The New York Times (New York, New York) 4 January 1895 Page 8

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The New York Times
(New York, New York)
4 January 1895  Page 8 - Topic Discussed Before tie Twilifflit Clulr -...
Topic Discussed Before tie Twilifflit Clulr - Balllaetou Boot.; Tells of Sal-.' Sal-.' Sal-.' .'vt ;TitIoa Ann Work. ' The Twilight Club held 1U thirteenth annual annual dinner and meeting at the St. Denis Hotel last .night. There were 200 women and men present, who. after , the' dinner, listened listened to th short talks upon " What Are the Churches Doing for the People? V ... CoL J. B. Wilkinson. Jr., was the Chairman Chairman for; the evening. He Introduced th topic for discussion. . and was followed by Charles F. Win gate. Col. C. W. Fuller, Dr. M. U'HoIbrook. and a C. T.Dodd. Mrs. J. C Croly , (Jennie June) said: T '" W can hardly take the subject from the . point of view, as to what has th Church done for the , people within the Church. Th people outside th Church receive receive no benefits, unless the Church goes to them. Tb Church- Church- Is what It is, not what-It what-It what-It was. - It is what those who make It wish 'It to be. 'Th Church lost Its humanity humanity whan It was made the voice of dogma dogma ' We cannot expect too much of th churches, but let us be thankful that they are growing' more human and more broad.' Mrs.' BalUngton Booth, who was heartily received, said : ' " I simply .vole tbVf eellng and sentiment of .the Salvation Army In my remarks. The Salvation Army 1 outside of the pale ot 'the churches.' but still is a part of the Church. : . . . . "I do not wish to speak , of what the churches do or leave undone, but I do say that the Church of the present day has become become a fold for the white sheep, and when the black sheep tries to enter he is turned back Into the wilderness. " It the Church is to do' Christ's work. It must forget Itself and go out after the black sheep. We have learned to lov the black sheep, who hav remained In th wilderness, unsought by ' the churches.' " W believe that the real vital life of every man or woman la when he or she forgets forgets himself or herself and goea forth seea-ing seea-ing seea-ing to do good. We do not believe it to oe our duty to give bread for the body without without the Inspiration for the soul. and. while we -work -work for th souls, we also share our bread. " Every Sunday night Cooper . Union is crowded with a class of people that you will find In no church In this city. We have made L2U0 converts In one church on the Bowery in the last fifteen months. We do hot pauperise our converts; they work for the cause with us, and find themselves able to do the work.- work.- Our work Is increasing increasing at a more rapid rate than ever before, and w. mean to continue It -at -at even a greater rate." - Mrs. Booth related instances of the work that th Salvation Army waa doing for the people In changing their, lives, renewing their manhood, and showing them that there Is something to live for and work tor with a Joyous heart. . 'W believe". be said. "In being one with the people in the brotherhood and sisterhood of law and humanity. Tou cannot cannot reach the world's heart without reaching reaching -Its -Its level. The' churches do not go to the root of the matter. However much you may question our methods, no one dares to question the work of -our -our staff officers and their self-imposed self-imposed self-imposed abnegation. We make our Church as we go, we take advantage advantage of the situation, and carry our Church with us; we do not expect the people to com to us to be saved; we go to them. " We have a desperate, fanatical faith, for which I say, thank God! We do th work that the churches as constituted do not, and cannot do. The Bowery tough, the .Cherry Street tough, and the other toughs la various parts of the city are distinct distinct In their Individualities. From their past vice - we strive to release them, and succeed to a greater degree than you would suppose to be possible. The only way to reach these people Is by the loving touch ox sympainy. "The Church needs to go to the aching hearts and carry the love of Christ to them. I do . not say the Church cannot do 4hls. but I do say that the Salvation Army can and does. I believe that the Church would lose nothing by coming Into closer contact with the poor and vfle. I want to see me neainen oi America saved and am In favor of home, rather than foreign, foreign, missions." .. capt. watkins, " the Bishop of the Bow ery, sang one of the Salvation Army songs, - arter which more short addresses were made. Amonsr those c resent were; Henry 8. Goodall. John D. Archbold..A. J. C. Foye, Capt. John Codman. James P. nan, w uurae. m. a. tlolden. . FroE. C. F. Kroch. Joel Benton. Dr. Bogue, Irving Eltlng, the Rev. J. Howard Buy dam. J. B. Kohler, T. C. Fowler, Jr., the Rev. F. Mason Mason North, the Rev. Dr. Harrower, James LyalL and the Rev. G. H. Payson. . I 1

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  • The New York Times (New York, New York) 4 January 1895 Page 8

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