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LOUISTIIXi:, SUXDAY HOTIXIXG, AUGUST 2-J, 2-J, 2-J, lhe I no W G. """".'t,,,-'- Con- t C. m- m- and . a of th nas re-sarded re-sarded in ocen onus possible, may by the demand is our. it of oa trial a:d Kobert- five to bank-oflt- bank-oflt- Were th been for thou-sand thou-sand th iu bun-drul bun-drul tables nave ia no Guar, Allen's all at pre- pre- Id a own. sold arras. be for tw oon- oon- and it. Tint Lou was which at of Wn. . cur the cart bad th and large tun not wonderfully w bettor, now. we best U him in ail before nans killed rhiA near sought Hi and th (1- (1- (eeuo tm. Tht Codies of the Qnlnrj Tic- Tic- tlm Placei In the Care Hill Taalt. Thi Eemiins Eroufat Horns In Charts of Mr. Honors, of i. The Caslet Placed la Six Bearses aad Carried At Oace T th ! Cs Jietery. Capt Abbott and Littla Eisabeth rsnlaj . Both Beponed As SuadUj Improriiig. 1ATE3T TZd'J. TX2 lOErTTAL. Under the cedars In m vault at beau tiful Cave Hill the Fenley family were laid to rest lust nijht with a covcrlni; of pretty flowers. At the Firsttrect station of th) Louisville and Nashville railroad last night there stood shivering on the plat form relatives and friends of those who bad been burled to eternity in the fatal wreck of th Wood's IIolI express on the Old Colony railroad at Qaincy, Mas.. Tuesday last. Among those present were CoL V. It. Ray, Pos master Bar ret, CoL Tom Wood, Mr. Clifton Rodcs, Mr William Short, Mr. W. w. Thomp son, Mr. Peyton S. Klnkead, Mr. Thomas Barret and Kev. Pr. HcmpWlL Tho train bearing the bodies of Mrs. Mary Fenley. Mrs. Oscar Fenley, ber two chil dren, Catherine and Alice; Mi; Sua Feu ley and Mrs. V. . XL Abbott was due to arrive at 7:10 o'clock from Cincinnati, but It was not until 8:40 o'clock that It Dulled Into the depot. b lowly it came to a stop, the bell of U'nxcr hostitau be loeomptiv . tolling aott and low. Voice wer bushed. Th crowd gatlw crcd around, and Mr. A. C Honore, of Ubicaso, who aocumpanicd tb remains on their last journey, stepped from the train end went forward, la tb expie car. In the end next to the engine, W six wooden boxes: four being six feet long. Oa tcp of thee were the small boxes, one tiny one, containing the remains remains of mtla Alice Fenley, th youugcat child of Mr. Oscar Fenley. Six hearse were etantiing in a row oa the rhrlit-hand rhrlit-hand rhrlit-hand side, and one t y one they stopted at th express ear door and in each a coffin was placed, a curious crowd looked on, but no one uttered a word, the oniy sound being lb creaking of ndltrs as th pine boxes were placed In the bersc. Thrt-UKh Thrt-UKh Thrt-UKh an aller they were driven, and oa the west side of the Gull House a aad pro-ee pro-ee pro-ee Ion formed. . A erriag In front eonuined CoL Hay and other gentlemen. then came the six black Leaisea, then several carriages, in which wer surviving surviving relatives and f nenda. For the bnt time euuld tb extent et th sad disaster be comprehended. The six black hears la sombro array tuld tli atory better than words could cxpret, for they contained th bodies of . those who had left Louis villa but a short tlm ago full of kpeitiia of a pleasant time to come, and who retarned ould and stiff in death. Slowly over the aephalt pavement pavement ont Fist street the aad pruoesaiua moved. Petple stopped to look. All knew It wa th muurufnl home eorclag ef one of Louisville's most lovable fami-Ue. fami-Ue. fami-Ue. When Jefferson street wa reached tb rear hearse left the procession an waa dilvin to Klng'B nndcrtaking cstab. lWhmena. As it sUJDPed a Crowd gathered. A pine box was earried in, and the tloors were elusod. Iliis box contained the body of Susie Fenley. The heart-broken heart-broken heart-broken mother wanted her daughter's body brought home if it could he done, and she left all to Mr. King. The casket wa cpcuid, but it would not do for tho mother to ee th runnuu, so the lid wss pat on azuin, the casket put ia the pine box and placed in tho hcirse which joined the others on First street beyond C heath ut. . Th sad procession turned into Broad way, and in the a-stam a-stam a-stam toe tower as th entrance to Cave Hill b-mned b-mned b-mned up like a senunel guarding tne aoua witu.n. ',xtir avenue was reached and ahead the gaVs of Cave AiiU were opened by the wabhman. The moon and star were aiiimng brightly and east a pale linht -over -over the lonely avenue la the rity of the dead. The hcaraes and enrriaire passed tiirough the enirance. On the walk-way walk-way walk-way along the avenue lending