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Same John Kreis? - Under tbc Raster's Hb.p. unditiona In Eut...
Under tbc Raster's Hb.p. unditiona In Eut Irnnrnw Are Horribly (Vwl and Crlm-1101117 FtendUh. l-eonntfe I h . it Ilia, Tnn.t Hepteinuer 3V I'." t i: lineaita-aled the peonaae con-. ,,, in nve different Southern, j.. , ,. n.,,t mentlonlna". the rcent .'..-.a tn North Carolina, and yet I tW. rie that tne oinoiumn .--. il.e (luvuriimiwt Investigation , .. . .Mjut. Kaat Tennessee, In on , oi.iialrucltoii carape. r ten v ,.., f times nuirt eprievous. than , ,,f (;, .states mentioned. Rtiruw i" a state "t abject slavery ... (,, .1., the hurdest labr eaalnet , !. hi t-r of arrnt on iuch charse ,, "mid drunkenness, and were r i,, t. ; .-ii.i-i U'at to run away by weli-.,.,, .,f l-ln shot." Thus spoke ( iV. 1 1. un lit Inspector Thomas, who ... ,,,ly rN.-l(rl a th..routi Invastl- ,r tn- i-.i.n.i condition, with the ,;.! U... Federal Urend Jury her., li.a ..i.K.t s-alon known. reported ,,. in,, uiculnai a many leading , , ,,,,! , . i..i und their aealatants. i i,.ir.l Sites Marshals have been , ,!,iB pnxl week seerrhlng for the . . . v - .V... Inn ul wnom v . , ., ,.i ,n !. Tin 01 L"-,.. unknown. d Information Hf ,n i.nva of IM.irlt Attorney , ,1,11,1 i.n.1 l'nil"l Wales Marshal I .in. IP leads tlmee oMUlula to be-u .!.. of the ilrf.-n.lanu are pre-l., l.-ave for I'aiiania. ..r i J I. A. . .. I B-.hM By United States Detectives. ii ' : ,! I' . I I.- ii. U Information, the Attorney-Waal. Iniiiun baa been advised 1. 1 H.-rvl.-e of the Uovernment .nv I,. I used In efTe. llii tha cap- n... .1. r.'ii.liints. They are: . II III li.nalFB t ,11, Oliver, liroiner ui (under arreat and . . ,. , ..llaiid. 1, i .ii 'oiulon. i r. in iter inui ri-iiil.' i- Niiinurt. Jim rlaon. . . . i. ,.ii.. i .,. i,t .Iriiwn aualiiMl .,.,,r no lea. than aeparata Ii iiinoiml lo a. iiimn .1 an. I Krtva Jiond), the da- I, Will , , ,,.. in one would men a p- .... r from ...... to live yeura In the penl- .I . line of rroin l.. to B.". r..,t in Hilarity nd ui.ltliiC to ap-,,., i,h wtln . trlala of the de- f. t .. M.e.l..l t.-rmiof the 1- ederal i , ,. 4 1 n.-sro.K. men . and women. l, itmlK" of l'-.o'- .... a.... I,,, mI- . it U -uatlim th 1 ederal ,,ei,t ..Lout ;" l'T n",n,h ,u kM'l la decme.i urci.i y eUie they wouia end 11 would j-i . w it n.'ae.-a. k.-.-i. I hem together, mirr iut. kly .-line fum mi, even hava up to recently been aecuatooied t depend to no little extent on flab aa a part of thalr dally food. Thar are uncertain now whether, when they c-aat- their hook Into tha river, they are suing to puil out a flah or the corpae of a ntfro. Tha difficulty In eecurine; and retaining laliorers haa been reaponalbia for the atren-uoua mrthoda uaed In keeping them In a- rr-ltude. Camp No. B la In almost a wllder-neea of mountain. Outside of tha alght or ten families of natlvea living within a radius of twg or three ml ire from tha ramp, no one la aver seen. The v'talt of a white man, even an ofllcar. Is welcomed by the wblta men who day after day on tha lonely mountain sea only the Ignorant negroes who. because of their toll and environment, are little better than savages and live more Ilka beaats, some 12 or 15 huddling together at night In one room of a hut. Ill order to gel laborers labor agents were sent Into North and outh Carolina. (Jrorictj. and other Koutlu-rn Males. I.ured by the rosy stories of the labor agents of higher wii'i, free lrn... nation ana many t.rnn.-ic.a. the nraroea w.-re urougm nere tn "ca.r-loa.1 lota and quh-kly hurried to Hlount County. In a numln-r of Instances the negroes have attempted to escape on reaching thla r-lty. but liave been forcibly milled to board the train for Maryvllle. ttie county seat or Hlount -..unty. Several have iiin.le their es.