Pacific Commercial Advertiser changes name to Honolulu Advertiser

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Pacific Commercial Advertiser changes name to Honolulu Advertiser - HONOLULU'S MORNING NEWSPAPER NO LONGER "PACIFIC...
HONOLULU'S MORNING NEWSPAPER NO LONGER "PACIFIC COMMERCIALS BUT HO-NO-LU-LU ADVERTISER Beginning with today the "Pacific Commercial Advertiser" passes intoj history, and "The Honolulu Advertiser" begins to make and record history, j iviucn nistory nas uccn pi micu uy cuj uiu i . v. x on iv, it aho. oc vs- light on July 2, 1856. "Karnehameha the Good," the third of the line, had but recently passed to his reward, and Karnehameha IV reigned; with his beautiful queen j "Emma" she who four years later made the Queen's Hospital possible. It has since recorded the coming and going in Hawaii of three kings, aj queen, a provisional government, a republic, and the coming and present J existence of the Territory of Hawaii. It first saw Honolulu a thatched village with dirt lanes for streets; a population of barelv 20,000 on the whole island of Oahu, its business chiefly catering to the whaling fleet and. the mob of roistering sailors who wintered j and literally "spent their money like drunken sailors" along the waterfront! and "Fid Alley as lower Nuuanu street was then known. i The permanent population was almost exclusively Hawaiian, with a! sprinkling of missionaries, traders and beachcombers, and a few others j whom the "lure of the tropics" had beguiled, or diplomacy had stationed! here. The "luau," the "sewing society" and the prayer meeting were society's diversions the hula was under ban the "sacred hula" had not yet been evolved. ; The horse was the one method of land transportation. On Saturdays the! streets were rainbow colored with pa-u riders. j The steamers steamed not; it was the day of the schooner and the clipper. I But Allied ; Hon. Thi! ie not n rfminiifnrf tni? i5 mrlv tKe announcement of whv tHe 1S nOL a remini&ence miS IS merei me aiinUUntUUUll. U1 Wil hultun.l Til K CiUigros i son of Samuel Whitney, a pioneer missionary. -. Younc Whitney had been to , - , . . , , . . e , the States for a college education and graduated into the office of the - 1 f XT ITT . .II 11 3 Commercial Advertiser or JNew York- Upon returning to Honolulu ana t ... i . f. 1 C 1 C ' .U i starting a paper he named it alter his former employer, prefixing the name j wm, t D f ' 1 f 1 o ' C' AT . . 1 that racitic berore it, and racinc Commercial Advertiser it has been ever 1,ri,.)biy 1 i - . r 1 1 . 1 ! since, through many ownerships; many fortunes; many, policies but al-j change. Th Art!ec mro CrrAA ktr Uf. M Atkifnpv ; nn i anri hnv Jthis ways a leading feature in the life of the community. Why the change? The change is made because: Honolulu is the center of this great Pacific community Honolulu is the nerve center of Hawaii. ! Honolulu is the place where America and Asia meet. i Honolulu will be. the 'spot .where the first great shock will occur in case of; conflict between the East and West; or, it will be the home of those who hold the peace and demonstrate that "love" and not "war" is the greatest thing; in the world! i 1 : t:ir has I j j ! shop j t'.ow. . f ' f tivc ine word rio-no-lu-lu is a talisman a word to coniure with! t date Go where you will and merely speak the word "Honolulu" and it is . c ' . . . ; .-f. : - . Pml.lin--a an CJpen, besame it gives entry immediately and every where. j Vfl '1 Tt Al ... . . , . . . . . j I Hotel v hue 1 he Advertiser will continue to print the news or the world, special-i : tor, izing on the Pacific and its adjacent shores, and continue to speak fori it .. lit i r . , . . . . , ! UP as ii i Weill as a wnoic, tnc ambition or its present administration is to make it the voice of, and to interpret the spirit of "Ho-no-lu-lu." Hence, this paper will hereafter be known as, and its address will be The Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu, Hawaii, U. S. A. O. as : . I less I l;alani; wan s a rr;. Senator Desha s BUI Kokua!

Clipped from
  1. The Honolulu Advertiser,
  2. 31 Mar 1921, Thu,
  3. Page 12

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  • Pacific Commercial Advertiser changes name to Honolulu Advertiser

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