to the lonely vault in the dell beyond stood live men lanterns to leal the way. An old man waikcd al ng ia front. The beautiful graaa tiiat wm pard and the cortpe turned into one of the winding roads. Ihe tombs and monument along the way were ahlnuig la snowy whittles und-r und-r und-r th silver my of tlie half moon. The wheel of th vehicles slowly rumbliog ever tli gravel road ana Uie tramp of the horse' feet wer sll that broke the Bt-llneas Bt-llneas Bt-llneas of th beautiful cemetery. Around a bead and under a knoll eovw ered vn h grxss and shaded irith lr-ca, lr-ca, lr-ca, lha tsrl ibe aalt appeared. Standing in front of th iron doois was a msa with a lantern A tli hearses drew nearer he torned a key la the lock, and the vault doors swung open on their croaking hinges. A beautiful wreath of white flowers stood in the etnter of the floor of tlie vet bulo. Tlie Inner doors were opend, snd the lanterns bickered as the cold damp air rushed out Into the faces of thou oa th outaido. The prn. eeuwion eame to a stop. The earring doors were opened and weeping rciauvos and friends aUn red arounu tue ta.ranco to tle vault. . It was a soieuin slzht. Overhead the stars wer glimmrrin and ihe el night wlod wm sighing mournfully thmugh th branolies of the cedar tree. Thu first hearat drew np to the door. The gentlrmen nnooveml tlieir heads, and the ladle la the party sobbed softly. Strong men slowly urvw out or tie lienrM a long pine box. It contained the cfsket, la which lay in eternal rx- rx- all that was mortal of Mr Marv K. Fenley. Tears bean to pour atr ah tad sul-uued sul-uued sul-uued sjbiing eonld l heard. G-ntly G-ntly G-ntly the lot was earr M Jnto ti.e vanlt and deposited on the floor. The other twar- twar- drew sp, one br one. SlVnee rcimed snpremi but when the white !ox eonlnn t retnu-ina retnu-ina retnu-ina of lit le Ctttherlne snd,t,Vlic Fenley Fenley were tenderly eurried W yauit. c' ' ! -,MBmSeC- -,MBmSeC- aS&aTTMsl the sobbing of the 1-iics 1-iics 1-iics broke out afT'ith. but i.ibuued. Ti e eenieiery lalorn bore the (ll WivMn tlje wnllp of the vault. Vhe-i Vhe-i Vhe-i all was baitJii-d, baitJii-d, baitJii-d, liev.' Cr. Henitihiil walfrt-d walfrt-d walfrt-d from a little group to the en trance and ruiwd his i-nrm, i-nrm, i-nrm, ull heads wre buwed In mic-noe, mic-noe, mic-noe, uiid he U";a a sol era n prayer In a voice as teniivr as a won' sua. l'ortwns cf it wvre in a tone so subdued and low tJie chirp-lug chirp-lug chirp-lug of the crickets In the crraas atn) tree row aliove bin tones, lie prayed that the hivtnjr anl nhattered hfarte micbt )e bcalnd. auJ when he SPid Amen. there was not a dry eye among the little group around the vault door. As he Onubed, two by two. the relative ef the Cmd entered t'-e t'-e t'-e aoor. with lint!s fnll ol offerings of roeos and bul white enough for angels to wnr. Vith reverunt Miftncss they wer kud upon the lids of the boxes thnt hid the fae-s fae-s fae-s frora view. The party then retraced tiitir slops, and eut-rcd eut-rcd eut-rcd the carriages, wldch were in Waldo, and ?ere dtiv(-n dtiv(-n dtiv(-n back to the city, wliile the dead in th lonely vnult wr Ifft alone in tiie stillness of the nlsbb. The watchman clo-d clo-d clo-d fie doors, and once more Uit was silonce, only rrokm bv the blls ii the towers lu the clfv without, as they struok the hour of 10 'clock. . .. J iio bodies win lie w tne vaun unui the return of Mr. Oscar Fenley and Mr. Wllllnm Fenley, when the funeral sor-rices sor-rices sor-rices will be arranired. None of the family in the eity krsow the late of the fervices.PS all will depend on the brothers now st the bedside of the injured in the pretty littlo hospital at Quincy, Maes. Mr. A. C. Ifonore, of Chlcairo, a relative relative of the "Fenlcys, who accomHanii the bodies home, y tliat tapU Abbott Abbott and iittla Llizalx-th Llizalx-th Llizalx-th were doing very well when he left, and be tbouput they would both recover. Mr. llonore aaid to a friend : Capt. Abbott is badly scnMcd, and he inhaled some of tli steam. Tle'lirst day his thront waa sw lien so that he could hardly breathe, but lie Is now restinj very wtlL" Mr. Honore sys that EiMheth Is not disljrored abont the face- face- She is burned about the body, but these stars be doea not think will l permanent. He ahi says that Judse Kd wards is dolnir well and is walking a'xjut town, talkinj to everybody. About 4 o'clock yesterdny afternoon it was rumored thatCapt. Abbott was drad. The Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal telegraphed to Boston, Boston, and