The Death of President Lincoln

Article chronicles every fifteen minutes of Lincoln's final hours.

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The Death of President Lincoln - .S i. 34 f:, - ! 'k 1 r i - ' ; i i Hk- Hk- ,V...
.S i. 34 f:, - ! 'k 1 r i - ' ; i i Hk- Hk- ,V .i M 1. . : J- J- 5 PIUCE FOUtl 'CEIi'TO n OURGBEATXOSS Death of President) Lincoln, The Eoross of Victory Drowned) in Sorrow. CLOSING SCENES. OF A NOBLE Iff 4t CW JVfJmaaaaDdacct.lydeacJlaapeoncw W w71 flicted NatioxJ f Pirtj piffcrencts Ft rgottea fn.-PnhTir fn.-PnhTir fn.-PnhTir M mm, -: -: 1 GrieL yicc-Prcsldest yicc-Prcsldest yicc-Prcsldest Jchnson itangnrated sa Chief Executive. ESTt. BEWAIU WILL RECOVER. JcfJaa TTIIkes Hootb JSetHved ! 4 - UD AHMaUU OtBl&iUtieu' cf tlis feojle '.Ttronglioiit lbs Cos&try. : . j, OFFICIAL DISPATCHES. ."Waa Daanra, WaaataoToa, f AarUlo 4:10 A. 4 . J If aJer-Ceav aJer-Ceav aJer-Ceav Di x - - r, ' ,The lrealdent contlnoea Inaenalble and t Inking.. . ; - j - ' i. -. -. . ' i Secretary Seward remains without change Taiii2icK SgwAAD'i skull, is frc lured j Id 5 "two places, beaidea a aeyere cut apon the - head. Tl attendant laktilljaJlTe, but hopeless Mj. Sitard's wound is not aneerous.1 ! It la ow aacertained with reaaoaaWe eer taint 4hat two asaaaalna were engaged In the horrible crime, Wilcbb Booth being the one that bot th President, .and the other! companion. jf his' whoae name -Is -Is o' ksown, but whoae flescriptlor " is so clear that be can hardly rea spe. ' It appears' from a letter found In fUooTH's trunk that tbe murder was planned I before the 4th of March. -but -but fell through then because the accomplice backed out octil r- r- Richmond could be beard from. Booth i . . . - i .nd his accomplice were at the liyery stable v at six o'clock last eTeninc, andlefl there with : . j ' . their horaes about ten o'clock, xw shortly-be- shortly-be- shortly-be- shortly-be- t'fore that tour.' j- j- 1 1 It would eeem that they bad for several Jsya been aeekinj their chance, but for some sankuown reason it waa not carried intrO efiict ntil Iaat night. - , ' One of them has CTldntly mstde hla wat to Xalilmore ike other has not yeat'been traceon? ' Enwur M. SrAstros, . ' SecretaYT of War, 1 ' Was 7aTAtfKzn, WAiaotaxpa, April 15. JStijor-Gen. JStijor-Gen. JStijor-Gen. Dixt - . . I-:. I-:. I-:. AitiHia Liacoui ' died this morning twenty-two twenty-two twenty-two mincles after serrn o'tlock. , - Secretary of War. ; , WAa TaABranre, ' . VAiTOMiToa, Apr U 15 S P. Ja. 1 Jl&Gu Bis .Vcie-ror .Vcie-ror .Vcie-ror " . 'i . Official notice of the death of tba lata Preaident, AaaABAJi Lncour, waa g Iren by tha homda ofj Vpartmenta this' mornlnx to Aitraxw JoHssos. Tko-Preaident, Tko-Preaident, Tko-Preaident, npon whom, tha conitltutl-pn conitltutl-pn conitltutl-pn de-to14 de-to14 de-to14 the office of Preaident. X!r. j JoElso, .upon roceitinr thla notieo, appeared he fore the Uon. Salvos P. Cxajb, Chief Jootlco of the United Statoa, and took tho oath of office, aa Proaideat of the United States, assumed Us duties and functions. At 12 o'clock the Preaident met' the heads of departments in cabinet meeting, at I the Treasury Building, and araorg thef buai jsaaa the fallowing waa transact od 1 V ,1 i Jrf Tha arrangamenta for the fsneral of the ! lata i rreaidsnt wers referred to the aevsr! Cscrs- Cscrs- Uriea,aa far aa ralaies to their rcspecUao de .partmenta. 1 J. Scmi- Scmi- WnxtAtt u Hcstxs, Esq , was anointed t BtaU during the diaabUity ; Acting Secretary f Mr. BxwAAP, and hia soL FusxaiCS Saw AAB. th Assisttnt Secretary, j " 1 TLuJ TV a Trl.lpnt formailv announced that m " " m a m - " - . - . . - , . . . . C7 . . . .I rf Am. n fieaueu o reuun tow jurann ovii. t partaaents of hia Cabinet, and they would x ocj and discharge their respective du'Jes la the same ?J k..n arm befir th depiorabre event! that m cbaosai tk head Ot the jorerBiamC I : . 1 . i,. J 1 a i ' . t - 1 -.lit -.lit ; i 1 4 . i . I . .1 .ft ! t 1 1 , ! 1 1 I : I . Tb aTfonk rPrt that tb OBdUion of . Mr Be la doiflj welL eijknt In Mr. 3 improve !PBKDCftIOK Biwaid. Th mwde w haVa not jet ln apprehed 1 ) i j' f .1: Secretary of War. 8 japrll 14. Tia alal4orrretdent Ltwcpui lejt behind ett beh k 1 bdm Whatnji apor. r K Trwidnt'a "box Tna ai iwa fioB I Ua barn iientified bV partiea jo whom It h.a ' I- I- beenabown 8lbe,tne dnwue p-rp p-rp p-rp . '.iJ . d..a bTo'tter partlea, not laUowtxi "J "J H before' 'dfrJerlblJij It- It- P , 1 Tba 'put dropped iipon tbe at. amj bat aI.'o5baljedified w the 4oa proured at aj 7A.iT... i 1 I- I- it . , L I L ' - i 4 m L i . a. .ame nan aueu a bars be same aaan anloz ! 