-npe- The local police hiive 1-eii asked to help the labor agenl on numeioiia occaalona. but have refuaed to do ao urileaa the iimro were disorderly One iieuro who BotlKht to make hie eacape from Contractor John Kreis a lew wm since, and u blocked by Krels, drew his knife Biid made a savage lunge t Krels the lilade of the knife barely cutting Krels's neck. The nearo ran. tniraued by the con tractor, but finally made his escape two miles east of tha city. No Begird. For Human Ufa. Krels and others have tried to compel the negroes lo continue on to thulr deatniaiion nr.t alanine- to loae the coat of trajiaporta- ...... i.i. i. hua l.een very heavy. These .re 'aome of the rlaks have been taken .miiirallv the contructors wanted to lun thj neitroes long enough to get back II.. transportation money, so they have ....A r,.r.. In accomplishing this purpose i .tw.e ntiullv became ao a.-arce that H Is urn. wonder to nractlcal railroad men that e.e.n....oa methods were uaed to keep the . .n.tiv vrn thouCh It la 1 liB(.'r. v ' " ' - violation of the Federal laws. Uut at Camp No. 5 all limitations were exceeded. The negroes brought there soon bebame tired of the work. The taskmasters were cruel and unrelenting and had no re-.r.l whatever for human life if any part of the stories told the grand Jury can bo believed. The negroes were not allowed to leave camp. Ouards were kept on duty aay and nlaht DatrolUng the camps and any attemnttna- to escape was shot dead The side next to the river was not guarded so closely since one attempting to eacape by that route waa compelled to leap from the bluff Into the awlftly running aiream which la almoat a aurglng torrent at that place Hut on negro, and he la known as Hhorty" (George) Huliard, was successful In making hl escape by swimming the river. He was carried many a o.-iore n a as : finally tie Is .1 t. .. . V, k niirr.m an un- . mi, ,., l.indina. e.. ------ . fc, e li l: V WW 1 -t 1 lis . - of money to get them together , an)(in ,n, mrrMa herded here by the teov-,f no .rfort was ma l.i to get t , ry by tanipcrlug with While the white luborerg fared better . than the colored, the otneers nave ao.u Brand I ... ttm, . named Calmea ,.f the r.ollllt ..I...- .e .ena of money. Moui.-t hlng Hke t.l. ,...pi ii.iii-iirfil before !h. j,,rv to t-ll their Imni ... WH, forcibly kept at one or the raw pa. tutlon and xlav.r This number Included Jn k or more ,hat UlB oincem aioirt in white. cliieb living 1" " viciu- h about Uie vicinity of the cumin, they tty of Oliver "! No where mot of i w nJi lw- ,u dead bodlg - of n- the outrece. are alleged to hnve ..c.-urre. 1 j mored to ta. rlver bank, awaiting The mice tiuatl.m w. proseeiited w It n . investigation by a Coroner or burtul. the utmost a-crecy try the ..vernm.-itt. and . . It waa u. A 'until the grand Jurv had be.-n j Auchared Corpat. aa Warning, hearing l.-iiii..iy f.n .-v.-ti.I .la that It, Jn j,,,,,,, u,ey secured direct Informa--i.a lenin. -.1 that Mi.-ti un rfivei-tigalton was ..,i.., i,m-,.d that no lene than 14 in i.mui'eas. The pr. .-. .- .?f many n.-groea .. ,.,, been found anchored to the eh. nit the ;...-riiin.-nt iiniiuing "" .i..r i.,r,.rmatl..n ri-.i-h.-'l by the general; publuv The luv. -at million came about by tin. plurul etories told by aome of the eur-nior. lo a Kiioxvll;.- lawyer. InvestiHtlon By Inspector. lie ..t once took them before Attorney-'.ial I' i.n.1 the latl i ;., mni i . i with t h' took up Wuelllngton atuhoil river bauks. These were usually tied about Hie heela with pieces of wire or ropes, wie 'other ends of which were tied to a shrub or tree on the bank. One man ucscrioes me anchored bodies aa resembling 'a lot of Eanoes moored to the bank. Of ull those vlio were killed not one was found but i hut bad gunshot wounds. In.iueats were held over three bodies by I. H. Oarland and Soulre llaulcy. r aiountainvuie. uo.. with the result that a i!o eriinit'iit , MnKit rntes living in thai section.. It Is to mak a thor h iecl..r ita sent lu re ln . i ig.-itioii, olitain iiames o. u- ... and l.ima the whole affair to the ,ii..M ..' l he urand Jury. The .Jovern- claimed that ttie camp authorities wouiu not permit the bodies to be buried in a number of instances, wishing-to keep them 1 bm a warning to the other negroes .nt oni.