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More on Shannon-Forbes-Hitt - TUESDAY MOBNTNG, XOTEMBEB 18, 1902. "BABY JO"...
TUESDAY MOBNTNG, XOTEMBEB 18, 1902. "BABY JO" BROILED BY A NEW WITNESS Mr. again by close blood fled cry h miles There of the who morning hear He U is he bear member has swamp had a to which before break The night o'clock anxiety Theodore Saturday advice slightly not him in excellent ride feeling he his will to his FEES. Col. Judge unusual. commissioners tbe the or Circuit everyln-cumbent ago, of the decide. was now previously money. long not D. J. committee Republicans Republican tomorrow ho, as Governor-Elect upon recent meeting for been" appear win be Thursday, p m Pe tourist know comfortably. Former Friend Relates More Features Features of Pike Scandal. WINE AND EMBRACES Court Hears of Champagne, Kisses, and Late Cab Rides. - . llra. HI tt-Shanaon-Forbes tt-Shanaon-Forbes tt-Shanaon-Forbes tt-Shanaon-Forbes tt-Shanaon-Forbes Takes Standi - .Watchman Telia of Anxiety for boakey Boy 811110." More wine, more woman, and more song, together with more cabs, more automobiles, more midnight adventures, and more of everything, in fact, that made life worth the living to William Wallace Pike while he and the woman now suing for recognition as his wife, were spending their hours together, were Introduced in the hearing of the? case yesterday. . . - "-' "-' "-' Some of the introductions were so natural that the crowded courtroom almost could hear tbe corks pop and the slam of the carriage carriage door as It closed on a merry party. And when Mrs. Gladys Hltt-Shannoa-Forbes Hltt-Shannoa-Forbes Hltt-Shannoa-Forbes Hltt-Shannoa-Forbes Hltt-Shannoa-Forbes testified, even Judge Clifford grew thirsty and called for a fresh supply Of Ice water. "Josle" and "Blllle boy" sat closer together together yesterday than they have before since the trial began. This was necessary because because of the crowd of witnesses which Mr. Trude gathered about him, and tbe fact that Mr. Bishop moved hla chair back to allow his partner to take notes. Neither noticed the other, however, excepting ence, and that was when "Blllle" first came in and saw his former "darling in a new suit of dark material material and the silver fox furs he had purchased purchased for her. He glanced In her direction nervously once or twice and then, pulling off a new pair of gray gloves, began to gnaw at his finger tips. Says Plaintiff la Bad. Mrs. Forbes, as she now calls herself her testimony covered a period during which she. was known by several names wss the principal principal witness of the day for the defense. She, aa well as all tbe other witnesses heard at both morning and afternoon -sessions, -sessions, devoted devoted herself to attacks upon the plaintiff's character. If a third of the things said are true. '"Baby Joe," as "Donkey Boy Blllle" affectionately termed her, will stand little chance ot winning her case. Yet last night her lawyers were as confident as ever and declared that the very fact that any witnesses were Introduced aided their client. The names of a number of persona who have not figured In the case before at least not publicly were brought In yesterday. One of these was Julius N. Heldeman, member member ot the law firm ot Cox, Heldinan A Shor-tle. Shor-tle. Shor-tle. He originally was an attorney for the complainant. - Just . before . his name waa brought In, and when it was apparent that it would be. Mr. Trude. for the defense, asked that a certain question go unanswered, "in tbe Interests of the bar of Illinois." "There are a number of parties to this suit who haven't been mentioned yet," said Mr. Bishop, for the complainant, "but the bar of Illinois isu't one of them."-. them."-. them."-. "Weil. I move that began former Judge Payne, who ia associated with the defense defense also. ..-it ..-it ..-it ' "All motions are reru8ay Interrupted Judge Clifford; "the witness' may tell what she saw." - And she did. to the surprise. f many persons persons connected with the case and the great amusement of the crowd. .- .