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o fifA f a - ifaW T i We I ys i ilVtM tt V it v l i - rv w SAlf YUAN CISCO x CHRONICLE SATURDAY OCTOBER 1021 a 2S383C 83hshce SDeiCTTAND NGWS OF INTEDSST TODMeN Society Plans to Hold Fete on Armistice Day Choral Qub Music to Be ihc Principal Feature of Peninsula Celebration By LADY TEAZLE Armistice day November 11 will k another day of celebration Penln sulaYommgnltles nro uniting In make fete day of It Mrs John C Casserly tof 8kn Mateo Is In charge of the music Tit choral club of nlilch Mrs Cseserly la president will slug and Mr C Frederick Kohl will bo I ha soloist Percy pavles nlll direct tha choral elut Major Onral William M Wright rHI make the address at the Sao Mateo iilgh School The day will 1 Informally celebrated at the country clubs Mra Casserly la also promoting the efforts of her choral club which now comprises over a hundred of the nonprofessional musical people of tha peninsula suburbs Her plan Is to sit the oratorio Elijah In costume later Oh Meantime the rehearsals occupy man a morning for the women Inter - led in this project 1 Mr and Mrs Robert Hayes Smith were hosts at a handsome dinner at their home In Burlingsme on Thursday earning Their guest of honor ei Mrs Frederick W bhaion who Is taking her departure nlthln a Week for her home in New York w here she Will pasa the w Inter harles Bulottl tenor Rudv Felner violinist and Uda Waldrop pianist popular local artists proxlded tho music Some of the guests st the Smith kome were UHWHS AND NKRTUMm WalUr R Hartis Lauras T Oamerrai Matter Hiar rienrji T Man Undolpb Kerersele Jnl n rmm imi Newtiall alounlfrrd H Wllatm Joaerai Olirar Tobis Hera Foster PwltoB Cents Pdpe laaial C Jerklinf Vrv a rrNtaric Kohl Jar Jlarrr Trrtl lamm Jackmaa f - f At an Informal tea which Mrs Harry Horsley Scott ave on Wednesday afternoon at her home ion Dlvlsa - daro street for a few of her muslc - lovina frlenda her rueit of honor Mrs Reclnald Brooke of London charmed the guests with her lovely voice Mrs Brooke la vlsltlnr at tn Honeymoon in New York aaTgaBaaaMWaaaVi J ip Ha II IJj mmll Mk mmim mMmmtm iflpllfilif IHitl 1 HilwiiillliwiiitiKlllli mmm MtMlPiayfclel ldLaBBaaaaaaaaaaKSBHsBBHsBaaaaalaHR dmte The Personal Touch Mrt Donald Whistler Helen Weaver ha gone to New York on the honeymoon journey Mw Esther Weaver was her sisters maid of honor MERnlAM UNDSAT had a headache a beast of a headache She was trying to get herself dressed but aba could only cling dirtily to the bedpost Darned fooly yoore trying to go out ci tloned her husband You dont dnderstand how Important it Is Merrlam retorted I m not mereenary but I dont believe In being a fool and I m Aunt Alicoa afvorlte great - niece and she s going to have acada and oodles of money to leave to somebody And shes TS and shell never forgive me If ltn not at the pier to see her sail Its the little personal things that you do that count most with old ladles I get you John grinned The persona touchl Well jouIl have to let me do part of the touching You arent fit to stir out I have to Merrlam Insisted I have to take the basket I bought yesterday and trail around to the frutt man and the grocer both I can telephone Shes a terrible fussbudget She loathea ready - made baskets John gave a masculine snort of derision picked Merrlam up bodily and tucked her back in her bed Use some sense he commended He pulled out his pencil Tell me xacllv what you want In that basket I II bring on some headache tablets and tell Mellssy to call ou at 10 and bring you some coffee J 11 hae a taxi waiting at 10 30 wilh the basket In it and you can go on with your life ork at personally touching the rich gruat - aunt Hhes really a dear Merrlama tones were plaintive Shes had a ver unhappy life Tou see she was once engaged to a ycung chemlsC was ever so proud of him and thought - he was going to be a great aricntist but instead the stupid thing went Into the disinfectant manufacturing business It was a cruel blow to her pride She dldn t marry him and has been an awful crab and gone around hating him ever since because There there John smootned her forehead and kissed the torrent of