o T i The -visitor's Imagination 'teat HUlo illllp when he begins"' quire aibout the town's street For example: . "What's the name of this he asks, imagining, of coursb, it is either Main or Market street, as in the majority of places of the size. /' ' "This is Chocolate Avenue,"' Replies the guide „ i', "And the two streets b-yond, tlkt He parallel?" '."/ ' '* "The flrst is Caracas Avenlifi'a;iltl the other Granada AVenue. ' TJieli the four cross avenues arq- jioin^'d Cocoa, Ceylon, Java uiid 'parft.^.Iljp you catch the idea' U A lh e to mean anything at alL^w-fly' have the names of Its streetBic( rVr that meaning? Somp of ouj-^bVpiBt 'beans are grpwn In tjie *pla?e.|" named, in Venezuela^ Javfi, (-tefi and Para." Certainly'the;ide^ . keeping with th 8 novercnara](jten;6t Hip town and yourjntorestj )s'|tltBJi- lated anew. ' ' ', ' -'. '',\'< After climbing the ^bilt''fr9in"tiie. railroad tp Chocolate Avenu.e the. visitor sees on Its opposite comer-'.a long, two-storied, p ' '" somewhat after ttie s|on style with ljor,i^|ijta.l eaves jvitU coping the Hershty Dopirtmcn a metropolitan ajfaitf filled with stocks of ^poda variety, (quality and are worthy t|t<*se o| a, pig Yon tall, dr*b tpwef belohg^-'J th» ti)'° house, Here are kept ' v . ilrst class sleam lire online, a tfjick and several hose carts, .Fpunded fly Mr. Ijersljey Jhe. Jij-e Apartment<-<is a chartered cpmpftnyt'nwde up " his employes ejpote^.liy^llot. **" are 1$$ V> e wbJ^fp^'a||{) for tbejr,re- laxation, tb,erp is w » f">-ftdlng roomiqih the upper f!}por,qfttU£'pns!ne h ^^ equipped With a pppl tab!? and ptti- er me^ns^ pf •aui^eMfi'ftt' But ^|o town H 8> 4<\V B « r ~ b iM^j» arious flr ^'\ iA' stsp .fui'l^erTb,riHffc y° u '° ^" cafe, a hl^;Kri4iVr>at«urant__^J- der tho fua K *jr<"T^;*-wi f * v ^ ^ jVl, oateren H Ad^qinJn^g.J^spfclous <JH jog roqn>J|>^^8flj4l^flP pe Ia vr rptunda 9B''t^V*^; fWcb^is sj|r.

Clipped from
  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 30 May 1913, Fri,
  3. Page 6

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