Early story on Discopter patent in relation to flying saucers.

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Early story on Discopter patent in relation to flying saucers. - Fiff. VQQDO x . Invent ohz JJltx under...
Fiff. VQQDO x . Invent ohz JJltx under GWeytfcrs v .-.... .-.... .-.... Bys FLYING SAUCER? Here are two views of the "discopter" invented invented by Alexander G. Weygers and patented at Washington in 1945. Dr. Harold Frendt, Lehighton dentist who has a copy of the patent, says the ' discopter" verifies reports of flying saucers. ( Call-Chronicle Call-Chronicle Call-Chronicle Photo) Lehighton Dentist Says 1945 'Discopter' Patent Verifies Saucer Reports Flying saucers-a saucers-a saucers-a reality or not? 'speeds, particularly through Myths surrounding the much-dis- much-dis- much-dis- much-dis- i future atomic power devices. cussed flying disc were exploded yesterday afternoon by a 34-year- 34-year- 34-year- 34-year- old Lehighton dentist who has in his possession a copy of a patent on the "Discopter"' taken from the research library of the United States Patent Office in Washington, The patent was accidental un- un- covered last week bv Dr. Harold T. Frendt. 233 South St.. Lehigh- Lehigh- ton. while he was searching other patents relative to one he has pending. Dr. Frendt, who has been a keen observer of latest aerodynamic developments, explains his inter- inter- est in the matter, emphasizing. "It's time the people should be informed whether or not it is a reality." He discour's the theory that the flying saucers, supposedly seen in many sections of the country, are driven by "the big-eared big-eared big-eared little men from Mars " The Carbon county dentist assails assails the pilots who are flying these correctly called discopters. "They should be operated at high altitudes instead of exposing them j for observation to the general pub-, pub-, pub-, lie and the pro - communistically inclined, and thereby stimulating! a tnvnd of foolish speculation. Invented by Alexander G. Wey- Wey- gers. Oakland. Calif., and approv- approv- prizes last night in the girls' and ed as a patent on June 5. 1945, the j boys" division of the annual Junior flying saucer, according to Dr. j Oratorical contest in Catasauqua Frendt. "appears to be a safe and; High school. versatile craft and presents the Mjss oidt s selection was "Let early dawn on a new and fas-, fas-, fas-, Brotherly Love Continue," bv Leo-c.iating Leo-c.iating Leo-c.iating era in aviation. It is also ta Hulse Black. Wert delivered a lew approach for better under- under- - Another Spring." bv Hilton Blaine standing between nations for a Turner. First prize awards were united and free world. $5. Operating under one ot tne neM examples of boundary layer con trol means, mr mm . . i : ...in i. th ni- ni- fillment of almost -ODD -ODD r. the! j The theory behind shaped craft is very the odd- odd- easy to gr. sp. Drawing a comparison, the young dentist, who has a vast source of knowledge of aerodyna- aerodyna- rr:cs from constant study on the subject, points out that a small hild always throw a sharp, 1"'- 1"'- circular stone to achieve the greatest maximum distance and not a blunt object, Configuration and the abilitv of ( u i rinnl its top segment to rotate provide; tnp ""aft with the two most im-jgf.st. im-jgf.st. Portant characteristics for flight sustaining means, Elaborating more fully upon these two indispensable factors Dr. Frendt adds that some force must be behind the craft to pro- pro- , -Continu,d -Continu,d on Page ,5 Column 4 ; " Jr. Oratorical In Catasauqua High School Nancy La Rue Oldt and Donald Warren Wert won respective first Other Winners In the girls' contest. Faye Anne Thnm.. . 1 nomas i k the S2.50 second unlimited with her Presentation of "Dance wel-Date," by Chnstobel Morley Cor-, Cor-, Cor-, aell. i j ,

Clipped from The Morning Call01 Apr 1950, SatOther EditionsPage 4

The Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania)01 Apr 1950, SatOther EditionsPage 4
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  • Early story on Discopter patent in relation to flying saucers.

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