explanation away You calm down and tell me Just what you want in that basket and Herbert Flelshbacker and of Mra Kmma Rosenbaum and Mra 6 C Scheellne was celebrated on October It with a gathering of her ward A Howard was hostess and the Howard home in Oakland was the setting for the affair After luncheon the guests played Oayley was hostess at dinner at her home In Berkeley before the Ransome affair In her party were WISHES Youre the blessedeet she snuggled gratefully tnto her pillows the helpfullesl understand - Ingest Well she perfectly hates candy but she likes thoae fat Jars of candled ginger She doesnt like yellow bananas but she does the red ones She hatca oranges bat Just Isps up tangerines Likes malaga grapes and cant endure tokays But the thing thats most Important berauae she thinks they keep her from being seasick are those cunning little yellow limes Get all you ran of them at least two doarn and put j hem right Off top Sha begina suckJntf them before the gangplank In and never stops till she lands Its really a splffy bosket Be surer ifs ar ranged nicely Dont worry John had jabbed notes oa tho corner of hlj newspaper Just gel some sleep and trust me darling Stilt wobbly from pain but much better Merrlam sank back In the taxi three hours later and eyed the steamer basket proudly It wrapped beautifully r rammed full to the handles John siOTned to have obejed instructions to the letter She reached the pier In ample time Aunt Alice gae grudging smile when she saw the huge basket Hope you remembered I hste orange I remembered ever thing you liked Aunlv desr r - ooert Merrlam John did it II s I he dtarest He was so sorry lie hadn t time to come to the pitr but he sent his love and hoped oud enjoy everything The outer wrapping came off The elderly woman pulled the tis - suo away In pleased curiosity Apd the next minute the personal touch Jabbed aunty For on top of the splffy basket in orderly roan where the stupid grocer had srranged them In ac cordance with his interrelation of Johns telephoned orders lay two dot - en blatantly lettered cans of tho ex - flancee a best chloride of lirpe CnprriSllt 1921 t tha Metropolitan Nawapapar Scrrne Another aW episode ef this stery Monday Harold Mack Wires He and Bride aci French Women of Fashion Carry Canes Like Men Necessity of Bearing Weapon for Holdup Men Responsible for Fad By MARIE BRAINARD PARIS October ft The women of fashion are beginning to carry1 eanea here They are not the email sticks we used l sea a year or to ago at theN - aces and on the avenues but regular mana - sise canes with leather wrist thonge at the tpp These are called Clemeneeau canes after the beloved rfeorgen Clemeneeau who always carries a stick of the same tpe There la usually no accounting for fashion fords but rn the case of lie Clemeneeau cane It la believed the number of street holdups of women by thugs of late has had something to do with It One good blow on the head from a Clemeneeau cane and there would be no obbery A new evening fawn designed bv a prominent Rue de la Palz dress - inakr ha a belt 10 which Is attached a small lubber bag containing water Thrcugb the narrow neck of llils lug fits a single rose Thus milady may wear her flower to the rorlal alTar and foel that she lent permitting It to die murdered bj her vanity It Is just a tad and will never attain permanency Shoes for the young girl and miss this fall are made with round toes and low heels on strap pumps Sandals for eenlng are gold or silver brocade or black satin with dashing little red heels and pipings For the afternoon the sandals are black satin Breakfaat slippers are of black or red morocco or bronze kldsklns NTCW lORK WOTBS NEW YORK October 21 Mareelle Carroll rho little French actress has returned from a visit to her mothers home in France wearing a corset Ze food waa ao good At mamas house sat I begin to get fat she said So I put on se corset and now 1 am not fat aint If Ze corset Is in style In Paree ao I keep It on to make me trim you got me Meester Stever

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 22 Oct 1921, Sat,
  3. Page 10

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