-UN. t oepuiy ai- what they wool. I stirrer tr tney trieo to i,V visiicl the eitmps .tn.l gathered evl- j (,KOIn The - KciI.thI authorities were not i . and n.ini. s of wit'nfssea for ;'. surprised wln-n they heard the ne-! J i,.f.t l i.i.x' .r tlieir pilll.os.'S fttlo ! ut-i,..M ul tfc-or k clinntlua the doggerel "Kill -I ... led The Inspector .llsgiitfed as , a , ,. hire another; ma n who v,u b.okiiiK for timtiix liano-. aol I kill a mule, buy alt'-, a Mew of piir.-iuflng. Tic Imli.tmcnl reported by the grand n i it count, read" as lollona: I ' it snt.l defendants did on July 10 ull- - .i;ly. know Itigly and feloniously hold i 1 ...use to be held In condition of peon-... ii , i-Uv Viid.-rson bv forcibly c.oii- p.. i,.,g h,. suid 11. nn Clav And- rson by v.h ,f t Itr.'iitx. Intimidation, cruel i Ktiaids and oth.r forcible i , t.. r. nn. In against Ms will. In and i l t pla.e known as OlntT f illip No a. ' ":..imt County. Tenness.. by Uion and i-vii.-slUK and compelling of the said 1 iv C!hv Anderson the compulsory per-: - m e ..f labor, which compulsory labor v.- . o-te.l and comi'llcd lor itobcrt It. i-...; .iii.l V. J. Oliver, doing business ,-- the tirm tmine of K II. Outer lro.. i ii.lntloii of an iuiiebtcin.-ss due or . it ? .1 lo U- due from the said Henry Clay .u i.-i.,.. t,. the said It ' It. Oliver ttro . t.. the form of the statute in such i- . ; i . i , j , and i. roi. led and against the i ..iid disnitv of the I'liltcd State." .. nam. s of 4 witnesses are ' . .. ,ii.i. . tment and include eight 'white t . t, whose names aio as follows: ! i t.t i;.nl.-Mid. Carl Henry. Lev Ho- - l 11 Kuniondsoti. John AVcbb. tleorge i i-.! : ,..:i. Samuel lllain and S. J. Allen. Ir. TUilroad Construction Campa. t-and iurv heard the evidence of i lai it-ttnis, but only Close whose -.- -ioa was strKiigly eoi rolv.r.tteil were ! -,. ,,t.,t in the Indictments, and the tjov- .- 'Is satlslle.l that it has bona lido iv. .iKvi; all cf the dotendatits. .'-.' n p..rtial list of the victims Is given I V -, ,.. and mere than -to o re mi'iitloiie.1. - count in the indivtmcnt charges that . !. n.iants vhasol IVen Knight. Tom ' .a.n.vatutn and Abe Smith, who had -i i -I .ion. Ihc camp, captured the trio and f-.e use of tircarms. and clubs, and -i'.i's and uuimidiilion. compeiUM them to --' -rii ai. J resume hard laln.r. " counts charge a conspiracy on the li of t;-.e tiefend.ints to hold In servitude .' ha H. r.ry Shanks. Alice Cary. Oib Oleim. 1 o fiirter and John Harmon. Frank Hick-:'. He-irv Lane. William K'ellcy. Late lax-k- -art and Willie Jonea, Andy Johnson, J 11. ivn. Alexander Rassett, Henry 1-rady. l .ti Williams, and Stephney Wall. bam Kord and others. lU'.ver Camp Xu. 5. the scene of the al Used outrages, la located some ao miles t-r.e.a KiK.xville. near the North Carolina Mate In the heart of the Chilhowee M ui tains, at an elevation of some 3,J0 it i.m. feet above sea level. W. J. Oliver. tue millionaire contractor, is building the , ii n. c., etension of the Southern Ki...iy rusht through the heart of the i:n..: iiiins. Various contractors, have se-curt 1 -.uU-onlracts from W. J. Oliver to b .l i Ki iitim of the railroad, and in that ec:,., f Klount County there are some " !u railroad campa. tf these camps, which ive employed perhaps l.tkai negroes In t-e pasi three or four months, only one "i.tricior is free from suspicion and tvil ii nrt. His name la Schultg, and the negroes at lus camp seem well satis lied and t Cvmpiaints were made. t amp No. a is the furthermost camp, and l i.ear. the mountain totv The mountain la almost perpendicular on one aide, while n the other la almost a precipice, reaching u-'wn-to She Little Tennessee, which at thi u very swift and narrow. 