1 L ! ' Two t .ktlerlen who went to the Secretary I I:!. ' I.I.' ' . '..J '! J iyvar o appri ajetittbereefe .in,keloakJw,bd, i ence oCirte former a mafa moBle.1 t 'la when aecoated by lhem,iaaine!L; j swsfJ ii' . - I . ; . ! It hadbern Mr. StAwreB's Intention to accorn .1 .uJ.k..,J nH nnrnriT the pany Mr.;Aiatfc "i 7 r " anie: box'J but; the prert oi Da.ino.a i ! r i- i- -a -a : --a --a --a 1 . . r a.- a.- .i IT 1 rt i.lkr. i;ma ridant that' tba Sink of the A. -J- -J- -J- ! i if . i U td paralyse the eoubtry by at nce- nce- tntliri K,v..-.- K,v..-.- K,v..-.- K,v..-.- , 1 r ' i I : t n T -,rn- -,rn- -,rn- am lha hood: the Heart ano iao m f!. il t - - i aVvO. . mT. heart and Ik r-i r-i r-i h; I ...U.M.B, r- r- - . . it: "ii i i .r the cOnnLry. hi H- H- -I -I li t .' a-a-4i a-a-4i a-a-4i a-a-4i a-a-4i ' 'In c-frw c-frw c-frw i i omenta the lelegrapn nao. www the wb'le poUda force of.iho city j : AilWj Mai Ch and aeveral membere of tbe City . . "1 1 . 1 . 1 , Goverp merit wire soon oh the spot and every! - ! 1 taken to preserve; order and ouiet, ?preca tlon waa. 8. A I : ! in the city. n ' Washington Waa patrolled an Eyrry street 1 - the. request of Mr. Eichads. lent horses, to pobnt tbe poliee. . Gem. AcBun Eaery'lrdad leading out of Waabington was! stramilj picketed, and very possible avenue of escape wsJ thfoughly guarded. Riaimholts ahout to debart down the Potomac were stopped.: r Theh)airy Cif-onic Cif-onic Cif-onic says : i I Alitia aus'iiectcd that thia conapiracy i n - ' 1 r . 1 1 - ' 1 . .,i i. i ja soon aa tbe oronaiui avenj'",p"'-i avenj'",p"'-i avenj'",p"'-i Ennui about 9 o ctoca nu vuicw u.u-w u.u-w u.u-w yu, in tbe' streets, Superintendent BiqSAansJ and htaj I houra attendance durinf the nighl, L-i:'. L-i:'. L-i:'. Jnr. to diMover the asaassin I LL-.:J. LL-.:J. LL-.:J. .ku mnnJ t P. ! 'ImTi' INUMUiOi T Sw inated in Mary'land) .tbe legrjfcph fl..hed -tbeM,oot -tbeM,oot - . j j ' ..: ; : Y. N motlrrlfulnUs to Baltimore ani iilthe cavalry iwaalmmed atelt put opdn -acutel -acutel duty. ' i f - 1 1 H I'kKii. -V -V I'-LJ.!.'- I'-LJ.!.'- I'-LJ.!.'- I'-LJ.!.'- X road was picketta ana every precamiuu u taken tol. r a . 1 . . .1 r 1 , . ? 1 . 1 i . : . IN. r.. !. .v-l-.-jT. .v-l-.-jT. .v-l-.-jT. .v-l-.-jT. .v-l-.-jT. .v-l-.-jT. .v-l-.-jT. nrv. .' '1 nnliminirtlV .iprertuk uib oiip wi ......" r r : a - 1 -fc -fc j ' I J . L.t 1 .. i L.-::1- L.-::1- L.-::1- L.-::1- ' if examibatioii: wab made by pdeasm Bicbards anoi iiis aeaiatanta.' Serai person ?fy ahdl the evidence aa elicited bofoj-e bofoj-e bofoj-e an Informal Juibunal, and nol fonder oath waa jooicljisive toj thia point. The rourdererot" President Lihcols , .. r 1 1 ! ' i Is. 5- 5- ' I ' J . . I waa Jpra WiUgs B0OTH.j Hia bat-waa bat-waa bat-waa Sound inj tbenrlvate loxiand Identified byj everai personas wbo had aeenblm wubm ;the laat two aay a, ana . ! . i i i . r i - i . , If; 1 the spur which he dropped by accident, ifter bet jumped to the 6tag0, was r4dentlfied aa one of i i those -hlch -hlch i he had obtained from the stable where ne xarea pim none, j Itl:. . Ttnmvir In nlavxil fnoftt tban AnCO at ?Ford"a Theatre, and is, of course, acquainted w 1 1ts exits! and etitraciee, and tbj fciUtt '.wi i t i t tt i i ; .! i i . . 1 1 i rt I .. J ' : j ' r ... l.i. -.Iikl -.Iikl I. f wnicil ine ecjn vuuu ui -- -- w flerstoodJ, Tbefersoawbbaksassinated Secretary SawAKD . . . .1 I" ! I.' .I.-. .I.-. .I.-. '.3 a! -til -til lea behind him sj slouched hat and; an old ruatj navy rf volvJ 11 . 1 1 5 . t he tkambera werenrokei i ' ; - . t from .the.l birreL' as If done byi atriAing. inr ti load a were drawn1 from"8 the chambera, one beingV : . : . . 1 1 - a i-.' i-.' i-.' 1 , "'. 1 . H i il .11 f kal aa. aatatn ab S I aaim .M IPan, mntB SJLIIBI - SLtaU. kl B H v uua sa .ivuklu vkvv ."-aoas. ."-aoas. ."-aoas. -t- -t- -t- . r smaller . than the chambers, wrapped In paper, aa if to keep them from- from- falling out. -4 -4 1 1 " -r -r r I . CLOSING ttEKESa 2 If I Pan-tleatlaraofCla Pan-tleatlaraofCla Pan-tleatlaraofCla Jjmmt Moaaoate Koeorw aw ' nia Codl(lB) Beforo ieaib lib Deatsi. WABSXasroa-, WABSXasroa-, WABSXasroa-, Balarday. April 15-li" 15-li" 15-li" tfclock A. M.; i 1 1 j 1 h i ' . i ' i i , 1 1 1 ' ' The JSt afiextra says: f,, .. ! "' j ' it lT:MF U'ciock the Prerideni breathed hla last,' closing fcls fcyee aa if .falling 1 falling! to aleep, and his countenance assuming an jexpreaeioa Of per- per- -1. -1. .a ! 1 feet serenity.4 There were no indicationa of pain. . 1 4 and It was not known that ia waa dead until the L .! ,:'( f ,J' L L-i L-i L-i gradually decreasing raapiratlod Ceaaod alto-l alto-l alto-l If ' I ! .1- .1- 4. gether.' 1;. !l Her. IDr.Ct .of the Ssw-Tera-avenus Ssw-Tera-avenus Ssw-Tera-avenus Ssw-Tera-avenus Ssw-Tera-avenus Prea ayterlar Church, mediately on ftaUing aacor I L '! talnod that life was extinct, knaU 1st. the bedaide and offered aa hnbroaaive prayer, which waa rea- rea- I . . 