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11 july 1975 1 - preparation by the state Department Education...
preparation by the state Department Education for two years, is the first for others. During preparation of the handbook, input input was received from students, teachers. jrid e:<piessipn, extra - curricular activities, activities, personal appearance, student re because they are unable to pay school fees, according tu the handbook. Students also have the right to display Thn handbook says if one outside speaker speaker is permitted to use school facilities. iTurD lu Htf ifi. Col i< Mudents may now wear hair lengths, dress as they wish and display West Virginia students. gtarlegton Pailu Pail Without, or With, Offence to Friends or Foes, 1 Sketch Your World Exactly as It Goes CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA.. FRIDAY EVENING, JULY 11, 1975 FINAL * * ★ * * EDITION THE WEATHER CLOUDY, chance of rain through Saturday. Low tonight near 60. High Saturday in 70s. Details On Page 4A VOLUME 165, NO. 10 IF GUILTY OF B«!B£5 Lifting State Money From Banks Favored By RICHARD GRIMES Chief Of Capitol Bureau A majority of the members of the Board of Public Works said today they favor lifting lifting state deposits from any bank found guilty of bribing a state official. But members members varied in their opinions as to what degree degree a bank is responsible for the actions of its officials. "The taxpayers have the right to assume assume that the banks in which they entrust their money will not bribe a state official to get it." asserted State Supt. of Schools, Dan Taylor, a member of the board who said he is "terribly offended" by recent happenings. Former State Treasurer John Kelly pleaded guilty this week to charges of mail fraud, extortion and bribery in a federal case involving former officials of Charleston Charleston National Bank <CNB) and two Huntington Huntington banks. There is speculation additional additional banks handling state deposits will be mentioned. Supt. Tavlor doesn't think the bank can sever itself from its officers. "As far as I'm concerned, the board should take a very serious look at any depository which uses money to bribe state officials. How can Charles Gates <CNB president) take the position it is not the fault of the bank? "If Charleston National can't control its own officers, then I'm not in favor of putting putting state deposits there,'' Taylor said. An assistant U.S. district attorney said this week that the government was ready to prove that Kelly had received $77,000 from Charleston National Bank since 1961. Meanwhile, Gates, CNB president, said the bank has filed a claim with the bank's fidelity bonding firm to recover the funds and that it would be standard procedure for the bank to take action against Denver Morgan. Former CNB president, and Paul Hinkle. ex - chairman of the board. Gates blamed Morgan and Hinkle and said, "They did it without the knowledge of other board members." "Did Mr. Morgan and Mr. Hinkle write John Kelly personal checks? If they didn't, then I think the bftik is responsible," Tay NUMBER NUMBER OF PERSONS TRAPPED Flames Break Out In N.Y. Skyscraper NEW YORK (AP) - A two - alarm fire broke out in a midtown skyscraper skyscraper today and the fire department said a number of persons were unable to get out of the building because of heavy smoke. "Some persons are 'technically trapped.' We have men with them but we do not feel it would be advisable to try and walk them through the smoke on the stairwells," a fire department spokesman said. He said it was an electrical fire that began on the 18th floor with very heavy smoke which was spread by the air conditioning and created "some panic among workers on upper floors." The blaze erupted shortly before 11 a.m. in the 33 - story building at 40 West 57th St., near Sixth Avenue about six blocks north of Rockefeller Center. Center. At least three persons were rushed from the building and treated for smoke inhalation. Two police helicopters flew above the building as thousands of spectators spectators gathered around the busv loca tion. One of the pilots reported seeing hundreds of persons on the roof. Windows of the building were being broken to let smoke and heat out. Persons Persons in the street below scurried to avoid the falling shards of glass. "There was increasing amount of smoke, then a lot of people began to surry aound and try to run. Thank goodness firemen arrived and calmed things down," said Janine Thrash, who worked on the 25th floor. Another woman who was receiving oxygen said, "I thought We were all going to suffocate. The smoke was terrible — very dark and very smelly smelly " . The police emergency number and fire department said they were getting getting numerous calls from persons who were higher in the building and wanted wanted to get out. One woman