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Frontier Town News - 1 ,4 . f Hi V - . ri U ! x (JUL- (JUL- I J Xi?...
1 ,4 . f Hi V - . ri U ! x (JUL- (JUL- I J Xi? jy gym - - ' -, -, s ', i .--. .--. .--. .--. ., THE COUNTRY STORE A couple of llw "boyi" enjoy an exriltng gum of checkers in a earner of the Country Store at Frontier Town. Back into history at fun-filled fun-filled fun-filled Frontier Town " V k aeaW "W it mi nMoJWan ii ill -1 A visit to Frontier Town, at North HudBon, N.Y, is a nostalgic step back into living living history, to days of early America before gasoline, oil or coal were even used as energy sources. In fact, it's a trip back to an era before the white man came to the country. In the authentic Iroquois reconstruction Village Village at Frontier Town, Indi- Indi- ana show how America's original settlers . created their implements of hunting, hunting, fishing, farming, and trapping. The crude tools used to pound corn into meal are explained as well as how the Indians' Long Houses, wigwams, and teepees teepees hi the village were made from local Adirondack Adirondack Mountain forest products. products. Transportation, then as now, was important and less complicated. And you will see Indians building log and birch bark canoes, to- to- uoggans, anu me simple-dog simple-dog simple-dog travois being made. New this year, built from plans dating back to the early 1700s, is an overshot water-powered water-powered water-powered gristmill, located located in a beautiful mill pond setting. Visitors will marvel at the ingenuity of the early settlers in fashion-- fashion-- fashion-- ing the wooden gearing that efficiently transmits power from the water wheel to the mill stones. The earliest white man introduced the horse powered powered transportation that was America's main mode of travel, so naturally there are horse back rides for everyone everyone and pony rides and ox-cart ox-cart ox-cart rides for the youngsters. youngsters. At the Carousel Park even all of the rides are powered by horse or pony. Visitors will actually i ride back into history when stage coaches travel down .-; .-; dangerous Dry Gulch Trail. Everyone is advised to hide their gold because that Dal- Dal- ton Gang is always waiting 'round the bend. 7 The "Old 44" steam locomotive. locomotive. In its swing around the grounds, passes the steam powered sawmill and the Adirondack Mountain Farmers' Museum, which holds a treasure trove of tools and implements created created from early American ingenuity. ingenuity. There's the dog or goat powered washing machine machine and a horse-powered horse-powered horse-powered treadmill that saws logs and performs other tasks, in ad- ad- dition to a whole building filled with horse (or oxen) operated machines that eliminated eliminated the many jobs toe burdensome for man alone All the home-crafts, home-crafts, home-crafts, using foot or hand-power hand-power hand-power are actively actively represented in the homes and shops: pottery-making, pottery-making, pottery-making, dyeing and spinning spinning of wool, weaving, leather-carving, leather-carving, leather-carving, blacksmith nnd carpentry shop every phase of America's growing up to what it is today is entertainingly entertainingly shown at Frontier Frontier Town. In these days of "longing for the good old days,"-r days,"-r days,"-r Frontier Town provides a welcome relief : from the present problems of morality morality in government . . . the swift justice meted out to the dastardly Dalton Boys by the Hangin' Judge Roy Bean at the Dunkin' Pond makes visitors wish the same wisdom could be used today in handling present day wrong doers. No, Frontier Town isn't all "shoot-outs "shoot-outs "shoot-outs at the "OK Corral," but there is some pretty exciting action taking taking place twice , a day at their Rodeo Arena. Talk about power . . . wild bulls, wild broncs, and the wild cowboys to get aboard them. If you want to send a card to your friends to know about the good time you're having, you send them a letter by fast Pony Express. On the tamer side, but' riot completely so, are the animals to be found along .the Wilderness Trail Whi-tetail Whi-tetail Whi-tetail deer, beaver, wild turkey, geese and brazen chipmunk which mingle with the "guests." At the Frontier Town Farm you'll find cows, pigs, chickens, etc. waiting to be potted and fed, and see Indian corn, squash, beans, potatoes, potatoes, and pumpkins growing. Everywhere you look at .Frontier Town, there's fun and action more than a whole days worth. So, if you want to get away from it all, Frontier Town is the place to get away to, and it's so easy to drive to located right at Exit 29, New York, Interstate 87, the beautiful Adirondack Northway. FREE INFORMATION "Vacationlarids New York State" is a colorful, in formation-packed, formation-packed, formation-packed, 96-page 96-page 96-page booklet which will help you plan your trip to the Empire State. For a free copy, just clip and mail one of the coupons on the front or back of this section or write to New York State, Department Department of Commerce, Dept. OJ-8, OJ-8, OJ-8, P.O. Box 9900, Mon-treal, Mon-treal, Mon-treal, Quebec H3C 3P3.

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  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 03 Jun 1975, Tue,
  3. Page 43

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