Arrest of Wm Arrison, the Torpedo Man, The Weekly Wisconsin, 22 Nov 1854

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Arrest of Wm Arrison, the Torpedo Man, The Weekly Wisconsin, 22 Nov 1854
 - 4fti0tcllaneouB urs. Arrest of wpam^rrijau, the...
4fti0tcllaneouB urs. Arrest of wpam^rrijau, the TorpedoMan. and Allison andihia wifejby.means of at the Marine Hospital in : this city, o r^uSH^r«r« ? red,^snow B afe.. ij-lodgea in^ejan oMhi. cou^y Tte cnr- cmnBtanoes lending to ine i'"'""b . "ofhis arrest follows: loss her e for him, returned it to t£f port office, with an explanation. .The following following is a copy of that letter: T1IEINTEKCEPTED LETTER. Muscatinc, Oct. 30th, 1854. MB WnXABD— Dear Sir .-—Since you left! have thought of some things that may be of advantage advantage to yon in your investigations. Do not omit calling on.Dr: , Ohio College buildings: buildings: he is my friend. Do not approach him onlv in your true character; make a frank statement statement of your business, and ask'bim for his advice. advice. Operate <>" hil1 «y»t»«>y> » possible.— You may find the new street directory of invaluable invaluable service to you in finding those you get the names of, and not the number of their residence. residence. '' „ ' If you call on Mrs. family, walk in without ceremony—introduce yourself; make your business known; Kay you ore anxious to get light on the subject; express your request, &c., but don't stay over one nonr at any timo,-and not that long unless they appear appear to be sympathizers. Never call more than the second time unless pretty strongly invited. 1 think it would lie" as well to call on Mrs. C , comer 6T and Freeman street, ,,. C , No—Sixth street, and the C family, corner of Third and itrects. I have reason for thinking they are my friends. Possibly they may know of something which may lw of advantage to me. • 'Ifthry Itnotr any- thmg agaiiat me, I teitli to know it. Just nay to them you wish to hear their real sentiments. Save all tbe money for me you can, yet do not omit anything of service to me the an in the is to himself the his to so .on that account. Yours, i'C., WILLIS. 1'. S. Scrutinize Mr. F :—very closely. Do not stop short of complete Batififaction wliy he bus not obtained judgment on tbe note. If he fails fo give that, yon had better take conn- HO! of some legal men what course to pursue.— In such a contingency C A would be an good as any I know of. Do not omit writing writing at least every other day, if you have diffir culty, and let me know the nature of tbe same. I may help to contrive how to come over them. P. S. The letter you mailed here for the old man, I look on as very imprudent. If mv watchers watchers arc sharp AT AI.L, it may lead tosenouscon- xec/uences. There is not so much danger of the letter being purloined, us in the post-mark.— Spies may be wnt burr on suspicion that the letter was from me. Attention should not)" drawn to this point. This bos troubled me.night and day, ever since you-left. - . W. ]>. s.—Oct. 31st, You know yesterday was Sunday, of course; no use to mail a letter on that day. This morning is rainy nnd disagreeable; disagreeable; buainess, however, hi rather brisk. W. Tbe italics are the writers. We omit tbe names of the person" mentioned, as they ave not connected with the mutter. The letter, it is ru mored, was written to Arrison'n brother. The language of the letter attracted attention. As soon as Dr. Vattier, the postmaster, read it, be was from some cause, induced to suspect that it was from Arrison. He immediately sent for Capt. Hokc, the Chiei of Police, and Mr. Iluffin, the Marshal of the City. These officers confirmed confirmed the auspicious of the postmaster, and it was determined to visit the place immediately. Capt. Hokc determined to do the business himself himself without conferring with any of bis subordinates, subordinates, and Marshal Ifuffiii having indispensa- blei bupincss to attend to hen-, sent Mr. Lewis Lee, one of bin. deputies, as an assistant to the Chief of Police. A consultation was had with tbe Mayor, and he, feeling a deep interest in the matter, determined to accompany the above officers. They left a week ago last Monday. no one .cave those who had been consulted, been mvareol'Uieir object They proceeded immediately immediately to Muscatinc, by the VT; ofChicagoand Hock Island, arriving tbere at ten o'clock Tuesday Tuesday night : They registered their names falsely, falsely, and retired to rest for the night Enrly the next morning, the officers, as had been agreed upon here, waited upon the Postmaster Postmaster of the place, : <and made 'him u confidant From him they learned that a suspicious fellow nnmcd Willis, was employed in the drug store of Mr. Dougherty, only a few doors from the post office. Tbe description given of Willis, answered answered the description of Arrison, precisely.