working in the building called a relative and said she was with about 70 persons on the 30th floor. She said they had been told to stay there and not to try to get out. lor said. Taylor said he is no attorney and he doesn't profess to expound legal opinions. But he said as an official and as a taxpay - ing citizen he is offended by what appears to have taken place. "The matter certainly certainly should not be dropped. The state has every every responsibility to follow this up." he said. State Auditor John Gates, ?. member of the board and also a member of the State Board of Investments, said it is absolutely necessary that the Board of Public Works discuss changes in the state's investment procedures. "What was good a number of years ago is no good today. We need to review review our banking policies," he said. As to action against a bank bribing a state official, the Auditor said, "As far as I'm concerned, lifting the deposits at such a bank would be automatic.'' But he cautioned against jumping the gun and over - reacting against the banking industry — an industry' that he said is vital to the progress of communities in the state. He said banks do a good service to their communities, adding, "We cannot lose sight of this ... and push the panic button.'' button.'' After ail the evidence is in, he said he favored the Board of Public Works reviewing reviewing the entire matter to see what state action action is needed. "It is a federal case, but the state also must manage its own house," he said. Gates said West Virginia needs to have "active money management" rather than "passive management" like has been the case. He said one man cannot properly watch $750 million on a daily basis. "We should have a person watching every ma - iTurn to Pg. tA, Col. Z) s A Y The place is rock 'n rollin' £ with Elvis fans. Teen - Ager Charged in Murder; f'ANS FOR SURE— One hundred dollars for 3 front - row ticket to Elvis Presley's concert tonight was not too much tor Jackie Coiner, at left, of Charleston, who has been a fan since .she was 8. Lill - Karin Uthein, left, and Tor Fosberg at Nor NORWEGIANS NORWEGIANS FOLLOW ENTIRE TOUR way. members of the Flaming Star Pres'c America to follow Presley's concert l.nir tosny Bill Ticr:iar.. Elvis Presley Fans Await Idol, Hope For Glimpse At Airport Bv CHARLES KESLER Of The Daily Mail Staff Some Elvis Presley fans stand in line to buy concert tickets, some pay exorbitant prices to attend his concerts— and some fans fiy across the Atlantic Ocean to hear him. Members of the Norwegian Flaming Star Elvis Presley Fan Club were awaiting awaiting their hero's arrival at Kanawha Airport Airport this morning, Thev chartered a plane and few into Won't Make Show, Fan Seeks Review Some Presley fans can't make it to his Charleston concerts, but that doesn't mean they aren't interested. Dave Bouska of Beaverton, Ohio, wrote the Daily Mail asking that a copy of the newspaper's review be sent to him. He said he collects "review? "review? of all of Elvis' shows." "Thanks, and I ( hope you all enjoy the Elvis Presley show!" he added. New York on .June 25, and have since spent their time following Pr esley's every move on his nationwide concert tour. From Memphis to Terre Haute to Cleveland, Cleveland, these dedicated fans have followed Presley's string of sold - out performances. Aiter last night's concert in Cleveland, they rented automobiles and drove ail night in order to reach Charleston in time to greet Presley at the airport. ADDITIONAL PHOTOS ON CITY PAGE SPACE SHOT Biorn Eriksen. 29, who has been a club member since 1971 and a fan since I960, ■ said that "Elvis is absolutely unique There's just nobody like him." • He said that. Presley's popularity is climbing in Europe, and that many of his greatest fans are youngsters only 16 or 17 years old who have only freshly discov ered mm. On her third American trip to follow ,. - .._„ r.tin Presley's concert path. Lill - Karin Uthein, YOU I H tAMr 19. confessed that her frequent travels cost nearly "all of her money,'' But it was worth it. she said, despite the almost $1, 400 400 price tag. On her last U.S. trip, she bough', her boyfriend boyfriend a cowboy hat and has since decorated decorated it lor him. Tr.r Fosberg. 28, now sports the hat which pmclnirns "we love Elvis" several times in bold red letters. A fan since 1958 and a member of the Flaming Star Fan Club sines 1966. Bjorn Hcllem, "9, said thai he found America interesting, interesting, but the dizzying pace of his travels travels really left him liille time to sightsce. 'Right now we nave a number of prob - iTurn to Pfi. 4A, Cot. i) ON THE INSIDE Next Thursday's the big day when Americans and Russians link up in space. Our Page Two today tells you all fbaul it. The sheriff has a good one going at Virgil Virgil Tate. Page SA. REBORN

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