Star-Bulletin covers the bombings at Pearl Harbor, 1st Extra

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Star-Bulletin covers the bombings at Pearl Harbor, 1st Extra - r MM tmsss- nmmlm wmmk EvtBBf Bulletin. Est....
r MM tmsss- nmmlm wmmk EvtBBf Bulletin. Est. No, .Jtya Hawaiian Star. Vol. XLVTII. No. 15333 8 PAGES HONOLULU, TERRITORY OF HAWAII, U. S. A., SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, 19418 PAGES PRICE FIVI CENTS i . I A i . 1 I . .... i-a (Associated Press by Transpacific Telephone) an ii u raw ident R-oo nnifp lee res annonnced thi M i'imii im nw morning- that Japane attacEi ! mi niia - and Pearl Harbor, r u u ) w) ; - if ii in 1 1 j V ..i.-.nn ii i .in mmm0r ' i o e o-o o--o 00 oax u 3y F 1 f p By UNITED PRESS ! f WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. -Text of a White f House announcement detailing the attack on ; the Hawaiian islands is: JThe Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor from the air and all naval and military activities on tho island of Oahu, principal American base in the Hawaiian islands. It ' Oahu was attacked at 7:55 this morning by Japanese planes. " The Rising Sun, emblem of Japan, was seen on plane wing tips. Wave after wave of bombers streamed through the clouded morning sky from .the southwest and flung their missiles on a city resting in peaceful Sabbath calm. , According to an unconfirmed report re- ceived at the governor's office, the Japanese force that attacked Oahu reached island paters aboard two small airplane carriers. It was also reported that at the governor's office either an attempt had been made to bomb the USS Lexington, or that it had been -bombed. ' r .?..- -. ' ( ; . I H UPROAR ; the city was in an uproar, imparts of the city, and in lenders of the islands '"in " " officers at Ft. Shafter y shortly after 9 a. m. the rJrrcnt by an enemy but ' ki: J navy had taken imme- r ic sporadic air raid," the ifcj'f.i v . red to stay off the streets Within 10 mr-As bombs fell r defense arccn went into qulc 1 Army intc'I announced c; . :i fact of thj;'.jm long previovo c si ,diate mcosif;w-is "Oahu announce . "Civilians lantil-furthcr 5 ' 4- J. The army has ordered that all civilians stay loff the streets ond highways and not use tele phones. ' , ! Evidence that the Japanese attack has registered some hits was shown by three billowing pillars of smoke in the Pearl Harbor and Hick-am field area. All navy personnel and civilian defense workers, with the exception of women, have been ordered to duty at Pearl Harbor, t The Pearl Harbor highway was immediately a mass of racing cars. A trickling stream of injured people began pouring into the city emergency hospital a few minutes after the bombardment started. Thousands of : telephone calls almost swamped the Mutual Telephone Co.T which put extra operators on duty. At The Star-Bulletin office the phone calls deluged the single operator and it was impossible for this newspaper, for sometime, to handle the flood of calls. .Here also an emergency operator was called. HOUR OF ATTACK-7:55 A. M. v An official army report from department headquarters, made public shortly before 11, is that the first attack was at 7:55 a. m. Witnesses said they saw at least 50 airplanes over Pearl Harbor. The attack centered in the Pearl Harbor, Army authorities said: "The rising sun was seen on the wing tips of the airplanes." ; Although martial law has not been declared officially, the city of Honolulu was operating under M-Day conditions. It is reliably reported that enemy objectives under attack were Wheeler field Hickam field, Kaneohe bay and naval air station and Pearl Harbor. Some enemy planes were reported short shot down., The body of the pilot was seen in a plane burning at Wahiawa. Oahu appeared. to be taking calmly after the first uproar of queries. If ANTIAIRCRAFT GUNS IN ACTION First indication of th raid came shodtly before 8 this morning when antiaircraft guns prQ!r?d Pear! Hobr b?gt finding up a thpr-derous barrage. At the same time a vast cloud of black smoke aros from the naval baso find also from Hickam field where flames could be seen. BOMB NEAR GOVERNOR'S MANSION Shortly before 9:30 a bomb fell near