Gena Lee Nolin and Greg Fahlman March 9, 1997 Del Rio News Herald Del rio, Texas

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Gena Lee Nolin and Greg Fahlman
March 9, 1997
Del Rio News Herald
Del rio, Texas - Brady's Bits Gena Lee Notin and her husband,...
Brady's Bits Gena Lee Notin and her husband, Greg Fahlman, who owns a video production company, have been married for three year* and live up in the Hollywood hill*. "I prefer that, since I spend so much time at the beach," Gena •aid. Being a "Baywatch Babe," of course one's got a swimsuit calendar out. And if you think this year's calendar is something, wait till next year, said Gena. Her latest gig is frequent appearances on TV's Entertainment Tonight. She also still does occasional commentary on the Extra! show. And there are the commercials and posing for the covers of all those magazines— especially the European ones. Like her mother, Gena does yoga to stay in shape. Oh, yeah, when her baby is born, he'll have friends around: Gena's cat, Milo, and her two cocker spaniels, .Clifford and Ellie. BY JAMES BRADY GEN ALE T HERE SEEMS TO be an endless production production line of gorgeous women who end up on the hit TV show Bay- watch. One is Gena Lee Nolin, now enjoying the annual break from the swimsuit brigade —not to make a movie but to have her First child, due June 5. It'll be a boy, she said, "but we're still in search of a name." "I'll be starting my third year on Baywatch this August," she told me, "and probably showing up not more than two weeks late." When Gena joined the cast, Pamela Anderson Lee, Yasmine Bieeth and Alexandra Paul were the leads. "Pamela just left," Gena said. "Yasmine will be on next year only for a few episodes to explain what happens to her character. character. Alexandra is 'dead'—we killed her off, because she wanted wanted to go on to do other things." Gena came in playing the "conniving Neely Capshaw—the villain—and she was very popular," popular," said Gena. "They'd never had a 'bad girl' as a recurring character, and it was great fun playing her. But recently they wanted me to be more versatile and to become a little softer and nicer. But not Goody Two- shoes!" I should say not, since Neely is still playing around with another character's boyfriend. Gena—like all the Baywatch Babes —raved about David Hasselhoff, Hasselhoff, the show's star and executive producer: "He's the father figure. He has this illumination and just casts a light. There's a sense of warmth and a lot of humor. He's always breaking into song, singing a few bars of something for us." The series now airs in more Personal: Bom Nov. 29, 1971, in Duluth, Minn. Married to David Feller, 1991 Married to Greg Fahlman, 1993-. Tctovfcton: Includes The Price It Right, 1994; The Young and the Rettlett, 1995; Baywatch, 1995-; Extra!, 1996-. Specials: Include The World's Funniest Hypnotist, 1996; The 50th Anniversary of the Bikini, .1996. than 110 countries. "I didn't even know there were that many countries," Gena admitted with a breezy candor. And she doesn't 'hesitate telling you what a break the series has been for her: "You learn to act, first of all. You travel the world. You meet the fans. You're doing incredible work. Then, after three to five years, you take what you learned and move on to other things." She grew up in Duluth, Minn. After her parents divorced, her mother—a massage therapist and yoga instructor—took Gena, her brother and sister to Las Vegas. "We were like, 'Hey, do we go Baywatch \m\ keeps coming up with gorgeous women in its cast. Meet Gena Lee Nolin: Naturally, she's beautiful...and she's about to become a mother. to school in a casino? Do we learn to play the slots?' Gena graduated graduated from high school and won the Miss Las Vegas title before doing a year and a half of college. It helped with Baywatch that she was athletic. "Coming from The Price Is Right, where I was selling ovens, I wasn't an actress," actress," she said. "I knew that. I wasn't trained to read a script. Then they said, 'Okay. Jump in the water.' That was where I had an advantage, because I knew what I was doing. They've had people come in who look great and read well, and then they're afraid of the water. Or they can't swim." II PAOC W • MARCH 8. tMT • PARADE MAOAZMK

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  • Gena Lee Nolin and Greg Fahlman March 9, 1997 Del Rio News Herald Del rio, Texas

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