Pete said to Don Kaul that he enjoyed the interview between Kaul and Mary Jane Odell

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Pete said to Don Kaul that he enjoyed the interview between Kaul and Mary Jane Odell - Along Main Street "Never lose sight of the...
Along Main Street "Never lose sight of the facts. They become the only light at the end of the long tunnel of dissention. distrust and speculation."—H.P. MaHarg As is the custom at conventions Yours Truly and spouse made the rounds of friendly rooms at the hotel during the course of last week's Iowa Press Association confab in Des Moines. At one point we found ourselves up to our necks in "biggies" at a reception hosted by ye olde Des Moines Register and Tribune Company. During that little tete-a-tete we were gabbing gabbing with Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bob Lounsberry of McCallsburg and his wife. As we talked we discovered that Mrs. Lounsberry had gone to school with The Leader's own "Grannie" Vera Smith's sister. Mrs. L noted that she had seen copies of Yera's Leader column and felt like it was old home week for her! Small world, or should we say state n -pete- Later we found ourselves commiserating about the sad state of human development and other heady subjects (including Checker automobiles i with The Register's iconoclastic iconoclastic columnist Donald Kaul. Curious about an lowan's life in the myriad mishmash of Washington, D.C., Ms. Spouse asked Kaul about his accomodations in a suburb of the Capitol. He shook his head sadly and said that he often felt as if he hadn't gone far in this old world. When he was a struggling graduate student in the Big W. Kaul had lived, with other strugglers. in a certain outer neighborhood. Now that he's a national (or at least countywidei celebrity, the Master of Mirth and Savvy finds it hard to believe that he has moved back to the same neighborhood, no longer struggling, but no longer paying the same freight, either! That's journalistic progress, folk. -pete- Looking for another major conversational ploy we told Mr. Kaul how much we had enjoyed his spirited interview on Mary Jane ODell Presents on IPBN recently. "Geez", he mumbled. "You're one of the two or three in the state who saw it." Mebbe so, but we still enjoyed it Don! -pete- In addition to meeting Donald Kaul in the flesh i actually, in a pinstriped suit); having The Leader svin three awards, and winning a toy truck for Kela (one of the convention doorprizesi we had the rather staggering good luck to win the Grand Prize of the door- prizes, a $400 Heatilator Fireplace! Peter and I are not the kind of people who win things—especially not big shiny, expensive things like a fireplace—so 1 wasn't even paying attention when The Leader was named as the winner! But there we were and The unemployment tax bill passed the Senate this week without my vote. I voted NO. This established a new "array" system for taxing and will be costly. They" went farther than they had to, to make the trust fund solvent. They virtually did away with the "zero" rated employer. Once again, the AFL-CIO won the battle and I think the great majority of lowans will A property tax bill was passed to the floor this week. It extends the credits on Ag and Residential, puts a 7! 2 pet. growth limit on assessments on those two classes of property, and freezes personal property at its current level for one year. This will cost about $8 million and I don't know where the dollars will come from. However, this won't be the final bill as there are various amendments and the House is getting ready to move on a much different program. The legislators pay bill was defeated again this week and I voted against the bill. School Board Meeting approximate cost of $30,000 to 540,000. The replacement would require a special election on a bond issue in order to finance the project. If replacement were opted for the project would take from 20 to 30 working days, notes Jones. The work would have to be done in late summer or early fall at the latest. If repairs or replacement are not carried out, there could be no school in the building during the winter. Over the years the boiler has experienced cracking of the fire wall and deterioration of the tubes inside the boiler that feed to the heated area. Jones says a boiler inspector will be called in to check the facility this coming week. LEGAL ADVISOR In other business the board has hired itself a legal advisor. Because of the rapid changes in school law brought about by collective bargaining, teacher tenure and possible legislative mandate for reorganization, the board felt it should have retained legal advice from a source outside the district. Attorney Jack W. Peters, Council Bluffs, has been retained in that position. He currently represents the Area Education Agency 13, and Lewis Central Community school district. COMPLAINT FORM After much study, the board has created an official complaint form to be used by all (Continued from Page 1) persons voicing complaints about school staff members. For years the board has received many verbal and unsigned complaint letters, as well as signed complaints about various staff members. In order to stem the tide of rumor and hearsay, the new form was created. It will be placed in the superintendent's and principal's offices and will be available to anyone wishing to voice a complaint. The form will require a signature of the complaining party. The areas covered on the form will include educational improvement, and space for information that could be used for possible probationary or termination proceedings against staff members mentioned in complaints. This will allow the administration to bring specific complaints to staffers, get their view of the situation mentioned, and let them see who is complaining about them. Under the new 279.13 school law, all information of this type could become evidence in termination hearings, and signing parties could be called as witnesses at such hearings. The board hopes the new form will keep complaints readily available to officials and help to eliminate unfounded rumors about personnel decisions or problems, as well as allowing the administration and certified staff know the nature and the source of complaints received. there it was, sitting in all its red, shiny glory, all ready to be dismantled and taken home. And that's when the trouble began. We had driven the company Gremlin to Des Moines and there obviously wasn't going to be room for a whole fireplace in the back seat with all our luggage. Finally, we prevailed upon John and Karen Neibergall of Neola to take the base of the thing home in their station wagon. Since all the hotel workmen claimed they didn't speaka de English or that they were "in the union" Peter and John lugged the base (about 100 IbJ down from the hotel mezzanine, through the lobby, across traffic, up the parking lot elevator and into John's wagon. Karen and I followed with two pieces of smokestack each, which we crammed into the Gremlin with other assorted pieces and off we went. Now all we have to do is figure out where to put it. I can't 4 °cide whether to rip a whole in the roof or tear out a wall. Then I'd like a nice stone hearth built to sit it on. Shouldn't cost more than Sl,000-$2,000 to do it. See how lucky you are Peter? Peter? I think he just fainted from the sheer joy of it all! -dot- See you along Main Street! Sheriff's Report Thefts, Break-ins April 20: Burlington Railroad representatives representatives informed the sheriff's department of the theft of 600-700 used tie plates from the Malvern area. April 21: Cliff Shieck, South Sioux City, told the sheriff's department that he was hitchhiking on Interstate 29 and was picked up by a couple who said they were going to Texas. They let him out of the car at the Plattsmouth exit and took off with his belongings including a backpack, clothes, sleeping bag, etc. April 21: Malvern Schools superintendent Jack Jones reported the theft of a school stop sign on wheels from Highway 41 in front of the Malvern High School. The sign was valued at S75. April 23: Pat Hindman, Glenwood, reported

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  1. The Malvern Leader,
  2. 28 Apr 1977, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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  • Pete said to Don Kaul that he enjoyed the interview between Kaul and Mary Jane Odell

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