1 1 I i : ' r ponded to ny all ypxesent. V: I Drj Criiit the)t proceeded' to the jfront farlor. where lira Liscotx, Capt Sobxh LrycoL3f.AU TtW tV. TMnta " r?l-,.t.ij' r?l-,.t.ij' r?l-,.t.ij' ''and dtheraJ lUr. the Jlyaao liecreUry:, and. others. waiting; where he again offered a frayert JOatl 1 werej waiting; where hi for th consoiation of tl ialn the family. I The follow icr aiinntea taken br Dr. Abbott. (show the condiuori of the lais President through tyfti. m. , uaM1f 1 t . j '' I- I- ' ! ' : I. -i -i II tloek Pats 44. ? - 1 f UrCJ oVlock PuUe 45,' aad btw lag weaken. 1110 o'clock Polie 45, 11:15 o'eiock-Palie o'eiock-Palie o'eiock-Palie ii. i -11. -11. t 1 II o'clock Poi 45 j rMplratloa tT la St, iias otioek-PuiM otioek-PuiM otioek-PuiM xi . ; ; ! '.::, 1 1 ii:32 Tc'ack Poiaa 48: aad fall. , i J li:40 to'clock PaiM 45. .?;. j'f ; 1145 o'cloe Pl 45"; rtplrtloa 21, ' li o'clock Pu tie 48 ;!rplrat)oa 22.: 1 i i;15 o'Uoek Pais 48; raspuailoa; 21 ehot. "j '-! '-! '-! . botbayca. 12 80 o'clock Pain 43. 1 1132 o'clock Pa4ae 60. ; jxm oxiocb riuaa oo.z i i. 12 40 AVinrk-Puiii AVinrk-Puiii AVinrk-Puiii eg i rfakt CTa Bttcb "'""! IT 1 '; aad ecbmoaea. . ; 'j 12 45 o'clock PnUa TO. 1 ,! i I v 12:55 o'etoek Palae BO ; atrutfHaa aaatloa of arma. 1 je'clock Pnlia 66 : Jtiptraiioa SO. ; 1:30 o'clock FalM 95 : appaarlag aatter. 1:45 o'clock Pulae 8d vary quiet, i reiptraUoa lr- lr- raaalar. ;. . I Mra. Looour preienu ' ! ) 2:10 o'ctock Mr a. Lracoia retired ; with Ltacota to an adjotatna rooau' . Koaaar 4 2:30 o'clock Preaident very qnlet paUe 7-r- 7-r- 7-r- 7-r- ripIratioa28.J, i . . f 1 2:52 o'clo:k PuUe 48 ratpiraiion I 'o'clock VU'ted aialakv Mra. Liacoui. 2:p o'cock Eetoiratioa 24 and regnlar.f J5 o'clocl Prfr b RctvDjr. GcaLax. 4 o'clock Reiptratioa 2S and ijrceiar. " 4il5 o'clock PuUe 6lf t eptratlna 25.- 25.- . 1 5-50 5-50 5-50 o'clock Rsrl'ajcn 28 raular leplng oVclock Puite failJrta respiration 28. ' ( , 6 50 o'ciora Still tailing aad labored breathing: 7 o'clock Symptom pi lnimedtaie dtuolutton4 7:22 o'clock Dean. I - . i J i Burrowndin ; i M g tbe de.A-bed de.A-bed de.A-bed of the Prealdent.were i Secretanet St Stanton, Wellea, jUaher, AttbrneT-r AttbrneT-r AttbrneT-r .., i : - i i aCov'i'Sfi-nTal aCov'i'Sfi-nTal aCov'i'Sfi-nTal Pnead. Poattaaatift-Generai Poattaaatift-Generai Poattaaatift-Generai Denmaoa t.4 ' ! I "UIC la VIS arjl of tl y SL. H. rieia, AiaisiaDV peciaij -. -. - B. Field; Aiaistant Secreta ; Judge Otto, AaaUtant jSecretary of tbe Interior , i rv cnim. Cnmn.i' n F?'l judR Oti. of the Sapreajia Coart of tbe District o("3 . ; , leck, tfen. Meig Senator Sumner-. Sumner-. Sumner-. TL V&j. alao! engaged - itaka place i, of New-York New-York New-York ; Gen. Todd, of Dacotah ; J mr, ,t tea Police Htadquartera, oa Taathueet, ln ?bJa to stai ! -!".' -!".' csl t 1 Ooio.hv of i takiaa tha ieatlmoav of a larto number Of arltaeaaea.1 J -'I -'I 'i J. Jen. Bailee i Andrews, John Hay, j Private Secretary f Gov. Ogleaby, of i J- J- "1 , l , T ' . I Illinola; Gen.Farnawqrtb,Mra,andaIiaalvenney llias ! Harris, Capt. Buibert Lincoln, eon of ; the p .' Doctora E. W. Abbott, tL K. Stone ! I -.1 -.1 ---l ---l ---l ---l .. ri fn t fiatch. Naal HallJ and Mr. X-ieoerman. X-ieoerman. X-ieoerman. oec Ji l " r 'i , i retary JlcCUlloch remained; with the Preaident Immediately alter tbe President a death a Cab net meeting j waa called by Secretary- Secretary- Sr AJiTOa, and held la the room in wblcii tne.corpae lay. Secretariea 1 Stastox, Wixlxs and Ushib. Poet maater-General maater-General maater-General Da arson, and Attorney-General Attorney-General Attorney-General SrcSD. were preeent. . .The resulta of the confer ence are as yet naknown. I Rem aval of the TZeabalaa o the Exeoatlve BlKoalOB Feollpa ! the CtfT. V I WASBtaeTos. Saturday. April 15. The President's body' waa removed from the.. . I. 1 1 .. " i .1. . J:.. 171 I L IPI...I.. Ia Iku. ii a i .. . I . . . . Mprifate residence opposite Ford a Theatre to tfrer0;er two bours, th tt executive manaion thil mornuig at f:30 .o'ckk,Ktowru ;Vlrlnla w 13 L- L- 1. ' 1 . ' l . ..J Cfvalld.i lt la atat 1 , a ' ' I (i ( 'I . rj-f rj-f rj-f in a hearae, and wrapped the AmericarXflag.fey It was escorted by a small guard of cavalry, Gen 1 ? - t- t- a -&! -&! ArGra and .other military officers ! . ; .,.1 ii' -'n -'n -' -' larr vuigcis. wmmmii N : r :'i It was escorted by a small guard of cavalry, GenPfPietldent. ltlaaaldtbat thU meeting was tha moetK fj H lense crowd accorapaniedtbe remainato :thet'Lmentjof ttieeebeliioua States, aad whlcS has been .-4 .-4 .