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 - so at rtn its J OiuEastiTenjtilee...
so at rtn its J OiuEastiTenjtilee jDorrespouddiice. AH quiet in .Last Tennessee'Wncidefits k proof One exception to the usual resali The !1 ' 'f I, , . I luSaenea of raobocTocy upon 'railway Interests -Deprest9B vet Bosinesa Petrolesa in Lee iand Wise Soldiers and the Freedtcen, etc.. KEOM ACR' SaCriilK CWIHKSrOXBEXT; Bristol Jan 11. ISM '.VII qnie't in East -Tenriessee', cry tho.e juuiiiB nuuurc resiHuiKiDie kit mejjioouy trageUir that; have, patlied ,the lmtorv of Tenneasee in blood, and who", setintf the un popularity of their blaajihemdiw arid Moodv uogmas, are enaeavoring to conceal the real tue oi auaira irom me worm dv tne wo- 1 1 r r i rt. - . - uuiuiou oi siicii eniBion.-? aneaa thii letter; letter; No doubt they -would gladly bury tlie pat smooth over the catalogue of outrages and cold blooded murders lh heralding ii tha wprld suck wilful .pen-cr-) moiis oi iruiuana me, Titigar ucnnncwtioit oi moso who seeic tlie exposition or sucli violations of civil and domestic quiet Some of these iournals would linvn tlin world believe thaLall discharged soldiers of ....i ;.. if i , . uiotuuiiirj in ijuesuon jiave rcturucu to their respective homes, and have turnwl their iinpJeSeii) ofwaraiito IKose fif.aarT- cutureTirid'"ii-atistry-thaf no 'ihObs Jarmcd mi jueir icem wun navy pistols and bowie knives, lurk around and in our villages und towns, ready for tlie admlhistnitiori of tht-ir indoctrinations. Take the following incidents incidents of recent, occurrence and form your own conceptions', A Mr.,Seribner who had been associated with the Confederate armr.tir.d livinc in Hawkiaa-cDiinty, wosihirfid toihaul ailoadtoCi .h.lnu .i t- , . r uivuwx iy mis piacCjirom nis county, je had necessarily to pass Jthrouch KintrsDort: a small town, in the western nortion of Sn'lli- van county a-' town noted for- itha lance of niobocracyi As e vrasi' Entering the place, on .fhej9tl ihstlne was attacked by" a mob of difchanrcd solilieraded hv?ruu' llcfetesh who fekwed;hi-n for.a-h-J iJe; beating him in. tho !most cntel raatlnen WhericVerhe attemptetl to defend himself puttols were . drawn and presented thrcate'ri-j juil; iuiu Him aiibiani ucam.; These rufuans were loaded, down with na-VV na-VV Pistols and bowie knirpa. Tliia ?j tlio civil quiet that keeps' men of enterprise: and capita, from immigrating to East Tennessee. Hence Her woeful and dilapidated State, ilobocraey drovo 'away her men of enter prise1 and capital, and the domination of fctich an element, though limited to.certain of sucli elements as would tend to recuperate iicr uc-siuuiioil. But the scale .occasionallv turns some one else aside from the' "'accursed rebels," meet with summary" ends 'in the exercise of mobocracy. As iruch as we deprecate the shedding of; blood, yet if it must be.shed Jet tt flow froiri the Veins of those who en tertain such bloody prejudices airainat the rebels. One day last week one Catitain Bishou of the United States service was gltot dead in Kogersville, some seventy miles" west of this piace ny a comrade in arms, under the Kn owing circumstances : Captain Bishop was n tho store-house of one Pace, usincr very insulting language to a Mr. Simpson, a prominent prominent Union man. This ccntleman requested Bishop to desist from the? further use of such language, that he would not suffer iU At this moment Mr. Paco stepped to tho door, and called to Capt 8iemore, deputy" shjriffof tho county, notifying him of B.'s csMHct. He came in and ordered B. to cease his offensive language. This he refused refused to do and advanced towards the sheriff witti a drawn bowie knito wun which he- liml tlirontpnwl "tllA llt ftfAfr Rlrrmcnri, Sizcmore backed fo the 'street from the house, in the meantime informing him that he was a prisoner. Bishop continued to advance brandishing his knife. ISizemoro halted and informed Bishop'that if he camo any further that ho should shoot him. To this he paid attention but continued hii advances whehiSiemore,shbt hitndead I . Sizemore was arrested., but om-'tha feck eing made known to the officer before whom he was summoned he was released from