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Jarrot Mansion - Mansion of IMs Stands at Cahokia , : ; By John...
Mansion of IMs Stands at Cahokia , : ; By John W, Allen (Southern Illinois University) The village of Cahokia, located In St. Cialr county south of East St. Louis, has three interesting old buildings, each well preserved, They'have one thing in commonage. commonage. Each saw the close of the 1700'ff, the passage of all tho ISOO's, and now are safely past toe middle of the MOO's. The three buildings are the court house, thp log church, and the former residence of Nicholas Nicholas Jarrot, often mentioned as the Jarrot mansion. Each of these buildings appeals to a different Interest. The court house la associated with the history of local government In the region. Thp church reminds the visitor of the mission established, by the Catholic church there more than 230 years ago. The mansion IB associated, associated, with the social and commercial commercial activities of an Interesting 'ainily. Nicholas Jarrot, s o m e t i m e s . tpallod Nicolas Jarreau, the bull* er'of the residence, was bora in France in 1764. Member of a prominent prominent family, he-received a fitting education. Jarrot came to America about1790, stopping briefly In Baltimore Baltimore and in.New Orleans before appearing in this region. He soon acquired a stock of goods and be- Still another way to by GREYHOUND Aaerko'i lowest ONE-WAY I ARES fvwGrwrtM Savings Oa ROUND-TRIPS GROUPS and now, sayings SOUTHBOUND " Buses Leave: 3:34 a.m."6:35 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 3:35 p.m. 5:20 p.m. 7:15 p.m. 7:40 p.m. CLEVELAND, OHIO $11.75 NEW YORK, N. Y. .......................... 20.70 MIAMI, FLA. ............................................ 23.40 NORTHBOUND Buses Leave: 6:43 a.m. 11:13 a.m. 1:11 p.m. 9:13 p m. 1:40 a.m. HOUSTON, TEXAS PHOENIX, ARIZ ..... $18.05 30.45 38.90 came a highly successful Indian trader.. . Jarrot .was first married to Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Marie Barbeau, member of a prominent and prosperous French family at Prairie du Bocher. This tint wife lived only a short time. He was next married to the wealthy, cultured and gracious 17- year-old Mademoiselle Julia Beau- alt, of St. Genevieve, Mo. Nicholas rought his bride to Cahokia, where they began housekeeping in frame bisiidlng across the 'roadway 'roadway from the church. . Jarrot, then carrying on a prosperous prosperous Indian trade, over an cx- ensive .territory, began the construction construction of a pretentious dwelling east of the church. The building, ome materials for which were imported imported from France, was not competed, competed, however, for some years It is a large Colonial type dwell- ng, 38 by SO feet, two stories high, with a basement and attic. It is massively built; the walls being 16 nchea to two feet thick. Using no nails, the framing timbers Were egged together .with wooden pegs, The central hallway, 16 feet wide, extends through the building!, According According to some accounts, bricks for the building were burned near the site. Other accounts state that hey were brought from Pittsburgh The wide hallway through the building with its large fireplace against the west wall was the center center of life of the house. Guests were received here, and it was used as a dining room for the ban- 1 quets frequently held. K is recorded recorded that slaves stood at each end of the hallway and wielded huge lans to keep the flies from annoying annoying the _ The Jarrots entertained many guests. The Bonds, John Reynolds Stolen Edwards, and doubtlessly Pierre Menard w e r « , frequent guests. Tradition has Lafayette visit the mansion, but no record supports the claim. With so many guests the mansion seemed almost constantly to have been the scene of receptions, parties, and formal balls. It was an exceptionally gay place at all times, and especially about the time of the New Years. Jarrot was a devout churchman. In addition to his regular attendance attendance at mass, and it is recorded that he never failed to attend, he gave liberal support to the' local church and also gave the large Indian mound now known as Monk's Mound to the Trappist order, order, who occupied it from 1808 until 1813. Jarrot served as a militia officer, a court judge in several capacities, as member of the Orphan's court, and as a justice of the peace. Despite the lavish entertainment practiced and attention given to social affairs;. Jarrot remained an astute businessman: In 1815 the government confirmed to hinr titles to more than 25,00(5 acres' of land in Illinois. Only one person, John Edgar,, held more. Jarrpt operated a horse mill "in Cahokia during the War of 1812 and supplied much flour to the army. He established the first school at Cahokia .in one of the rooms of the Jarrot mansion, with Samuel Davidson as teacher. Jarrot owned numerous'slaves and other personal, property and was NEW DOUGLAS otel ffchom PhontTW LOS ANGELES, CALIF. Plus U. S. Tax Check Greyhound for full details about special money-saving plans MOTTAR DRUG CO. 206 N. Main St. Phone 67 G R E Y H O U N D iHomV Bureau News The New Douglas unit of the Home Bureau met Friday, afternoon afternoon at tfce home of Mrs. Lorene Scheppee. The meeting was called called to order by Mrs. Lorene The health lesson on "Bursitis" was given by the health chairman, Mrs. Mary Alice Burgett, Mrs. Agnes Frange having charge of rec- that the children, with ropes tied to them and to the bannisters, learned to swim in the hallway the old house. "Some cracks in back wall are said to have resulted from shock during the earthquake that centered at New Madrid, in the lasUdays of 1811 and the first 'of 1812. A well-preserved small stono building in the. back yard of the mansion is .known as the powder" house. It wa» here that Jarrot stored the powder In which he traded extensively. This building is. still "in a flood state of preservation. Jarrot died at Cahokia Dec. 8, 1820, and is buried near the church. His wife Julia lived until 1873, dying in St, Louis ai the age of 95 years. One of the children, Ortance, continued to Uve in the home until 1886, and is buried the old cemetery. The Jarrot mansion now is as a home for the Catholic Sisters teaching in ,the parochial school. The voices of school children are heard much*s they were in among the wealthier men of Illinois. Illinois. · The The mansion stands on land that is overflowed at extremely . high stages of the river. Some remodeling remodeling work done on the building showed the water marks left by the great flood of 1844. It is .said that a canoe then was kept in the wide hallway of the building, and THIS

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