-4 ' '. !... r - j v . ,j I fZWhite House, where a dnlUtary gnarq eicioaw iy.t, - fcrowd. ! allowing I w jnnM hnt nerRona of theU'triaiii kemet at tha door, that.' The aoveramant i , t viwu, " "'fc . T . , t1 1 I ' . fi rvf th. dacaaodylM to-day to-day to-day auohger than tt had been for, three year. 1. . ' i -.r.i.i -.r.i.i ibousehoia ana peraonai irieuus ui m ucvmoouj 1 5 , 1.. - . : -i -i I 'Mil .. . w? IrfpaaU1 af) premiBeg) Senator YatkS and Bepre-li Bepre-li Bepre-li nomber; r 1 . i 1 .. i f admitted. I ' I : ! ' I, 1 1 L.l TlMnai- TlMnai- ! ' I . 1 U "1 . 1aM a 1 . a I ' ' ' I pjaga 0erthe department and thfoughout the a i ; AW . ' ' i , talf-masC talf-masC talf-masC Scarcely any business isl jbeing: trsoeacted any where either on private or E. public actount, 1 M ! ) Our citizens, without any preconcert wnatever. are draping their f premiaea with featoona" of mourning. .U Jii-J:J..iiij Jii-J:J..iiij Jii-J:J..iiij onllr' All -Is -Is thellescape to Canada.' You will makca careful and deaoest gloom aid sad.s. trong men Weep fn i Mh atreeta. Thelgriel isj wide-spead wide-spead wide-spead and, deep and?. tin atranga contrast to th joy ao lately manifested Jenr fur recent pilitary! victdriee. - i . ? k i 3 .Tk-I .Tk-I .Tk-I -.- -.- -.- AA . a.. nt D-ioom. D-ioom. D-ioom. I: , i 4 i 1 1 ' .1 .. . 1 tit c JJ. !. Die ekouicr Made prevemted tne from ienetratingi- ienetratingi- into his body, fare tlat he wi 1 recover.! , The proepecti -: -: ' 1 ' i I by almost very- very- 1 A report ia circulated, Repeated iborfr.khat BooTri waa captured fifteen tnilea this I f side tf BsitimoreL If it be true, aa asserted.1 tbstH m " I - . .- .- . .r, . .,k lnfrn...r,8aenIT Sewsrl will urctTur-i urctTur-i urctTur-i rrarncar mi war urpuuucui uu i.1"1" .... . , ition, t will doubtless be jofficiall promulgated, 11 The government aepairmenia are ciosea rjy - J .La .til Kj. jl,anrl tilth thai Waual mb!tmi? -l -l uci, ai " a- a- T i .- .- I 11 of mourning.! The roads leading to and from the city are guarded by the military. Sand th jutmoet clrcum- clrcum- spectioa ia observed aa to all attempUng to enter or leave the city. ." t'i:! !i ACTOr-ST ACTOr-ST ACTOr-ST CrOV IBB BOnf OF ABBAHAkt LIHCOLS t - " WisanrcTOS. 8atrday, Aprtl 15; ; Aa autoeey was bald thla afternoon over the body of President Lixcour by iSargeos-General iSargeos-General iSargeos-General BAaami ..1 r tunwr aaaiatad bv other emlceat medical 1 Th eoffia la -f -f mabogaay. Is eovwred with black 'clota. and llaed I with lead, the , latter alao being foovered wblM aatte. I j A stiver plal pa the eoffia over the breast bean ...- ...- . 1, I In.inlntlini .1 .11 IH IVUIiaiai i.a.K ( 1 , i -ABRAHAM -ABRAHAM T-IWCOLir, T-IWCOLir, T-IWCOLir, : . arxxaaKTB rasrj-irr rasrj-irr rasrj-irr or tbs two statxs, t Born July ia. 18P. j ; ; ' j - ' :Died-Apr4 :Died-Apr4 :Died-Apr4 ' i ;(( .Tho'temalas have beea embalmed. - : - A few locks f hair woros removod from the Presi dea's bead for the family Tevioue to tao rsmaiaa po- po- .tag plaaod nt tba coffin. y. I V r THE ASSASSLtSe i ' i :. I I ' J. 1 fclrt9mmMemm ij.. i.e.l-.t i.e.l-.t i.e.l-.t a. n. 1 Bootb Deaerlstlaa of hi Cafedermt 1, tb Crli s ' '. ! Waaamoioa, Satarday, April 15. ThenUae enfirmatloalci tb report that the murderer of the President has beea arrested. riroi ix.partici- ix.partici- r:! S w ..k.m at-ibark-aa at-ibark-aa at-ibark-aa at-ibark-aa at-ibark-aa tba Urn was taaatnlcloaa, taa aalaa "not y bela ready U bf 1 Tae fr Jatnxfacr amya Vroai taa aWaeej i It la raailarad nrohahla that tha Btaa! 1 Uaoataobad atr.8awAU aad hia aoaa, ia Joaa Bra I laorM rod waa i tilrad at If.rioa'a' Ubla. osF Foartaeata-atraat. Foartaeata-atraat. Foartaeata-atraat. Sobaatt la a vouaa aaaa, Tnb( aair aaa gaataaw u iainr nra a miimu'tr of Prlaca Georte CoaatT." ' .'! I A boat 11 o'clock last atgkt two aaaa eroaaad Uej AaacoattaBridga, oaa of WBoa pri ku aama ai; BooraJ aad tba other aa .Smitb. Tba latter la be- be- iterad t 0 Jean Baaaarr. X.aa atgbt a rtderleae korea area foaaa walea a baa IdaaUfiad Vy tba proprietor of oaa of tka alibi ei praTtoaaiy aaeattoaed aa kavUg baaa klrod from bra eetabUabneat. j f'i'i.i ''i:;'." t AccoaaU are ooalllctlag aa to , waetner Boon croaaed taa bridge oa boraback-oc boraback-oc boraback-oc foot ; -oat -oat a It It believed that be roa aoroea tt. It la presumed that bo bad aacbanged kl boraew j . j ! ' ..I if From Information In tbe poiaeeiloa of. tne author -I -I idea it U erlceat tbat tAa acope of tba plot waa ta- ta- teadedl to be rnaeh mora coeiprebeaatve. 11 Tba.Vlce-Preaideatand Tba.Vlce-Preaideatand Tba.Vlce-Preaideatand otner proaaineat Bjtembtra L5of the Artmloiatratlon ware Dartlculart Inquired f Jby auapeetcd partlea, aad tbetr preetaa local it tea ae-r ae-r ae-r ?euratly obtaiaed ; bat prorWeaUally, IB their eaaeikf ?tna acbrm miscarried, i ! J Ti i - ''t.r' i t L4 A boat was at one sent down the Poiornae to ao-J ao-J ao-J r-tifw r-tifw r-tifw iha tvnhmti m the'rlrtr sf the awfnt crime, tavi f t order tba'. all Doas'ble metal abould baiakaa for" the J! afreet of the perpetratora. ' J r .i- .i- !. i The moat ample preeaatlona btve bee a takea. and andK !a a-. a-. a-. . . . i ...... i.'i orartakln. ... of iauica. I ' S j Tae tecond extra pf tba Evenmg Stariaayt: " : j Col. IaenAaif. :ProoMarabal of the. defea-frji defea-frji defea-frji E,.'