4lie Thrown Into Blwep. Or.e man, who got out of the contracting business several months since after refua- Ing to accent a oosltlon at Camp No. 5. tatimatea that fully DO negroes have been killed while trvina to escape from camps. aud their - bodies tumbled Into the Little Tennessee River. In fact, the dumpinr of dead negroes Into tn river bag about bro a up taa nb Industry of the natlvea, w b tide the indictments reported ny tne grand Jury tell nf the outrages in a plain legal phraseology, they give little Idea of the extent and iialur of t'he troubles.. The stories told by the negroes asal related by the name whites to the orncera. and later ninny of them before the grand Jury, picture the case. Hoc Hrewer. a tlsherman. wlm operates h trot line, about one mile below Camp No. Ct. waa running his line early one morning and mu.-h to his disgust be found on three of the hooka instead of fish the bodies of three dead negroes. A young man named Wiirdemann, living at Maryvllle. was out bunting one day near the camps and rinding the body of a dead negro lie called his companions to witness while he conducted u. mock funeral ceremony, much to the laughter of hi friends. A white luan was accidentally drowned at one of the camps and several negroes were put to work tlynuniitinx river in an effort to raise the body. The dynamiting raised the bodies of two dead negroes, and was forthwith ordered Mopped in fear of a much greater resurrection. The orncera and grand Jury received Information of a negro who attempted to escape by running up the- sleep mountain. Walter liradv. walking boss of Camp 6 at that time, followed the negro and shot him dead. The -body rolled down the steep mountain some distance and lodged against a hickory sapling, where it remained until devoured by boggards. Heady wa an very cruel -to the negroes, beating and maiming many of them, that he was sent to a camp near Chattanooga, and two weeks ago he as killed bv the superintendent or a rival camp while following an escaping negro who had sought refuge In the rival camp. Keep Laborers in Debt. It nnrjears that the negroes were not paid very much for their enforced services. One negro before the grand Jury swore that he had worked all lumiwr and never received ..... A few negroes, known as "wheel i Horses." were always paid m luii. ana tney were then used to persuaae tne omen to stay on without a kick t.y aeciaring mat .ii would be paid on in "- The usual exorbitant price were charged ; at the company . commissary, ana inrougn this agency most of the negroea were kept In debt to the contractors most of the time and these debts were used as the club' to make them remain, and this is the very essence of the crime of peonage. The contractor. It Is claimed, also employed a cheap way of feeding the negroes. Negro men-and their wives were allowed to conduct boarding nousva a- ors would agree to ij i"e oo.u i negroes out of the latter wages at the i ..rh month. In the meantime the boarding house keepers were auoweu tun er lit at the commissary. They worked diliRently. expecting to oe weu paia ror , , troubles, but at the end of the month i they would be aaaiy aisappoiniea to nno laj their acctiuH. . c..i.uita. j ould barely balance" the board accounts. They would be encouraged to try the thing another month In the hope of proflts,- and would again wora ana economise to set if they couldn't reap a profit, but It waa usually the aame story. i ne orncera aay that by this mean the. negroes' board was little expense to the contractors. These are only a tew or tne stone in circulation, some of which came before the grand Jury as eviaence. vt nue tney may be overdrawn or eaaggeratea. tne rnncm say they are very commonplace beskle soma of the report circulated la Blount County. v Meantime the search for the five defendant not yet In custody la being prosecuted by the Government. When the defendants have been captured a special term of the Federal Court will be called to try ta

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  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 30 Sep 1906, Sun,
  3. Page 25

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