— The Postmaster readily tendered all assistance in bis power, and immediately ^proceeded with the Cincinnatians to the office of Magistrate Kline, to whom the whole circnmrfnnce was related, related, and he, too, expressed himself willing to aid as far as possible. Esq., Kline, upon the affidavit of Capt. Hokc, issued awarrant for the urrc-Bt of Arrison, aliat Willis. No constable being at hand, Sheriff 1>. G. McCloud, and his deputy, James Beehnn, were called into service, and tbe warrant placed in McCloud's hands.— Tbe whole party .then tbe neighborhood neighborhood of the drug store. Cupt Hoke knowing knowing Arrison by sight, it was agreed that he nnd Lee should first enter :tlic nlore and see if they recognized him, and that. tbe Sheriff and tbe rest should soon follow^ , Iloke purchased some cignruin the drug store, but was not waited upon by Willis, who wan sitting by tbe stove reading a, newspaper, with bis back towards the visitor. Iloke did uot recognize recognize him, and was about leaving the store when the Sheriff and his deputy entered. The Sheriff walked immediately up to Arrison, and said, "Willis, I have n warrant for you.'., Arri- HOU seemed startled, and dropped tbe paper, fcrnsjied ut the warrant. AS soon as Hokc and Lee saw his face, they knew him, and the former former approached, and addressed him, said, "How are you iSill" Armon, who by that time had recovered, recovered, rcplled.'^'!^ are you talking to? I guess you are mistaken in your man.'; Some conversation"ensued, during'which he' denied that bis name was Arrigon.and said that ho would Kona prove to the officers, that they were mistaken mistaken in, their man. . , He was handcuffed, taken before Squire Kline, and immediately committed to the custody custody of tbe Sheriff. As soon asthenewsofthcar- roBt spread through Muscatinc, the whole population population was thrown into a state of excitement. They gathered in an immense crowd around where the prisoner was. seemingly anxious to sec him, but expressed themselves 'determined to aid the officers if any aid was needed. The Sheriff placed Arrison in charge of the Cincinnati Cincinnati officers, and fearing a habeas corpus, it was determined .to bring him forthwith to Cincinnati. Cincinnati. At four o'clock that afternoon, tbe packet McKeccame along, and Arrison, escorted by a full thousand people was taken aboard. He was handcuffed, nnd"T)m! or more of the officers was by bis.Bide continually, ,trom tbe moment of bis arrestTiritil 'he Was' lodged in' prison. ' His baggage was also brought-with him, and in that was fpitnd unm}Btakable:ev,idtaoe that he isthe individual tbe officers were after, tbougb be continually continually denied it. Hc.-n^w by no means communicative communicative on tho trip; and was very cnreful-in all his replies. Iheyarrlycd here late lastnight, and Arrison was placed in the watch bouse, under under especial guard lor the night, he still contending contending that his hamo'was'Wiiris. When iflidnt-tb'.paiit -with?.'Capt. Hoke.last mghl,ue rcfiuostcij tijm to injorrn Law/erfwnoh of tbe arrcM,'and1o request him to out at the watch house thin inornlngi' Lawyer Frencn,who was formerly employed by Arrison in a civil suit, pallod Ibis morning, and bad nn iutcrview : wittrtuc prisoner. -After this be acknowledged; that his name, was William Arrison, the jicreon the officers were in pursuit of andbeodme'more communicative. -The fact of tho arrest beeom-< ing known, many'peraons assembled around tbe watch house at an (,'trly hour tbis morning, to get H sight at tbe prisoner. The crowd became to large that libout 8 o'clock it was considered best to remove him to jail, where he now is. Arriaon denies tbe murder. He says that he left-Omoinnaii on*4lie -evening-of the 27tt of Juno,.!' ••-.-king- ••-.-king- a the.hoTriblB murder, ta— ta— „ r ----- a ---- wund to St Louis; nnd' that he know nothing pithc murder until he of-, terwards read the account in the Cincinnati newspapers. During the trip he wastaken down with the cholera, and wasdetaincd in consequence consequence At St Louis. He wu in that city when ourCinciouati officers were hunting biru i'n Iowa; they, however, rightly corijiBtnring where he was going. He arrived at IIIE father's on the 12th of July, remained there three days, and then left. He has been in Muscatinc, pawing under the name of Willis, since tbojith of August; August; and though bis conduct woe somewhat singular, singular, no one.tuore ever suspected him of being Arrison. ,' • . > : \ : Ue has been indicted by the Grand Jury for tbe murder. All tbe items of evidence a'giiu* him, with tbe names and residences of witnws- es has been carefully gathered, written dopp nnd filed in the Prosecuting Attorney's officoby Marshal Ruffln, so 'lint the evidence is 'easilr got at. ' He -will'be brought to trial at (he earliest earliest moment. The particulars of the murder is still frcab in theimcmorv of our renders, audla repetition needless. It "was the most horrible ever, commuted In tbis communltv, and it chills one's blood to think of it. If Arriwu is guilty, death by the scaffold is his fate. — Oin. Enq- ' • '•

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  • Arrest of Wm Arrison, the Torpedo Man, The Weekly Wisconsin, 22 Nov 1854

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