.cea aorth otheP.Wmati,lB'eBaaged.luklagteitl-L,Vf otheP.Wmati,lB'eBaaged.luklagteitl-L,Vf otheP.Wmati,lB'eBaaged.luklagteitl-L,Vf c ; J I w .11 r wM.K a vita th. aaaaaalnaLioB BDOB'v: andnCO of the mon to-d to-d to-d ;KsJ. Wimm Boots. I v , ' it 1 I'. i 'uklag tba loatimoay f a largo .amber of "( - r i &M . 'V. f r.l J.a.i.a.M'a ilia. 4a at Btaatr Hotel, where Boots fcao Ibeea stopping, and took poiaeistoa of bis treat, tn Jwklcb was loond a CoioaePa mlUtary dresa-eoautwo, dresa-eoautwo, dresa-eoautwo, foaJra of baadcuffs. two boxee of eartridgoa and a 1 Ipaokaga of lottera, aU of which are now la the poe-j poe-j poe-j faeMtoa of tbe military aathorUfes. One of tbeio lottera, bearing the data of Haoka- Haoka- tawa. Md-, Md-, Md-, aeesss to implicate Boom. The writer aoeaks of tka mysterious aflalr la wblch yoa are eagaa:od,w and urges Boon -to -to proceed to Richmond, aad ascertain the views of tbe authorises mere upon the subject. The writer of tke letter endeavors to persuade Boon irom carrying' bis jdeatgaa Into. ezeeutloa at that time, for tke reason, aa tba wrttert alleges, that tho government bad its, suspicions aronsed.' The wrltet lbeea Implicated with B of tbe letter seems to save Bomb la tbe mysterious af- af- r. 4 1 sir raiewaa vo, ui ov uiini smai ne wuuiu pi wivi w .. -?aad -?aad Uca goea oa to aay that be waa out ' eaonev, Ihad ao fclotbes, and - would ibe compelled to leave -t -t borne, as his family were desirous that ae anoa'a .JdUeoive hla connection wlm Boon. ' This letter lap 3 written 00 note paper, la a imai!,neat hand, and Mumply oeara the al nature of - Sam." J CmblBtt ro!et,B, ye,totd.y. wteb lartedHf at resp( . ........ -.11 -.11 ih. ..nir Aim! ..J . the future policy of the goveramcntr aadiscuisad. tne neat iceiiagpre t TKUCfaW t fliaiU tost woa,Mv.iH.a..-i woa,Mv.iH.a..-i woa,Mv.iH.a..-i 'a. - pol,Cfi WM recommended by thel stated taat rt was,aeiermnea 10 aopr President, It la ald that this 1 - .. . - year., tho i'-"f i'-"f i'-"f Pi harmonious neia ior vor iwo "tnrf . ... .. . ezbtblttna tbroaabout that mignaatmlty and kind 2ness 0( besrt which aasevr!characurixea ? T . .. . . ... .1. -j -j so lily requtted oa tneir put. . tl fj-i fj-i fj-i f the members of the Cabinet remarked to a i-wu i-wu i-wu I WAsantoroa, Saturday, April 15 ScSOP.M. J To-day To-day To-day no one Is allowed o leave the city by rail, f reonveyauca, oroa foot, and , the Usntng of passea 1 from the Headaaarters of the. Departmeat of Weak V ' Probable Attempt of Jho Aoaoealos ta Siease lata Caaaaa-Or4er Caaaaa-Or4er Caaaaa-Or4er froaa tho War Zo- Zo- sartatsst, -.! -.! ' i Mi j' : ' .: :. Was Dxtabwxkt, ! ) , Paorocv MaasBAL'GcaaaAia BckXao, : Wabhibotok. D.- D.- C :40 A. at... April 15. J i It la believed that the assaaelne of the Presi dent ' and Secretary StwAAD arr attempting to thorough 'm "W?: i pro" -p -p - fa arieefau a Mvigilant scrutiny f 'your disposal, is ; Will arfeSfc IU BUBILIUUI ,yiovnm. "'"-'f. "'"-'f. "'"-'f. on your .pan, ana ioe aort - J . A H a nfth.f trin.rtia mnnoMd to be imolicated In themun rder S wiU be" telegraphed yon to-day. to-day. to-day. But Jin 1 tbe preventing the crossing persons, t -r -r i ; 11 1 , :retnry'oi;.v, sr. fi.- fi.- ; . If. 1L. JEFFERS, Bfevei Brig. Gen-, Gen-, Gen-, . , Actlns ProvostrMarshal General. " I MR. SEU'IKP USD SOT. r , . , . a . Be ward Still Very. Iw. ; 1 ?; Special Dlapatch to the Hew-Tork Hew-Tork Hew-Tork Times, i ii ! . WAaaniOToat, Saturday, April 15. I i Mr. SrwABD will recovery ; j . F FxxoaaicK Sxwau '.Is BtUl ' anconseloua. He- He- t- t- r, ..ainvt. a.d haa an easv noise. Bla head is S iu.iir.ii. iiiiMl anil laearated- laearated- J ,ftWlW4 w . 'An Invalid soldier nurse saved ltr. Sxwabb life. CEX. GRANTS 3I0YEMEXTS. (; j .' PauxApaxpBia, Satarday. April 15. Gen. Gbabt arrived In thie city late laat night 'oa SIS way to 4rwwj, ui waa .oftc.ft-.ft.v-- .oftc.ft-.ft.v-- .oftc.ft-.ft.v-- .oftc.ft-.ft.v-- .oftc.ft-.ft.v-- way to Walnut-street Walnut-street Walnut-street wharf, by a dlspateb from tba. Joffic of tb Asooraated Presa, aad U U aupposed be F ... . ia i 1 . i m be rstaraed to was&iiigtoa unmatuaieu. ' . 1 m.LLBftM' Wrmtmm UIB SXetatra SO Maaaiaaw a. a . . VI Mr. Craat, Btrauaotos. K. J. Saturday, April 15. -t -t I J Lieut--Gen. Lieut--Gen. Lieut--Gen. Lieut--Gen. Gbabt left Burlington lor Waahing- Waahing- 'tan. at S o'cloch this monJcg., i - ! i '' I ! i ( . : . 