Death of Lord Carnarvon

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Death of Lord Carnarvon - of Iv. S. in Ice n a of Company-plant. are a...
of Iv. S. in Ice n a of Company-plant. are a Insect's To Noted Scientist TUTS DISCOVERER DIES t -..r;TJ The Karl of ( arBimi. Fire Escapes In City to Be Investi gated P.uildinpr Owners railing to Proide I'merprenev Exits to P ProsM-titMl. ELEVATORS ARK SAPl! r.ltril Inspection of nil bu!?d!rr In Pi'tsburgh. especially downtown, to ascertain wh'ther the f. re nut-iaws are n.lh. red to. wa or.. r 1 yest.rd.iy by Director Clotle A. Bo..k of the I H part men t "f PabUv S.i Mr. Owner of bni!d'nF tht re f''OTl'i: wi'h Mate 01 11" iti' n will c'.vrn "r. .i,-.nal.l. " tin.e in e.imp th' ir J.ii'ld tig. Mr I! " Ml-I rr,iMTit,ori by Oie br' ! pertinent. Bite Is Blood Poisoning Develops Into Pneumonia. Findings in Egypt of Enormous Value. Flood of Rumors, Superstitions and Native Myths Follows Illness. Sprf-ial Cable to The Oafrlfe Timr. CAIRO. Thyrs.!ayt April 5. The I'arl c.f larnan n !.rJ at 2 clck: this m'Ttiinc lie wa c'-usctntj alm't cr.4. I lis tlcatli was due to I.I.-tI j.i.'mi: -.jj lhrii:?!i ihe iic A an insect with tlic later drvd'.j.mrnt of iiri:mn:.i. POISONED BY INSECT UITE. The Karl .f Carnarvon fsr.t tit-can ! n!icc .c inrct l-Ac r.n t!:f face Sunday. March . It a lu!icnl t$ c a m.-t:;t Lite. He jail n attention to it at Jirt. l-ut -n t!.e t.c nrn-tionvd, an infection nj'j.earcd an! j-rear raj-idly. Hi whole face and neck hecame ui1en. The jttivin worked inward atvl inolci the tonsils. Within two or thtce !a after l.c Isad first noticed the puncture, hi hfe was i rl dirrr. Lady Carnarvon, who was in l.!.,i).J, o ah.nned !y reports that, two days after the infection t Jirt noticed. he planned an airplane trip across the Mediterranean, tut had to be abandoned, l'.y train1 and ftcamcr, l.oucxcr. .he arrived at Cairo- March The nudden Ulnesn of Iord Crn-r-von nd lt curloun jrlctn. fo)l.e ,:,c immediately u;n urrfi In makirc what if probably the m-atrpt arcbaeolotficil d.scorr-- la ni.l-fO limes, wua una id.b!y f-.:b-i-d ry a flood of nimorn. nup ri!i n nnd old wiv. V tate of v.irtoii. rn l The moriiti. u4CordtiC to riitti" I pTts. wan the jincer of Tutankhamen l f li e -t ni" of l tomb undu-turl-ed f..r SI riHio-ji N,tni tnythw ! It-.f Oat It1 p-.rit -f th" dea ljio.-b pin-tsi-ed invade of It- I- rjil Htm . or 1. Claimed foinee H ammn. Marie CoreHI . out wOt romantic lti-rv. original' il f..rof4 l y , r in a ti..rl. nrc-e. I rwn r4l of --.t-.r.e I f I n rr en j net n asr r l4i m human l.i. an l"-eln rf --..' I .-.. It . t' t . I. Wta.. I l t l , U'l it-e mh milt ul-1J- .i..e in k 1:: intruder tf si'ff T! f Ialim4 M fNaa-r II. fM TVeee Fatal T DUa KILLS TWO Miner I nl.illr Shoot Ex-State Who Ret unit Deadly lIre. iroi suit: nv sun: '' T-! t To -e ? 5 I J. .tt ll.Mt I A. At Ii"" t r .f m f-r" feeji'M 1 ! 'ir j.. 4 t e f ! fit'.S f tr ft l t"-l '? tt.i 3't ! ft.t .1T f .r J5j.t ". Jl-. t.. t. lt n ; l I"-t. i .if .., ': 3 " tivl 4' iu 4 t. -..) . ' ., t V. ' .) j. t, r'l !i. U .tie J . i. ' -S t BR FOB ON lb I be run lb- '-"'. O-l. II t4-n y t " " tt n5 I t

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  1. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
  2. 05 Apr 1923, Thu,
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