Spanish Influenza - What It Is and How It Should Be Treated

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Spanish Influenza - What It Is and How It Should Be Treated - INFLUENZA- WHAT IT IS IT SHOULD BE TREATED...
INFLUENZA- WHAT IT IS IT SHOULD BE TREATED Nothing New--Simply the Old Grip, or la Grippe, That Was Epidemic in 1889-90, Only Then It Came From Russia by France and This Time by Way of Spain. Go to Bed and Stay Quiet-Take ° e se VJU UJ ojv,u emu w t u y £ » YrlTrl T , · TT» A. T^1«*«4.*« xxf a Laxative -- Eat Plenty ot Nourishing Food -- Keep Up Your Strength -- Nature is the Only "Cure". iin be-! four days or more, according the severitv of e attacl£ - ALWAYS CALL A DOCTOR NO OCCASION FOR PANIC Spanish Influenza, which appeared in Spain in May, has all the appearance appearance of grip or la grippe, which has In order to stimulate the lining the air passages to throw off tie germs, to aid_ in loosening the phlegm and keeping the air passages passages open, thus making the breathing breathing easier. Vick's VapoRub will be found effective. Hot, wet towels should be applied over the throat, rhe^t and back between the shoulder blades to open the pores. Then Vapo-Rub should be rubbed in over the parts until the skin i« red. spread on thickly and covered with sweut over the world in numerous two thicknesses of not flannel epidemics as far back as history runs. Hijvoocrates refers to an epidemic epidemic in 412 B. C., which is regarded regarded by many to have been influenza Leave the clothing loose around the neck as the heat of the body ihe ingredients in the form of vapors. These vapors. Inhaled with Every century has had its attacks, .each breath, carry the medication directly to the parts affected. At the same time, VapoRub is absorbed :hrough and stimulates the sXjn, attracting attracting the blood to the surface, thus aids in relieving the congestion within. HOW TO AVOID THE DISEASE Evidence seems to prove that is a germ disease, spread princi^..., by human contact, chieflv through coughing, sneezing or spitting. So avoid persons having roltls--which means avoiding crowds--common drinking cups, roller towels, etc Keep up your bodily strenith by plenty of exercise in tha open air and pood food. KEEP FREE FROM COLDS Above all. koep free from colds, Beginning with 1831, this country has had five epidemics, the last in 1889-90. There is no occasion for panic-influenza panic-influenza itself has a very low percentage percentage of fatalities--not over one death out of every four hundred cases, according to the N C. Board of Health, The chief danger lies ir complications arising, attacking principally patients in a run down condition--those who don't go to bed soon enough, or those who get up ttio early. THE SYMPTOMS Grip, or influenza, as it is now railed, usually begins with a chill, followed by aching, feverishness and sometimes nausea and dizziness, and a general feeling of weakness and depression. The temperature is from 100 to 104, and the fever usual- lv lasts from three to five days. The germs attack the mucous membrane, or lining ot the air passages--nose, melt a little VapoRub'm~a A * . .. _ _ A. J \.^*-++*1*.lr,1 4-ltVinC- .+ h£M"Q 1C J ^ t . _ l _ J. 1_ _ - · f c / ' J V ' l A O.1J U as colds irrit-^e the air passages of (he rentier them much better breeding places for the Use Vick's Vor-oRiib at th? very of a cold For a head cold throat and bronchial tubes--there is jinhale the vapors, or better "stilF usually a hard cough, especially baflp'aporRub in a benzoin steam at night, often times a sore throat or if this is not avaPib'e. tonsils, and frequently all the ap-lnarv tea-keHle. Fill half full of pearances of a severe head cold. boiling water put in half a THE TREATMENT. ST) oon of VapoRub from time to Go to bed at the first symptoms, time--keep the k°ttle just slowl? not only for your own sake, but to boiling and inhale the ^tearn avoid spreading the disease to oth- NOTE: Vick's VapoRub is the ers--*ake a purgative, eat plenty of covery of a North ParolSa nourishing food, remain perfectly W ho found how to comb'tip m Valve ouiet and don't worry. Quinine, torn, Menthol and Ciraphor w rh Aspirin or Dover's Powder, etc.. may, such volatile oils as Fnr-i be administered by the physician's Thyme, Cubebs etc so th-ir directions to relieve the aching. But I the salve is applied" to the there is no cure or specific for m- heat, these ingredients are li fluenza--the disease must run its j n the form of vaDrtr , course. Nature herself will throw | vaporRub is comparator , K -w m off the attack if only you keep up New York state and New your strength The chief danger lies ' and a fe w western state? whirp" it in the complications whi 9 h may , just now Dei TMf r ? . s ^ es - where « is Eucal /plus, when body bu t u n arise. Influenza so weakens the other sections of the conmrv it £ hftdilv resistance that there is fi Rtan^o^ \~L~ ^_r°V._. y ll 1S ,the standard home remedy in ger of pneumonia or bronchitis de- than a million homes for all veloplng. and sometimes inflamma- co i d troubles. Over s" million ?a?s tion of the middle ear, or heart af- we re sold last vear It is ,?£«£, fections. For these reasons, it is i ar i y recommended ' for very important that the patient re- croup or colds afn.v it' l« main in bed until his, strength re- applied and therefore ·»« twrna-stay in bed at least 2 days or freeir^ desired withoS roc-rt after the lever has^left you, o^ est harmful effects! w- i*t.

Clipped from The Chronicle-Telegram23 Oct 1918, WedPage 10

The Chronicle-Telegram (Elyria, Ohio)23 Oct 1918, WedPage 10
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  • Spanish Influenza - What It Is and How It Should Be Treated

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