1 i : -T -T . '. f ;M: WAJBareroB. Satarday, April 15. Cea. Gajjrr, who left yesterday for Ksw Jarsay, ;and wb waa la f rased 'f ?iM,u Pbllad.lpbta this .riai train atwut aooa. aad wb waa la forma d of tb assssainsuon as a wac moralag. arrlvad her ta a I. ? j. pedal trala about aooa, and Immediately proceeded ;t tb Prssldaars booaa. : j .? J . i: f " . . - , 1 , , ; 1 1 ' Tbo Theatr. :" i , Dispatches from Boston announce that all the iW.m ilaTtyerfyeeaov .It-agurated. .It-agurated. .It-agurated. F-. F-. F-. Old Bo.ary TkeaU. wia be cloaad tlUseveaag. -; -; ; . i . THE SUCCESSION. II 32r. jolinOri IpaUSaratcd as President V Tbe Oath Administered IX 6ec- 6ec- I' '' fretary Qe tTIll Pcrfm His Ddies : 1:' in; Coda Wiaroaroa. Saterday, Aprfl 15-1-12 15-1-12 15-1-12 15-1-12 15-1-12 A, M. ADnr Joewbov waa a worn into office as i; , ... , 'i I . i I- I- . . - . 1 ; at . 1 f " -i -i 1 Preaident of the United Btatee by Chlef-Jttatice Chlef-Jttatice Chlef-Jttatice i - ( - I i ! " ' Chask, to-day, to-day, to-day, at oloen o'clock. ij SecreUfy McCcixbTjon and Attorney-General Attorney-General Attorney-General "stu, and otkera were preaentl 1 ! j j remfr'eft Tha dutlea; ! are mine, I will perform them, trhating In God- God- BBCOIP DI8FATCH. M : . . ; MrataiaaToa. Batarday, April 15. I n MrhtliABr thla marnlnv. Hon EdWIB II. A -----"V -----"V -----"V -----"V -----"V -----"V . : : -l. -l. HStjtof Beeretaryxf War, aent an official com Mmotilcatloh to' Hon. 1 anna a -JitRiaai. -JitRiaai. .Vlc i 1 j . . i ? - ; ... ' . I . In conee - t i i J I death of. .: . a a caa Vt v-BA v-BA v-BA . oaa auttvw aw a araj janddenj aad unci pec Jtbe'Chief ( llaglatrate,! his ; inangarailon abould aa soon aa; possible, and requesting atate the place and hour at which tho car -Vminy -Vminy abould be performed. 7 J i " ':' 1 a . a ti . . . OaY " J ltr. JoHHSoa immeOiateir repuea inai u wpuuj. agreeable to him to have the proeeedinga take! 1 -A -A . place at -bis -bis rooma In the Kirk wood Eouae as' li " .1.' L.. ka urfftiil WW mm turn anpHinuraH v . Chief Jastice Chabb was Informed of the fact and repaired to the appointed, place in .company? with Becretaryl McCtrtxotrsBT, of the ' Treaaury! Department, Attorney-General Attorney-General Attorney-General Brxxsy J.P. Blaix, 3rJ Hon. jlfoSTOOktamr Blaib, Senators Foot. !of Termont, Bamsat, of Minneeota. Yatss, of. a 1 . : i t . - 1 fllunoia, '$tIwAT, of Nevada, HAt,L of New! Hampahire, and! Gen. Favswobxh, of Dlinoia. f -'a -'a eleven o'clock fhe oath of office waa admln- admln- 'iaiered by the Chief Juatice of the United States Jin hia usual aolemn and Impressive manner, ! j i ii Mr. JoHSSOJt received the kind expressions f r-J r-J r-J I . j , t !.... -:. -:. I Klche gentlemen hy whom ho waa eurrounded In ai : 1 t 'manner Which 'showed hla earneat aenae of tbea I ii M Ji. . ' . ; . ,1 . t I ?great respbnsibClUiea so suddenly devolved upon? ipimi and made a brief speech, In which he aaid : 1 ti,.:rfatlaf ikaoffieaaramlDs: -.1 -.1 will ner-1 ner-1 ner-1 3 1 1 1 , : 1 i 4 . m' I aw,aTa. aT J f ;form tbem. The consequences are with God Gentlemen, ' 15 aball, lean upon -lyon. -lyon. it . JIeel LBt I .half need your aupport. I am deepl BrtaUeat-l.iimpreaaed BrtaUeat-l.iimpreaaed BrtaUeat-l.iimpreaaed wltti; the aoiemriiy 01 jne occasion -1 -1 I : 1 5. I... . .. ..L Vand tbe responsuuuty 01 in auuea 01 uo ouicev urn assnmmg. ' Iff. JoHssoar nc.tiiuiM tn M In mnirkihlTS I . . ' J I iod he i, and has a high and realizing aeneei iauif mwwf . . 1 him. His V 'the hopes that 'are ; centred upon i . .. . . ;v I nuntiM waa aoldmn and dianined. and nls wnoie f 5J. " 4 -li.-lij -li.-lij -li.-lij -li.-lij ,:r-r- ,:r-r- ,:r-r- ,:r-r- Luearmg prosjucou mun givtijiua Upon those who participated In the ceremonies. It la probable that . during the day Preaident Xdhjt sow will issue hia first proclamation to the American People. 1 (It je expected though nothmgNhas been deli 1 , J . 1 . r- r- a. .. ... . Mnitely determined upon, tnat tne aunerai -oj -oj tne llate President Lixcolk will take place on or about Thursday next, lit Is aupposed that hia -remalna -remalna ?4..4.. fT.v n r 7 Jwill (h. temporally deposUed in the Congressional j "T- "T- T 7 ' ' ' " 1 I FHOAl EICHS10XD. .11 - .. .WAaaraGTOa, Saturday. April 15., 4 ' The Bicnmond Whig of yeaterday, Containa IBS IUUVWHI I . I . !...:.. -I -I ' HaAaQpaknaa Dxr-Asnrsirr Dxr-Asnrsirr Dxr-Asnrsirr op Tisotwia. I I - it IUcbmobs. th, April ia, leoa. bwiaa io racaat evaau, tha permission for tbe re J.A.Ca "r"NU yaau and others, wbo are toaad la the city, tale' 'hours . after lb pobUeaUoa ot this noUe. will be) LI .. m.Im. Ih.. ... ft..li1..I.Af I Jsubjeet to arrest, aaless theyar resldoauof tklaelty rT ! ! . fX C. ORD. Hsl-Gea. Hsl-Gea. Hsl-Gea. I .'