- - Married R. R. Hltt'a Son. It was early ia the afternoon when Mr. Trude mentioned some name to his messenger, messenger, and a gorgeously gowned woman came forward. She wore a heavy veil, and It was not until she gave her name that she was recognized aa the woman so well known In connection with one ot Chicago's great financiers, and who afterward married the son of Congressman Robert R. Hitt. "My name?" she repeated, in a languid voice, to the first question, raising a huge bunch of violets to her face. ' "My name Is Mrs. Gladys Forbes. I live at 142 Twenty-First Twenty-First Twenty-First street." "MarrledT" asked ex-Judge ex-Judge ex-Judge Payne, ignoring ignoring the emphasis she put on the "Mrs." "Well. I have been married. There was a divorce." she added, tapping the railing nervously nervously n?ith her gray gloves. "You know tbe complainant, Mrs. Moffltt, cr Mrs. Pike, as she now calls beriellT" asked tbe defense. "Oh. yes. I have known her since 1896." Then Mrs. Forbes went on to teil how the complainant had come to her with letters of Introduction from Mrs. Hanklns. wife of a well-known well-known well-known gambler. She acted first asma'fi and then as companion, the wltneese said. Later tbe complainant left her, but they remained remained good friends, she said, until Mrs. Forbes and she hsd some trouble over the charging of a doxen cream puffs snd sn angel-food angel-food angel-food cake to tbe Moffitt-Pike Moffitt-Pike Moffitt-Pike account la the bakery beneath the Follansbee flats. In the meantime, the witness said, she and Jo, as she called the plaintiff, visited a plan la Ruth street, the heme of Marion Doaae, a mutual friend. - "Tell what occurred," said Mr. Trude. - Mra. Forbes Is Timid. "Oh, I don't like to," said Mrs. Forbes, fidgeting with the buttons ot her blue tailor-made. tailor-made. tailor-made. "It wouldn't sound well," she sdded modestly. But the lawyer, who had put her upon the witness stand Insisted. . "Well, Jo and I had been in there only few minutes, when two gentlemen entered," she began. - "Gentlemen t Inquired Attorney Bishop. He saw a chance to get back at the defense for William Hale Thompson's characterisation characterisation of his client as one of "a bunch of females." females." So he asked how she knew they were "gentlemen." ' "Because they acted real nice and bought wine," answered Mrs. Forbes. Then aha picked up the thread of her narrative and went cn: . "We had a couple of bottles ot wine, and cne of the gentlemen said be thought Jo was an awful nice girl. Then he took her on his lap and kiseed her. Then he had another bottle of wine. Then he kissed her again. Then we went home." "Who were these gentlemen T asked Mr. Bishop. "Why, they were' introduced to us as 'Tin Colonel and The Major.' . "But neither kissed your' suggested Mr. Bishop. ... "No, Indeed, sir! I as a respectable married married oman," said Mrs. Forbes Indignantly. "Who as your husband at that time, madarae?" . "Why, it as let me see why, Mr. Hitt. of course." - ' "You arc positive, madamef" . "Well, this was la oh, yes, I'm sure about that." - - - ' Calls Plaintiff n Plotter. , Mrs. Forbes, to be sure, couldn't tell Just wbat month It was in, hut she waa certain It was after the supperrceremony between "Sugar Heart Josle" and "Donkey Boy Blllle" Blllle" In the Masonic temple restaurant. . Inquiry Inquiry as to the date finally being dropped because because of the witnesa' poor memory, she proceeded proceeded to tell how, in her opinion. Josie Moffltt Moffltt plotted to capture "Billie" Pike or persuade persuade his family to give up some ef the father's millions. She began with referring to "Blllle" driving past the flat one day. I asked Jo if she would like to have him come up and see her. This was last November, November, I think, after they had separated, snd she said she didn't want to see him. that all she was after was his money. I asked her what she was going to do, and she said she didn't know, but she thought If she could get some reporters to go out and see Mrs. Pike, Billie's mcthcy, the family would settle with :. IiHH.;-. IiHH.;-. . . : ' ' v -. -. x . lilili 1 ) y - "Tn'nni. " at. . i : x ::' : V i J i- i- . ". ... THEODORE J. (President of the Amalgamated Association ot against Samuel Gompers have been renewed her. Afterward she telephoned to two newspapers, newspapers, which promised to follow tbe lead she had given them. . Ashamed to Face lawyer. . "She told me she had been to see Lawyer Trude, but couldn't go back to him and have bim push the cash because she had told him that she had a written marriage contract with Billie. and she didn't want the lawyer to know she had lied to him." With this Mrs. Forbes was given over to the cross-examination. cross-examination. cross-examination. The first question Mr. Bishop asked was as to the manner qf her support. - "I why, I keep roomers, sir." the witnesa answered. "Oh, yes. And now, Mrs. Shannon " began Mr. Bishop. "Mrs. Forbes, if yon please," Interrupted the witness. "Oh, yes, so It Is. But you once were married married to Mr. Shannon?" "No, not exactly married." answered