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DECEMBER 19, 1897. THE NEW YORK TIMES ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE 3 t J J A CASTLE AT PATERSON, N. J. VTERSON In New Jersey Biig- Biig- gests to most people factories for the weaving or siik ami thread, but at Paterson the factories factories are not the most Interesting- Interesting- Interesting- thlnKs. Just above the town, on the ridge of hills that look across the broad valley of the Passaic and Hackensack River. to the towering buildings buildings of Manhattan, Hps the castle, as It Is termed In that region Belle Vista, as It Is called by the owner. It Is this structure which gives point and an air to Paterson; but It Is a modern castle If there ever was one, and Its existence belongs to as Interesting a chapter In the evolution of the art amateur as America affords. Paterson Castle Is the home of Mr. Catho-llna Catho-llna Catho-llna Lambert, silk manufacturer, who owns the greater part of the ridge above and behind behind the edifice. As the silkworm builds its own cocoon to suit Itself, as the snail makes Its house to fit Its growth, so should men surround themselves with a habitation that meets their requirements, and so has Mr. Lambert built unto his tastes and hobbles hobbles a dwelling that embodies his own Ideals. Belle Vista Castle Is made of granite granite and sandstone from the owner's quarries; quarries; part of the material Is from the I ft m Portrait of the Connteas of Rochester, By Sir Joahua Reynolds. t" (One of the finest examples of this artist's works. grounds themselves. It Is built with great solidity like the old Danish and English residences of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, which had to withstand the battering battering ram and culverln. Since Its owner was born In England, his taste in architecture architecture tends naturally to English prototypes. prototypes. That Is why the building Is so massive, massive, long, battlemented, and low. Rising from a terrace with battering walls, whose rude granite coping gives an energetic underscoring underscoring to the whole length of the structure, structure, the granite window frames and courses that mark the floors tell with a certain sternness the chief parts of the building, coming as they do In firm relief against the brown, rough-faced rough-faced rough-faced sandstone. Variety Is furnished by the square and rounded tower effects, accompanied by one round r- r- tiaiifii,g lu t tit- tit- i, ') ( a long loggia fcr coolness in Summer and a protected walk In Winter. In the facade of the main building the tastes of Mr. iAmbert peep out even more clearly, since the large window partially cut off' In the photographs by the projection of the left wing Is of stained glass. In the smaller view, taken at closer range, the tower seen above the building Is placed on the crest of the ridge at some distance away. Thence the view In all dl- dl- low hangs the " Parting of Napoleon and Josephine" by Pagliano. To the light and left are large canvases by Montl-celll, Montl-celll, Montl-celll, while up In the high gallery to the left specimens of, the latter-day latter-day latter-day Impressionists Impressionists can be' detected, jn this gallery the lower tiers o?"plctures to the right, shown in the other Interior view, are Michela of varied quality containing many a noble landscape painted In the quiet keys the admirers admirers and followers of the old Dutch nature nature painters In his day employed. Ten Michel Michel side by aide! Certainly Mr. Lambert follows up the work he admires; he does mam 1 11 I -W -W U ' a, " I .4 1 ssV 1 i r s If si I , '. - ....... '5i-,H '5i-,H '5i-,H :-r :-r :-r THE CASTLE OF BELLE VISTA, PATERSON, N. J. wml une hexagon tune), wIHIp the lung i willing l a supeib cue. Thus, by sucei's- sucei's- ..If wUa b. iUIHxh of lines of the building are produced still further to the east In a covered walk, supported supported by two dozen pairs of pillars, which end In a small square loggia far to the r'ght. New as the building Is. and, despite the aid of ampelopsls and Virginia creeper. It will long remain new-looking, new-looking, new-looking, because In our climate, away from the smoke and the town, the atmosphere can effect little or no perceptible change, It shows the man who adds to his house as his Ideas develop and requirements Increase. The eastern wing, with its doorway In the dark shadow, represents the home; the rounded front marks the great gallery for pictures. For Mr. Lambert has the passion of picture collecting, and had it long before he built the Castle. The lower portion to the right contains a breakfast chamber, found expedient expedient and useful, but It Is chiefly built for another picture room to contain a special taste In pictures, or shall we call it a hobby, or dignify it with a much better word ? a special collection of pictures, those Belonging to British art In the last and early nineteenth centuries. The walk beyond Is the latest addition. five accretions the Castle has spread along the rise of the ridge, and has an outlier on the crest Itself. Nor Is there any reason why this process should not go on whenever whenever further wings or parts of the complete complete body are needed. Mr. Lambert has been collecting paintings for many years. He has a catholic taste. There are the color schemes of Monticelll and the old-fashioned old-fashioned old-fashioned harmonious landscapes landscapes of Michel; of each of these masters he has 1 know not how many specimens. Here Is the charming portrait by Delacroix Delacroix of a young Versalllalse, there the big Kremlin view by Verestchagln, showing showing the Neva and the steeples of St. Petersburg. Petersburg. The original cartoons by Puvls de Chavannes for his work in the Sorbonne are here, as well as many specimens of the more noted plelnalrtsts such as Monet, Pls-saro, Pls-saro, Pls-saro, Boudin, Slsley, and Renoir. For these and many hundred other pictures pictures Mr. Lambert constructed the great hall shown in the Illustration, with two galleries galleries running round three sides of It, one above the other. The big picture by Verestchagln Verestchagln had the honor of a separate panel prepared to fit It. Against a projection be- be- twl mint hi more than erdlnary number of specimens. Has any one else such a rane of this fine old landscapist? The smaller picture gallery is given up hi most altogether to British art. Sir Peter Lely, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Oains-borough. Oains-borough. Oains-borough. Sir Thomas Lawrence, Romney. Mario. Hoppner, these are some of the representatives, representatives, and here again Mr. Lambert -his -his bought in some cases with a lavish hand. Few collectors In England, if any, have so large a number in their homes. He has a fine replica of the famous Wellington, Wellington, here reproduced, standing with arms folded and a field-glass field-glass field-glass in his left hand; also a spirited triple portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence of young Irish girls, two daughters daughters of the Marquis of Londonderry and a dark-halred dark-halred dark-halred young Irish beauty, their friend, coming from a walk in the park. The younger Londonderry maiden sits on her donkey, and the larger leads the beast by the bridle while their lovely friend opens the rustic gate. This large picture the young girls are the size of life Is seen in the reproduction of the Interior of the gallery gallery at the end of the room througft the pillars that support the roof. Owing- Owing- to the glass over the canvas, which mirrors the trrv , w; ovi7av--,--7V-!, ovi7av--,--7V-!, ovi7av--,--7V-!, ovi7av--,--7V-!, ovi7av--,--7V-!, ovi7av--,--7V-!, ovi7av--,--7V-!, ovi7av--,--7V-!, ovi7av--,--7V-!, Cr Who'll ' ' TimX', w 4 . - f i 1 A PORTION OF THE MAIN PICTURE GALLERY, BELLE VISTA CASTLE.

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 19 Dec 1897, Sun,
  3. Page 27

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