at 10:10 p. m. the following ' waa received : E5itrp?i rtri i W IBJ hi mm ami tvnESK thet tira - Mistake about Ont. Abbott. At 10 o'clock to-ni-ht to-ni-ht to-ni-ht to-ni-ht to-ni-ht he was sleeping and bis condition wua tvporvd by pusicians to De now greatly improved. Other teleymnis received yesterday said that the Captain was steadily improving, improving, and one to Mr. Short said that Klizaleth rcsU-d rcsU-d rcsU-d well during the nibt. had. taken tiouriihn.e-1 tiouriihn.e-1 tiouriihn.e-1 and had sd the time of day. Elizabeth did not inhale inhale much of tlie suatu, as she was the firm one taken out of the ear. This Accounts for her cuustant imprvvemenu Mr.. Fenl-y Fenl-y Fenl-y i tearing up well unuer nia tcrnuj aciict.on. . ( CHiERINQ KEVYS BY WIRE. l sa , Both Cap, Abba:t aad Little Elis. beth lealey Keported Greatly Im .. p ore. Button, Mas, Aug. 23 (Special.) i ae hiToio battle for life beina m-yle m-yle m-yle bv Cspt. At.bott aud Utile LlixaUuh Fenli-y Fenli-y Fenli-y at Uuisoy has attracted the general at tention of the town, and such are tho inquiries concerning their eondlJon that regular bulletins have to be hwued. The ryuipathy for Mr. Oscar Feny is in-tctaae, in-tctaae, in-tctaae, and ho Is ahno&t as di-eply di-eply di-eply moved by it as be wss by the news of Lis loss. The announcement, this eveulog. by the physicians tLat they believe both patient are la a fair way to recovery, r lied the grxateat enthusiasm, et; cciaily over the child. A large number of ladies are very anxious to see the litt e sufferer, but they are requested to wait until she bss improved more. As it Is, tlie rox si remarkable list ot articles f comfort and edibles have been sent to ti e Carr cottage for her. She has a steadhy growing aooetite, and to-day to-day to-day objected to the diet she had been assigned, assigned, and wanted more substantial food, which was given lier. Tlis la ail excJler,t ei-rn. ei-rn. ei-rn. snd ber physician srtys he let-is let-is let-is kure that she inliul U tu l.t le of the stm. - Ihe ocly drawback drawback w tlie ftar thi't she msy be a little little tlsf.jrured by scars. The niir-w niir-w niir-w is out of" dancer, and Jadtre Hdwris 1 practically able to lcae for home. : 1 VYMAH STPHEnS. Elopement Three Weeks Ago of a Well-Known Well-Known Well-Known West . End Couple. The "YounglPeopla Loved Each ' Other and Married In Spite of Objection. It will be ia the nature cf a surprise to the many friends of Mr. T. G. Twy. rasa and Miss Belle Stephens, both of. Ads city, to learn of their marrhvie. On the night of July 31 the young people, people, in company with two et their most intimate trie mis, crossed over the rUfcr and were married by Flr L C. Tib-beta, Tib-beta, Tib-beta, a minister 1 Cie Christian church. .They bad no hod luck, and Mr. and Mrs. Twyman returned to their respect, iv homes that night usual, and no one had any idea tint they bad been niarriod until two diyra ago, when tlieir paren' wer made acquainted with th circumstances. Mis Stephen is the daughter ot Mr. John Stephens, the bridge contractor, who lives on Main street, L'bhtcenth. For a nurrbcr of years Mr. Twyman bis been vhdtlng the young lady, but threa years ago be was compelled compelled to tliacontuiue bis cull, tlie par-uij par-uij par-uij of the girl objecting. It was cLluicd by the young people that her parents wanted ber to marry a eouidrt, and in order to thrw Uem off guard about one year ajo. Miss Stephens eiiKjred herself to the rumt. She had been prev. icr.sly eDK-:-d eDK-:-d eDK-:-d eDK-:-d eDK-:-d to TVvnin aud Lad no bU. she suys, of giving him up. Ihe fauiillvs tf both, the t tide's Jfatiier, bar reConcUed. but were preily surprwod when th au-nouaocment au-nouaocment au-nouaocment ws niat's to them htat idi. ThS you'iiC coiiv.le to tiousekeerdng at 1417 t-st t-st t-st Marks? ut. of lha parties ar well-knowo well-knowo well-knowo In tho Vet tr.d. where thrr have ninny frifr.d. Tn--tnr Tn--tnr Tn--tnr Tn--tnr U en'F!,,"l ut Moorman's Moorman's t:iilrip tut;i, oa Market ttreU umu Fyurtecuih M BBBSSBWBBBBBWjaaw- BBBSSBWBBBBBWjaaw- A Tho eight nic, fall, was Mrs. ivuop 1y se1! ad iieol and They teachers tees to tlie afternoon for Irot. has tho-ie waa last with 4 tlie no and iM or the oi wer the-Khine In for st and !-ing or eity him is are. be one , at a tlie the the and to 'he of of tlie her aso it. of to It in in

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 24 Aug 1890, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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