The New York Times (New York, New York) 31 May 1919 Page 10

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The New York Times
(New York, New York)
31 May 1919  Page 10 - PUT WHITMAN BUST : IH HALL OF FAME...
PUT WHITMAN BUST : IH HALL OF FAME Self-Appointed Self-Appointed Self-Appointed Committee '.s Deceives Deceives Guards with Ceremonies at N. Y. University. PLACED BESIDE LOWELL Explain 'Stunt' as a Protest Against ; . Failure to Recognize Poet Among Immortals. . A bust of Walt Whitman was smug-Sled smug-Sled smug-Sled ' Into the Hall of Fame at New York University yesterday. . where ail the ceremonies accompanying- accompanying- the placing- placing- placing- of a statue which had been passed by the committee In chirr were held with such elaborate pomp that the g-uarda g-uarda g-uarda and attendants supposed the ceremonies had been authorised and did not Interfere. . " We felt." said a voice over the telephone telephone purporting- purporting- to come from the Chairman of the self-appointed self-appointed self-appointed Hall of vouimiiiCT, uiai were was a tremendous Dubllc sentiment in favor of the formal recognising- recognising- of Walt Whitman's Whitman's place in American literature. We felt that it was our duty to make up for ,the Inaction of the committee- committee- in charge of placing- placing- great men in the hall, so we decided to take the matter in our own hands. Today Is Ewcoration Day. and tomorrow will be the hundredth hundredth anniversary of Walt Whitman's blrtnday, who was born in West Hills. Long- Long- Island. May II, 1(19. so at least the date we chose was fitting." The usual precautions common to Dress agents were taken to insure that the newspapers snouia know of the occurrence, occurrence, even to the insertion of an advertisement by the owner of the bust alleging that it had been stolen. The names of those who participated In the cesemonlea were withheld because one who spoke for them said they feared they would be arrested. The Information was volunteered that they were all ' well-known well-known well-known Doeta and authors." with Greenwich Village aa their habitat. mi piana ror tne placing of the oust were completed last Wednesday, when aoout twenty writers, artist, scientist, and " bohemlans " ffflst at a Fifth Avenue Avenue hotel for luncheon. Their strategy beinr decided uoon. thsv visited the Hail of Fame and picked out a suitable place ana aeaaea upon tne sise of bust which would best fit the corridor. The next few days were spent in searching for the proper bust. Many dealers were visited. but they could not' find one to their liking, liking, or perhaps their pocket book. .When, they had scoured the city in vain it was decided to get one from some private owner and the search was begun anew. Friday evening two - men and one woman called on the owner. Duncan MacDougail, of 20 East Fourteenth btreet. The woman In the party, it was said, pretended deep Interest in his house furnishings and MacDougail took ner to see a ciocx. -rne -rne clock, it was said, was In the upstairs hall of the building and . while It was being inspected inspected the bust of Walt Whitman was carried to a taxicab, which left for the headquarters of the unofficial Hall of tamo committee. The. three left Mr. MacDouralL It was averred, without his discovering that his statue was missing. That evening at 12 o'clock the admirers of Walt Whitman went to the Hail of Fame. They found the watchman there, so 'concluded to postpone the ceremonies until the next day. Yesterday afternoon, it was said, six automobiles and taxis sped up to University Heights and stopped In front or the hail. The bust was in a suitcase and was carried into the building with as much reverence as if it had been the bier of the poet. A man at the door was severely reprimanded for not having a ladder on band when he "must -have -have known they were comlnc." However, the bust was put in place beside that of James Kussell Lowell, and the memorial service commenced. Captain. My Captain " and verses from "The Leaves of Grass," together with other well-known well-known well-known works of Whit man, were read. The program consisted of an introduction address, an Invocation, Invocation, and the placing of a tablet below the bust which read, " I know that I am Deathless: Walt Whitman." Chancelor Elmer Fl Brown of the New York University, when informed late last night of the addition to the Hall of Fame, said that he had not been noti fied and that he knew nothing- nothing- about the Walt Whitman bust. The Society of Arts and Sciences also denied all knowl edge of the affair. The Walt Whitman FellowshlD Society. which la to hold Its annual meeting to- to- nignt. aepiea mat tney naa anything to no witn tne air air. ana said that al though they were pleased to learn that a bust of Walt Whitman was in the Hall or rune, tney reared mat the move might result In making the committee whose duty it is to pass on the names to be added to the hall antagonistic They said that one of the obtecta of th mat ing was to draw up a resolution asking that Walt Whitman's name be favorably ninnaerw lor uie nui OI rune,

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 31 May 1919, Sat,
  3. Page 10

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  • The New York Times (New York, New York) 31 May 1919 Page 10

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