Mrs. Forbes, biting the edge of her veil and again using the bunch of violets as a mask. "But you see he and I took a little excursion to St. Joe, and when we came back people said we had been married and so we kept up the Joke." "You were known as Mrs. Shannon, then, wife of Tom Shannon, tbe bookmaker? "Yes." coyly admitted Mrs. Forbes. "But before this, while you were Mrs. Hitt. you and your husband tbe Hitt bus-band, bus-band, bus-band, I mean called on Mrs. Pike at the Pickwick flats r asked Mr. Bishop, who throughout the trial has referred to his client aa Mrs. Pike. Seorea on Qnestiener. "Mrs. Pike? No. I never met the lady. .hough I know her son." responded Mrs. ?orbes with cutting sarcasm. "I meant "tha complainant," said Mr. Bishop hastily. . Mrs. Forbes smiled at her momentary triumph. And when the lawyer repeated the question and named a date she declared Mr. Hitt was not In the city at that time that he was dodging tbe police authorities. authorities. . This and one other date were tbe only ones she waa able to fix. - The other one related to a conversation she had with the complainant about a year ago. "I think It was the first week in November," November," said the witness. Mr. Bishop wondered, he said, that the witness could get a date down to within a week when she hadn't been able to fix years before. He continued : "And you sent Mra Pike, the complainant, an invitation to call V "I wasn't sending out invitations then." retorted Mrs. Forbes. "I waa in the hospital." hospital." - Denies Working- Working- Aa-alnat Aa-alnat Aa-alnat Plaintiff. . It was while the witness was 111 la the hospital, she said, that she arranged te go to the Follansbee flats, where the complainant lived at that time, and board. She denied that she- she- begged to be allowed to go to "Jo's place" in order that she might gather evidence evidence for the defense, as Mr. Bishop tried to bring out. She denied, too, that she had offered offered to testify to anything la support f what the complainant might say. on a promise of half ot what might be obtained. Then the plaintiffa lawyer, for some reason not apparent, asked her what conversation had taken place about the Pike affair . ' "Jo came to me and asked me to say that she and Blllle had been married. I knew that was a lie. and, of course. I refused to cay anything of the kind. I knew It would be wrong, so I told my husband about ' "Which husband?" Interrupted Mr. Bishop. Bishop. " -. -. "Why er er Mr. Shannon, of course," aaswered Mrs. Forbes, after a moment's hesitation hesitation and recourse to the violets. "What did he say?" "He said it was a shame to try and blackmail blackmail Billie, because he was such a nice little fellow. He said It would be a good thing to tell his brother Gene." -- -- "Yon mean Eugene R. Pike? asked Mr. Bishop. "Yes, Mr. Pike: Billie's brother, of course. Well, next morning my husband went te the telephone and called up 'Gene I mean Mr. pike and be said to him that there was a scheme to blalckmail Blllle. and that he (my husband) wouldn't stand for It." "Was that all he said?" Me Stopa the Talk. "Yes. he couldn't say any more, because Jo rushed up with a pair of scissors aad ent the wlrei the wires to tbe receiver, yon know." "Isn't It true. Mrs. Forbes, cr Mrs. Shannon, Shannon, as you say you happened to be tbat day, that at the time your husband Mr. Shannon. I mean telephoned to Mr. Eugene Pike, Mrs. William Wallace ' Pike was locked In her room? Hadn't her servant locked her there so that Mr. Shannon couldn't reach her? Hadn't he assaulted her that very morning t" "Oh. no! Never. Indeed net, never!" exclaimed exclaimed Mrs. Forbes, and her reply was echoed by a Mrs. Cunningham, a slender woman woman In dark tailor-made tailor-made tailor-made gown, who accompanied accompanied Mrs. Forbes to court and cat In front of her while she was on the witness stand. You are certain?" said Mr. Bishop. . "Why. I know Jo could take care of herself. herself. I've seen her scratch the faces of men before. Mercy! she didn't neel prelection." "Whom did she scrstchr "Object!" exclaimed Mr. Trude. : "That's got nothing to do with this esse. I mov thst all the scrstchlng he scratched oat." . The court so ordered It.- It.- TOOTH POWDER 1st BIG BOX. with now patent-top patent-top patent-top can. Keeps tho dust ' out. tho flavor la. No wast. , No spilling". No Grit,. Something New ! .5 . (T IlAU. & RucKKt, New York. 'Tr.7r osodont 8:45 The spent over Roosevelt, man stock a one "I In . while my that for about Bab-cock's General's club. 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