The New York Times (New York, New York) 12 February 1922 Page 119

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The New York Times
(New York, New York)
12 February 1922  Page 119 - seventy-four REALTY BOARD HEARING ON Chsrles G....
seventy-four REALTY BOARD HEARING ON Chsrles G. Edwards. President of the Reel Estate Board of New Tork, has Invited Judge Alton B. Parker. T. Ken- Ken- nard Thomson, E. D. Anderson and Walter Russell to appear before the board and explain to Its members at the next meeting their project of extending Manhattan Island six miles down the bay. , Walter Russell. President of the Man hattan Extension. Inc.. which plans to undertake the. engineering feat if proper legal authority can be obtained from! city. 8tate and the 'Federal Government. this proposed extension is fsst becoming a public issue of vital importance importance to the growth of New Tork City and the metropolitan district. Governor Miller, speaking earnestly to fifteen hundred men -at -at the annual dinner of the Real Estate Board of New Tork, told them. In effect, that they who planned and dealt In real estate were the builders of this great city and that the future of New Tork depended In a great measure upon them. "Governor Miller. also reminded them of the great fact which we are all slowly awakening to, that from henceforth we must hsvs a new concept of New Tork other than that which tradition haa instilled instilled into our minds. , " The old concept, the one with which we are all familiar, was that New Tork was Manhattan Island. The new concept concept is the territory embracing about iwemy-uve iwemy-uve iwemy-uve miies in eacn airectlon from Bedlow'a Island. " This territory reaches from below Tottenville, 8. I., to White Plains. N. Y.. and from Flalnfleld. N. J., to Port wasnmgton. i. within these boundaries boundaries are 103 communities with a total population of 8.000,000 people. In other words, about 12K per cent, of the entire population of this country resides and does business within this radius of twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five miles. " This fact makes New Tork a- a- world city. The destiny and prosperity of the entire nation are more or less in its hands. The entire Middle West is . at present up In arms against New Tork 'because of Its failure to awaken to the vast responsibilities demanded of it. A commercial war ts Imminent which threatens exit to the sea for the Middle West via the St. Lawrence, because of the Inadequacy of New . Tork to handle the produce in transit and New Torkers' apparent apathy and indifference to the commercial needs of the Middle West. New Yorkers have been indifferent, but they are no longer so. They are. on the contrary, keenly alive to the danger of neglect. " In the future we must adjust our mind to Newark being as integral a part of New York aa we have been accustomed to thinking of 110th Street being a part of it. The Port Authority, which naa mane an intensive siuay or New Tork. looking Into Its future and Flannlng wisely to provide for the uture, nas forseen the coming city as a vast community without State line boundaries and has Just ss wisely refused refused to see New Tork City as Manhattan Manhattan Island. Governor Miller Minted out that It was the duty of each man In that board to acquaint Himself with and give sen- sen- ous thought to the .varloua plans before the city today for the solution of its difficulties. " The greet plan of the Port of New Tork Authority Is one of thene plans which has already had the very serious attention of the public. Eugenius Outer-bridge Outer-bridge Outer-bridge has graphically fought for the plan, which has taken years of the board's time In consummation. The, other plan before the public todsy Is the conception of a famous engineer. Dr. T. Kennard Thomson, which plan calls for the extension of Manhattan Island six mile from the Battery down toward the Narrows and wnicn creates as much new land there now la from the Battery to Forty- Forty- second Street, " It Is this project which will atsblllae and make possible the realisation f the plan of the Port Authority. ' This newlv mad Inn A rtil h. . claimed over a now useless, shallow part or ew i orx upper Bay and Include Governors Ialand. leaving on either side the normal width of the Hudson and Eart Rivers. " The law of growth of all dtles Is on UNIQUE TWO-FAMILY TWO-FAMILY TWO-FAMILY DWELLING Negotiations are pending for the erection erection of a numoer of model two-family two-family two-family houses on and adjacent to the former James Gordon Bennett estate property on Washington Heights, by Nathan Berler, a wholesale clothing manufacturer manufacturer and real estate investor-Mr. investor-Mr. investor-Mr. Berler. who holds title to a &''i'-'-,;;..:T &''i'-'-,;;..:T &''i'-'-,;;..:T &''i'-'-,;;..:T &''i'-'-,;;..:T ' J:'- J:'- :, ' ... ,::::S1 tiJI; 1 tel mM I II mm mm Recently Completed at 809 Riverside Drive by Nathan Berler number of parcels on the heights, became became interested in the housing solution several months sgo. Believing that there was a demand ende".good market. for. the duplex, or MANHATTAN EXTENSION PLAN the principle of a wheel, the hub of which Is its logical heart and throurh which one extremity communicates with the other snd toward which the entire community