! ; .Comssaadlag the Dpartnaeaf. I HsAaartsrsas' Biraaraswr or Tisem. ' f j Akkt or taa Jambs IUcsaoaa. Va April 13, 1665. ( - Ctmit Diimi No. 17 Fraoai.kf araiiaJa will treat no passes to citizens from tb North r to of -I -I .fleers to come to this city, except a orders from the President, the Secretary of War, UeatGea. Caaxt or lha TJenamaeat Commander. ! ! I j Officers aad soldiers aow la tb city will retura to( :taoir respecuya commanoa ai once, or o sudjcc w arrest aad coefinement. I The Proroat-MarrtaH3enral Proroat-MarrtaH3enral Proroat-MarrtaH3enral la ckargad with the execution of this order. - j , , , i - l I vv. i Anal IV By command of lfaGea. ORD. Satrra, Assiataat Adjataat-GosoraL Adjataat-GosoraL Adjataat-GosoraL M,. Wft . aava . Xf at Tlafi a7avaarv ITcmnJenmJ j 'mandlag the Tweatr-fourth Tweatr-fourth Tweatr-fourth Army Corps aad Com j masarr ei IB lorcss occwpyioa; hicbiucibb, was owro 'relieved from h's coram aad, and assigned to Peters-J Peters-J Peters-J 'burgkaad vlclalty.! iI-Ceav. iI-Ceav. iI-Ceav. E. O. C. Oaa, com-, com-, com-, I maadtac tba Army of tba Jamas, assume eommaxd - nt thia d"anartntftntJ ' I j The report that Gea. S. E- E- I-xa I-xa I-xa arrived ra this eltv . ?on .Wednesday vealag. was Incorrect TaS; state-, state-, state-, ' ..l.aiail a Vaa .a Viol iTaam i T mm Ka, ad mva VJJ ftimSbaajbs w aAAsa avaab bAAsae ubsm avvvav AaiW sttfu 'reaebrl tb cty oa a rlall 1 his mother, lira. R- R- EL. Lsa. CtTfTis 1-aa 1-aa 1-aa la pruostr la taa bands of the r1a iron. !. helaar at Cltw Point, waa k!rrf' ! permuted to come ta thla city to see kit mother, who iwaa.reyortedtobela l-haltb, l-haltb, l-haltb, . I 3 I Tke wbereaboou of Gea. Rouxxr E. I-xx I-xx I-xx Is ao:' kaowakere at least.' aot outxlds ot cCxlal clrcleu. I Ha ls dally xpectsf atRicbaaoaa. . 1 - i- i- - i in . r : PeraaaaJ. ?."" l.l M 1 8. liOris, rnasy, April It. i j ITaj.-Gen. ITaj.-Gen. ITaj.-Gen. Eabxs and fmily left, tlla morr-ip? morr-ip? morr-ip? I for Hsw-Or Hsw-Or Hsw-Or least. .Lt. I JaBoembllag of tea i geaUemea receaUy acting as tbg 'reoort: , . ; , ? f .. rt T 1. i. ... 4 : Tae Committee bsvuif la tniad tht the fjerat t -Leglslatore -Leglslatore of Tlrgtnla. Is rescladed. Should aay ef J"' ol ttm tM tr.l0,, of tbe United Slates 'he gentlemen com to the Jelty under tbe notice of farm probably take plaea oa soma oariv Cay- Cay- la tao 1 reaaaembllnS already published, they will be fur-: fur-: fur-: "east waea, at mat suea day win be oHre! ml. ..;.,. ,k.i, a--r a--r a--r a--r taroaaaool taa wbola eoantrr as a day of So ema ?alsuef passpptts to retura to tbetr boaea. Anyof. rrog;ulo-.f rrog;ulo-.f rrog;ulo-.f tho tragic a.i afuHvrat wblea now limes ia tne cau aigaea cy a. au -ay-i -ay-i -ay-i -ay-i ila .11 taoasbts. and taa taa ieRiaiatura wu isia fiTUE national calaiiitV; tia Cccstrj. KSliailBLB SEETI5G II WliL-SUElS WliL-SUElS WliL-SUElS 1 lit .' t-i t-i t-i :i 1 Speech: j let ZtrttzzUMTt f lltz t iDokss cf Ita CItji Ccsrcil zzl Oitcz ; ; mine i5cci:s ! , . 'it Pobllc Sxpreulon Tlirocjbci;! ! J the Countrf. ? 5 ' Ms . I ' li Ccptla Sympathy cf ' tha TTtrvm V. parliament. : ; 'i I 4 -t -t i ? Ztcbel iFlaff Ordered to Ie Ilnn'eil. iDown. 11 PHOCL.A31ATIOJI BY GOf. TE5f C!N. j I- I- - -- -- ( : r ; ! 1 ': . l!" H ; " - xaovia Caiaaaa. Albakt. Aprtt i 1 The fearful tragedy at Washington has tpHf verted an occaalort of rjoicWig over iiai. - i'Tictory into ona of national mooroinf . i U W ft -. -. r, ' l j :' r . - , $ i i i J fining, therefore, that the 20ih of April, httetd ! . ?, ? : ... I U-? U-? U-? Iji.foro aet apart aa a day fj thanksgiving, atH!j Z 7now be dedicated to services appropriate (0 lb -I -I season of national bereavement. Bowing jc . Iently to the Providence 0 God, let us aaerfible 1 . . , : f .ft: i :; ' yim our jtawE, va . - - J 7 T fedge our dependence oa 'mm who has ihropghk 'ludden darkneaa on.the land in tba very hour OS ... ' . 1 0 : : j ite restoration to Union, Peace and liberty, j -.m -.m . f r v.r T k - ti.Manla aat mv Vianfl and affixed tbe privy seal of -the -the Stats, at thS) City of AJbanr. tbja 15th day of April, ln thw year of our Lord one thousand eight handredl and sixty-five. sixty-five. sixty-five. ;, . x i (SIgnodOt B. E. FENT03rj By the Governor,- Governor,- ti y .. . ' - ,j .:. Gsoaos Hastings. Private Secretary. : j:-t j:-t j:-t Tho Bcaio Ioalalatare. -', -', I ALBaaT, Eatirday. April 1 After an impressive "prayer by Ii. Mr, 5ai ! araa. Mr. Uuaraaar aald 1 i i air. President I Btxlsrstaad that Bis Exeell'tnct 1 jthe Jtbll thlabody,aaoouae1i?g the terrible calamity jtaaihaa) belaiiaa our eauatry, , buslaesa bo ttansaced feommOBie.UoB from tM I tuova, tnereiora 1 IbM SO unuil the tacepUoa o'ltba) communication from (be Governor. raor's Vrt Sui.nnntiT Cni. IHABTisaa. the. Governor vate Bacieiarv. appaarea wtaia taa oar of the sn - ate and delivaroo oe faltowlag assaaaaa : f ' " ' I Siats or Wir-yoaa, Wir-yoaa, Wir-yoaa, Exscpt-aa Exscpt-aa Exscpt-aa Csaifliia.