custody, In this Bishop was but endeavoring to exercise his ideas of self-righting or the ad ministration oft the popular, doctrine of. mobocracy. So much for the sublime quiet that reign3 throughout East Tennessee ! During the Christinxt holidays there were several instances of robbing throughout throughout this unfortunate county, whfch arc too tedious to mention in this letter. In consequence of the 'prevalence of this barbarous and cowardly practice, and iU endorsement endorsement by the radical home journals, the travel ori this line of railroad is a mere cypher. There arc seldom more than a half, a dozen through passengers, and often Iess than this number. In connection with this influence acting to the detriment of the traveling traveling interest of this entire line of railway, is the bad condition of tlie track and Jho slow time made. The Virginia end of h"e line is in a horrid condition. They have a very slow schedule, and necessarily, from the fact that the track is so much out of rc- pair. This road, however, is furnished with superior passenger twins, maile up of ele gant and comfortable-coaches; Ihe freight over this portion of the line is carried separate separate and distinct from the passenger trains. This is not the ca3c on the Tennessee end1 of the line. But little is manifested in political affairs' here. The m jnds of jthe people are turned to the recuperation of the dilapidated' finances. finances. There is a great depression here in this respect, and since my last letter, this place lias undergone' a considerable change, commercially commercially and monetarily, More than one firm has changed hands 4" the past few days, whilst others are boxing up tlieir goovls, bce".use the per1 cent, made will not justify high rents, taxes, and'ex-pense and'ex-pense of sale. The trade, though extensively carried on now. is produce, bartering. The money has all been gathered from the county and sent North. There is plenty of ' produce in tlie couutryjj but the money offered is not a sufficient inducement inducement to make sales active. That which is offered is to meet the actual necessities of the farmer or producer, j f There will be 4 'greater depression in this respect in the. coming Spring, than has been known for years. In fact, the whole South is destined to. be effected more or less by a financial convulsion. Too much merchandise merchandise has been purchased. There Is not a store house or shop in the whole country hut what is crowded", and in nine-tenths of instances instances purchased on time. The result is. obvious. The diseqvery of Petroleum "blossom in Wise anjjt Lee cour-'ties, Va., is exciting" no little interest. 'Gentlemen of capital and enterprise have leased jscvcral thousand acres and have commenced operations with every prospect of success. No little enthusiasm was manifested a few days skW among the citizens of this place by the innojjnccment that the garrison which hasbecn stationed here for some time, was to be withdrawn. The order had been mftdejUt .lwa,'Count6-ii-.rKltd4,The re-joK&g re-joK&g "did; not", ji rise from i any mistreat-ra'entfat mistreat-ra'entfat the hands of the officers ocsoldieik for their treatment has been uniformly kind and dignified, but from tlie fact that they hate to reflect that the3overnmcnt has so littk'eonfWenceinjthfirjntegrity a&Ho keep n mil rrl in ,), Wtt.ljf in r, viirv tli PI r vnnU and actions. , . . ri ? . Jjr Licutemnt Colonel-Ilines, who is the offi cer in charge of this post, is a gentleman, so far as we know him, -tndLthat- astf) officer. His administration has been perfectly perfectly satisfactory to all, irre-pective of political political tenets. rhe 'f-cedmeri fere-lwi middling' a'L the hand, of hi command, who are all from New York and are foreigners by birth. Tho cruelties practised on; them a aunc if cruelties could be deemed as such. There is no sympathy whatever between the two ch-xactcB.,.. In fect, the feeling of a majori-ty'of majori-ty'of 'the1 soldiers is cxtremclyhc-riile.' -. uftC l-ui ..C-'ig'BYATtVX. . I I

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  2. 20 Jan 1866, Sat,
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