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 - Antonio Jumps Into Third Position a into out...
Antonio Jumps Into Third Position a into out the the to Rice Looks at Most Graceful Ball Players By GRANTLANU RICE (Copyright, 1938) (North American Newspaper .Alliance) What would be the most graceful all-time baseball team, picked from Ioth leagues? If anyone should have the right slant on this line-up, he is Clark Griffith, now main owner of the Washington club. Griff has been a WE factor in baseball for over forty years. He has seen most of them come and go. Here's his angle-"Bark t Gf the ba(, you couldn't go wrong on Johnny Kling of the Cubs. There were others, iiiclud- i Ing Buck EM'Inp. who were something; to look at. "Not all great pitchers carried any amount of grace into action. I'd name Walter Johnson as one of the most graceful of all pitch- em, with the full, easy swing and the blend between body and arm. Dizzy Dean was one of the lead- era, but I'll take Johnson. "Hal Chase stands all alone at first base," Griff continued. "He was not only the most graceful first baseman J ever saw. but the best. Chase could make plays look easy that no other first baseman could get away with. He was a streak of lightning around the bag and almost every move he made was effortless. "There's no argument about sec- .ond base. Nap Lajoie leads f he pack by a mile or more at this spot. Although Larry was a big fellow--over six feet and weighing around 200 pounds--he moved around like a cat. I've seen Lajoie on many occasions make spectacular plays around second look so easy that no one ever thought of the play as a hard chance. He had no hard chances-not the way he moved around and handled the ball. "There's more of an argument et short. Herman Long was a good one. Hans Wagner was the best of all the shortstops, but you'd never slip Hans a medal for grace. Dave Bancroft of the OianU ranks high and Jack Barry of the Athletics was another. "Third base Is a simple pick- Jimmy Collins of Boston. Collins was not only a great third baseman, possibly the best in baseball history for both hitting ?nri .fielding but he had more style than any others I've seen at this job. Bill Bradley of Cleveland wasn't far behind in grace, and another great third base- man on the side. "I'll she you two In a hurry tor the outfield," Griff said. "They are Tris Speaker and Joe Dl Mag- fi-Jo. I've never seen their equal* when It comes to grace In moving around the outfield or at bat The third choice Is harder. Jmmy Shrckard must be rated h)*h up in this respect. So must George Burns of the Giants, who apparently never had a hard chance- not the way he went about hij work. "I'd like to see this bunch all together in action. It would be a double eyeful. Not all star ball j players were graceful players. Matty was a bit on the awkward side. Ty Cobb looked awkwarri at bat with his spread grip--but that didn't keep him from getting more base hits than any other ball player in j 1 the game's history. Ty was some- j thing else around the bases--a wild - deer running loose. Matty. Cobb. Wagner. Prank Baker and others rated around the tup Ir, ability were still shy when it came to all-around grace In every department of the game." Griff shoves DlMaggio out In front as the most graceful of all modern stars. Charley GehrJnger of the Tigers isn't far away. "Every move DiMaggio makes Is worth looking at." the old Fox says. "Joe Medwlck isn't far away, but he Isn't quite as smooth as the young Yanket star." The most graceful of all fool- ball backfip-tds? No argument here. The fou; horsemen of Notre Dame around 1924. In the individual list, you can't leave nut Red Grange. One of the most grac**fuJ tennis players I ever say was Larry Doher- the crown here goes to the lit* Suz-jnne Lenglen, who was lighter on her feet than a thistle In fcho wind. The two most graceful lighters were Jim Corbett ind Joe Qana. Gans had no waste motion. At best, pound for pound he the greatest combination ty. Both Dohertys were stylists. But I their superior. of boxer and puncher in ring history. Anyway, most of the old- timers think this about him. was shadow with a cobra sting. s,hare of grace, but in this respect he wasn't quite up to. Gans. It ?:ould be hard to find any competitor quite as graceful as Sonja Henie was in the skating Olympics. She was close to the final word in everything that goes into the makeup of graceful art. Bobby Jones--Red Grange-- Son Henie-- Suzanne Lenglen-- -fbe --here is a group that won't b3 surpassed in our brief day and when it comes to the matter of almost flawless rhythm in their various capacities at one game or another. It would be Interesting to whether any bystander could name

Clipped from
  1. The Amarillo Globe-Times,
  2. 12 Jul 1938, Tue,
  3. Page 7

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