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10/31/1891 - ASOTHEK JUDICIAL TRAYESTI. A Simple Cliiu uc or...
ASOTHEK JUDICIAL TRAYESTI. A Simple Cliiu uc or "Anuociatlns" !« \Vhut the. State Call* the Vile »elm«eliery of an Unsophisticated "Vnuns Girl. Moi-e About as Hcnion.H a Case as liver Sliocked a Community— More Clueiip Justice. Gf\N TOBACCO O K Yesterday morning Tom Welch, Dick Lynch, John Barry and Qan Kelley, the young reprobates who were captured by the police on Bridget's Island Thursday were arraigned before Mayor Read. The only charge preferred by the authorities against the ill savored gang was associating with prostitutes, and all that the Mayor could do was to give them a hearing on this change. After hearing the case presented the Mayor imposed a fine of §5 each on the members of the gang. The costs amounted to $10 each and the fellows were remanded to jail in default of the amount, From the facts developed in this nasty case it is questionable if this proper charge was preferred against the fellows. The authorities should at least have given sufficient credence to the girl's story to bring- in a charge of a graver character. In fact it is doubtful if they possessed the right, in light of the evidence to prefer such a charge at .all. Until the girl bad oeen proven a prostitute any ground for the charge brought is open to doubt. Jessie Tittsworth, the girl whom the fellows so. outrageously debauched, told her story in court,-the same being in the main that given in the Journal yesterday morning, and it was told in such a manner as to create an impression on the spectators of her innocease. .From her story, which held good, the charge preferred by the .authorities should have fallen groundless and the quartette of young reprobates held to answer a more serious charge. At the conclusion of the trial the court instructed the marshall to procure a ticket to Peru for the girl and send -her home. This was done and at 11:20 the young woman whose shameful treatment will cause her to forever remember Logansport took her departure. The outcome of this case which was pushed through, so hurriedly is not at all satisfactory to the public and until it can be proven or shown in any way that the young girl in the case is other than she claims, there will he an lingering impression that justice was not done the poor creature. This one, two, three style of justice sets too low a price on the persons of the girls of the community. For the sake of argument, even had this girl been of the lowest character the conduct of the tough young gang who kept her a captor for a day and and two nights on a lonely and uninhabited island committing indignities of a nameless character on her person against her will and consent, knowing that her screams would not attract attention, would surely merit greater punishment than a little fine for merely •'associating." Officer Fiddler says that a party told him that Wednesday night he heard a woman's screams on the island, but being one of these indifferent individuals paid no. attention to the matter. In this case the State has fallen far short of giving that broad protection to its citizens which its laws declare shall be given and Mr. McGreevy is at fault for being content to accept and prefer a mere charge of "association." This girl was young, inexperienced and unsophisticated. Her first appearance in. court naturally intimidated her and after the treatment she had received, and with the vile threats of her viler debauchers still ringing in her ears she was probably content to let the matter rest as it did. With, no advice and little knowledge of her rights she was content to depart for her home with her fearful wrong unavenged by the State which is popularly supposed to offer protection to its citizens. If the charge of rape could not have been sustained >fter a careful judicial investigation of the case, .'.'then it would have been plenty of '.time^to bring the reputation of the 'girl into question and prefer the Charge, which the. State, by its representative, was content to receive against the gang. As it stands the duty .of the State will be to investigate this caso a little : more thoroughly. Additional facts to prove the toughness of the gang into whose ban Is tho girl fell have been developed. The one who escaped from Marshal Lunsford and Captain Morrissey turns out to be none other than Tim Sullivan whom the police have been wanting for some months on the charge of highway robbery. Neither the Captain nor i the Marshal knew Sullivan, and are consequently doubly chagrined at the loosi way in which, they allowed their man to get away from them. This SPECIE PURSE FREE Style Brown Style Black Jaros Hygienic Underwear, Warner's Health Underwear, Underwear, Natural-Wool Underwear, Fancy"Striped Underwear, Tan and Brown Canton Flannel Underwear. A. gang was in "cohoots". with the gang which robbed the Burnettsville post- office Monday night. Tom Welch admitted' to Officer Kleckner that they were with the robberaiori Tuesday night when tbe police made,the unsuccessful .raid east of'town, and said that he had had.a part of the jewelry which was stolen, but had given it away. Welch said that Jack Sullivan, an ex- jail bird, who has also been wanted by the police for stealing, was one of the postoffice robbers and that the other three were strangers, who left Wednesday morning. The police, however, have suspicions that the ••strangers" are not a thousand miles from Logansport atthis writing and the gang that is in jail at present may yet feel the toils tightening around them. 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Clipped from
  1. Logansport Pharos-Tribune,
  2. 31 Oct 1891, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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