-J Csaifliia.-J Csaifliia.-J ; - -i -i i i AtAaai, Apruli. IHV- IHV- ,A- ,A- U tU LrgUlmiurt : ' iJ i ' li . .l,'.J It becooes my pal n fa I eutv to announce Wtnaj Leaialatura Ibo'Oeata ol AaaaaaJt UCOL, fresW -f -f fdaut of the UoUcdt btataa.: It la wtMt fj - U m, ot profouade.t aorra- aorra- 1 mate a -.SjaaM -.SjaaM r?oooaeemeat 10 howraWo body. 8nc ; aaj evantiaa aaUcaal ealamtiv. and aoner taoeirruoM f atancaa bow aitaadlaa me bereavemeat. tt4 aation weanewith haignteaed antulia. To be deprive ol, r hia atiadaoa. iiMrieMAli eoortaal at I Unit bea) timail ianarlai ooriaut to reiwri 10 ina nuoniiitin i fraternity aaa prosnarny i a umm w,iui.,fn r,ic war which con-toatro con-toatro con-toatro mm at too tareiuoi 9 , uc war wdich cvu iwwm w.m. " - - hla admlaiatraiM la about crawlnj to a: rlvse aBd a naai delttaraaea obutaad from oar civil ale-. ale-. ale-. mrbaacea for which wo have aacrtSced ao mwen. :.. .,- .,- ,n.t aii eauaa iba eoeDaal aoe-t aoe-t aoe-t row vrow and gloom to tae mitilnaa of oar land, aad to the : ' m.h . thrnuiaaut 4Sa vorld. ' -.! -.! : I 1 Tata la too tnird iim la oar btatory that Ite Ro-t Ro-t Ro-t 'public hss baaa sutjeeied 10 irus trial, but H U.hi'pedt uaat our good caosa and country, watered by a rta kioa's tsars and aaaetiaed by Ka prayars. will pas lat 'aafeiy urooab the otdaal 10 a biaticr 11a aad Oei-my.; Oei-my.; Oei-my.; H save alaotocommnalcata to you the aao ictill-i ictill-i ictill-i fsearo that our noble Secret e'V - of Stae. asdj' Uoaored. favored son of . Kew-York, Kew-York, Kew-York, Wiu4ans. ! 8xwA, waa llke wta a vie im ol the treric: piot of 4tae asaasatas. aad now Ilea 1a sa aceomciooi con-! con-! con-! i . . - it a. .A 1.1. n-ttr.M n-ttr.M n-ttr.M K S S Mr. Fotoxa moved tfca loilooing rssolnUoa, ouichj . fwaa adopted by csasenU la fllaacai , f Ue AMemb eoteur. that the ne.ttge ;0I ate XjXCeiiaBoy, m , wurriwi, vw rii v a c joint eommltiao of kve from the Senate aad aetea 7 from 6a Aaaotnbiv, aca was adootad aad irane-' irane-' irane-' milted tnua Aaaambly, wksa; a .recaa was UUa !ubU 11:0 o'cock- o'cock- :-h :-h :-h . j i; . ' 1 Tbe Pietideat announeea ; tsa eoamnt on in .f ih. a.n.i. alaaarai Fjlci-r. Fjlci-r. Fjlci-r. Murchr. Aav. lmV,CoZk aad sV.f"r. . W. . F ' ' . ft. . -. -. . 1 - 1 3 Saba'eqoeei v t commiita reported ta.foIHw- ta.foIHw- ni iains nr. iuuhi The 3 -tot -tot Coatitu of the! two IIooea n lb fmeuiic of 11 Esrallaaev the Governor, thla day I ar.asmiaad to taa lataiatare, maaaa the following :! -ta -ta mat ooaervanea. do aaoiiiMnjiv reeommeaa uar. i,;,, tmm ; nUM(, f its Letaiataro 3o - 1 h . . . . .h. ft. .... . -...1 -...1 la tkatr MMiailia liimfllirl. at tllM hnur aw nolatod for auna funeral, eeremomes. and that tbe, the two Boa aaa e npeaad with prayer by e'a'fT-'osaa e'a'fT-'osaa e'a'fT-'osaa especially seleeteo far thst aertce. reamaiiaas appropriate la the orcus.o be efTrred. Taat tao 'Joint Committee of lb to Unu.ea be now empowered empowered to ait araia to' draft suea reaoiutlTS, and report report tbem oa tsat d.v 10 tne reipecUve liouiei, aud do report the foiio wine resolution : ) R'tolvtd y ikt ftVewafc, tt las Ar mt'y onctrr. That, viewing this uaexampiad and aolemn ernt a oa. maadiag a eeatauoa of leslaiat:va bui iriOM, Ct now adjaara aatU Tuesdv irf t st we, at 11 c)oca . M. I CHAKLEd J. FDLf;EftU i . ' Charmnn l ise senat ;fifTTl,et, ; ;!. ; : . THOMAS B. VAN I.L'lti:N. ; ' ' v '' Chairman of tba Aksemblv Comm. tie, Tbe report of the Coromiuea waa adopted, and tho Senate a jour aad an 14 laesdsy mo it: .-2, .-2, .-2, at II o'docx. ;t KE1V TOflK. CfTT.r Praelamatlea by tLe r.raysr. i 1 . lfAToa'a Orncx, Kxw-Toax, Kxw-Toax, Kxw-Toax, AprLl 13, 1EC5 Citizmt 'Kew-Yttk 'Kew-Yttk 'Kew-Yttk l ' . - I Tho death of the Pre.r.'cct rl tbeUnlted Ctites may wall excite yourprofoand grief and arnzeresta I rerpecUnlly taeommend tfcat bailees te su'pal. lV9 for tht e,rUl ' Ctlef Msgls'-rats Msgls'-rats Msgls'-rats be observed ttrouthout t;.s e:'y. ' :;, I c conraEY guntiic?-, guntiic?-, guntiic?-, ::iy&r.' I I!xpraslena f ri orrew. ' ' ' Eftit few words fcre cetueij to express t!,e c6r :l::oa cf or el'.y slrce tie rece. Uaa tf : 9 tews cj . rretileti JLiscotx's aiitii:ct.'.on. I'.: 1 :a:.Towj tU hearts are grieved ar.3 tic :;: i tt r.a ' tti calamity wf.lch crrrtr-r crrrtr-r crrrtr-r lzirertal glaom aUe: s t t'.s " t.'' ; 1, ; at j ; 1 ! : 1 ! ; . c I 1! I F i i i ! 'i v.' -; -; 3, 1

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 16 Apr 1865, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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  • The Death of President Lincoln — Article chronicles every fifteen minutes of Lincoln's final hours.

    LElzey – 26 Nov 2012

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