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WEIGHED OUESTIQII OF COWARDICE OF COUSLiS BOARDVISITED SCENE OF MUR ' DER OF POLICEMEN. PROBLEM ONE OF VERACITY Even a visit to the scene of the Russell Russell and Pettlcord munlers, yesterday afternoon, . seemed to fall of completely clearing up In the mtnda of members of the Boaru of Public Safetythe question to : whether patrolman John W. Cousins, colored, ran from - the scene ot the rtme, leaving his white companions their fate. - . f Cousins is on trial for 4wardlce" and neglect of duty, charge, preferred against him by Chief Metzaer. The Board of Safety heard several witnesses in its of - nce la the city hall before going to the scene of the crime, but postponed its decision decision until this afternoon, when the regular regular meeting will be held. The settlement of the question of cowardice, charged against Cousins, rests a question of veracity, with Cousins alone on one side, and Little Crawford, Cynthia Crawford and William Jackson, colored, on the other. The testimony given by the two Crawtords, who are man and wife, and Jackson, before the Board Safety yesterday afternoon, was the same as that given by them in the trial Williams, the negro convicted of the murder of patrolman Pettlcord. Stories of the Adverse Witnesses. The stories of the two Crawford, were that on the night of the crime they were standing in their doorway. In plain sight the five men concerned in the tragedy. that they saw the shooting of Russell' by Coe, the flight of Coe. pursued by Pettlcord, Pettlcord, and the flight of Williams after the two, but they both Insisted that Cousins - instead of following the two . negro criminals and the white patrolman to east toward Indianapolis avenue, in effort to assist I - 'ettlcord. turned from scene of the shootlng. - mnning to the west, away from the fleeing desperadoes Pettlcord, and in the direction of orth western avenue. - Jackson, who lives In a house in North western avenue, In front of the court in which the crime occurred, - .testified that heard shots fired, and saw three men by his side door toward hi. front gate, that ha followed In time to see Pettlcord, leaning on the gate post fire three Shots in the direction, of two men who running away.. .Jackson said that assisted Pettlcord. who fell after firing third shot to hla'feet and to a chair the vlclntty of where Russell had fallen, in . - the courtyard, and that the first he saw Cousins waa after he had helped Pettlcord to the chair. The colored patrolman. Jackson said. came into the court from the direction of Northwestern avenue. Jackson testified that Pettlcord said to Cousins: "I'm .hot Where. have you been? If had stayed with roe we'd have got two men," . . ; Defendant's Version of It. The story of Cousin, la that the shooting; of Russell by Coe, at the point from the flight of the two desperadoes began, waa behind . the ' corner of a projecting, fcoal eh ad. - not In sight of the OMWnm4. . .feat . rf - .. . m , K Pettlcord, who was followed - by WUliama, that Cousins ran after the three, two shot, at Williams. Cousins that he went aa far aa the front . the Jackson house, m, Northwestern avenue, but had to cease firing at Williams when he reached the passageway the front of the Jackson - house - for of hitting Pettlcord. , Cousin, said that when he reached the of the Jackson house, coming up Pettlcord, the latter said to him: - "I'm shot See what you can do for Russell, and that Cousin, then went into the courtyard, - and from there to Northwestern avenue, to telephone headquarter, of th. crime, Stories Repeatedat Seen of - Crime. Tan" effort to determine whether Cousins was right ,1a '! saying that the. Crawfords could not'lmve - seen the! shoot of Russell by Coe, or whether the Crawfords were right In saying. that they able to see the shooting, the members , of th. Board of Safety went from - office to th. scene of the crime, ac a a a of to . - '. tY, companled by the mayor. Chief Metxger other officers. There the witnesses asked to repeat meir stories, and board attempted to thrash out the SSih'a JeaHoof "JSSiVl fcfr a question of .veracity - between hlni'lhowev3erthaan?f waT.n th." heHni "h,. trS - a Imii wa. in the hearing the board . office. I Cousins pointed to a mark on a rear I of the Jackson house, which he had been made by one of th. bullets r h. fired at Williams aa he fled. I Lieutenant Sandman, who wa. with thjBtwt duar iatoi the shingle wall m an I to find a buller here. . and even I he Into thb house and moved a heavy!.... cupboard to ee. if any evldeneecould b.jne v m uunci. uuio, wut smwui I ' - ' I Imnreiiifl with Whit Cnwfarrii Slid I impressea wnn. wnat rawToraa oaia. i . Members of the board finally left the I and returned to their homes,' say - they would dide the the charge, agalnat Cousin, this after - and - They, seemed to be Impressed with stories of - th. Crawfords. particularly was IJttle Crawford, which was told in a straightforward - way and adhered to I seen I . the hearing of cousin, tne accused I patrolman waa represented by Charles I attorney, who made a caa. for client, granting that Cousins', word be taken as true. ; PettlJohn held tip question the statement of the Crawfords that they remained In their with their beads out during th. Th. Rearing was conducted, the board, by James D. Peirce, second city attorney. . . - - V " " - - aaaai aaaaaaaaaaa a - aaa the ha.

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 17 Oct 1906, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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