Washington Place, the residence of the governor. Governor Poindexter and Secretary Charles M. Hite were there. It was reported that the bomb killed an unidentified Chinese man across the street in front of the Schuman Carriage Co. where windows were broken. C. E. Daniels, a welder, found a fragment of shell or bomb at South and Queen Sts. which he brought into the City Hall. This fragrent weighed about a pound. At 10:05 a. m. today Governor Poindexter telephoned to The Star-Bulletin announcing he has declared a state of emergency for the entire territory, f He announced that Edouard L. Doty, executive secretary of t he major disaster council, has been appointed director under the M-Day law's provisions. - Governor Poindexter urged all residents of Honolulu to remain off the street, and the peo ple of the territory to remain calm. Mr. Doty reported that all major disaster council wardens and medical units were on duty within a half hour of the time the alarm was given. Workers employed at Pearl Harbor were ordered at 10:10 a. m. not to report at Pearl Harbor. The mayor's major disaster council was to meet at the city hall at about 10:30 this morning At least two Japanese planes were reported at Hawaiian department headquarters to have been shot down. One of the planes was shot down at Ft. Ka- mchameha and the other'back of the Wa- ty Bom . rS frmSi Hundreds of - Ilonolulana who -hurried to the top of Punchbowl soon after bombs began to fall, saw spread out before them the whole pana-roma of surprise attack and defense. Far off over Pearl Harbor the -white sky was polka-dotted with anti-aircraft smoke. Rollinr away frm the btt baxe were billowlnr clonds f nfly black smoke. Sometimes a bant of fUroe reddened tho black sources of the smoke. Out from the silver -surfaced mouth of the harbor a flotilla or destroyers streamed to battle, smoke pouring from their stacks. Tarn t Pace 2. Column 2 Schools Closed es AH school! on Oahu, both public and private, will remain closed on 11 further notice, Edouard L. Dotj, territorial director of clrillan defense, announced at 11 a. m. today. This does not apply elsewhere In tho territory. of Dead and Injured Tho ty iohi ration roportod M -.99 a Bs of kfSa and 21 injured. The oomplata Est win bo oacw tied later. Hera la s partial HtH Peter Lcpes, U, of ZM1 Kaaassa. tkl St, waa reported at t:Sft s. aa. to bo In aertoaa condition from woanda In tho op per abdomen. Bernico GoirtU, 12, 770ft KaJtbt St. la safferinr from a manrlod thirh, lacerations on tho rlrfct leg and left arm. A Porta rweao flrl, voidnttr1ed, 19 years old, died on arriTal from puncture woands. Another ictim who died on arrival was Frank OhashJ, 23. 2705 Kamanaikl 6L. from punetoro wounds In the chest. Cecelia Broadly, 3S, Ifoarutlua rardens. was released from tbo hospital after treatment for lacerations. Three wera reported Injired and one reported killed from tho bomb that fell at Fort and School Sts. Editorial HAWAII MEETS THE CRISIS Honolulu and Hawaii will meet the emergency of war today as Honolulu and Hawaii have met emergencies in the past coolly, calmly and with immediate and complete sup port of the officials, officers and troops who are in charge. Governor Poindexter and'the army and navy leaders have called upon the public to remain calm; for civilians who have no essential business on the streets to slay off; and for every man and woman to do his duty. " . ... That request, coupled with the measures promptly takenX to meet the situation that has suddenly and ttrriblj developed, will be needed. . r Hawaii will do its part as a lojal American 'leriffory. , . In this crisis, every difference of race, creed and color wiH be submerged in the one desire and determination to play the part that Americans always play m erisi. BULLETIN Additional Star-Bulletin extras today will cover the latest developments In this war

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  1. Honolulu Star-Bulletin,
  2. 07 Dec 1941, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
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  • Star-Bulletin covers the bombings at Pearl Harbor, 1st Extra

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