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Lee White Henry Owens Drafted - 'SOME SORT OF VICTORY' Weber Challenges Trojans...
'SOME SORT OF VICTORY' Weber Challenges Trojans By Landing 6 in Pro They've never appeared in the ; end John Knight were selected K n '9 h t Web " s '"« defensive end,-san ,,,,,, 1«,,,1 ^rvT/^.1^^ t n iho- ^ ·_-,,_,, _ _..,_ .Francisco, Casey Bayette, Brigham .Young Rose Bowl or come close to the, ne ar the halfway mark. .-..-, ..... ..... . major college championship,: tjollowav a B-1 l9ft.nonnrW if railcis ., co S l a n l e *"S ; ' but Weber State's Wildcats! HWlowa Z' a *3 *3 . l^Pounder, G ar y Houser, Oregon s,,t. end; New fork Giants, Jae Koontz, San (Francisco S t . a t e end; New York end' and puht- nut weoer Mates vvjiacai_ jwent to J) enver in the eighth ? r L3S *ngeies. ..Bob Richardson, wasn- might have Claimed SOme Sort' .,_J Jfnio-ht a R.1 9«.rv»finH ing ! on }' Me; Cincinn«ti, Steve Hanr.han, ~l ,·,,*,,,-, ,,,,«.. Co,,tK,o,TM Pul'c rOU " a l " u » nl a b " J ) MO-pOuna-'Wtber San defensivt tackle. of victor over Southern CaJs. ~l ,·,,*,,,-, ,,,,«.. Co,,tK,o,TM of victory over Southern Trojans Wednesday. ^ went to Pittsburgh in the; 'ninth round. , San defensivt tackle. TENTH KOUND j«- 0 TM · i, mm , u, ah . , , The verdict may have b e e n They were steady, but not ·?f Cekn '; iv ^" imbs ;A'. 0c K anA5 a! tin 'rK ah s ,"V e a t h " " ' - C " y ' J ' ck slightly questionable. But the "spectacular," Arslanian said. Wildcats did land six gridders The coach, who has been at on pro teams following a medi-, Weber three of the five years it ocre fr-4 season in the small, col-!has been a four-year institution, ,,,,,.,, .,,.,, ,,,.,, ,,,, lege ranks. A seventh, former! sa id he was also surprised thatl*""". s»f»« u»^t':' defensive back Bill Rogers, was pensive *uard Jim' Schmed-lnX^tt" uV'jf also expected to report to Chi- dj n g d lt j n 't go higher than the TWELFTH ROUND , ELEVENTH ROUND Cincinnati, Wally Scott, Arirjna defensive defensive back; St. Louis, Larry ,-Slagle, UCLA guard; New York .Jets, Henry Owens ' lakiand, Ralph'cellar cago's camp on the strength of sixth round. The 6-2, 252-pound- last year's draft selection. er went to Chicago. Cincinnati, Bob Trumpy, .Utah 1 "'tight end; New Orleans, John Beck, San Diego State defensive' back; Detroit,.- Ed Ca'ru- And an eighth, pass-catching, The ' biggest surprise of all'thers, Arizona defWive bqckV wishing star Phil Tuckett. was expected m ay have been the reaction of $;J' V "' ^" " to try his luck somewhere as a-defensive tackle Steve Hanra- free agent. He was contacted byjhan, a 6-5, 260-pounder. He just a number of scouts, head coach]held the phone and screamed Sark Arslanian said, "and it w hen he learned he was chosen seems unbelieveable that he by the AFL's new Cincinnati club-, The coach took the news in stride, saying. "We've got a great bunch of guys." Here are the West's selections . f r o m j Wednesday's-, final 12 rounds of the combined combined profetdiona-l football league draft: ' . SIXTH lOVNft . Detroit, Mike., Spirzer, .San Joir State wasn't selected." With 17,500 students, undefeated undefeated Southern Cal produced 11 pro picks. Thus, the Weber buffs point out, SC's national champions champions produced fewer pro selections selections per capita than Weber State's 7,500 students. The over- ,,.,. ,, all SC football program is also £·*'«,£ Bd; -i rc1 i iCi9 ' probably several times the size; " s "" Of WiBber,'S. Plantz, Colorado flanker. o.kiad, . » 10, Jim Schmedding, ROUND . Minnesota, Oscar teed, Colorado TNI«7(tMTM ROUND Atlanta, William Harris, Colorado run ning back; Denver, Charles Greer, Colorado Colorado defensive back; New Orleans, K. 0. Trepanier, Montana Stale defensive end; B o s t o n , Max.-.Huber, Brigham Youno tackle. " . FOURTEENTH ROUND Washington, Dave Zivich, Cal-Santa Bar in, tackle; Chicago, Harold Gargus, ew Mexico State defensive tackle;- Green · hn Ferler, Colorado endr Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Sttvi Lewicke,-.. Texas-El Paso end. FIFTIINTH ROUND v New Orleans, Wilmer ' Cooks, Colorado running hack; Pittsburgh,, Robert Lanning, TOPS among Weber Selections running back; Pittsburgh, Doug D, BB T*o WWtp thp mpnarini»l N « w Mpxicu Slat, running back; Hou ia Iron. mpnarini» menacing t . Houston, Toscano, Wyomino - quarterback; 235-pOUnd fullback and Little j Pittsburgh, - Bill' Glenn, Washington. de- All American selection. He was fensivt I " :k "- |l6HTH IOUMO Cincinn»ti,,_Henry Gunner, Oregon State end; Denver, "Steve Holbway, Weber State defensive back; Pittsburgh, Danny Hoi- man, San Jose State quarterback; Wash- 'ngton, Brian . Magnuson, Montana running He was a New York Jets' first round selection. The Jets also t o o k tailback Henry Owens, a 175- pound speedster, in the llth round. Even Arslanian was a little ·urprlMd that dtfensivt back (toy* Holloway aad . back; Philadelphia, Al Lavan, Colorado State 'defensive h«ck. NINTH ROUND Denver, Paul tVnlth, New ,Mexlw linebacker linebacker i' Mlnnewla, Mlkt Donahae, Ian I a»l« tuti flttikurth, MM' Narthern Montana defensive -end; Detroit, Jim Oliver, Colorado State'Tunning back. SIXTEENTH ROUND ' State Atlanta, Ray .. Hall/ San.. Jose State tackle,- Detroit, Robert , .Rokita, ArirJna State-defensive end; Chicago, Jim Murphy Utah State kicker; Baltimore, Walt Blackledge, Blackledge, San Jose State flanker .--. SEVINTIIN1N ROUND .' Cincinnati, · · Don Manning, UCLA''line- backer; Atlanta, Jim Schmidt, Jan Francises Francises Stale defensive bsick; Denver/-Steve Grady, Southern Calitornia . linebacker- Minnesota,, Bob Lee, U. of Pacific' quarterback; quarterback; Miami,-- Bill Nemeth, Arizona cen ..... _________ «r; Washington. /Frank -.Bosch, Calor«d« .r«mve tiM*;' Wii)»dilphia, Joi Fw.if° Urln ..nl, Utah Slat, lintbackir, Sin Fran- Cisco, kfck*f; Jtata Dennis Pata/a, Chfeif*. Saiw Brigham Young I L.vt.n, C*le,a(i

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 01 Feb 1968, Thu,
  3. Page 23

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  • Lee White Henry Owens Drafted

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