gravitates. . " in readjusting our conception of this great city we have got to expand our imagination beyond the limitations of Manhsttsn Island. We have got to consider consider St at en Island as vitally . aa we would the Bronx; in racr, more so, because because Staten Island Is destined to help stabilise all of New Tork, "If we would heed Governor Miller's prophetic warning, let us look back upon the growth of New York City during tne last nrty years in eraer to stimulate our Imagination as towhat might be the Intolerable conditions of the next fifteen or twenty years. " The principle of expansion has forced lower Manhattan up into the air and then roreea its grow in norm xrom district to dintrict until there has grown in the minds or people tne expression known as ' the northward pull ' and which Is. In effect, the obedience to the law of centralisation of the wheel two-family two-family two-family dwelling of the better type, he planned and built the structure structure at 809 Riverside Drive as a model. It proved so successful that Mr. Berler Berler now occupies the south half of tne house himself snd found no difficulty In selling the north half.. The houses to be erected will be of far less costly construction than the one In the Drive, which cost about $70,000 to complete, owing to its complete complete electrical equipment, decorations and built-in built-in built-in garage. - - - principle and which la as Immutable as uie law wnicn forcea water to .seek Its own level. - " Ten years aao a prominent real estate estate man of vision downtown caused those of little vision to- to- smile by stating that within twenty-flve twenty-flve twenty-flve years the Forty-second Forty-second Forty-second Street sons would be as Important Important as the downtown sons. This was only ten years ago, and he gave i us twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five years to do what haa been done In ten. - " This movement uptown has taught those people of vision that It doee not mean merely growth-and growth-and growth-and expansion; it means something more ominous ; It means the desertion of downtown alto- alto- ? ether with Its metamorphosis Into a airly cheap residential and business jeetion from Twenty-third Twenty-third Twenty-third 8treet to the Battery, and also the destruction of upper upper Msnhsttan as-a as-a as-a residential section. More than this. It means that nothing In New Tork la permanent, but that great centres form themselves as nuclei tor tne ume Being. Itve their Uvea of brief prosperity sad move on. ever obeying obeying the law. , "We have' traditionally grown to think of lower Manhattan aa a region of skyscrapers which is as permanent aa the Rock of Gibraltar, yet this same law is slowly and surely tearing It down. This non-traversable non-traversable non-traversable region cannot cannot existas the busy section which we know. The focal centre of intensive business cannot continue its permanent existence, at the end of a wedge-shaped wedge-shaped wedge-shaped Island. . "NAt onlv shall w vlt.Hi ffta naidn. of the lower Manhattan skyscraper sone. out tne snimng sands or growth will destroy destroy with It the entire residential sone above Fifty-ninth Fifty-ninth Fifty-ninth Street. Shifting bust-ness bust-ness bust-ness centres will ruthlessly destroy this residential sons and. when the wave of. business sweeps northward over It to new centres, values will drop again behind behind the line of march, and a cheaper mongrel residential district will emerge again out of the chaos, a residence district district made over from deserted business' buildings. Just as Is now taking place in the other deserted centres.. " We have made laws already to pre vent this. We call them soning laws. One mignc as weu maae laws against uaai waves. ' " Prominent real estate men and owners owners of valuable real estate downtown have been convinced to the lojrie of the argument and become converts to the Manhattan extension plan. " One of these men of vision, who realises realises the gravity of the situation which confronts New Tork. ts no less a person person than the President of the Real Estate Estate Board of New Tork, Charles G. Edwards, who has become one of the 25.000 founders of Manhattan Extension. Extension. " Space does not permit more than this brief outline of conditions, but this, however, should stimulate the imagination, imagination, of all thinking men toward the end that Governor Miller's warning note nhould be heeded -and -and that we give thought to remedying those conditions which will give stability and perma-it.npr perma-it.npr perma-it.npr of value to the real estate of the greatest but moat unstable city in the woria. The slmnle remedy la Manhattan Ex tension, which will continue Broad war rixht across the harbor and acroee Staten Island to the south, and make a focal centre ror welding an tne great boroughs together with their vast increasing increasing population. " Tnis win equalise tne resistance oi unequal . growth and open up Staten I aland a fifty-seven fifty-seven fifty-seven square milea as a wonderful residential section,". .. . . ;

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  • The New York Times (New York, New York) 12 February 1922 Page 119

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